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Magic Suppressing Muzzle and Collar

18:03 UTC


Need some help with bonding rituals

So I'm trying to figure out how to do an intense bonding ritual in my story. I want it to be a 7 day long thing bit I'm not entirely sure what would happen during those 7 days. Obviously lots of fucking but what else? Any ideas?

00:59 UTC


Help me with some ideas about cyborg sex

The title explains it I've run into a problem with cybernetic dicks and vaginas in my world putting your brain(organic) into a complete cybernetic body is possible so how would this affect sex(also artificial wombs exists) and society? at first I thought i would avoid it as much as possible but I'm too horny to do that.

Ofcourse people will implant genitals with heightened senses and people experimenting with different bodies, i think some ascetics will buy cheap cybernetic bodies without genitals and survive on inorganic fuel while living somewhere on the mountains what other possibilities do you see?

And aslo what would the design of genitals themselves be? would they have some functions to get "wet" would they ejaculate since it is a crucial part of human sex would they have artificial semen with their DNA or some other component that is unique to the individual which can be used for identification it needs to have something like that otherwise how would they track rapists?

Also if someone has a similar world would you care to share some ideas(i could some of mine too if you wish to have a trade) also since they have cybernetic bodies how long would their intercourse last? Going for days nonstop is certainly possible.

11:37 UTC


Vesporii Character Spotlight: Lina Aren Coumiz

Author Note: First character spotlight to feature a commoner and not an outlier of the caste system. This time - a workaholic who rides giant birds to gather water from the sea of clouds below. Cloudwater Harvesters ride Cloudwings, gigantic birds with 20-meter wingspans, down into the ocean of clouds to gather drinking water for their communities or villages. The linked illustration was made using AI.

Setting Information

Basic Character Information

Full name (given name, father's name, clan name): Lina Aren Coumiz

Social Status (group, subgroup): Commoner - Farmer (Cloudwater Harvester)

Home Island (island name, island cluster if applicable): Corvana, Cupran Archipelago

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Height: 181cm

Family (marital status and partner's information if applicable): In a relationship with Osif Ostar Coumiz


Lina is a tall woman on the thin side. Her yellow eyes match her blonde hair, and her breasts are just above average. For her work, she dresses in thin, tight-fitting clothes that don't generate much air resistance. Since she works for the better part of the day, she only eats twice on a good day, resulting in an unbalanced diet and sleep schedule.

Image Link - Lina bathing in the saltwater pools near her village. The concentration of salts is said to alleviate fatigue and remove stress.


Lina is, in the words of her community, a disciplined yet reckless perfectionist. She takes any of her tasks as seriously as possible, and doesn't sway from her goals at nearly any cost. This leads her perform her duties at the cost of her own well-being many times, which causes many to worry about her. She's known for the many near-death experiences she had during her job, which her colleagues love to recant during community gatherings. The lack of interaction with others around her age for so many years led to a noticeable difficulty in social skills.


Lina was born to Aren Eklai Coumiz, her father, a Cloudwater Harvester, and Est Bai Coumiz, her mother, a housewife. She almost never left her town's grounds, only stepping into the neighboring forest for foraging with her mother.

During the Cupran-Edreka war in her early teens, Lina's father was killed while returning from harvesting cloudwater. After the war ended, Lina took it upon herself to continue her father's work, by learning to ride her father's Cloudwing named Beaky, and building her water-gathering tools to be even more efficient than her father's. She sunk into her work at the cost of her teens, going out by sunset and usually returning after sunrise.

Despite her absence from nearly all forms of a social life, she took a liking to her neighbor and childhood friend, Osif Ostar, who nearly always came first to treat Lina in her many life-threatening collapses. Speaking of - below is a list of things Lina almost died to during her work, and the amount of times these threatened her:

  • Fatigue, 5 - The first times Lina dragged on for longer hours than she was used to, she'd collapse mid-flight. Luckily, she was harnessed well to Beaky, and didn't fall. Beaky, now not being directed to keep flying, returned to the island, where Lina was nursed back to health.
  • Starvation, 9 - Lina would work countless hours without stopping to eat, only ever feeding Beaky during flight. She eventually got used to the low-calorie diet she imposed on herself. Like the times she collapsed due to fatigue, Beaky would fly back to the island where Lina would be treated.
  • Dehydration, 17 - Somewhat similar to getting used to a low-calorie diet, though this took much longer to get used to. Noticing fluid loss is difficult while flying inside the ocean of clouds, because the humidity outside the body fools a person into overestimating their hydration levels. As usual, Beaky helped with the rescue.
  • Cloud Dragons, 41 - Gigantic monstrosities that roam deep inside the ocean of clouds, permanently in search of prey, reaching over 50 meters in length and with over 40-meter wingspans. The only thing keeping them inside the ocean of clouds is that they require high levels of moisture to breathe. Beaky takes pride in her evasion skills.
09:51 UTC


The Journalist-Preparation

00:53 UTC


Vesporii Character Spotlight: Meija Umtoz Tonos

Author Note: This character makes the world feel connected in my opinion. Though it's subtle, her wives' nationalities are mostly drawn from previous posts, and hints at the idea of geographical proximity between the mentioned nations.

Setting Information

Basic Character Information

Full name (given name, father's name, clan name): Meija Umtoz Tonos

Social Status (group, subgroup): Ruler - Royalty (King)

Home Island (island name, island cluster if applicable): Tonos Mainland, Tonos Archipelago

Sex: Futanari

Age: 37

Height: 198cm

Family (marital status and partner's information if applicable): Married to six wives, and as of now has nineteen children in total, with five on the way.


Meija is a very tall, well-endowed futanari woman, with pale skin, silver hair, and differently-colored eyes of yellow and green - result of an inconsequential genetic mutation. Her exceptionally defined curves, relative to the average slim Vesporii human, are what attribute to her an almost otherworldly beauty in local opinion. Due to being royalty, she always dresses in royal blue garbs fitting the season. During the hot season (With its average temperatures frequently rising above 40c/105f during high noon), she opts for revealing clothes that allow for ventilation.

Image Link


Meija is an ambitious and charismatic ruler. As king of her archipelago, she must always keep a strong image. She tends to her international relations thoroughly, both by attending many royal forums throughout a month, and by frequently inviting over royalty from other nations for peaceful negotiations and strengthening of bonds. Behind closed doors, her strong persona takes a back seat, and she reveals her exhaustion in the form of hours-long sessions of cuddles and encouragement from her wives.


Meija was born as the first child of King Umtoz Sabev Tonos, the 53rd king of the Tonos archipelago. Her life was filled to the brim with pressure that came from all directions - her parents, her tutors, the royal court, and especially the citizens. She learned how to appear well in public and express her true self privately very early on in her life, perfecting the craft before she turned ten.

Following the untimely death of her father when she was nearing twenty, Meija rose to the throne as the rightful heir, and learned the ropes of being a king the hard ways. The beginning of her reign is described in contemporary studies as the "Year of Darkness", where Tonos suffered many breaches in safety and law enforcement, and weakened financially. Luckily for Meija, she showed her adeptness as ruler, and brought upon the following "Seven Years of Light" - a time where the Tonos archipelago became the most prosperous it's ever been.

Mid-twenties arrived, and Meija approached the latter half of the Seven Years of Light with many offered wives in turn for international peace - even from formerly enemy nations. Favoring long-term peace over ego, Meija prioritized marrying wives from enemy nations, thus swiftly and thoroughly pacifying every neighboring relation. As of now her first three wives are from former enemy nations, and her latter three are from islands under Tonos rule - Ismeria, Emaghrev, and Kuyushu. Her plan for her 40th birthday is to get all of her wives pregnant together, just like she did on her 30th birthday.

Below is a list of Meija's wives and their respective children. Although their clan names represent their geographical origin, they changed their clan names to Tonos after marriage.

First wife - Istarot Bavelia Edreka, 34, married for 15 years. Mother of 6. Currently pregnant.

Aprodi, 14. Rightful heir.

Kiter, 12.

Girika, 9. Urupe's twin.

Urupe, 9. Girika's twin.

Esi, 7.

Farihon, 3.

Second wife - Efradri Marten Merkal, 35, married for 14 years. Mother of 5. Currently pregnant.

Etani, 13.

Opalk, 11.

Risedu, 7. Risudo's twin.

Risudo, 7. Risedu's twin.

Edas, 6.

Third wife - Ikobe Serila Cupran, 27, married for 11 years. Mother of 3.

Ebara, 10.

Izaki, 7.

Mesas, 4.

Fourth wife - Cuclan Tetesron Ismeria, 31, married for 9 years. Mother of 2. Currently pregnant.

Mesin, 8.

Potam, 7.

Fifth wife - Nishigo Nabia Emaghrev, 21, married for 5 years. Mother of 2. Currently pregnant.

Sidau, 5.

Erezia, 1.

Sixth wife - Hokidao Onsu Kuyushu, 19, married for 3 years. Mother of 1. Currently pregnant.

Sopor, 2.

06:35 UTC


Clectos: The Wanderer


This is my first time sharing a worldbuilding project of mine so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

This is the first of (hopefully) many posts delving into the world of Clectos, a horror erotica worldbuilding project that I've been toying with for a while. I really happy with the current iteration so I thought I'd share it to see what others think.

The linked artwork is of a character known as the Wanderer. He is a mysterious explorer who is travelling Clectos, documenting his findings. I plan on doing most of my lore posts for this world as journal entries from the Wanderer's POV. This first entry will be his introduction for his book on the geography and physical features of Clectos.

“The expansive networks of caverns that occupy the thick crust of Clectos are incredible. You could stand on the precipice of a cavern that breaches the surface and see the sky on the other side of the horizon through tunnels and caverns so thoroughly connected through the crust. However, the sheer size of the caves of Clectos are hardly their most intriguing aspect.

The corpses of the ancient stone goddesses strewn throughout the caverns are truly a sight to behold. Some of these majestic beings are as small as four to five meters, but the largest would be nearly six-hundred meters tall were they to stand up. As the wombs of the Stone Goddesses excrete the life-giving nectar that feeds all creatures on Clectos, they are often at the center of settlements and civilizations. One such Goddess is Enticer, the goddess within whom a native Taleage society has built their remarkable capital city.

Despite many of my own attempts at counting, no one seems to know just how many of the Stone Goddesses are scattered around the caverns of Clectos, but I have yet to find one unnamed by sapient beings living nearby. Farecredo doctrine ascribes an innate nature to the Goddesses even before their seemingly simultaneous deaths, but the poses many have been frozen in speaks to a more active, sexually engaged nature.”

Let me know what you guys think. I'll try to post lore updates somewhat regularly but I make no promises.

23:45 UTC


Drug Religions

Union for Personal Spiritual Experience

Mushroom Syndicate

Holy See of the Cap and Stem

Beer Church

Acid Ensemble

The Needle Court

Palace of Pills

Higher Consciousness Collective

The Jenkum Parade

Lotus Drinkers

Court of the Laughing cloud

Grass Wizards

Weed masters

The Wine Republic

What do yall think? I feel like a drug cult would be prone to fanaticism but maybe not? Idk just an idea I've been toying with.

16:03 UTC


Vesporii Character Spotlight: Nika Lorid Sef

Author note: I'm reposting this because the previous two iterations of this character spotlight got removed. The first for directly showing an AI-generated image in the post contents. Solution: Link to an outside website that hosts the image. The second was flagged for sexualizing minors because the character was 17. Solution: She's 18 now. Please let this be the last time I'm uploading this girl - if you read her biography, you'll see she's been through enough as is.

Setting Information

Basic Character Information

Full name (given name, father's name, clan name): Nika Lorid Sef

Social Status (group, subgroup): Untouchable - Slave

Home Island (island name, island cluster if applicable): Relhaites, Oscan Archipelago

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Height: 181cm

Family (marital status and partner's information if applicable): Single


Nika is a tall individual of average build. Her waist-length blonde hair is slightly unkempt, her skin is white, and her blue eyes appear slightly clouded. She keeps her eyes perpetually closed. Her large breasts and overall body fat are surprisingly well-maintained despite the limited access she has to food. Due to her slave status, she doesn't possess many types of clothing, mainly opting for going nude inside her residence, and only minimal tattered clothes for outings.

Illustration Link


Being a slave, Nika is usually a reserved and submissive person. She never speaks unless spoken to, even to her fellow slaves and family, and believes that her life has little meaning aside from the few tasks she can do. She even feels uncomfortable hoping to receive a god's blessings. She blames her limited ability on her blindness, and her reliance on others for many actions got her to develop a habit of always expressing gratitude for spending resources on her.


Nika was conceived as result of her mother Lorid, a slave, being coerced into having a sexual affair with her household's master. After the act was found out, her still-pregnant mother was sold away to a household of the Ekensa clan, where she gave birth to Nika. Her mother was adamant to keep her child safe, so she never told her about the identity of her father, and raised her for utter obedience. This didn't stop the household's members from abusing her as they would any other slave, permanently traumatizing her.

When she was sixteen, Nika contracted a disease from a bug bite to the neck - specifically the aptly named Blindbite - which over the following two months robbed away her vision completely. Now unable to complete her designated tasks without assistance, and having lost her mother to an untreated fever soon after, there was nothing to keep her as Ekensa property. She was cast out of the household to wander away and die off. The household lady wanted to "get rid of her useless presence" so badly, she went out of her way to arrange for her to be delivered to a different island.

With literally nothing except her name, Nika abandoned her dignity, and started slowly wandering around the new island's wilderness, time after time escaping starvation by finding food in the nick of time. After a few months of roaming, she found herself in the city of Sef, whose people consider hospitality a virtue, regardless of status. She was soon met with the local shrine's head priestess, who offered her a life on the shrine grounds. Nika accepted, yet expressed her reluctance to practice in any religious activity, deeming herself unworthy of a god's help.

By now it's been a year and a half after she reached Sef. She still doesn't feel comfortable in normal clothes, and often goes about her day completely naked. Despite her reluctance towards religion, she started learning the local religion's prayers and rituals by memorization.

1 Comment
15:35 UTC


in a vore themed world, how would education on the subject go?

it seems like an interesting thing to talk about is all

23:10 UTC


Mission to Andronica. Journal Entry 3.

Stardate 2374.10 - Day 3

I have made touchdown on Andronica's surface. The landing process was smooth as ever. The weather conditions were just right and there were no unforeseen anomalies. My landing pod wasn't the most difficult to pilot anyway; our technology is fairly automated.

Enough about us though. I have to detail the scenes and imagery of the world that came into view once I broke through the atmosphere. The landscapes of Andronica are breath-taking. Comparable to Earth in every way, yet untouched by pollution, machinery, or mankind in general. The snow peaks glistened as the landing pod's shadow danced across them.

The pod had automatically selected a suitable landing site, distant enough from any sign of civilization, yet close enough for me to make the trek to a settlement within a day. As I touched down and completed post-flight checks, the pod door opened and the atmosphere of Andronica entered my lungs for the first time. The smell was incredible. A sweetness came first followed by what felt like the opening of my airways like I've never experienced. I stepped off of the ramp and took in the sight as my eyes adjusted to the mid-day sun. The pod had touched down in a meadow, just a mile or so from the edge of what looked like a deciduous forest. To my east were the mountains I passed over during landing.

As I stepped out onto the planet's surface, I was awestruck by the flora. I'm not a botanist but I will do my best to describe the plants I saw. The grass was soft and velvet-like to the touch. Walking barefoot on this planet would come with ease. The grass seemed to invite it. I didn't remove my boots, of course; I still needed to follow protocol. But the grass, which I've come to call Velveteen Reachgrass, ranged in hue from a bluish green to bright lime depending on the angle of the sun. Sprinkled among the grass were beautiful flowering plants. I have decided to call them Phalliflora. The Phalliflora is a majestic flowering plant with large, vibrant blossoms of pink and white that resemble the shape of a human phallus. It seems the human male genitalia aesthetic extends to the surface of this world as well as what I witnessed from orbit.

I will make camp and survey the immediate area. I have much to do and I don't want to be caught off guard should the inhabitants of this world come looking for me. I suspect with a great deal of certainty that they have detected my approach and subsequent landing. Whether they will engage or not is a mystery.

02:02 UTC


Suggestions for a fantasy culture where homosexual sex is seen as affirming one's manhood?


So, this is just a single part of my larger fantasy world (populated by humans, furries, elves, etc) centered on the Paalin Merchant Republc. Paalin, a human-majority tropical league of coastal trade cities on the warm and bountiful Aaqi Sea, is home to the world's oddest sex culture.

In Paal society, men are divided into two groups: Haalo (masculine men) and Zimi (femboys). For Haalo, it is considered affirming of your own masculinity to have sex with Zimi, as you are dominating another man and asserting yourself over him.

Most Zimi are not native Paal but instead slaves they have captured from the jungle tribes they constantly fight, meaning that most Zimi are either jungle elves (which are notable for their males' femininity) or some anthro species native to the jungles, such as jaguars and leopards.

This factors into the Paal's Manhood Rites. As soon as a male Paal turns 18 he will have sex with many Zimi to tell the gods that he is a man. This practice continues throughout a Haalo's life, and it is common for wealthier Haalo to own several Zimi.

Dominating Zimi also factors into courting, as, aside from fighting, it is one of the chief ways of expressing to a woman your own masculinity.

Life a Zimi is also very good, as, despite all being slaves, they are pampered and enjoy lives free from work or worry, serving their superior males until retirement. While most Zimi are owned by the state and live in high-quality brothels (alongside regular female slaves) that serve even the poorest men for free, large numbers are, as mentioned, personally owned by richer Haalo.

So, that is all I currently have written for the Paal's homosexual culture. I'm interested in hearing thoughts and suggestions. This probably won't be the only odd sexual culture in my world, though.

12:02 UTC


Paranoid elves who view sex as some kind of sacred bond and uhm just read it

So some of the elves in my world have developed paranoia as a safety measure against being murdered or discredited. This was a result of them living so ridiculously long and so isolated in their big northern forest that the only thing they needed to fear was each other. Thus their political schemes stretch over decades and their entire societal standing is based on petty (and not so petty) control of others, whether their minds or their life itself. It makes for a complete mess of a society that is scared of itself and refuses to change because of the fear that as soon as they get comfortable they'll be stabbed in the back.

Now the reason this is relevant is because to these elves vulnerability in front of their fellows is essentially the ultimate risk they could take, and even to discuss one's feelings unfiltered with another is a mark of a deep trust forged over what could be multiple decades or centuries. Thus, the logical conclusion is that if venting is a great threat to one's public image, then sex (or just sleeping in the same bed as someone) is an equally great threat to one's life.

This opens up a whole host of worldbuilding opportunities, but the main one I can see is a huge disparity in sexual culture (and culture in general) between elves living on borders with human territories and those who live more isolated in their woodland. Despite the fiefdoms that border them being somewhat (extremely) warlike, individual villages do not tend to be, and seeing as these elves view most humans as inferior because of their lack of control over others (thus not to be feared in the same way as elves) it is very possible that border elves and the foresters, hunters and cartographers of the scattered villages have ended up, not as couples, but at least as FWBs.

On the elves' part, most border individuals have had centuries of time with humans living nearby, and so the idea of a fling with one would definitely not be alien to many. On the humans' part, despite the prevailing aura of suspicion towards their long-lived neighbours, elves interested in that stuff have had ages to perfect their appearance and charms. People who go wandering through their woods on the regular and get comfortable enough around them to treat them like actual thinking beings - rather than volatile baby snatchers - have a habit of falling very easily for them if they turn their attentions to that.

Regrettably this has given rise to the myth of the woods having mind-controlling spirits controlled by the elves that kill you by a broken heart, as some people just can't reconcile the fact that the wary, haughty elves who occasionally show up demanding recompense for chopping up the wrong tree could have any other personality traits than wary and haughty. Far more accurate is the hunter's ditty about what to do when an elf shows interest:

When an elf invites you closer, respond truly
Elves play games of wills, and games of hearts
Answer yes, and they may break both
So if you do, surrender them to pleasure first
For they will be bent and teased and twisted
But an elf will never break what is already theirs
Once it [the relationship] tires, the hurt will be buried under pleasure
But if they break you, your mind hurts forever

Yes, the elves tend to be very kinky. This got very ramble-y, my apologies

17:28 UTC


Vesporii Character spotlight - Arreto Ditar Misrik

Author Note: This character is probably the most complex I've ever written, and draws heavy inspiration from my military knowledge. Any connection with events in our world is unintentional.

Setting Information

Basic Character Information

Full name (given name, father's name, clan name): Arreto Ditar Misrik

Social Status (group, subgroup): Aristocrat - Knight

Home Island (island name, island cluster if applicable): Cupran Mainland, Cupran Archipelago

Sex: Futanari

Age: 31

Height: 197cm

Family (marital status and partner's information if applicable): Married to Tilpin Reond Misrik, 22, a Noble from Utkule, Cupran Archipelago. Has two female daughters - Isar, 2 years old, and Umals, 10 months old.


Arreto is a tall adult futanari, with clear muscular definition, strong facial features, and a relatively dark complexion for a Vesporiian; brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes. Her average-sized breasts are accentuated due to the development of her pectoral muscles, and the same can be said about her buttocks. She has a well-endowed penis (19cm length while erect), and large testicles to boot. She's missing her left thumb and index finger, both of which she lost in battle. While performing routine duties as commanding officer, she dresses in knightly clothes fitting of her rank. During missions or battle, she's clad in full-body armor. When sparring focused on technique, she keeps only a loincloth.

Image Link


Arreto is a competitive and dominant individual. She's very strict on physical fitness, and can be seen training during most of her free time. Although her rough idealist side takes the helm when talking in public or to large groups of soldiers, talking with her in small groups or one-on-one can feel very intimate and down to earth. She deeply values her connection with each of her soldiers, to a point where some of them see her as a parent figure. Her selfless, near-suicidal approach to combat leads her to despise people who put others' lives on the line to escape danger. Adding to that, since she was promoted by request of royalty, she can't be reprimanded unreasonably, allowing her to confidently berate even higher ranks for perceived slights while still keeping her words in line.


Arreto was born to the now late Ditar Icor Misrik, a Soldier from the commoner caste, and Gava Loim Misrik, a now retired actress-dancer. She spent her childhood training vigorously to be a soldier like her father, with a goal set in mind to one day surpass her. She enlisted the moment she could, at the age of 18, and was assigned to the Hotian Regiment as combatant. Arreto slowly climbed up the ranks and became a squad leader, then platoon commander at the rank of Lieutenant. In the meantime she caught the eye of a Noble, who became fascinated with her dominant personality and capable physique. The two began a relationship secretly.

Around the time when Arreto achieved the rank of Captain - the highest officer rank a commoner can become - in her mid-twenties, the Cupran-Edreka war started, with the first casualties including her own father. The following three years of living hell gave her ample opportunity to show off extraordinary feats of combat prowess. Her performance during the war took away her left thumb and index finger, but decorated her with countless awards. The most notable award was a promotion to the rank of Major, which also meant an official promotion in status to an Aristocrat. Now officially in the same status group, she married her Noble romantic partner - Tilpin Reond Utkule (After marriage, her clan name officially became Misrik).

Despite being promoted "by valiance and capability" years ago, Arreto still receives some odd stares and comments by higher ranked officers and other haughty Aristocrats. After experiencing the difficulties and terrors of being at the front during war, she began to openly berate some of her fellow combat officers - even those of higher ranks than hers - who valued their own lives above their subordinates'. The only reason nobody above her rank can retaliate effectively is that, due to her promotion having been commissioned by royalty, she cannot be subject to legal, financial, disciplinary, or status-wise action without alerting the royal court. Her current position is vice battalion commander at the 7th Hotian Battalion.

10:59 UTC


Huge cast of slaves at my high class brothel!

22:53 UTC


Vesporii Character spotlight - Ketra Onkul Taramish

Author note: I tried designing a character for Vesporii that's more than a spreadsheet of "name, sex, height" and the such. Sure was a fun experience, and I might make some more, but no guarantees. The illustration attached under Appearance was made by me posing a model on Magic Poser Web and tracing it, with some artistic liberties.

Setting Information

Basic Character Information

Full name (given name, father's name, clan name): Ketra Onkul Taramish

Social Status (group, subgroup): Aristocrat - Scholar

Home Island (island name, island cluster if applicable): Ismeria, Tonos Archipelago

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Height: 183cm

Family (marital status and partner's information if applicable): Engaged to Serfald Etris Ninishka, 25, a noble from Emaghrev, Tonos


Ketra is a young adult of a tall and slim build, with slightly developed muscle definition. She has pale skin, grey eyes, and light blonde hair reaching just above shoulder length. Her breasts and buttocks are slightly above average in terms of size. She prefers going nude in her own room, and likes wearing simple yet decorative clothes with nature motifs whenever she leaves.

Image Link


Ketra is often described as curious, humble, and kind by those surrounding her. She dislikes flaunting her status, instead opting to use it to better the people around them. Despite her high standing, she remains respectful to commoners, and for lack of better definition, prefers thanking than being thanked. Ketra also holds a subtle yet deep respect for Untouchables, so as to not "add to their struggles by belittling them". Her unyielding interest towards her parents' works carries over poorly to other aspects of study and craft, but she remains none the less attentive when learning things outside her area of specialty.


Ketra Onkul Taramish was born on the Ismerian island, the westernmost of the Tonos archipelago. She's the daughter of Onkul Torosen Taramish, a Scholar specializing in the field of medicine, and Senga Tohak Taramish, a Craftswoman who works in glassblowing. During her childhood she was taught medicine by her father's demand, yet expressed interest in her mother's craft too. Since it's taboo for a Scholar to make a living off of craftsmanship, for any official matters her own glassblowing activities remain purely a hobby, but pieces she makes are surreptitiously sold as her mother's making.

In Ketra's late teens, she sought to better the state of commoners of her region, and started touring around the Tonos archipelago and beyond it, in an effort to help treat ill people. She'd frequently visit doctors and medics, exchange knowledge and methods, and pay them kindly for their contribution. After roughly three years of journeying, she compiled her knowledge, hired scribes and illustrators, and published a book containing all her findings and discoveries that "conventional medicine" didn't teach. The book, titled "Little Girl's Journey for All Medicine", rapidly became popular, and brought upon its young author the attention of possible suitors.

Finally returning home, Ketra's twenties opened with a flood with marriage proposals from all over the archipelago and beyond it. The one who stood out the most was one named Serfald Etris Ninishka, a noble from Emaghrev - the largest island of the Tonos archipelago. She was by far the most suitable, with a kind personality, charming words, and status to boot. Serfald expressed interest not in the fame she'd get for marrying a widely-known book's author, but in the cognitive ability of the young prodigy who made such a masterpiece. After several meetups, the two became engaged officially, with marriage planned in the near future.

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Need some suggestions for my sex magic.

I actually need some suggestions for my brand new banging school of magic so unzip it and pull out your ideas.

First for a little context the magic system I'm working on is divided into distinct schools(yes kinda like DnD) wether the final product will have this distinctions or not is not decided as I'm only doing this because it's convenient to design now each school is centred around a human emotion i recently completed the one of vengeance, in my system if you grossly summarise basically every mage can use power of any school they wish but their "talent" in a particular field depends upon their character think of John wick before the events of the movies if we're talking about his "talent" in vengeance(I'm working on a better name) it would have been nothing special but after the plot kicks in he sees his "talent" improving this will also result in expansion of his mana capacity in my system just because your clan had godly mana capacity(cough Naruto cough) doesn't mean you'll have it too, also if the character has dedicated himself mostly to a single path like vengeance for instance for this particular school he will have low durability(still superhuman from our standards) but extremely high damaging ranged attacks these styles are all different for different schools.

With that out of the way let's get to the main course I want some ideas related to anything sexual i know this sub has a huge load of creative juices to release what I'm looking for is what kind of magic should I give them, for example vengeful character typically have offensive powers designed for hurting like explosions, acids and poisons what would my hentai protagonists have? Saimin jutsu, increased stamina, transforming into a cat girl, making them bigger and more bouncy, having an aura that makes anyone hard/wet? There are so many positions i can take, any sexual idea is welcome if you have any ideas how my sex maniacs can improve their "talents" feel free to share or what kind of emotions and motivations would cum under this school for instance romantic love would also cum under it so it's a flexible concept consider a serial killer prowling for victims, a cougar busy manhunting and your typical romance protagonist all will have this particular magic in some form or another did it stimulate to you somewhere i hope a huge load of ideas came over you.

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Body Horror

I absolutely love body horror, typically of the sexual variety and I am wondering if anyone else has incorporated this genre and/or trope into their worldbuilding projects. If so, tell me about instances of body horror in your works or body horror ideas you have had?

Also, if you are interested in the contents of other peoples comments try to reply to them.

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My favorite cyberpunk worldbuilding is unironically from an NSFW DnD knockoff called "Carbon Pink".

The wiki to it is here: https://slimwiki.com/carbon-pink

This is a NSFW reskin of DnD 5th edition, but with an unironically great backstory that I wanted to share.

It takes place in a cyberpunk dystopian future where climate change has wrecked the world, the last surviving humans live around the polar regions in constant warm temperatures, the cities are made of giant arcological spires, and the last governments are corporations with insane business models, led by genetically engineered elves who prolongue the status quo forever, and the fauna and flora has been filled with genetically engineered creatures who replaced the old biosphere.

Not only are all the game mechanics replaced with cyberpunk equivalents, but every part of the world is very detailed and explained in a way that makes sense in this crazy world. From the map, lore and characters, species, races, governments, social alignments, way of life and technology. All of the sexual elements are also "integrated" into the lore of the world.

All of the art is also created by a very funny and talented *ahem* artist Rapscallion. It all looks super vibrant, all the characters are rich in personality, and the colors and backgrounds all create a great background-world in my head. The sexual elements are also portrayed as wholesome and sex-positive. No weird rapey shit for shock value.

So yeah, I unironically think this horny DnD knockoff has some of the best and most fun to read worldbuilding of all the online cyberpunk media I know. :D "

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Need suggestions for a massive, high class slave brothel.

Skip to the bottom if you want to get to my specific questions. Keep reading for background information.

I'm working in creating a very high class slave brothel for my story. It is in my world where Masters and slaves are voluntary social classes. When people reach age 18 they enter an exploritory period where they try out occupations and roles and then 98% of society becomes either an Owner or a slave. This is considered a totally normal arrangement and slaves treat it like a career.

Culturally there are many "old world" religions though many are atheists. There are also a lot of newer, more minority or fringe religions that have found a home in this society. They appear here in a much higher proportion than elsewhere in the world. There are Satanists of both contemporary varieties in general it's a little more academic with a general focus on knowledge, Wiccans and neo pagans who focus on a lot of nature, and a religon I'm creating called Dionysianism which is largely based around pleasure and enjoyment of life.

My story revolves around a travel writer who spends a year in this society. For a time his base of operations is this brothel where the owner has allowed him to stay and interview his many slaves and patrons.

The brothel is supposed to be a massive space. I'm basing it off of the Leland Stanford mansion in California which is 4 floors plus a basement. It will have rent by the hour rooms, private by-the-day rooms, party rooms that have a bedroom and a parlor attached, and two large event spaces with bars. (Seriously check out the blueprints for that place there is ABSOLUTELY room)

The slaves all live in an attached house in the back and sleep in several large dormitories. It's almost like a college dorm only you have like 8 roommates to a room and a punishment room. The house is smaller but is itself 3 floors with a basement.

Okay here are the questions! No fetish is off limits save for obvious legal and ethical considerations. Also has to be all physically possible.

What rooms and amenities do I need to make sure I have for this to be a functioning business? (Fun sexy suggestions are welcome as well as just nuts and bolts things for both the slave quarters and the guest areas.)

What could I include around the grounds?

What sorts of events could I hold there as well? Religious festivals may play a role. Classes, lectures, it's also going to be kind of a community space. I think I have room for a cafe. What kind of kinky take could I have on that?

Finally what types of slaves could I have? What sorts of downstairs drama could happen?

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AMA about my female dominated harem power fantasy world

Welcome to another episode of the writer's barely disguised fetish world. I am looking to actually expand and flesh out my fetish world today so I am enlisting you all to ask me as many questions as you like to get me thinking!

The slow and skinny of it is that women out match men in every way. They are taller, stronger, and are able to utilize mana to use magic and futher boost their skills. Monsters roam the land, with a few being more monster girlish as well.

In the world's population men only make up for 5% of it. Making men seeing many women at the same time socially accepted in pretty much all cultures. Along with this pretty much everybody worships the female body and clothes are bult for style over function. Every shoe designed to be high and with heels.

The amount of magical power a woman has directly influences how curvy, soft, and large their assets are. With even the normal girls looking like porn models from here and the stronger they get the more hyper they become.

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Want to hear about the fall of the mighty and how they are humiliated

It’s one of my favorite kinks and I have it in droves in my setting.

Do you have similar stories? Perhaps warrior queens being conquered and used by the victors. A conqueror who defeats a rival and takes their spouses and harem for their own. The slow decline of an empire reflected in how its people become or seen by the world, etc.

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AMA about my totally-not-my-fetish fantasy race

Doing this on my nsfw account.

The Felinia, in the world of ‘ Curses. ‘ Basic plot synopsis: humanity wins a war against invading demons, but the demons come back a couple hundred years later, and wipe the floor with humanity, carving up the realms of man into 9 kingdoms, each ruled over by a Demon Lord. Vugginoz, Demon Lord (lady?) of lust, rules over Yo’Katan.

The Felinians are like, cat girls. Desert cat girls. Because they’re more animalistic in nature, they have mating seasons, and go into heat - like, unreasonably horny type beat. Begging for cock and all that. The curse of lust only makes that worse, so when mating season comes around, these mfs are cock zombies. Their whole purpose becomes absolutely nutty sex. Only, during the Second Demon Migration (the war mentioned earlier), these fuckers held out hard, inflicting huge casualties and fighting a guerrilla war for the better part of the war. So Vugginoz, pride hurt, basically wiped out 90% of Felinian males, and made the odds have males being born incredibly rare.

Now, the horn of Felinia flips between being a region vital for the trade of Yo’Katan, to a black zone, where entry is either heavily advised against or flat out restricted. Why? Because these mfs will literally fight wars to get males and continue their bloodlines. And if any male traders are unlucky enough to be caught in the horn during mating season, rape is more than likely - they tend to send out squads of warriors to capture and transport nomads, traders, etc. back to cities and tribes, where they’re kept as sex slaves.

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The World of Vesporii: Introduction

Author Note: New world, new rules! It's been a long while since I touched worldbuilding, and this is a spur-of-the-moment that I carried on and developed in two days. Updates possible.

Criticism welcome and appreciated.


Vesporii is a world of floating islands, lush and colorful, in all shapes and sizes, floating tens to hundreds of meters above an ocean of clouds. Plethora of gigantic flying species exist, and not just birds - mammals, reptiles, and even flying fish exist, adapted to flying over various distances. The two possible sexes for an organism, by our-world definitions, would amount to females and futanaris, that is, hermaphrodites with an appearance similar to a female, who possess a male reproductive system in addition to a female one.

Humans of Vesporii

The humanoid species in Vesporii consists of of tall, slim, and toned humans, with light de-saturated coloration to their skin, hair, and eyes. They have semi-hollow bones, live for around 65 years, and are capable of thought and speech. Futanari humans average at around 195cm tall and weigh 75kg, while females average to a height of 185cm and weigh 60kg. They reached the apex of their worlds by developing agriculture, and domesticating some of the gigantic species of the world, be it for travel, farming, or protection.

Caste System and Jobs

Vesporii humans separate themselves to castes - positions in the social hierarchy. Details and nuances may vary by region, but all island societies abide by the following social hierarchy:

  • Rulers - Royalty
  • Aristocrats - Nobles, Knights, Scholars
  • Commoners - Soldiers, Farmers, Craftsmen, and Merchants
  • Untouchables - Prostitutes, Slaves, Prisoners, Criminals, and Work Animals

Due to the nature of Vesporii's geology and ecosystems, there exist jobs that don't in our world. Examples include, but aren't limited to:

  • Aerial Cavalry (Knights), mobilized on gigantic beasts, charged with patrolling island regions and maintaining public order.
  • Tectonic Forecasters (Scholars), who calculate and predict the movement courses of islands, and advise to local rulers in matters of trade with coming-and-going islands.
  • Undercloud Navy (Soldiers), similar to aerial cavalry, with the exception of mainly operating under cover of the clouds below, and excel in acting out espionage and using the element of surprise.
  • Cloudwater Harvesters (Farmers), who mainly operate in islands devoid of natural water, and mainly dive into the ocean of clouds riding gigantic beasts to gather water from said clours.

Marriage, Family, and Norms in Vesporii

Vesporii societies all exhibit polygamy. This is due to a natural sex difference in all organisms, such that females outnumber futanaris at around three to one. This means that, on average, a family would consist of one "husband" (futanari) and three "wives" (females). Some norms of the social status system are as follows:

  • A husband can marry a wife of a lower social status group. This does not affect either partner's individual status, and children of the pair will be considered as maintaining the father's status.
  • A wife marrying a husband of a lower social status group is considered taboo. Should this happen, her own social status would decrease to her husband's status.
  • A Commoner or above marrying an Untouchable is illegal and punishable by law.
  • A futa marrying a futa of the same status group is illegal but not criminalized. (Big thanks to u/Kodiologist for prompting a question that led to this idea.)
  • Should a person become an Untouchable by any means, her spouse/s are legally allowed to divorce her immediately. This is not mandatory, but will be considered taboo if not divorced.
  • Should a person receive an elevation to their own status group, her father would also gain social status accordingly, though it would likely not be officially recognized.
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Idk if it fits here, but even if it's more queer than NSFW Pathfinder has a lot of official lore involving deities that view sexuality positevily such as Lymnieris, Arshea and Calistria, with even different rituals and reletionships with gender and sexuality, so some might be intereasted

Some links tho if you want to go in depth you'll need to check the Golarion lore books




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Plundering history for NSFW use

Just as GRRM took characters and events from real history to create the world of ASOIAF, I want to take historical elements to create my world.

There are many moves that could give rise to an erotic fantasy world: the harems with beautiful women and eunuchs of the Persian Empire, the intimate relationships between men from warrior cultures (like Japan or the Vikings), inbred royal families (Borgia, Habsburg, Pharaohs...), fetishes of the ancient Chinese dynasties (lotus feet, marriages with deceased...).

Can you think of more elements that can be taken?

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What if women never reached menopause? What would be different about how women grow old?

Literally just want to know you people's thoughts on this matter, I was thinking of making this canon to my world in order for MILFs and GILFs to still have more kids, but how do you all think this would effect older women's health overall?

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Pandora's Box - Kahu Sub-species - Eeyra

The last Kahu that the humans created was around halfway through the Kahu War. The Eeyra was designed to be a lethal and stealthy slave species, however, early in the development of the warrior/assassin slaves, it was discovered that the Eeyra had an extremely high male to female reproduction rate with a females losing their lives to males, either through mating or fighting. After a couple of years the first generation of the Eeyra species died out, whether from disease, infighting or genocide, no records exist as to the cause of the first generation to become extinct. The next few generations of Eeyra sub-species was limited to 3-4 birth cycles with genetic samples taken from individuals that showed desired traits for future trial runs. Eventually it came down to genetic coding that the preferred warrior/assassin Eeyra species came to be. Genetic encoding also determined a male or female’s place in their society would be once they reached puberty (warriors, nursing, assassin, leader, breeder, pleasure slave etc). 

Most Eeyra fur coloring ranges from black to brown to dark brown with other colors denoting their caste (orange, red, beige, tan, yellow, white and mottled), their adult eye colors vary depending on fur color. Male Eeyra’s height ranges between 4’5 and 5’3, and female Eeyra’s height ranges between 4’9 to 5’10, the kittens will usually attain adult height at around two years before adulthood, newborn kittens are 12” long and slowly grow to 24” in their first three years, it is at the age of 4 that the kittens go through a growth spurt as they hit puberty where they grow to their adult height. It is difficult to differentiate males from females as they have the same muscular build and their fur covers all identifying parts. Only nursing and breeding females have visible breasts all other females don’t have visible breasts. Eeyra kittens are a uniform grey with black, white and brown spots and kitten blue eyes. All Eeyra are born with eidetic memory and a strong sense of direction.   

The average lifespan for most male and female Eeyra is 45 – 50 years, others are 60-65 years save for those in the Pleasure Caste as their average lifespan is 80 years. To the Eeyra, those in the Pleasure Caste are the lowest of the lows as not being able to bear or sire kittens is a fate worse than death. Eeyra are weaned from their mothers after 3-5 months and are full mature adults at 7 years of age.       

The Eeyra are very militaristic, living in a ridged society where laws and rules dictate their place in their society, what they can and can’t do. Their society structure consists of a family group that has 10-20 individuals with one male and female leading them, answering to their clan leaders. A Clan consists of 20-25 family groups with two males and females leading them, answering to their territory leaders. Territories consist of 35-40 clans with six males and females leading them, answering to their nation leaders. There are four nations with twelve males and females leading them.    

The Eeyra are the protectors of Thera and her star system. Each star system in the Deadlands (a five hundred light year sphere) has their own Eeyra protectors. The Eeyra do not interfere with the other Kahu’s lives or societies, they trade and barter with them. Fur Coloration, Caste System and Integration         

As stated earlier, fur coloration determines one’s place in society. The humans who created the Eeyra inserted a code that activates genetic codes a few months before the kitten hits puberty after they have been weaned from milk to solid foods. When the young Eeyra’s fur starts changing from kitten to adult colors, they are taken to camps to start their basic training and getting tested genetically to confirm their caste. Fur coloration and caste is as follows:

·        Black Fur (Both male and female) – Breeders, Assassin, Ranger, Maintenance and Grunt.

·        Brown or Fur (Both male and female) – Breeders, Ranger, Grunt, Maintenance or Intelligence.

·        Dark Brown Fur (Both male and female) – Breeders, Intelligence, Infantry, Maintenance or Sniper.

·        Red or Russet Fur (female) – Breeders, Nursing, Hospitality, Supply and Personnel.

·        Orange Fur (female) – Food Service, Communications, and Personnel.

·        Mottled or Torte Shell (Both male and female) – Ambassadorial (post war).

·        Grey Fur (Both male and female) – Family, Clan, Territorial and Nation leaders.

·        Yellow or Cream Fur (males) – Kitten sitters, house keepers, Pleasure Slaves and post war Pleasure Males.

·        Beige or Tan Fur (females) – Kitten sitters, house keepers, Pleasure Slaves and post war Pleasure Females.

·        Albino (male and female) – Kitten sitters, house keepers, Pleasure Slaves and post war Pleasure providers and personal servants to the Grey furs. Albinos are naturally sterile and docile. 

Genetic testing is only to confirm the individual’s place in society. Those that are in the Pleasure Caste are sterilized and declawed after puberty before getting sent off to the elder Pleasure males and females for their final training after recovering from their surgeries. The few males and females in the Pleasure Caste that want to become warriors after their declawing and sterilization, have to prove themselves to their family, clan and territorial leaders in three 2 hour paw to paw combat sessions. If they succeed, they are marked by claw branding to signify that they have proved their worth to become warriors, if they fail and are lucky (or unlucky) enough to survive they are banished, never to return to their clans or society. Banished Eeyra or those that flee because they don’t like their lot in life or desert usually settle in villages as honorable members of society doing what they want to do, some to become mercenaries on their own terms.

The breeders earn the right to sire and birth kittens after 15 years of military service (if they survive), the only females guaranteed to become breeders are those in the Nursing, Supply and Hospitality castes. The breeding females hold ultimate power over all Eeyra by refusing to mate if males and females are overly abusive to those in the lower castes.Those in the Pleasure caste have a mandatory five year military service that they have to serve once they have completed their other training. Unless one from the Pleasure caste has earned the right to be a warrior, they are kept in secure areas behind lines. After those in the Pleasure caste have been declawed, they are issued special 'gloves' that they are trained to use if attacked, these gloves are attached at the wrist with two finger rings for the three fingers and thumb and equipped with nano blade claws.

Eeyra kittens stay with their birth mother for 2-3 weeks after birth before nursing females take over feeding and caring for them, those in the pleasure caste also take care of the kittens until they are sent off to boot camp at the age of 7. The kittens learn from a young age the rules and laws of their society even to reporting kittens and adults they suspect are breaking laws.Honor is everything in the Eeyra society, mindset and teachings no matter what caste one is born into. Crime of any sort is virtually nonexistent due to punishment for anyone violating society laws is put to death.

There are no infirm Eeyra, any kitten born with birth defects or is discovered to have mental defects is immediately eliminated.Albino Eeyra are rare, and when one is born it will never see military service save for boot camp after declawing. Albino Eeyra are assigned to the Grey Furs after they complete boot camp and will serve for no more than 10 years before getting sent to kitten sit. Albinos are the only Eeyra that is held in high regard and it’s a crime to harm or abuse them in anyway.

***Creator's Note***

Pandora's Box is sent in the distant future where humans created a slave species called the Kahu that had around 35 different sub-species, which helped the humans expand and advance like never before. Roughly 1000 years before the Great Kahu war, humans stopped creating the Kahu after the species became self sustaining. The Great Kahu war raged for over 500 years as factions fought over the fate and future of their creation. Some factions wanted to eradicate the Kahu, some wanted the slaves genetically sterilized so that the species would die off naturally, others wanted to keep the Kahu as slaves and other factions wanted the Kahu to be free and to become the people they are meant to be.

The war ended when one of the factions developed and fired a weapon that devastated an egg shaped sphere 600 light years in diameter and nearly wiping the home system of humanity from the universe.

Pandora's Box takes place a few thousand years after the war ended. Most Kahu were relocated to the devastated area now called the Deathlands. Humanity has slowly come to accept that the Kahu are a separate species, but there is a slowly growing trend of people calling for the Kahu to be forced back into slavery and that the Deathlands taken away from them. Since the war ended human civilization has rebounded and has grown immensely.

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Erotic Wanderers/Slaves

So I've got a world concept that I'm working on and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with some suggestions on how to resolve a conundrum I'm having. (This is a continuation of the concepts from my previous post)

For context, my world is an epic fantasy world where two major races live: One is an exclusively male race similar to tall, lanky orcs that developed what vague semblance of primative civilization on this world and the other is the nymphs; the only female exclusive race in the world. They are similar to elves and basically act as the breeding stock for every other creature.

The world itself is a massive, lush cave complex that takes up pretty much the entire crust of the world. Giant stone corpses of women litter the caves. The wombs of these "Stone Goddesses" secrete nectar that works as a perfectly nutritious, yet tasteless, food source.

The issue is that I want to have concepts like widespread nymph slavery and such but I also want to include some of the ideas brought up in my previous post such as travelling prostitutes/bards. Does anyone have any ideas for how I could reconcile these two seemingly opposing ideas or should I just try to focus on one of them? Also any other ideas are welcome!

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Who or what are your inspirations for the NSFW aspects of your worlds?

Title should be fairly self explanatory, but what writers, artists, philosophers and/or works of fiction, erotic or otherwise function as major inspirations and influences on the NSFW aspects of your worlds? How exactly do these influences appear in your works? Can you provide examples?

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