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    Looking for the name of a part to raise and lower something mounted to a track

    Hi all, been trying to figure out what this part is called that I think I’d have a lot of uses for. Essentially it’s a track with an anchor point that slides up and a down and can hold its position until you press a button to move its position.

    Picture a desk that is mounted to the wall. It’s at normal desk height, I stand up, pull the desk up to the stand height and click it in place.


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    03:40 UTC


    Compact battery setup?

    I have a 3D print project that requires an led and an internal power source. I tried to go the cheap route by cannibalizing led tea lights, but it just isn't getting the job done.

    The space available is 25mm in diameter and 14mm deep. I need to cram an led, a battery, and a switch into this thing, with the switch recessed into the base or side. The cone piece has space for the led, so that'll save some space.

    I found this listing on ebay that would be perfect. Anyone have an idea where I can find something like this in the US? Or maybe something better? I'd rather not spend the time and money shipping three or four of these from Europe if it can be avoided. I haven't touched a soldering iron since 1991, so my skills in that area are very limited. Thanks.


    09:07 UTC


    What can we make?

    Hey all, so got a quick question. Me and my grandfather/father in-law might be sharing a shop sometime in the near future and he wants to be able to make money in it to help fund buying tools and materials for it. Personally, I've been doing some part time freelancing with design and 3D printing that makes an alright amount. He wants to be able to do some woodworking projects eventually. Does anyone have some good ideas that aren't "get rich quick" schemes and are actually decent ways to build equity in a small home business like this? Not really looking for specific product ideas but they are welcome, more so looking for brand ideas, who might be good to target for something like this. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!?

    05:37 UTC


    How to make a (very) cheap vaccuum chamber for degassing epoxy in small quantities?

    I live in a cold climate and make fishing lures that i finish off with small batches of two part epoxy. They all promote easy bubble release and most always they do, but sometimes they dont. I would love to make a very small vacuum chamber (im making quantities like 5-12ml. Im not sure how to accomplish this more in the $10 range than the $75 range. Anyone done something similar? How?

    19:09 UTC


    The Builder Sessions Podcast

    Hi all!*Please delete if not allowed*Rosie here from The Builder Sessions Podcast. I am completely new to this community and Reddit in general! We started this podcast just over a year ago and thought it would be relevant to share it here. In the show, my co-host and I (Hoff) sit down with industry experts, makers, and influencers to uncover their captivating stories. Our mission is to empower our audience with knowledge and valuable skills, while igniting the spark of inspiration for both makers, hobbyists, and those considering a career in the skilled-trades.

    We've had many incredible makers and builders from all disciplines including Derek from Malden, Graz, Ian Johnson, Bryan Fuller, Mark Spagnuolo, George Vondriska, and so many more. Feel free to check it out on Spotify (linked below) or wherever you listen to podcasts! Looking forward to being involved in this community. Thanks for reading!


    18:24 UTC


    Hei makers, I've started a youtube series, it starts with laser cutters, but will have more content for handmade, 3D Printing, CNC, and more, there are also free files available, I hope it is OK to share, I have nothing to sell, everything is free and will be free forever on mymagicsigns

    11:40 UTC


    Advice for gathering signals from multiple load cells

    I want to create a DIY "Just Jump" system with four load cell sensors. I'm hoping to be able to see how much force I'm putting into a squat jump and be able to differentiate force from L vs. R leg and force from my heels vs. toes. Should also be able to calculate air time and jump height.

    What is the easiest way to create this setup? Will I need an amplifier for each cell? Is there a good multiplexer to use with an Arduino? I was considering using these 200kg cells from SparkFun (link).

    Maybe use 24 x 24 x 1/4" aluminum for the plate. Needs to be relatively stiff.

    18:58 UTC


    Cutting Acrylic sheet

    What would be able to make these out of sheets of acrylic? I know laser cutters are an option but they seem incredibly expensive to get anything larger than A4 sized.

    13:15 UTC


    In what is a fairly niche crossover, I'm attempting to write some CAM software all while learning to program with Rust at the same time. I'm having some fun with it, Rust is a really cool language, and thinking about the problem of being able to generically generate G-Code is fun!

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    08:10 UTC


    LED Options for desk lamp

    I'm trying to make a simple desk lamp, but I wanted to use LEDs and give off an ambient light. The parts would be 3D printed, but I'm trying to figure out the light source. I was leaning toward an LED strip at first, but then I started wondering how I'd swap out an LED if one fails over time.

    Is there a good solution for having replaceable LEDs in a finished project? I'd rather not have to rip out, re-solder, etc. a strip or a bunch of standard LEDs if I can avoid it in the future.

    21:33 UTC


    Our hacker space created a free and open source access system.


    Our space spend some time to develop the fully open source solution for provide the access system for tools and door. The system has two parts the reader based on esp and the server provided as docker image, which can be up by few command on raspberry pi.

    All code and instruction can be found here


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    11:20 UTC


    Laser vs inkjet printer for makers

    Been using a name-brand (evil company) inkjet printer for years now, refilling the little cartridges from a cheap amazon kit. Works great, highly recommend to anyone.

    But now I'm looking at possibly getting a laser printer. I was hoping for input from the community, What type of printer do you use, and what kind of projects can/can't you do with it?

    Some examples I can think of

    Laser printer: Can transfer toner to circuit boards
    Inkjet: I guess it works for print-on Tshirts with a cricut?

    What projects do you do with your printer, and what do you wish you could do if you had the other printer?

    16:33 UTC


    Help turning a fan into a "pump"

    I have a laser diode here, its manual says it should be supplied by a "pump" with >27kPa and >27L/min and a tube 6mm inner diameter.

    Now, I dont happen to have such a pump, and I dont want to drop $50 on an industrial pump for the laser that will supply more than enough air. Instead, I would like to use something like https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11270 with a converter from the 33mm down to 6mm. As far as I can calculate, it should provide enough airflow, but when I try to work out if its providing enough preasure, I cant.

    Would something like this work? Is there a better option?

    10:54 UTC


    Dangerous Projects

    I recently posted about a project for a waste oil water heater system I'm designing using different sensors and microcontroller and it was taken down. Define dangerous projects? I would think a drone can be a dangerous project. An boost controller piggyback computer can be a dangerous project. A drone can give you a nasty haircut. Now, a fleet of assassin drones with facial recognition is a dangerous project. A Waste oil burner is only a dangerous project if someone doesn't have the qualifications and information to do it properly. Why censor a project someone is working on from receiving more information and collectively communicating with as many minds as possible to make something that inherently becomes dangerous by doing so? Telling someone they can't seek information to make something safe, because it COULD be dangerous... Is not what "making" is about. If we banned all projects that could be potentially dangerous we wouldn't have landed men on the moon. That's what I think about your overzealous "Dangerous projects"... My water heater isn't going supercritical... 🤦‍♂️ Now, about that source code for those assassin drones?

    20:00 UTC


    Building a box for storing and cleaning sweaty yoga mat.

    another day another project idea.

    I need a box for drying a (really wet) yoga mat.

    I was thinking of using plexiglass, some computer fans, (possibly get sprayers in the box to douse the mat in rubbing alcohol ), I mocked it up in tbuild using aluminum t-slot brackets and it's almost 600$! Anyone know of any other ways to get roughly a 46"x10"x30" plastic box with mounting points?

    mockup in tbuild



    1. Is there a cheaper box that I can buy to fit this thing? Ideally something with mounting points (or drillable) for the rod, fans and sprayers.
    2. I'd love a button that I could press to spray the mat with alcohol, what is this called? What is a motorized sprayer connected to a fluid bottle called?

    17:53 UTC


    A downloadable printable modular vibration robot framework

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    16:14 UTC


    Im stuck and could use your smarts - curling a dragon tail around a golf club

    I want to have a scaley dragon tail go down from the grip and spiral around the club. Club is 16mm diameter with slight taper. Probably want in the neighborhood of 180mm of tail that spirals maybe 1.5-2x

    Id like the scales to have texture and tactile feel but still ultimately be thin and lightweight…and durable.

    I did something like this before with a mermaid theme by punching circles from canvas, gluing them on as scales and painting with metallic colors. Looked amazing but ended up pretty thick. Id really like my dragon scales to be more varried in size and shape and the whole application to be something like 2-3 mm thick at most.

    Ive tried hole punch and green metallic paints with gold accents… it just looks crafty and id like something more artful.

    Does any of that make sense and inspire ideas for how to do this?

    02:35 UTC


    Wanting to make a lemonade stand that can be stored outside

    I am a woodworker by trade and I am replacing a pressure treated wood stand we built a couple of years ago.

    What materials should I use?

    21:33 UTC


    WiFi camera without the 3rd party app?

    For an "Adorbee" camera I have. I'd like to learn if it's even possible to change it to use a standard output that I can use the open source (like ONVIF) software to connect.

    I'm perfectly willing to crack it open and use the UART connections to re-write the software and such, but I want to know if it's possible before I go and break it apart.

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    20:20 UTC


    Upgraded a slightly broken buzz wire toy to make it more interesting [see comment for details]

    18:20 UTC


    I make odd things for people who dig weird shit✨

    12:25 UTC


    How would you make a rotating step stool?

    Okay, so we have this jack and Jill style bathroom for the kids. Doors open inward. Wide angle lens here belies just how really crammed it is. Even if the kids (or adults) could remember to return the stepstool to the middle between the sinks, the doors barely swing open to clear it. And when they don't... well someone ends up unable to go to the bathroom because the doors can't even open then.

    So a fold-out stepstool underneath with have the same problem: blocking the doors. My vision would have a rotational action like this video.

    It's hard to imagine the hardware (lazy susan? Hinge?) that could enable this for a kid to stand on. Ideally it'd swing freely (so the door can push it closed), but only when there's no weight on it. How would you build this? Or am I building the wrong thing?

    07:02 UTC


    Light pipe question

    I bought some acrylic rod to make a light pipe from a sensor to the lid of the enclosure so I can see the sensor's triggered with the enclosure's lid on. Works GREAT.

    However...I painted the rod so it would be more or less invisible inside the box taking care not to paint the ends. The light pipe stopped working.

    What's going on there? What's the mechanism/physics/quantum going on where unpainted works, painted does not?

    19:26 UTC


    Moldable rubber?

    I'd like to make some small disc shapes (about 2" diameter, 1/4" thick) out of rubber. Ultimately I'd like to be able to 3D print the molds with some markings. I also need to be able to stain it bright colors.

    Also, I'm trying to get a rubber of a minimal bounciness, but not sure where to start, or whether it's possible.

    Any suggestions?


    19:21 UTC


    Advice on how to print on Tenacious Tape

    Hi there - I'm trying to determine how (if possible) to print a custom design onto fabric/material such as tenacious tape? For example, NOSO makes custom patches that can be used to repair but I want a very specific design and don't want to order 200 of them from their website.

    Any advice welcome!

    17:49 UTC


    Rocket engine built with metal lathe and 3d printer

    This is a project I’ve spent a couple months on, and I finally got to test it last weekend. It uses nitrous oxide and a 3D printed PLA fuel grain.

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    05:27 UTC

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