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    Please help my team with senior capstone design class! (PCB fabrication)

    The project focuses on our solution to make PCB’s easier to make(Printed Circuit Board), and anyone who has made a circuit board before would greatly help us by filling out this brief form! The form is designed to take only 1-2 minutes and I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out a quick form to share your insights and experiences.

    Here is the link to the Google forum: https://forms.gle/k4LXcJAwW25uPDq96

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    08:26 UTC


    Well, this one started out as a disaster but ended up being a pretty great learning experience, little bit niche, but the lesson is learning the hard way is sometimes the best!

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    19:51 UTC


    Was Opensauce Accessible last year? First timer in a wheelchair.

    Anyone go to Opensauce in a wheelchair last year? Is there anything I should worry about accessibility-wise that anyone noticed? All packed and ready to go, but feeling uneasy since I completely forgot to ask the organizers before I bought everything. :/

    18:29 UTC


    From 'Scratch' Projects

    To learn through projects - reading a text book is needed, and labs are helpful, but projects which cover many topics at the same time and leave you with a finished item is the greatest.

    To learn by progressions of abstraction-the idea of building a all thing, such as a logic gate and essentially 'unlocking' that. Then moving on to making adders and unlocking that so on. Doing that is a very nice segmented way of learning to me

    To learn from scratch. This sort of goes along with the last one. I don't mean going out to the mines and getting copper, but building up things from first principles gives me a sense of understanding that 'helo world' or blink LED does not.

    Some sources that have given me this sort information is

    "Boy Electrician" which is old but has a lot of projects for building motors and multimeters and Telegraphs from pretty close to first principles. https://www.amazon.com/Boy-Electrician-Alfred-P-Morgan/dp/1626549818

    Ben Eater has a few projects such as creating an 8 bit CPU from low level logic, creating a graphics card, and creating a 6502 computer to run basic. https://eater.net/

    In a similar vein there is "NAND to Tetris" which is similar to Ben Eaters stuff but you build up a computer using an FPGA and go all the way up to an operating system. https://www.nand2tetris.org/

    Does any one else have this way of learning, and do you have good sources that follow this path of learning?

    16:05 UTC


    Is there any reason I can't/shouldn't hook up a light socket to AA batteries to make a lamp with a 5w LED smart bulb?

    I was thinking of getting some battery holders [like this](https://www.amazon.ca/Packs-Sizes-AA-Battery-Holder/dp/B07WY3VMNN) and attaching them to a switch and a regular light socket to make some lamps with 5w LED smart bulbs. Is there any reason this would catch on fire, not work, or simply not be a good idea?

    The lamp I would design around the parts mentioned above and 3d print most likely in PLA if it matters. I've made a few before, but they've been corded.

    15:10 UTC


    Radio controlled sound trigger board for robots

    Custom Raidio controlled sound trigger board with 16mb storage, a 2w on-board Amp (mainly for troubleshooting and testing) and outputs for any powered speakers. Modeled to work with the taranis qx7 paired with an r8 pro receiver acting as channels 9-16. The transmitter sends out a sinal from a switch being flipped, the receiver picks it up and sends out a PWM signal through the servo line, the arduinos pick up the signal, arduino one doing channels 9-12 and two doing 13-16 because the library only had 6 interrupt pins defined. Arduino then sends out a HIGH signal on a connected digital pin, that goes to the pc817 that I'm using as a gate for the sound board, which opening connects a desired trigger pin to ground.... Easy...

    02:01 UTC


    Advice on how to weight this down?

    . Mounting this Raspberry Pi to this base board. The housing will have knobs and selector switches, so I want to make sure that the base is weighted approximately. Any suggestions? I was thinking of doing lead weights, but don't know if they'd fit or if it would work if I tried melting my own ingots from fishing weights - seems above my pay grade. Would love advice.

    01:13 UTC


    Open sauce at home

    Sadly I can’t make it to the event. Has anyone tried the open sauce at home ticket which gives you access to videos and talks? Just wanted to hear what people thought of it. Thank you in advance!

    00:11 UTC


    Carpooling for open sauce 2024

    Anyone going to Open sauce from Sunnyvale/San Jose interested in carpooling? I'm looking for a ride and an interesting conversation on open source electronics and right to repair! #opensauce

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    04:46 UTC


    newbie needs recommendation

    So i have been wanting to make a gift for my distant girlfriend and i decided to make a screen for both of us that we can send photos to eachothers screen.

    I was planning to do it with arduino since i have the most experience on it but it looks like its really hard to do it on arduino if not impossible. So i was looking for help about what parts i can use ? it's a thing i have a really limited knowledge so the first thing that came to my mind was raspberry but i guess they would be an overkill for just sending/receiving pictures

    Which card would you recommend ? and why? also i am open to recommendations for other parts and programs etc.

    20:28 UTC


    Discord for Makers?

    I was wondering if there was any sort of Discord server for makers. I've seen various ones for fans of certain YouTube channels or social media accounts but I haven't found anything independent of these, not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'm trying to find community to make things. I'm in groups for various specific skills/hobbies like woodworking, leatherworking, and cosplay but is there one place where people gather at the confluence of all these skills into making?

    19:25 UTC


    Open Sauce 2024

    I’m debating whether I should buy open sauce tickets for next weekend. I recently moved to California and don’t know anyone here. Is it worth attending alone or is there anyway to meet up with people at the event like a discord or something?

    18:00 UTC


    Best glue / method for sticking to a Mouse phone case

    I thought this was the right place to post this as you guys know your stuff about materials etc.

    After some research i have come to the conclusion that Mous offer the best phone cases for protecting your phone from drops and Quadlock offer the best mounting mechanism for bikes etc. So i am going to get a Mous case and a universal adaptor so the mous case can use the Quadlock mount.

    The problem is according to the specs the 3M adhesive on the adaptor will not adhere properly to the material the phone case is made from


    So first of all am i correct in saying that it will not bond to the phone case properly and if so what kind of glue / method is best for these materials ?

    08:56 UTC


    Anyone selling OpenSauce tickets?

    Hi! I hope this post is allowed, apologies if not and please remove.

    Is anyone selling discounted OpenSauce tickets? My kids just learned about this and we are all dying to go! Thanks in advance! :-)

    01:07 UTC


    What battery can I use instead of a a Sony Murata VTC6A 21700 4100mAh 40A Battery 3.7V

    This engineer a while back told me to use it for my project, hes since gone so asking any people that know a similar spec battery I need 3X combined of them to run my project Cheers would be appreciated

    21:35 UTC


    Help! Need ideas for activating a capacitive touch screen.

    I'm working on a robotic arm to activate my espresso machine (GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine). I've made some robotic arms with servos and control it with a micro-controller. Unfortunately, I'm hitting a wall finding a material to attach to my arm that could reliably active the touch screen. I'm fairly confident that the espresso machine uses a capacitive touch screen. I've tried the following:

    -Aluminum Foil: This works if I completely cover the arm with a ridiculous amount of foil. Even then, it isn't the most consistent.

    -Woven Conductive Fabric: Similar to the aluminum foil, a lot of activate, not consistent.

    -Stylus tips: I've tried a few kinds of stylus tips that are marketed as capacitance stylus tips but these have all failed to work.

    -End of AA Battery: Works but it has to be at the perfect angle.

    -Sausage (for the meme): Imagine this would work great but it would be messy and require constant replacement.

    I've also tried most of these on my phone screen which tends to respond a lot better. My guess is that what ever type of screen it is requires a certain level of capacitance that I'm just not reaching. Lmk, if there is anything else I can try. Thanks!

    21:23 UTC


    Microstepping on a DRV8833?

    I want to know how to perform microstepping on the DRV8833 stepper motor driver. I can't find any guides online.

    11:08 UTC


    How to generate electricity from a brushless motor

    I want to make a basic windmill that generates power, sufficient to power an LED for example.

    With a brushed motor it's easy, just use a 4-diode bridge rectifier to

    With a brushless motor... how do you do it? Even if I bridge rectify all pairwise pairs (12 diodes(!)), there will be voltage differences across the 3 outputs, right?

    Should I just take any two and ignore the third? That seems inefficient though.

    (Also, if anyone has any ideas how to regulate the voltage please let me know.)

    19:40 UTC


    Transparent color / iridescence on clear plastic

    I’m making this mew as a gift and I have plastic globes to put it in. It’s a Pokémon that is often in a protective bubble… while it would be fine for the bubble to be the plain plastic, I’m experimenting with ways to make it more magical looking. Glitter modge podge leaves too much texture and ruins the clarity. I’m currently waiting on my next experiment to dry, a spritz of diluted acrylic with a layer of glossy modge podge

    I’ve just been working with what I have on hand. A paint that’s meant to dry translucent is probably what I need to look for. But before I go buy some, any suggestions for making this bubble look more magical while keeping it transparent enough to see the mew clearly?

    15:30 UTC


    Best makerspaces in the world?

    Hi all! I work at a university library makerspace in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our space has really taken off since it began 4-5 years ago and our success is having a really positive effect on future planning for our library in general.

    My question for the sub is this - what are some of the best makerspaces in the world in your opinion? The standard setters, the pre-eminent world leaders. And what makes them so?

    Basically I'm wanting to take our space to the next level and I think learning from the best is a good place to start! I'm particularly interested in makerspaces that sit within universities and or libraries, but happy to get recommendations from any context.

    I know makerspaces cover a wide spectrum - from more workshoppy spaces heavy on technical learning, to spaces that focus more so on soft crafting and wellbeing. Our space currently sits somewhere in the middle - so I'm keen to hear general opinions on this as well! What makes a workshop space top tier might not suit quiet wellbeing spaces for instance.

    Thanks to everyone and anyone who wants to share!

    00:48 UTC


    I've been having loads of fun recently working on designing some PCBs. My latest project has to design and build an STM32 dev board and program it using Rust. It went really well and I'm super happy with it, you see watch here if you would like to learn more.

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    09:44 UTC


    Lift supports for case lid?

    Hello everyone! I am currently starting to build out a case for storing a computer setup. I am using an audio travel case as the basis for the case. I am planning on mounting a 24" monitor inside the lid, and having places were I can store a wireless keyboard/mouse, power strip, usb hub, and a number of storage spaces for SBC/NUCs. The portability is less important to the project than just getting everything together and being able to store it up and put it away/get it out and have a full workstation for these small devices when necessary.

    Anyways, the big question here is this: The case, being an audio case, has a lid that easily detaches from the bottom of the case, and when it has the monitor mounted in it, it will be pretty heavy. So I need to modify the case with something to stop the lid from going too far back. Generally I would just do something like use a small length of chain connected on each side, but since the weight here is going to be more than I like, I thought this might be a good place to use something like the gas charged lift supports that are used with car trunks/hoods. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on brands/kinds of lift supports I should be looking into, and also if there are any kind of low-profile supports as well, so I can minimize the amount of area they take up in the closed box. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    01:11 UTC


    Vacucu3d vs Mayku Multiplier for Packaging

    I need something to make packaging for car cellphone holders that i make and sell on amazon. I just ordered a Vacucu3d and at the same moment a friend of mine offered to sell me his Mayku Multiplier pressure former for $2000.

    Obvisously the Multiplier is a much more advanced machine and capable of doing some really nice stuff and i could probally use it going foward to make products etc.

    My question is would it work well for packaging. This needs to be really thin inexpensive material that i can make quickly and easily. I was planning on using Thin Polystyrene sheets for the packaging. that cost 50 cents each. Would the Multiplier be able to handle square sheets easily and have a similar workflow? It seems much more of a process to use it.

    23:33 UTC


    LED "neon" sign I made for my daughter the heart blinks

    06:29 UTC


    Need advice about coolant for this little device

    I know this is not the ideal forum for this kind of question, but I don't know where else to turn. Lots of smart people here. I hope no one minds.

    I purchased an "Ebb" brand insomnia treatment device on eBay. I don't sleep well, and I'm always looking for a better solution. It circulates cool fluid through a pad that straps to your forehead while you're in bed sleeping (or not). The idea is that it slightly reduces the temperature of your prefrontal brain lobes, which tend to be overactive with insomnia. It's just a cooler, a small circulation pump, a thermostat, and the cooling pad.

    The coolant eventually evaporates. Replacement coolant was sold in small plastic tanks. The manufacturer is out of business, so it is no longer possible to buy replacement coolant. They never disclosed what kind of coolant they used. I think the purpose is to reduce the freezing temperature and to discourage bacterial growth. The pump and cooler have rubber and plastic parts, so it must not degrade them.

    What kind of coolant would you suggest? One possibility is a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Another is ethylene glycol mixed with water. Do these sound like good ideas? Any other suggestions?

    05:03 UTC


    Moving from San Jose and giving away materials

    Any makers in the San Jose area that are interested in some materials? I am moving and have to get rid of some stuff. I’m still sorting but it will be a mix a wood, plastic and some metal.

    23:21 UTC


    Need help with this idea! Trading Card dispenser


    I need help with an idea for a loading bay for a trading card sorter. The concept involves loading trading cards into a hopper, where one card at a time is dispensed into a loading bay that holds a single card. From there, the card is pushed to its designated sorting location. My challenge is to create a mechanism that consistently dispenses only one card at a time, avoiding the release of multiple cards simultaneously. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for achieving this?

    02:06 UTC

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