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Mermaid baseball

Piraruco baseball for sale! 150.

20:29 UTC


Chefs knife roll

Commissioned knife roll done. I can make one for you. This one was ordered this way with an elephant strap. Let me know if you need one. Thanks!

19:01 UTC


Acadia Leather GrabBag - $100 OBO

Bought the grab bag bundle from acadia leather and used one sheet to make a decent size mouse mat. I have whole lot of rolls remaining (whatever it came with minus one) . Anyone willing to take it for $100 (OBO) plus shipping?

Grab Bag Mix 200ft Lot#10524 (weight varies) Location: PA, USA

21:47 UTC


Bifold full grain wallet with ID window

Looking for a bifold full-grain bison leather wallet with an id window $100-200

Essentially something similar to https://www.hanksbelts.com/collections/usa-made-mens-wallets/products/hanks-belts-deluxe-bison-bifold-wallet-with-id-window

1 Comment
17:32 UTC


Looking for sheath

Hello all! I was gifted a custom knife and was hoping to find someone who could make a sheath for it. I'm looking for a simple leather sheath with a belt loop. I plan on using the knife for hiking/foraging so the less movement on my hip the better. I am absolutely willing to pay but would rather not have to send the knife away if possible. If anyone is interested please DM me and I can send measurements and talk turkey. Thanks in advance!

19:12 UTC


Emerald Green Shell Cordovan Wallets, and other inventory

1 Comment
16:15 UTC


Artisan Leather Supply French (3mm, 2/5/10) and Oval (4mm, 2/5/8) Pricking Irons, Kemovan Craft Tools (French Skivers, Edge Bevelers, Groover)

  • Artisan Leather Supply French Pricking Irons 3mm Set (2/5/10)

I've had these for about 6 months and they were used for ~20 wallets. They aren't as nice as the JunLin irons I listed but are still fairly good. 3mm spacing and 1.6mm teeth width. There is some wax residue on the tines from use. These are the $145 irons on their website.

Price is $75 shipped CONUS

  • Artisan Leather Supply Oval Pricking Irons 4mm Set (2/5/8)

I've also had these for about 6 months and they were used for 2 or 3 bags. The 8 teeth iron has 2 tines that were slightly flattened at the tip due to being accidentally dropped. They still punch straight and can probably be re-filed/sharpened. 4mm spacing and 1.85mm teeth width. There is some wax residue on the tines from use. These are $130 from their website.

Price is $60 shipped CONUS


  • Kemovan Craft Tools + Roller

I have the following from Kemovan Craft that I don't use anymore for sale - 6mm French skiver, 12mm French skiver, #0 edge beveler, #2 edge beveler, edge stitching groover (1.2mm). Everything works well with the exception of the 12mm skiver; there is a pretty big learning curve on that. I also Have a roller included in this lot. I don't remember where I picked it up from but it's heavy and rolls smoothly. All the handles are ebony.

6mm & 12mm French skivers are sold.

Price is $50 shipped CONUS for the remaining Kemovan Craft Tools listed + roller.


1 Comment
06:04 UTC

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