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http://www.aoijapan.com/ - Sells antique Japanese swords, for very serious collectors and formally trained experts.

http://kultofathena.com/ - Sells a wide variety of quality Japanese swords across several price ranges.

http://www.handmadesword.com/ - Fair swords at fair prices.

http://www.trueswords.com/ - Home to Musashi Swords, very good for those completely new to katana.

http://www.swordnarmory.com - Sells Munetoshi swords, great for mid-grade swords.

http://stores.ebay.com/huaweiswords - Great swords for both cheap swords to learn on and high quality swords for martial arts. They also accept commissions for swords at decent prices.


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What are some good katana websites that won’t break the bank?

Simple question but I don’t know much about katanas and one of my relatives want one. Im looking for a website that sells them for at maximum $300. Thanks

18:18 UTC


Best material for Tsuka-ito

Hi there, I am willing to make my own custom katana, but I don't know which material has the best grip. Could someone tell me the differences between cotton, silk and leather? Thanks.

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17:36 UTC


Guys I wanted to ask about a Japanese sword smith if he is worth the unreasonable prices

His sword smith name kanemsa and he is sword smith in Japan. I got some approximation prices which is $10k to $20k. It’s forged from tahaganame steel.

15:57 UTC


41 Hour Polish

This is the sword that goes along with the samegawa I posted. This polish took about 41 hours due to me working to preserve and showcase how beautiful this blades pattern and hamon is.

It’s quite cloudy and overcast so unfortunately it’s not as easy to get my camera to focus or for the blade to truly shine, but even in these conditions it’s a beautiful blade.

15:37 UTC


Bending angle in ° of 1045 and 1060 steel

Bend Tolerance of steels....

Does someone of you know the angle, which i can bend Through hardened TH 1045 and 1060 and 1075 and 1095/T10 carbon steel, and maybe even Differential Hardened DH 1075/1095/T10?

05:31 UTC


Oil or water based lacquer for ito

I just got a set katana, wakashi and tanto from ronin katana. I want to lacquer the ito to prolong it's life. I'm going to try and maintain most of the original feel so not going heavy with it, just enough to keep it tight.

I might be over thinking this but I'm wondering if I should use oil or water based, I was pointed to a great tutorial but it doesn't say which.

Oil is more durable and my choice for the racks I made, not sure for this purpose if it will really matter or not though. Downside to oil is since I don't know about the adhesives used and damaging then if I thin it.

Water based is not as durable but can be whined, plus easier to clean the brush.

Any tips welcome and appreciated.

00:48 UTC


katana identification

My dad recently gave me this katana which he had when he was a kid. I’m pretty curious about the brand and quality if anyone recognizes it. Any information on it would be appreciated!

18:41 UTC


Can someone explain to me how naginata were worn by warriors? I know the katana were placed in the outer obi. Or did the naginata always needed to be held by hands?

I don’t know much about these things as I am sure you can tell haha, thanks for answering :)

14:08 UTC


Hanwei Raptor - Light rust speckling when brand new unused?

Crazy eh?

Picked up this blade a couple weeks back. Never actually touched the blade. Just de-sheathed re-sheathed it a few times and applied a good bit of mineral oil from a papertowl.

Anyway, wiped it off with a microfibre cloth today and it looks like there's marks on there.

Gave it a bit of a rubdown with a bunch of Mothers Mag polish and damn alot of tarnish is coming off there despite it being new, but, the very small blemishes didn't exactly go away.

What should I do to it next?

02:05 UTC


Hey so a Quick question

is there any historical figure who did this or just a hypothetical demonstration of someone wielding a katana/tachi and a naginata simultaneously in a real fight/spar or a hypothetical one

19:07 UTC


Best store in Europe

Hey all, I've never bought a katana before and I'd like to get one that it would be effective in a home defense scenario.

Don't know much about which steel is better, and I'm looking for a trusted store that I can buy a real (hand made) katana in Europe.


16:38 UTC


Wakizashi in Katana saya; Was that a thing or did I just dream it?....

I seem to recall reading or hearing sometime ago about some Samurai or ninja or whoever that would carry a wakizashi length blade, but with a katana length tsuka as well as in a katana length saya.

Was that really a thing? If so, what was deal there?

03:45 UTC


The Final Cutting Test With Swordier Tameshigiri Series Katana | What's your thought on it?

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15:10 UTC


Dedicated Tameshigiri blade


I have been practising Iaido for 7(?) years now and we do Tameshigiri every once in a while. But we all use one of our Sensei's blade and it takes a beating. I feel it best for me, as a more seasoned student, to procure a blade for this purpose as well. This would also allow me some tameshigiri practise at home as well if I felt like it.

Furthermore Id like to be able for more inexeperienced fellow students to use this blade without worry for the wellbeing of the blade (within reason of course) Therefore what I need is thus.

I need a strong blade that can handle heavy cutting. No Hi is preferred since its stronger that way. Finish doesnt matter to me on this one since it'll need sharpening and I would ruin every nice finish anyone has put on the blade.

Please provide your experiences and opinion on the following:

I think it'd be best if the blade were through hardened? I also think it'd be best if the blade were made from something other than T10/1095. Perhaps something along the lines of 9260? Spring steel? Whatever is best for resilience.

Budget wise, I dont want to compromise on the quality. It HAS to be a good sword. If it ends up that I cannot afford the sword I need, then I wont settle for a cheaper alternative that may or may not hold up. In that case I will simply save up more. Having said that a motohara or similar is out of the question.

Thank you in advance for your advice and opinions.

12:21 UTC


Thoughts on this promo ?

Saw this on reddit, wondering if it’s a deal


12:02 UTC

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