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Zodiac War RP Community

I'm not sure if this will be seen by the right people, but if anyone sees this and remembers the Zodiac War RP community, I miss y'all.

Hey, it's Angel (Maristela / Stella-Maris). Not sure if you'll remember me, but that's okay, I could never forget the fun we all had writing. Y'all are my Roman empire.

Thank y'all for being a huge part of my life. I hope that wherever y'all are now, it's a good place.

Sending y'all all the love ❤️

05:43 UTC


google+ memory board on google photos

im still in this shared album for google+ screenshots and stuff, idk if the link will work but here it is. i had a fun time looking back at all those pictures


06:39 UTC


You can still +name people on YouTube

The YouTube code base was based somewhat on G+ code at a point. I just discovered if you write a title and hit "+" a name selection popup comes up. It gave me such G+ nostalgia.

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Was anyone here in anti-rabbid fanbases?

Title. It was an old troll community that ended up getting deleted. I remade the community and it actually gained some traction but ultimately I ended up deleting it too. Anyone remember this era?

16:56 UTC


Last hope to find old friends

I joined google plus during late 2015 or early 2016 I believe. I was "Sharky Gaming" and I wasnt a popular user but I knew a lot of people then. I first joined the Crazy Is Crazy community and its where I met so many friends. My primary friends I remember went by "Franky The villager" "Creepy cat" (who left around 2017 I believe?) "Tony the clock" (someone who specifically drew Tony the clock from DHMIS in a plus size form) and im lingering around to see if some how my name reaches to a specific audience.

My old phone from 2018 still has google + on it moments before it completely collapsed the website and it forever remains frozen in time. However for some reason my phone no longer wants to turn on anymore so its difficult to track down anyone. This is my last attempt to call out to anyone who remembers me or knows of friends I spoke of. Im hoping this reaches to a large audience on here.

10:48 UTC


I was a user named Jake (Google+, from 2014 to 2019)

I recently stumbled upon this reddit community and didnt know it existed until now... but this is going to be a long one...

I was a google+ user named "Jake", some remembered me as "Jake the Braixen" or for the OGs, "Jake the Torchic/Fennekin/ or Volcanion". I started my Google+ journey around the end of 2014.. But my intentions were moreso creating a Youtube channel just to talk to one of my real life friends (we werent super close, but still friends back in the day) who was under the username "Krang The Fox" and later "Krang Kitoubi". (I think? Sorry if I butchered that last username) And well, I did talk to them for a good while. But nothing about visiting them ever came into fruition. Plus we were like 14 so of course it wouldve been hard to meet up. But my attention was directed more towards a youtube channel called SuperMarioLogan. I loved watching his videos back in the day but there was one person who constantly made hate comments on his videos. If you know, you know... their name was Mr. Ice Flower, and a group of youtube channels 'fought' him in the comments section with hate comments towards him. Mr. Ice Flower was a troll so he wanted all the hate. It wasnt until August where I became more involved in this group of youtubers that I got to know them more. Several names come to mind such as MarioLuigi, Jacob Rothrock, (That was his username yes) LazerLandScapingHomeandImprovement, SuperLuke, Maestoso28, Double A, The44Master2, and 7BlackBoo.. These people quickly became my online friends and we soon formed a group called the SML Heroes. I helped invite more people onto the community such as a person named Joel Hernandez (who ended up becoming a huge problem to us later on, my one BIG regret) and others. It would be too long for me to describe every person but the point is this is where it all originated. But it wasnt until around September of 2014 where we discovered that Google+ allowed communities to exist.. and thus, we created the SML Heroes officially. This was where we posted our plans, SML content, and general stuff like hahas and topics we wanted to talk about. But it would mostly be relevant to the shenanigans of the SML Heroes and SML. We actually had Logan in the community for a short while until FUCKING Joel had to ban everyone in the community. This dude constantly started drama and nonsense to us and ESPECIALLY to me. He had moderating power to be able to destroy and delete our community several times yet we'd always let him back in.

But enough about SML Heroes. I can talk about them in a different reddit post if you want me to. Eventually, I started to gain some traction with resharing posts and posting stolen original memes. I gained about 1,000 followers after my efforts of posting in communities and adding a lot of people thorughout Google+. It was a very great time for me. I had a bunch of people to talk to eventually and well this all stemmed from some jealousy I had with Krang who ended up getting more friends than me. It was petty, it was stupid, and it was immature of me to try to sabotage him. But I did, and I hate myself for doing that now retrospectively. My time was spent drawing, talking to people I liked, also talking to the SML Heroes at the same time, and also having online dates with several people. (I was with users such as Golden Darkness, Candy The Loveable Mew/Jasmine, Bella, etc. I know Im bringing up names but it was such a long time ago that I think it should be fine) Ive had my breakups, bouts of feeling miserable and "deleting my account several times". It was embarassing that I let myself do that. I allowed others to dictate my choices of leaving Google+ altogether. But also it was around 2015 where I started to lose my semi-popularity. Mainly because I noticed a shift in humor and memes being shared that it changed everything. I welcomed it but I found myself struggling to talk to online peeps again. They seemed to have moved on from me and moved on to other people. I allowed my online relationships to eject me out of the life of Google+ and well I did come back a few times but it wasnt the same. I decided that around 2018 Id come back, and that Id come back stronger. I followed more people again, and there was a spark of joy that came back within me and surely enough I did gain some popularity again with posting memes and also art. But then lies the problem I dealt with personally: My artwork. I was (and still am) also an artist and loved to traditionally and digtially draw. But I started to place so much emphasis on posting my artwork that I wanted it to gain more recognition than the memes I posted. I started to feel like the reason why I got popular was not because of me, but it was because of my memes. And deep down, I started to feel miserable again because now I understood the why and stopped focusing on how much I enjoyed it. I started to gain a sense of identity and wanted people to like me for who I was and what I loved. Im thankful this was the case becaue I dont know who I wouldve been had this realization not come up sooner. I started to heavily push my artwork and while it worked for a good while, people started to lose interest. Because it was the ONLY thing I was posting by that point. I was tired of seeing the popularity of "my" memes and it made me feel disgusted that I was notorious for this.

I always vented about things like that, along with my relationships and friendships... which I feel is the sole reason why people turned away and lost interest. Because Im sure no one wants to have to read people's vent posts and their deepest and darkest secrets. People dont care. Or perhaps they do, but most want to be online for memes and use it as a means of escapism which I fully understand that now as a 23 year old dude. But none of this would last as by 2019, Google+ was coming to its ultimate conclusion. I partook in this memorial by posting a piece of artwork of some users I knew of who were also artists, but Id also talk in length about how it was coming to an end. And while I did add most people I knew on discord and twitter, the entire chunk of the people I talked to were no more. They were gone, and moved on with their lives. As far as Im concerned? I moved on to Discord and Instagram. I also have a Twitter but I barely use it and the algorithim is so bad that I never tried to emulate my popularity there. I now just post artwork from time to time on instagram and post storys of stupid funny shit but also real, down-to-earth things that I feel are important. Im living my real life now whilst Im also still somewhat living my online life. And... its probably for the better. Google+ may be gone, but it will not be forgotten. I may have not been as popular as people like KainIsSpain, Igor The Brazilian Guy, nor Tsuki The Umbreon or Niiue, but I also contributed a bit to Google+ and odds are I may have been forgotten, but gone. Or not, who really knows?

You can clearly tell I cared a lot about being popular. I had such a complex when it came to this and it boosted my ego a bunch... but it also made me arrogant... and uncaring to some. I was somewhat of an asshole back then, but I no longer am. I dont care about trying to get famous, because I now understand that by doing so, Ill give up the quiet and peaceful life I have with some people I still talk to online along with having several irl friends and family to talk to. But.... I am thankful that I was able to use Google+ during its time of existence. Thank you for reading!

If you want to still talk to me or if you remember me, you can find me on the following:

Discord: chik-fil-a-nuggets (jakesu)

Twitter: Jakesu15 (Like I said, I dont use it much so-)

Instagram: jakeosaurus_rex18

21:37 UTC


A Look Back At My Time on Google+ (2015 - 18)

I didn't think there'd be a subreddit for G+ up and running still, but since i'm here im making this post to reflect on my time on G+, I went by many names, my full dead name (not saying ofc), Super M.U.G.E.N Melee, and Mugen Studios SFM and I switched up what i'd post, whether it be cruddy art made in MS Paint with OCs with questionable color schemes (some may remember my main OCs Rusty and Rose), amatur SFM renders of FNAF recolors or act like a immature ass posting my feelings and whine. (i.e: breakup, zero engagement on posts)

Outside of that, I made a lot of friends within the FNAF community given that was my main interest at the time, some are still with me today, others' aren't because of how I acted being short sighted and tone deaf which I regret. I'd rate Kamen Rider suits given I was also into Tokusatsu as I tried to be fair with the Showa era suits (No surprise, Kamen Rider Black was the highest rated). But i'd shift around from other interests before looping right back into FNAF like always, nowadays I had left that behind me now and moved onto other things like TF2, Needy Streamer Overdose and Mortal Kombat.

I don't think i'm that remembered that well outside of my few remaining friends, i'll admit I was a cringey fellow, pretty sure I was made fun back then for art I made, I got regrets for the people I drove away in the past and wish I could meet them again and apologize for my immaturity. In the following years i've tried my best to grow beyond that and everytime I think about how childish I acted I cringe inside wishing i'd done something else better. Improving my art skills and try and be more mature, it's a little tough given I got autism but I do my best.

20:07 UTC


Are spanish g+ archives avalible anywhere?

I won't make this too long as it is pretty simple, I used to use google+ a bunch when I was a kid (which I really wouldn't reccommend, if you're a parent, don't allow your kids in social media), as it was very popular in Mexico and Central America (I'm argentinean, but whatever) and I need to know if there's any surviving archives of those spanish speaking communities, or, even better, if there's any way to take a look at my old account, as all I can find is english speaking communities and accounts

14:27 UTC


With Reddit and Twitter self destructing if there was ever a time for the relaunch of googleplus

I know that google will never do it but...

07:17 UTC


What did the comment emails used to look like again?

Does anyone have examples of what the email notifications for Google+ used to look like? Like when someone responded to your comment and it sent you a notification to your email about it. I’ve tried looking it up, but none of the results come up with what I’m thinking of.

Did they almost look like the ones YouTube would send you, back when it used Google+? I feel like I remember them looking really similar.

I ask because I’ve become kinda determined to piece it back together in my head.

If anyone has an example/examples, I’d appreciate it if you could show me!

Edit: Specifically from 2014/15! Thought to clarify that, because that’s the period of time where my confusion comes from!

Edit 2: I think I’m good now! Thanks for the help!

05:53 UTC


Why this subreddit still exists?

21:59 UTC


☆FURRIES☆ And Furry Fandom Get Together

I was an Admin of the two largest furry communities on g+, with the names mentioned in the title.
I'm trying to find as many users from those communities, and hopefully help people find old friends they'd lost in the great purge.
I went by the same user names as i have here, "Deadly Tiger"

God i miss that site.

20:38 UTC


Does Anyone Know Why Virtual Drive Shows Empty?

Not sure if a recent Google Drive update caused this? I have about 30 GB on my drive confirmed from looking via web version of Drive. However recently my virtual drive shows completely empty, where it used to show a blue bar indicating how full the drive was. I can click on the virtual drive and it will take me to my locally stored Google Drive files. The files are not streamed, they are mirrored. Any ideas what's happening? https://imgur.com/a/hVYI6Ym

23:20 UTC


This is a long shot

But does anyone have a copy of Audrey Tang's poem on how to solve big problems?

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the ending of my 1004 page meme comic about Google Plus, primarily featuring the meme communities like Funny Memes and Dank Memes

13:23 UTC


Thoughts on Google+ and myself on Google+

Hello, I am a former G+ user. Back then I was Yoshifreak2000, and I joined a lot of video game communities like Gaming+, Video Games, Pokemon, Sonic, Mario, Mega Man and many others. I also joined some shitposting communities and I even had a little community of myself which was about video game music. At my peak I had like around 330 followers. I also had various collection of random topics like specific video game franchises, my favorite video game music, rating Spongebob episodes, a bad internet stuff collection and a collection of WWE stuff. Back in 2015 when I first joined, I was of course just a dumb kid in his early teens who got really sensitive whenever I'd get insulted, and I remember that happening a lot in the Smash community, though to be fair I cringe at a LOT of my posts from that era. I consider 2016 and 2017 to be my peak years because those were when I wasn't too much of a dick while not being too sensitive either. I am not proud of a lot of my 2018 posts...

I think if people do remember me, they'll know me as the "I want to have sex with a copy of Sonic Unleashed" guy (which was a shitpost btw lol) since whoever ran the Best of G+ Twitter account screenshotted it and sent it on Twitter. I wasn't the biggest G+ account but if you were in those communities I mentioned, you very likely saw a couple of my posts, and if you remember something specific? Well sorry for the cringe, lol. I still deeply miss being in those communities though, and I miss Google+ a ton in general. Yeah it wasn't the best ran website and it crashed a lot of times but the actual interface was my favorite out of any social media site I have ever used. Sure beats Twitter.

23:26 UTC


i need to know if anybody remembers a guy named star man

ok hi i named this account after google plus because i was on the internet at a young age and i was only allowed to use google plus instead of other social media and i had a presence on it so there was a guy named star man. his profile picture was a blue star and he was famous for trolling different communities or whatever they were called back then and it was mainly the furry communities that were big and i think a roleplay community. i was really young when this happened in like maybe 2015 - 2017 max so i remember this guy being pretty big but he might’ve not been so i made a fake account as him and i’ve had the email associated with it since. just wanted to see if anyone else remembered star man because i think he had over 1k followers and thats pretty large ish? this is bugging me since i can’t find any archives or mentions of him on the internet lol

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was thinking about the good ol days and remembered a friend I talked to almost daily, they went by Ali Kitsuyashi and was an Inuyasha fan which is why we got along so well, anyone else know this person?

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Hentai Senpai?

Anyone know what ultimately happened to hentai senpai? All i remember was him posting the pumpkin video then getting banned. Also weirdly enough i remember being friends with him on the site before the pumpkin incident

14:05 UTC


Holy shit

Just found this sub, this place was my childhood. RP'd Warrior Cats hardcore there

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