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Revive Google+

As much as people want to leave "X" [๐Ÿ™„], there hasn't been a good enough alternative. I guess Threads was supposed to be the closest alternative, but even that is insufficient. I don't even have a Threads account as I left Facebook and am not interested in starting an Instagram profile... Either which are a requirement to use Threads.

I think that this would be a great time to revive Google+ using Twitter's form and be a great alternative with Google already being a relevant, established and universally known company.

17:04 UTC


Google Plus as a kid

I just found this subreddit and i was blown away with how many people here also have nostalgia of google plus. I used google plus from when i was 11-15, and i was literally addicted to it. i didn't have many real life friends, so google plus became my safe space, posting art and doing RPs with people. although i love my memories of google plus, it was also not what i should've been on at the time. what I mean is there were so many nsfw groups/art/RP I was exposed to on G+, not to mention the website was crawling with pedophiles. (do you guys remember sexual Sunday? it was literally a porn holiday for goon brained google plus users) ngl I think all the times i was groomed by older rp partners had a long lasting effect on my brain chemistry. I remember I was 12 "dating" a 17 year old, who would rp me sexually, send me extensive amounts of Mario porn, then harassing me when he found another girlfriend. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences of grooming on google plus?

22:41 UTC



Does anyone that was active on the art side of G+ remember an artist named OliverOats or something like that. His art was a bit plain but albeit cute Anyone know what he's been up to??

04:27 UTC


Does anyone have the mega thread/album of all the iconic Google+ posts/memes?

This might be a long shot, but this would be the place to ask! I remember just as Google+ was shutting down, users came together to compile screenshots of all the iconic posts into a massive album, I think it was a shared Google photos album.

Does anyone have a link to it?

03:38 UTC


Can someone try to bring this back?

Iโ€™m nostalgic for this, and itโ€™d be cool to see this get revived, just like escargot did to windows live messenger

08:16 UTC


Anyone remember "Funniest Texts Ever" and how it didn't actually have any funny texts whatsoever?

I was so annoyed by this that one time I tried to make my own Funniest Texts Ever community that was actually meant for what the name implied, only to find out there were like 6 other communities that attempted to do the same thing, but ended up devolving into the exact same generic meme community anyways.

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22:10 UTC


6 Years Since The Shutdown

Today marks six years since the site shut down, I'm sure most of us found ourselves new platforms to post on before or after Google pulled the plug.

I had left the site the year prior to its shutdown, but I got to ask for those still around during the final months of Google+ what was it like?

(Art I made in 2022 to pay tribute to Google+)

20:05 UTC


Role Play Studios

Was anyone around during RPS time on google plus? An account named zuus, his two cousins, and some other accounts were responsible for multiple google+ communities based on fictional content. I remember DBZ, Marvel, Bleach, Naruto, GOT, One Piece, and some others.

05:42 UTC


I miss g+

I want Google+ back, I miss it :(

12:31 UTC


Anyone who used to be in the Polls community? (+ A small memory of mine)

Hi! Former Google+ member here. Was 9-10 when I joined. The year was 2018. (I'm 16 now btw)

Does anyone remember being in the Polls community or a similar community? For me, I'm just a naive kid who used to make polls a lot because they're so new to me and I find them fascinating. One of those polls I remember making is "What closed game did you miss so much?" and one of the poll options was LINE Cookie Run and most likely Club Penguin. Idk the others. I also remember complaining to admins about why they keep making polls with the words "on the scale to number-number" ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€

I remember that I was kicked out and can't join anymore (banned?). I'm pretty sure I broke a rule although I don't know which exact rule did I break lmao. Most likely the "no biased polls" or "use common sense" or smth rule. Idk

Not related to the main topic but I also remembered making a "horror" story in G+, I wrote everything in English and "professionally translated" (aka Google translated) it into Korean, and posted it lmao ๐Ÿ˜ญ Btw it was about two girls exploring a haunted house and scared by various monsters. Yep, not really a horror story and more like one of those spooky stories an elementary schooler could tell at the camp ๐Ÿ’€

With the small memory story aside, did anyone joined the Polls community in G+ at some point. Thanks!

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11:06 UTC


Any former trolls here

Just got a wave of nostalgia that hit so strong and remembered my time on Google Plus as both a user and a troll. Any former trolls here?

00:01 UTC


Are there any Google+ revival websites out there, if not? When?

If there are any, please link them in the replies, if there aren't any however, please let me know when one is being worked on!!

03:16 UTC


Google Finally Resolved Google+ Privacy Scandal

I bet all of you heard about that one Google+ scandal, with their data privacy bomb which exposed hundreds of thousands of users data.

For those who are new to Google somehow, that's the deal: in 2018, WSJ reported that Google found a "glitch" in Google+ earlier that year, which affecting data security. Between 2015 and March 2018, this glitch allowed outside developers access to almost 500k (!!) users personal data.

And despite discovering this issues in March 2018, Google didn't inform anybody about that to avoid regulatory issues. Simply - they didn't want "problems with regulators which can affect their reputation" as they said.

They were hit with may suits due to this, and finally they resolved with $350M the one for the investors over stock drops, so if you invested in GOOG you can check it I guess.

21:14 UTC


Looking for an old friend

His nickname was "A RAFAY the black panther" and "A RAFAY the fabulous", we met each other in a anime community

16:02 UTC


I used to have g+ back in 2017

I remember having two people I meet and meet someone by the name of veta Reid who ruied my life gaslighting me lying to still steals people pictures still to this day on Instagram meet them on one of my post around that time and they never wanted to use hangouts ever which was really weird.

15:41 UTC


Rickey lee king 1408859 Amazon farmers market

"Addressing Stolen SNAP Benefits | Food and Nutrition Service" https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/stolen-benefits

05:14 UTC


I knew the person behind PepeGamerXL.

So, listen, i know that to everyone else im a nobody, and you are free to think that im spreading BS, but i felt like dropping my 2 cents about that incident after all these years.

Contrary to what people may believe, he was not some degenerate from the dark web or something, but just a dumb, 14-15 (maybe 16?) year-old idiot from Mexico with an time-wasting addiction for trolling, raiding, and internet drama in general. I come from a group of friends that liked to waste their time causing chaos around the internet back then when we where young (the whole thing happened in....like, 2017?) for the fun of it, although some (including him) of the people i met actually took it seriously.

This guy one day got the.....restricted material from a MEGA link, which he got from a spanish-speaking Facebook group, and started doing dumb shit with it. He posted it with the PepeGamerXL account to a community (was it DANK MEMES i think? if im not getting it mixed up) because he knew it would cause drama and be provoking. But also, he used it to raid and take down some communities by spamming it and then reporting with other accounts, and he even uploaded it to Youtube for.......some reason.

Thats all. Just felt like talking about useless lore for a while, have a good day.

06:04 UTC


Call Of Duty community on Wayback Machine?

In 2017-2018, when I was a kid, I was one of several spammers on a Call of Duty community and had the time of my life (not that funny in hindsight...), and there was nothing to stop me because the owner and only mod fell off the face of G+ after making a single post several years earlier. If anyone has the tiniest clue about the community in question please help me find it on Wayback.

10:15 UTC


I think it's the time, when we should stand together to bring back Google+

Most of the social media are becoming suffocating Instagram and Facebook are being conquered by short form contant and even YouTube is no exception. Twitter is going down, Threads is failed to achieve what it wanted to, LinkedIn is too formal, Nobody uses Snapchat and only we use Reddit! So it's time to revive Google+, it has to comeback atleast for us! #bringbackgoogleplus

20:02 UTC


Which was the better meme community

11:15 UTC


Are there any Google+ Revivals?

Please reply if there is one.

16:38 UTC

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