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Cage advice

I have this for my two boys. They free roam most of the time. I don’t have anything under it so it sits on the floor. Was wondering if you guys had any ideas of what I could put under it bc they just move litter boxes and puppy pads and poop and pee on the floor.

20:05 UTC


Innocent until proven guilty

So may have forgotten to check that the bathroom door was closed before unleashing ragnarok upon our new home.......

19:40 UTC


A horror story, but my babies are safe

I need a place to vent. My nextdoor neighbor is the kindest, chillest guy the entirety of the time we've lived here he has been our favorite--but most recently he has begun to use and seemingly cook crystal meth inside. We caught him over last week doing it whenever we left for work, leaving my poor 2 pound furbabies here to suffer. My dog comes to work with me so i was less worried about him. We quickly caught on within a day or so and swooped up the ferrets, stayed with my partners mom for the week. We contacted multiple authorities [including the police and non emergency line, initiated a 5150(he's not acting like himself and it's sad), and contacted our 311, property management who are pretending to be out of town and unavailable].

Because of the state we're in, there are so many protections for these people that there's essentially nothing that can be done. And there's thousands of stories on Reddit alone where people tried every single outlet/course of action, and still had to be stuck there for however long until they could move. If I'm contact high, I can't imagine how the ferrets feel.

We had to come back here bc my partners mom's dogs started to become reactive to just the ferrets cage. Not their fault, I work with dogs but their sweet dachshund mix was not enjoying their presence there/viewing them as prey, or a threat to her territory perhaps. We're back home, and had to sleep with the ferrets in his car last night. Weve applied and toured two absolutely amazing places yesterday, which would both be a major upgrade for about the same price every month 😍😍😍😍 a dream come true! So please hope for us we get approved on those places asap. I think we'll get approved no doubt but it a matter of that 1-3 days, please pray for us that it's only one!! If anything just needed to vent. I hope this neighbor ends up getting actual help because it seems like everyone is failing him. I didn't want to take the cops route, but I loved the actual guy and seeing him like this...it's not him. For context when we came inside yesterday morning around 8am, spent about ten mins here, then left. We were contact high until about 5-6pm!!

19:02 UTC


Took my ferret out to play today and he has this weird bubble on his head. He is running around and playing fine and I don't see any other symptoms. Any idea what it could be?

16:51 UTC


Cinnamon looking for more trouble.... After she already scratched the top of my head to wake me up

14:54 UTC



No words needed

14:46 UTC


Reintroducing my ferrets after seperation because of sickness

Hi! My ferret has been sick so i gave kept het separate from my other ferret (her baby, shes the mom and they are rescues) Her mobility has been up so I wanted to put them together. So I have tried to let them free roam together, to reintroce them and the little one kept jumping on her mom to play and the mom would start to squeel and hiss... i just dont know what to do. The rescue is helping me but they say they might to be able to bond again

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14:20 UTC


Loose ferret! Help!

I was just informed that there is a ferret loose in a neighborhood across town from me. He’s been out there at least a week. Any advice on how I can find him? Something I can use to attract him? Maybe the best time of day to look? Poor guy must be terrified.

13:31 UTC


Moral dilemma

I'll try to keep this short but I'm having alot of big feelings right now and I don't think I love these ferrets as much as I should.

My beautiful girl Luna passed away at the start of February rather suddenly, and I didn't want to get any more ferrets for at least a year. 2 weeks after her passing a 5 week old kit showed up at my apartment complex with similar throat markings, couldn't find a nursing mother or a foster carer anywhere in town so felt compelled to keep him. Later that day 2 girls are found dumped outside of town, and apparently I'm the only one who knows ferrets so was pressured into taking them on by vet clinic staff. A week after someone drops another girl outside my work in a box so I went from none to 4 in 2 weeks. I also went off at the prick who told the town "I take on ferrets" which I certainly do not.

It's been 2 months and with all their behavioural issues I don't think I want them in my house anymore. Everytime I look at them all I can think about is that they arnt Luna. They are nothing like Luna at all. Luna didn't poo everywhere but the litter tray. Luna didn't send me to the emergency room 3 times for stitches. Luna didn't take every single opportunity to draw blood. Luna didn't bite me every time I stick my hand in to feed or water. Luna didn't send me to bed crying almost every night.

Luna loved me from day one. Luna never bit me to the point of blood. Luna never hissed, she never scratched, all she wanted to do is be with me. The only time Luna ever made me cry was when she said goodbye. I don't want them, I want Luna.

No it is not play biting. 2 of these girls want to hurt. I am not exaggerating, I needed 7 stitches after one tore my wrist open, severed a vein and punctured a tendon. They want to kill me. I need gloves just to open the cage, and I can't do any of the fun bond building with them as all they are focused on is finding any patch of exposed skin to sink their teeth into.

I understand that they've had a hard life, but I only have so much patience. It's not helped by the fact that I did not want these ferrets, I only agreed to help because no one else would. Do not think for a second that I do not care for them, a good 6 hours of my day is dedicated just to their maintenance and well-being.

I don't know what to do. Do i give them time and see if they come around? I've tried everything to kurb the biting. It's not helping. I'm burnt out.

I just need some reassurance that it will get better if I keep trying. I don't want to give up on them, but I dont know how much longer I can keep doing this 😔

13:04 UTC


My ferrets cage for until I get a bigger one, any criticism or stuff I should or shouldn't have?

12:17 UTC


I scared my Dad’s work assistant

I went to work with Dad today. He showed his assistant who I was, safe to say if she was scared of me before, she is definitely scared now! I just thought a smile would be the best way to say hello.

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08:04 UTC


More ferret pics from my daughter.

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01:47 UTC


Having to bring the basket of laundry to not disturb my prince. It's a hide&seek🫣

01:04 UTC


Cage and free time cleanliness

Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to properly keep Penny's cage clean. We have a single story Ferret Nation cage and she is not very particular about which corner she wants to use the bathroom in. She also goes a lot in corners and whatever when she's out. What's the best approach to handling this? I don't mind cleaning up but it seems very inefficient (lots of scrubbing, many days of this per week etc).

00:42 UTC


Ozzy and Opie!

First time ferret owner and I’m absolutely swooning over these guys. ✌️ Any and all tips on all things ferret are welcomed please!

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00:38 UTC


He's sleeping on my bed, in my robe and he crawls out to give me this look like, "excuse me, the music is a little loud. I'm trying to sleep"

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00:12 UTC


Eepy noodle

Hey there! My name is Prince and I just wanted to share with you how much I love my dad's bed. It's seriously so comfy and I always have the best naps on it.

22:49 UTC


not sure if it’s time

On the left is Edward but we call him Ed, his sister bella is on the right. We had to put bella down back in July due to adrenal gland disease and insulinoma. She had that from the moment we got her and lived a long life on medication. Ed didn’t have these issues at first but eventually developed the same problems so we took the right steps. We were so worried about his wellbeing when it was almost time for his sister to cross the rainbow bridge and did lots of research. we introduced 2 new ferrets that we are forever fostering before putting his sister down. Since she passed he has struggled and his health has gotten worse, he’s lost weight and can sometimes have trouble making it to the bathroom. We’ve taken him to the vet and done everything we can for him but the vet didn’t have much to say when it came to quality of life since we have been through this before. Even though we have, I still feel so guilty about making the decision, afraid of choosing the wrong time. He still eats and drinks, he doesn’t like to roam as much as he used to but when he does he still hides his favorite toys under the bed and he loves giving kisses. I just don’t know if the life he is living is sad and i’m so torn about the situation, left feeling like I could possibly be cutting his life short when he has more left to live. Any advice is greatly appreciated

20:56 UTC


Ferret Litter Box Set Up

Thought I’d share for anyone having litter box training issues. It’s been 2 years and couldn’t imagine not having a separate box for them.

20:54 UTC


Getting my first ferret

I found out that i can finally get a ferret but my parents think they’ll be smelly and tell me that they poop a lot. We also have a beagle and I’m wondering if this will pose any health problems the ferret?

18:47 UTC


all three of my original crew have crossed the rainbow bridge 😭

earl (small brown one on top of the pile) 5-15-21 💔 gilbert (white and grey) 6-28-22 💔 mr. weaselton (pure white) 4-13-24 💔 may you all dook in peace, mama misses you all so much 😭

18:33 UTC

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