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Splashing around

Two of my girls playing in the cats water dish. I guess they got bored stealing shoes.

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17:12 UTC


Cute fert + recommendations?

So, we’ve had our ferrets for almost a week now and they’re much happier! I’ve seen a lot of ferrets play with bags, boxes, tunnels etc. They love boxes and rice, but are less interested in bags, tunnels, and macaroni. So I was wondering, what do your ferrets play with the most?

Other question is about this guy (Keith) he’s super picky with food. He seems to only like sugary foods, the owners were feeding a pretty bad diet before. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get him more interested in healthy food?

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17:09 UTC


any tips on how to keep them cool in the heat?

they've been very visibly hot (getting tired quicker, heavier breathing, ect) but don't have many ideas on how to keep them cool

16:14 UTC


My ferrets are already living memes, this just confirms it

13:00 UTC


Can I let Boris hop in the shower?

(pic against scrolling)

This is my dude Boris (4). Where I live we're experiencing a bit of a heatwave and it's hard to keep my new apt cool. I personally like to take a cool shower at the hottest time of the day to rinse off, and Boris loves to jump in with me. I generally don't bathe him more than twice a year, but he doesn't really get anything but his head, paws and tail wet in the shower and it really helps his energy levels. Is it okay to keep letting him do this?

12:55 UTC


I miss my boys already

I’ve been sick for days and barely been able to spend time with my boys because I don’t want them getting sick from me. I’ve been making the effort to feed them, not that it’s really an effort as it’s part of my daily routine now. But I feel so bad that I can’t give them lovin and kisses. They look so sad 😢

12:45 UTC


I need advice

So I'm not sure what to do right now about this.

One of my ferrets (Sam) keeps biting my other ferret (Gus) to the point ive been woken up for the past 5 days to Gus basically screaming. Sam has never been particularly nice but he's just gotten worse over time and I don't know how to deal with it.

I want to take him to the vet, because I think he has some kind of medical issue that might be making him feel unwell and possibly be contributing to this but every time I bring it up to my parents (I'm 16) they say that they're too broke to take them to the vet, and they tell me that it's fine and that it's probably nothing to be concerned about.

But it's obviously extremely concerning and I haven't even been able to sleep well because of how much this is happening.

I've also brought up my concerns about how I don't have the resources to be able to take care of them like they need to be taken care of (I can't let them out because my house is constantly a mess) and I love them so much but I know that I can't give them a lot of the things that they need.

Every time I've brought that up I'm told that I take great care of them (I feed/water them and clean their cage, so the barest bare minimum.)

I love them so much and I know pets are a commitment but I didn't even get a choice. When we got the first ferret we had it was my sister's birthday present, and then we got another one and everyone else in my family decided they didn't want to care for them anymore so they ended up being "my pets."

Sorry for venting so much I just don't know if I can do this anymore.

10:33 UTC



Is this a good cage to get?

04:42 UTC


what should i do !?!?

So I got my ferret from a bad home (my sisters friends friend), they couldn’t take care of him (atleast that’s what they told me but ik there is more to that story bc my ferret Obi is missing a toe and they wouldn’t give me an explanation as to what happened) so i took him in. i’ve had him for almost 10 months now. (he’s a very happy boy btw !) but i just found out the guy i got him from got another ferret less than a month ago, and he has done some seriously bad things to it (im not going into detail bc its pretty awful). I want to ask the guy for the ferret but he doesn’t seem so willing to give it up even though i’m offering to pay. I also don’t know how well my ferret will get along with him, i have no idea if either of them have been around other ferrets before. i rly have no idea anything abt the ferret not even what he looks like. i’m so lost on what to do !!!! should i call animal control even though im willing to take the ferret in ??? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know !!!

03:39 UTC


My ferret doesn’t like water

My ferret rocket doesn’t like water, which is so strange to me, every time it’s bath time he clings on to me for dear life, even when trying to just dip his paws into cool water to cool him off he starts freaking out, I can’t get him to go into a kiddy pool for summer or anything and we have the biggest heatwave in the uk right now, what do I do? Is this normal? Because I’ve heard that ferrets are supposed to loveee water like snorkelling in it, jumping in it etc, but rocket just doesn’t seem to like water and I’m unsure if that’s normal or not. Any help or advice on this subject along with how to keep him cool in the summer (I don’t have AC) would be much appreciated!!🫶🏼.

(Yes he drinks water, and he also likes when I mist him with water)

03:32 UTC


Introducing "Ha'Cha Beemo How Do I Look" into my business :o)

Yes. My daughter picked his name and weirdly it has stuck.

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02:19 UTC


Ferret 💩

Here’s our 2 goofballs. Their favorite places to 💩 include:

  • Carpet
  • Behind the toilet
  • On the different levels of their cage

How can we get them to stop? We put down puppy pads to try to control the mess. They have a litter box that they sometimes use, but obviously we would prefer them to always use it.

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22:36 UTC


Hi everyone, just looking for a little heat advice!

My 2 boys are officially 10 as on june 12th, its super super hot in the uk at the moment and im struggling to keep one of my boys cool.

One of my boys sleeps in a blanket all year round. He loves his blanky hes had at for almost 7 years and refusing to never not be consumed by it 😆🤣

But my other lad is slightly struggling, he has lymphoma and adrenal (being treated for both!) And i noticed hes breathing quite heavy. Not in a heavy way like hes struggling to breathe but in a way where you can tell the heat is getting to him.

Ive currently got cooling mats, cold water bottles and rotating ice cold water in their bowls, also a fan on rotate so it hits their cage every now and then

Does anyone else have any ideas how i can help my old boy? Also not sure if the lymphoma or adrenal adds to his struggle in the heat? Just wondered if anyone else has ideas! Seems the older they get the more they find it hard

21:49 UTC



Hi ferret community! Wanted to ask you guys, have you had to take your ferret to the vet because they became lethargic and won’t eat or drink? Wednesday night we took him to the er, they gave him some fluids and did blood work. We decided the X-rays could be done the next day at the vet. The blood work showed nothing out of the ordinary. Come Thursday we bring him in to the vet, he’s completely out of it. Not eating or drinking or moving. The X-rays were done and showed some kind of bowel obstruction, vet described it as “fuzzy like the inside of a teddy bear.” They gave him something like a laxative and mineral thing to help his bowel movements and sent us home. Told us that if he makes it through the night to bring him in first thing in the morning. We fed him pumpkin and electrolytes through the night. He made it through the night, so I dropped him off so he could be there all day hooked up to a catheter. They called and let me know he’s looking more alert and surgery might not be needed (gave us hope). So again through the night we fed and gave him fluids. He was pooping a little bit and even tried to walk. Saturday again I took him to the vet and he stayed there all day When we picked him up he was slightly better besides a swollen arm from the blown catheter. He got some antibiotics and that was it. We’ve been keeping him in routine with the meds and feedings. We bring him back in yesterday (Monday) and the vet says he doesnt know what could possibly be wrong with him, he’s not really showing anymore signs of improvement. If anything last night he would pee/poop and just lay in it ): We don’t know what else to do or how to help him. it hurts to see him like that I know he’s suffering. Should we just keep doing what we’re doing and give him time to get better or does it seem like he won’t? Has anyone experienced this with there baby?

20:38 UTC


Can’t get enough of that face!!!

He’s loving the ball pit

20:10 UTC


Inter-species living

I'm not going to post a picture as this subreddit doesnt allow but I was curious if any one has witnessed their weasels going into a trance like state whenever around another family member that isn't a ferret or human. I now have had 2 different weasels that act this way around our cat. She is indifferent with them and I can sense their caution around her. But it's almost like comatose and sleepy. There has never (that I've witnessed) been any type of confrontation so I assume it to be cautious which I understand but at the same time wanting to "cuddle up" with her? Thanks for reading!

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19:39 UTC


Augie & Peanut

They love each other so much ❤️

18:48 UTC


Can ferrets pass foreign objects on their own?

Picture is just cuz he’s adorable.

I am a newer owner, and my ferret appears to have eaten some very small pieces of plastic; I thought I had proofed the house enough but he dug through my carpet and found some plastic he could scratch up and chew on underneath it. Of course, the right thing to do is to take a ferret to the vet if you assume a blockage, and I did initially get a seeming confirmation of a foreign body from diarrhea and finding a very small and thin piece of plastic when digging through the stool, about the thickness of a hair. Think a very very thin and narrow piece of ripped plastic bag.

However, he has since seemingly started to recover? His stools have become meaningfully more firm and he has shown no other issues at any point since I first noticed; no lethargy, no irritability, no vomiting, no loss of appetite. If the foreign body is small enough, is it possible for the ferret to have passed it without intervention?

I am planning to go to the vet anyways since it isn’t worth risking his wellness, but I’m wondering if anyone has heard of something like this happen where the foreign body passed on its own.

18:20 UTC


duke update

hi yall,

i've posted twice about duke. he has a UTI that created kidney stones. He's been on meds since Friday, and yesterday he peed blood for the first time. I freaked out and called the vet since he's supposed to have a check up in 2 & 4 weeks. They suggested surgery and, despite how costly this shit will be (they quoted $1700-$2500), i agreed that it would be better than waiting to see if he'll pass them himself. I found a small yellow piece in his urine this morning before we went and he peed dark brown when we got there. He goes tomorrow at 8am. I'm terrified. In the process of a personal loan because my care credit card is max $2000 on top of the $1300 i apparently owe my school 🫠🫠🫠 anyone else having life beat the absolute snot out of them?

17:29 UTC

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