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Welcome to /r/EthFinance, A community for Ethereum investors, traders, users, developers, and others interested in discussing the cryptocurrency ETH and general topics related to Ethereum.

New to Ethereum? Read our FAQ to learn more. Prior to posting, please be aware or our rules. User flairs or tokens in the ticker are not an endorsement. Please use due diligence when choosing an investment.


Welcome to /r/EthFinance, A community for Ethereum investors, traders, users, developers, and others interested in discussing the cryptocurrency ETH and general topics related to Ethereum.

New to Ethereum? Read our FAQ to learn more. Prior to posting, please be aware or our rules. User flairs or tokens in the ticker are not an endorsement. Please use due diligence when choosing an investment.

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Daily General Discussion - April 7, 2024

Welcome to the Daily General Discussion on Ethfinance


Be awesome to one another and be sure to contribute the most high quality posts over on /r/ethereum. Our sister sub, /r/Ethstaker has an incredible team pertaining to staking, if you need any advice for getting set up head over there for assistance!

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Ethereumzuri.ch 2024 - April 5

EthDam - April 12

EY Summit - London - April 16th-18th

Web3FC³ - Barcelona - April 17th

TOKEN2049 - Dubai - April 18th

EthGlobal - Sydney - May 3rd

ETH Rio - May 13

ETHBerlin04 - May 24th

05:00 UTC


The Doots Weekly (April 5)

12:32 UTC


Coinbase issues. Please help!

Hi. Please excuse if I cross post this but I wanted to reach out to the general community for advice. I am owed funds by Celsius and I would like to receive them in crypto, but Coinbase flagged my account and I cannot receive or withdraw from them until I send them various proof of funds documentation. This happened about 18 months ago and I have been in a protracted battle with them ever since. They sent me a list and I supplied ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they requested, which was really hard as it went back years. I have a case file about a mile long, with me sending more docs and pleading with them for feedback as to what is missing. I opened a complaint file about a month ago. Last week I received a mail saying that I still have not provided the documents, with no explanation as to what is required - and with the additional kicker that they now consider the case closed. What should I do? I cannot seem to speak to a human being. It's all automated. Is it worth hiring a lawyer? Does anyone have experience in this area, or have any advice for me? If Coinbase will not process my claim, then I will be 'reimbursed' in the dollar amount of the settlement date in January, which is much lower than the crypto is worth today. It feels like I am being double scammed. Cheers, everyone.

09:42 UTC


Best place to stake for the highest APR?

I got a nice stack of ETH laying around not sure what to do with it. Staking seems like the logical thing to do but i'm not a fan locking up my ETH for a measly 4% while the price moves that much in day. I'm looking for something flexible and *preferably* a higher APY. This is crypto after all even stocks give better ROI and are less volatile. Already tried Uniswap and other dex platforms that offer staking but don't like the risk of impermanent loss. Looking for a flexible (no month/year lock ups) and at least %10 APR. Any suggestions?

21:55 UTC


simplifying crypto payments, this project for all types of business who wants to accept crypto as payments

10:07 UTC


🦏 Rhino Review - Ethereum Staking Journal #24 is out!

Read here: https://rhinoreview.substack.com/p/rhino-review-ethereum-staking-journal-93b

Rhino Review - Ethereum Staking Journal supported by EthStaker.
The EthStaker community deserves immense recognition for their unwavering support. Kudos to their dedication and collaborative spirit!

07:27 UTC


Dive Into The Regulated Future of Finance - EY Blockchain Summit - April 16-18

Reddit frens:

As we have been doing for the last 4 years, we're presenting the EY Blockchain Summit in cooperation with the moderators and experts in the r/ethfinance. You are consistently among our most expert audiences.

This year, even more than in the past, our focus is indeed on finance. The world's regulators are converging on agreed upon rules for blockchain and crypto assets, and that's going to open the floodgates for growth. There are literally $800 trillion (yes, trillion) in financial assets worldwide, of which crypto and blockchain digital assets are <$2 trillion. Lots and lots of room to grow.

We will be streaming the entire event on April 16,17, & 18 live. Each day we'll be starting at 1pm in London, which is 8am in New York, 5am in San Francisco and 4pm in Dubai.

April 16: The future of financial services with EY, Visa, Coinbase, Paypal, Banco Santander, and more.

April 17: Technology & product insights - with experts from EY, Fidelity, Harvard University & more

April 18: Zero Knowledge Deep Dive - with experts from EY, ChainSecurity, Matter Labs & Geometry Research

You can register to join the live stream here.

I'll be checking this "stickied" post during the summit and answering questions.



18:42 UTC


#59 Ethfinance Doots Happy Hour | Adam Blumberg | Interaxis

17:22 UTC


I made a tool to help you plan your exit strategy - You call it and Kollit will plan it!

Hi all!

Having a planned out exit / entry strategy is extremely important to capitalize on market movements. Planning one is difficult and mainly based on hunches or financial goals. I tried to make it easy for me and it did. Now I made this tool available to the public 100% free!

I am a very senior member of this subreddit and ethereum in general with a new user :)I am very happy to launch today my new tool called Kollit!


I'm an MsC student in computer science, focusing on AI, statistics and game theory at one of the top universities in europe. I have been in the crypto space for the last 5ish years and I decided i wanted to study computer science because of crypto! This background inspired me to create Kollit, a new planning tool designed to redefine how we approach crypto exit / entry strategies.

The Birth of Kollit: Navigating the Waters of Regret

At the heart of Kollit is the concept of managing trading regret, an approach that is not entirely explored in this field.

  • Regret of Action: The sinking feeling when you realize you sold or bought too early only for the spaceship to fly on leaving you on earth.
  • Regret of Inaction: The missed opportunities because you hesitated to make a move or waited for a better price.

Kollit introduces a groundbreaking way to balance these regrets using your market expectations. Here’s how:

  • By analyzing your personalized market outlook, Kollit identifies optimal points for selling that align with your risk tolerance and market predictions (im working on adding buying strategy too).
  • My algorithm then mathematically balances the regret of action with the regret of inaction (waiting for a higher price to sell only to never actually get the chance), tailoring a strategy that not only fits your market view but also your personal trading style.

I use market simulations based on your predictions to explore a few scenarios given your market expectations and risk tolerance to find the best fitting strategy.

A Work in Progress: Kollit’s Journey

Kollit is my baby, currently in its first stage but it will keep evolving. It's 100% free but not 100% free of bugs and glitchs. Bear with it and you will get the exit plan you always needed!

If you have any question please feel free to ask away :D

I hope you like it!

19:15 UTC

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Dencun Diary: +45 Ethereum core devs looking back 2 years & ahead to what's next

17:06 UTC


Question about staking and taxes

Let’s say I own some ETH and it has been staked on Coinbase for the last two years. I am planning to take profits in the summer of 2025.

Do I need to unstake some of the ETH this summer, so I can have have custody of the ETH for 12 months? (In order to qualify for long term capital gains) Or can I unstake a week or two prior to selling in summer 2025 and still qualify?

Any help would be appreciated, for i don’t want to pay short term capital gains on some ETH that I’ve bought years ago.

(I am based in the United States)

12:50 UTC


Fidelity adds staking to their ETH ETF application in an amendment.

00:20 UTC


Will the ETH ETF be approved on or before May 23rd 2024?

Place your answer here for the record. You can come back, point (and gloat) if you are correct.

My answer is No. (I hope i am proven wrong)

17:42 UTC


The Doots Weekly (Mar 15)

The Trinity

The Haiku

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• /u/LogrisTheBard is seeing a major uptick recently in DePIn (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure) projects and a overview of what they are

• /u/oldskool47 10 yr cakeday! because he wanted to join r/bitcoin Cheers for being here!

• /u/sosayethweall shares a dry af tokenomics adventure

• /u/TittyfuckMountain Wyoming passes law to recognize a new legal entity for DAOs; Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association

• /u/superphiz I see something like a Cambrian explosion of Dapps, use cases, users, and features like we've never seen.

• /u/eetherway shares some thoughts on on-chain gaming

• /u/waqwaqattack sits down with JT who shares his crypto journey - including the many ups and downs

• /u/Bob-Rossi has been keeping up his delegate work for EthFinance - any feedback, suggestions, things you want to see passed / voted against always feel like you can contact him

• /u/flYdeon thanks this community for getting him inspired in cutting edge tech while celebrating the last day of his Data Science studies!

• /u/SeaMonkey82 Blobs activated!

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