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Bit of Necrotic Ooze Tech

I was thinking about new Necrotic Ooze combos for the Oops All Lands decks that aren't blue, and this is what I have:

Cabal Therapy
Bridge From Below
Dregscape Zombie
Warren Soultrader
Dread Return
Ruthless Technomancer

Use at least one zombie from Dread Return or Cabal Therapy to make a treasure with Necrotic Ooze using Warren Soultrader's ability. Unearth Dregscape Zombie. Sacrifice it to make a treasure and a zombie. Play Gravecrawler. Sacrifice it to make a zombie and a treasure. Repeat.

This doesn't make infinite mana due to the life loss, but it doesn't need haste and generates quite a few treasures. You can use these to return creatures using Ruthless Technomancer's ability. In particular, you can return Pinnacle Monk to get back any instant or sorcery, or Dockside Extortionist to have a more life efficient loop, which goes infinite with Skirk Prospector also in the yard as an alternative sacrifice outlet.

The advantage of this is that you don't need to give Necrotic Ooze haste, and you run a different assortment of bad creatures to enable Dread Return combos from a full graveyard (as opposed to the more typical way it is used now, from a Buried Alive pile with most of the library intact).

The only mostly dead cards here are Ruthless Technomancer and Necrotic Ooze itself, as the rest have utility in Dread Return or can help make mana for comboing. Your actual game enders are the MDFCs: Pinnacle Monk, Spikepit Hazard, and Zof Consumption.

Note that an alternative 0-life loss solution uses Chainer's BBB ability to bring back creatures, and something like Gary to gain life. I don't think it is necessary to have the backup; you can still generate hundreds of mana by recycling Agadeem's Awakening, Eternal Witness / Pinnacle Monk, and various rituals. Probably enough to win with Zof Consumption's meager lifegain.

00:49 UTC


That New MH3 Hotness - Ashling, Flame Dancer

With all the Nadu hype, I haven’t seen much discussion about [[Ashling, Flame Dancer]] out in the wild yet, so I came to share my list for her. This deck pops off at instant speed often, over the top of counter wars and win attempts.

My list is focused on achieving infinite Magecraft triggers by targeting a copy spell on the stack with another copy spell (such as [[Fork]] targeting [[Reverberate]]). There is a 1 card version of this combo with [[Fury Storm]]. Storming off and/or digging for [[Dualcaster Mage]] combo is the backup.

If you want to see a more detailed explanation and see how I end up closing the game out, check out the primer. Maybe it’s not a tier 1 list, but it can definitely surprise some people with instant speed wins plus it’s a lot of fun! Let me know what you think!

23:24 UTC


“Robbed at a CEDH Tournament: My $5000 Deck and Trust Betrayed”

First time posting here, but I wanted to tell my story of getting robbed at a CEDH tournament. This past weekend (6/7 – 6/9), my wife and I, along with a friend, decided to participate in the SCG (Star City Games) Con in Vegas 2024 for an 8k CEDH Tournament. This was our first CEDH tournament, so we were naturally excited to play. I was playing K'rrik, my wife played Najeela, and I made an Urza deck for our friend. It was his idea for us to enter.

The games started off fine, but in between sessions, I went to check on my wife and asked our friend to watch my K'rrik deck along with my backpack since he was close to where I would be playing next. A couple of minutes later, my friend came to meet me, but he only brought my backpack and my K'rrik deck was nowhere to be found. At this point, I started panicking. K'rrik was my first CEDH deck ever and I put almost $5000 into it to make it viable for the tournament. When I confronted my friend, he just shrugged it off as if he had no idea what I was talking about. I eventually went to the host, Star City Games, and asked if they could make an announcement. They basically brushed me aside and told me to just ask lost and found. It wasn’t until I got the security team at the actual location involved that SCG started to change their attitude. They sent people down the rows to look under the tables but didn’t find anything. That’s when they stopped all efforts. After a couple of hours of us looking and asking players, vendors, and any passerby about my deck, we still didn’t find it. My heart sank. I even made a felony police report with the LVPD after a vendor’s recommendation. It was at this point that I realized my deck would not be found and I was completely devastated. In one weekend, I lost money, memories, and who I thought was a close friend showed zero compassion for the incident.

Ever since that day, I’ve been trying to tell my story on Reddit, Discord, and by calling my LGS to make sure people understand that they can only trust themselves at these events. Event hosts, security, and some friends will not care about your stuff.

The silver lining to this story is that my wife created a GoFundMe for us and our community has really rallied. Some have donated money, cards to rebuild the deck, or loaner decks for me to continue playing.

21:25 UTC


Is my deck REALLY that close to CEDH or is it just the usual confusion with higher power EDH

I know this isn't the usual post on this page but I've been wondering about my [[Abaddon, the Despoiler]] deck recently and wanted to get some more opinions on it. For context I have never explicitly played or tried to build CEDH but alot of the fun I have with magic is optimizing and fine tuning decks and my Abaddon deck is probably the most streamlined and consistent deck I've ever made from scratch. Alot of the people I play with say that it is either CEDH or borderline and it's gotten to the point where I simply no longer play it if I don't know the power level of my pod. IMO the deck is missing a bit too much in terms of fast mana and interaction to be CEDH but the deck is very high power , I want to hear what you all think.

Deck list: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/-Y9Nm2MO5EGq6qHueO1Wvw

EDIT: I've seen a few comments saying that my deck is inconsistent/lacking wincons and I figured I should explain the goal of my deck cause it might not be obvious at first, it might still be true that my deck isn't good in some of your eyes but in case it's just due to lack of clarity I wanted to put an explanation. Very generally my goal is to cast 1 and 2 mana spells to cascade into tutors+value that can help me keep going, then when I run low on steam use entomb to pitch kozilek, cycling my graveyard into my library, and allowing me to do it all over again. Think if I have say vamp tutor and any 3+ mana spelling hand I can cast or any way to draw cards I can cast vamp tutor cascade into profane tutor, grab chthonian put dockside on top with vamp then cast the 3 mana spell/draw dockside cast it and go infinite, this might sound like a lot of things to go right but is pretty likely with my deck list as is.

20:30 UTC



What are people's favorite deckboxes specifically for high value decks? I have just the one currently, in an UltraPro Satin Cube, and something tells me there's gotta be a better option out there...

I use Gamegenic Sidekicks (og ones) for my other decks and while i like the mix and match style, they arent nearly safe enough imho

19:51 UTC


A New Take On cEDH - Dargo & Thrasios


Deck List

My take on the Coastline Commanders [[Dargo, the Shipwrecker]] and [[Thrasios, Triton Hero]]. My key focus with this deck is the number of combos. The current meta in cEDH is focusing in on one or two combos and designing a deck around getting to them, this deck takes the opposite approach. The current deck list has 10 infinite combos, 2 Breach combos, and 1 manual 'grind it out' combo.

Typically a deck with this many combos would lose focus and not be able to assemble anything, but that hasn't been the case. Dargo enables so many combos that we can almost always get to one. Thrasios makes any infinite mana a deck-in-hand combo meaning previously directionless combos can be considered win conditions.

The current meta has cut [[Phyrexian Altar]] from Dargo Thrasios decks, I think this is a mistake. Phyrexian Altar enables 3 of the infinite combos I'm running and can generate infinite storm with just Dargo. While I run 13 combos I actually wrote out how to perform every combo I could think of using this deck. In total I've written steps to 22 combos that can be performed, some of them require cards that the deck doesn't run like [[Relic of Legends]] but many of them could be viable depending on how you want to run the deck.

My intention was to lay everything Dargo and Thrasios related out on the line and let the person reading the primer decide what to include and what not to.

17:06 UTC


Bruce/thrasios tier

I really like the idea of this deck. Chase infinite mana with outlet in command zone

How good is it?

15:23 UTC


Ishai/Jeska v Gandalf v Atsushi v Dihada

Hello cEDH junkies!

Today we bring you another fun cEDH game with Loren aka MTG Hotdog.

You can watch the gameplay here: https://youtu.be/v-OcgteJsh0

Decklists are in the video description.

Please consider giving the video a like, sharing it, leaving a comment and subscribing to the channel.

15:02 UTC


The Necrobloom Potential Card Combos / Synergies

Hi everyone, as the title suggest, I would like to get some thoughts and discussions about what cards you'd include in a [[The Necrobloom]] deck for cEDH. I know, abzan doesn't have the best track record for cEDH. And yes, Tymna Kodama Stax/Combo is probably one of the most viable builds for the color combination or Tayam reanimator. And I know, stax isn't necessarily in the best place right now in general. With that aside...

What types of cards do you think should go in this style of deck? Would it be a split between stax and combo? Heavy combo? Heavy stax? I've been going back and forth with this card debating if I hate it or like it. I used to play The Gitrog all the time, and this deck just makes me feel like, it wants to do Gitrog things but is reliant on getting Gitrog. So I'm pretty sure it's going to be part of the deck, but not the focus.

This deck also opens up potential loops with cards like [[Six]], [[Squandered Resources]], [[Spelunking]], [[Kodama of the East Tree]], and probably a handful more. It also has interesting potential with [[Razaketh, the Foulblooded]] and [[Necrotic Ooze]] plays since you have so much fodder. [[Warren Soultrader]] also seems viable in this, so maybe some type of sac loop with [[Chatterfang, Squirrel General]].

Like I said, not sure if I know what route this deck should be built around (if any). This deck lacks blue. Card draw is viable but not nearly as good as a kraum list. It also can't just auto tutor for wins like Sisay. And doesn't have a super cheap and easy 2 card combo with the commander like Kinnan. But maybe that is what some of the stax pieces are for? Let me know what you guys think, how you'd consider building out a combo with this, or how you'd go about piloting and brewing for this commander.

Is there a chance this card is just a dud and goes no where? Sure. But for those who want to contribute and see where this might go, lets discuss.

14:20 UTC


Creatures Only

Hello everyone. Here for some thoughts and ideas! My LGS is going to hold a creatures only event for the second time and this time they put no restrictions on prices. The first time around commanders were locked at $15 tcg marketplace and all other cards were $10 max. Assuming no commanders will be banned this time around what are some of the most competitive ideas you can come up with? First time around I built temur volo and got 2nd place. Fynn came out ahead of me in first. This is also a 1v1 format.

Update: current ban list for the event Unfortunately winota is banned :(


11:08 UTC


LGS holding budget Commander league

Hello Everyone!

As title Says my LGS is holding a budget ($100 USD) EDH league with a box of MH3 up for grabs.

I don't know what the meta will be like as Everyone is building new decks for this league, my deck building isn't great but I was wanting to hear peoples opinions for what would be the most competitive deck within this budget?

My thought was Lavinia Omen Pool as the main pieces are cheap and within budget, but I am open to all ideas

Thankyou in advance for any advice/help

08:04 UTC


It's Woot Woot Wednesday! Come Share Your Good News!

Hi there everyone!

Welcome to Woot Woot Wednesday! Use this space for sharing all the sweet stuff going on with your games.

Did you have an awesome play in a game?

A super deep stack of counterspells?

Pick up some sweet bling in the mail?

Make or get a custom proxy you want to show off?

Share your stories and pictures here in this thread!

Good vibes only!

04:01 UTC


Running Chatterfang In a Korvold Deck

Thinking about running Chatterfang in Korvold. With [[Warren Soultrader]] being a thing now, I was just messing around goldfishing some budget decks I might build for casual and realized that Chatterfang makes a perfect card to match with Warren Soultrader. With Korvold on the field your drawing your deck out and pumping him up, while generating a lot of treasure tokens to use.

Throw in a cards like [[nadier’s nightblade]] [[impact tremors]] [[zulaport cutthroat]] [[mirkwood bats]] and one of those cards with Chatterfang, and Warren could close the game out alone. Idk if it’s really cEDH worthy but wanted to see what other people thought.

03:23 UTC


What's the best variation of yuriko? Pic for attention

I have most of cards I see on edhrec. I don't know which route I should go, either more ninjas or more tempo or a mix of both? Don't want to waste money on cards I may not need. This is what I going off of.


23:43 UTC


'Oops All Spells' RogSi Primer

I had a thought today about trying to make an 'Oops all Spells' deck with the new Modern Horizons 3 MDFC lands, and after a bit of brainstorming and a few hours of testing this is what I came up with.

The basic strategy of the deck is to win with Balustrade Spy or Undercity Informer as a 1-card, hasty combo. It has a clunky backup win condition from its MDFC lands (namely Pinnacle Monk), Reanimate, and Displacer Kitten as well.

I thought originally about making this a 5C deck, but I don't think it needs additional MDFC cards to work, and Rograkh helps makes the 1-card combo work for the least amount of mana possible. Hermit Druid is a bit too fragile for the redundancy it would add to the combo, and the additional interaction and tutors wouldn't drastically change things. The mana is also already quite bad, and probably shouldn't be stretched much further.

Originally, I had Underworld Breach and Brain Freeze in as an alternative win condition. This would be a primary secondary win condition if I was in 5C because it can be setup by reanimating Sun Titan, but in UBR there isn't a good way to return Underworld Breach to the battlefield. This also means that Worldgorger Dragon loops aren't super beneficial.

In exchange for those 5C benefits, we get better turn-1 interaction in the things like Deflecting Swat being enabled by Rograkh, better tutors in Diabolic Intent and Beseech the Mirror, and a tighter Dread Return plan.

I'm not sure how competitive this is in the current meta, but it is a deck that should improve going forward with more MDFCs printed. It certainly can win T1-T2, but most often goldfishes at T3. I find that a lot of stax effects don't hit it as hard as other decks, but artifact hate, 'one spell per turn' effects and Vexing Bauble/Chalice of the Void are brutal.

I think one reasonable change would be to have more Silas Renn synergy, but this deck is almost entirely focused on the 1-card combos, leaving Silas Renn just for the colors.

Let me know if you have any questions or things you'd change about the deck!

23:38 UTC


Any viable colorless cEDH commanders?

I know Liberator Urza Battlethopter has seen some cEDH play in tournaments before. Are there any other viable colorless commanders for cEDH and is Urza Battlethopter really even viable?

If you have any lists I would love to see them.

22:36 UTC


Should we be talking about a Nadu ban?

Yes, yes, I know; "It's too early to be talking about bans" and "It's not good enough to be banned", but I'm definitely seeing something I haven't seen since Leovold... feels like an overwhelming amount of people are jumping onto it right now, and rightfully so.

I know every set comes out and there's always one Commander that people cry about and make out like the sky is falling, but my personal opinion is this one feels a little... different.

I'm genuinely not sure if it's teetering on the edge and is acceptable levels of value and this is just where cEDH is going now in terms of powercreep, or if Nadu is perfectly fine and it just seems absurd because people aren't dog-piling it into a shutdown.

The main concern for me though is I haven't seen this many people jump onto a Commander so overwhelmingly since Leovold, and I think it's a good indicator of something here. Thoughts? Genuinely curious to hear opinions of people who have played against it. Balanced enough, or just too pushed to be legal?

15:37 UTC


Where is the best place to order foreign language cards?

Specifically looking for duals, and mox diamond. I know tcg player sells some, I'm hoping for a marketplace with more variety.

15:00 UTC


What cards would you like a powered down version of ?

One of the most notable things abour MH3 for me is the amount of powered down or colorshifted version of already existing cards that Wotc as designed for this set (chthonian nightmare, volatile storm drake, necrodominance etc)

This got me thinking, what existing cards would i like to see get the same treatment ?

As somebody that loves Arcum Dagsson i immediatly thougt about a powerdown version of paradox engine, not to sure how it would work but the main thing would be to limite the number of times its triggers. Maybe some thing like, when "new pardox" enters the battle field create 3 energy counters. When a nonland permanent enter the battle field under your control, pay 1 energy untap all non land permants you control"

What card would you like to see a new version of ?

12:18 UTC


Demonic Tutor vs Grim Tutor

What exactly draws the line between Demonic Tutor and Grim Tutor, in terms of play pattern, mana efficiency, and the life loss, and what does the conclusion tells us about the evaluation of Wishclaw Talisman, Diabolic Intent, and Beseech the Mirror?


11:08 UTC


Best Partner for Nadu, Winged Wisdom (since WotC allows any partners for Pride Month 2024)

I’m assuming I would want to add white for access to Stoneforge Mystic + Enlightened Tutor to find Shuko / Lightning Greaves. Which naturally leads me towards Tymna to get Demonic and Vampiric Tutors as well, but does anyone think there’s a better option.

09:15 UTC


Help for new players

Hello there

I see a lot of new player posts so thought I would make a little help post

The best advice is join the subreddit discord, they have new player advice outlined there.

Namely play one of the top decks as listed, you can get performing lists from www.edhtop16.com

Or the cedh ddb

Don’t play a fringe deck, learn the meta, learn the deck then go try some fringe :)

The other advice is cedh is expensive, use proxies or better yet support moxfield and use their playtest feature with obs virtual cam as a hyper budget solution for play :) Nobody here will judge you for it and it is actively encouraged.

Happy gaming!

08:11 UTC


Thoughts about Vexing Bauble?

New to cEDH - how important is an effect like this?

03:52 UTC


Power of MDFC’s

I am somewhat new to this format and with the release of Modern Horizons 3, and the influx of MDFC’s, I don’t know how to judge the power level of these cards.

I know that these cards see a lot more play in low color decks. Why is that?

Some of these cards are not great as a spell and not great as a land (bolting you for a single color untapped land) but because they’re on the same piece of cardboard, it’s a staple. How does that work?

If I’m deciding between cuts in order to play a new MDFC, do I cut a land or spell?

I’m just looking for explanations and discussion points. Feel free to write paragraphs, direct me to videos/podcasts, or tell me how dumb I am for not getting it. I’m just curious and would like to learn.

02:28 UTC


CEDH at SCG CON Baltimore


Looks like SCG CON Baltimore will have two fairly large cEDH events. A 5k on Saturday and a 1k on Sunday.

23:44 UTC



Long time high powered EDH player here who is finally considering making the leap to build his first actual "cEDH" deck and hoping you all can give me some advice since I have a strange ask.

This is because I don't want to build it to compete in cEDH tournaments. I prefer to stick to high powered casual among friends. However, what I do want to build is something to punish people who bring a cEDH-lite deck to a non cEDH environment and then lie about it.

For example, there was a non cEDH tournament where someone brought a deck to compete. He swore up and down that it was just high powered casual which is why he didn't compete in the cEDH tournament that was happening simultaneously.

Of course, turn 2 he combos off with Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal. Cue the "wOw, tHiS iSn'T uSuAlLy HoW fAsT tHiS dEcK gOeS" excuse. Come to find out he won his last match on turn 4ish.

Anyways, I want to build a deck that basically is high on quick and efficient interaction when I face those types of decks. An Anti-cEDH deck if you will. Something that can suppress the type of quick combo-y meta decks and distract them long enough to allow the other person at the table who is playing a truly fair power level 7ish deck to do his thing, have fun, and win.

Since I don't have that much experience with cEDH, I thought I would ask for some advice from all of you.

I was thinking of going [[Codie]] but just focusing on the cheap 1 mana interaction pieces instead of trying for Turbo Naus. Bonus points if I make the cEDH player think I'm playing Turbo Naus and he mulligans aggressively to try and stop me.

I was thinking I could still use [[Profane Tutor]] but use it to fetch something like [[Polymorph]] that I could then use on Codie to turn the book into [[Ulamog, the Defiler]] or [[Magister Sphinx]] or something similar that might be a substanial wrench for a cEDH player, but not so much for a 'fair' lower powered deck. Maybe get [[Winter Moon]]?

Any advice you guys have? Open to any and all suggestions.

22:57 UTC


BlueFarm vs Breya?

I am currently playing Breya, as I enjoy having the Bomberman Combo in the command zone. I know BlueFarm is probably better, since you get a lot more value from the card draw engines the pair has, but I am not sure I want to swap.

What are some advantages of each commander/pair that you all know? I am new to these lists and color pairings so I need all the help I can get.

22:23 UTC


Magda or Etali? A Commander Consultation

Thinking about piloting Etali or Magda? We might be able to help! Today, we help Do decide which of these two commanders he will bring to his next CEDH tournament! Will Do be drawn to the well-thought out lines of Magda, or venture into the unique puzzle Etali brings to the table each game?

For all the Etali and Magda pilots out there, what makes the deck fun for you?


20:27 UTC


Who do you think are some of the best blue farm pilots right now and what version is the most optimal?

I've been on blue farm in my local science for about 3 months and I've had a lot of success and I'm thinking of stepping up in competition in bigger tourneys I'm just curious who the community thinks is some of the best blue farm pilots and can post there lists of the deck so I can compare?

19:02 UTC


At what speed can you offer a draw and reveal hidden information?

I was imagining situations where you think multiple people are able to win. For example if someone is holding priority can you interrupt him before he plays his card to reveal a counterspell and offer a draw. This way a third player that would be able to win is more likely to accept the draw offer because the other player retains his card and still remains a threat if the third player were to decline. You can probably construct more scenarios like this.

What if multiple people want to do this, who has to not do anything first? Is there a round of super priority after every change in game state for these special actions?

18:47 UTC

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