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Scully is Femme Fatale

18:47 UTC



What are some Crossovers you think The X Files could potentially work with?

  1. The X Files crossover with Alien VS Predator: Hunters, Serpents, Prey: Agents Mulder and Scully along with A.D. Skinner reluctantly join forces with the untrustworthy Alex Krychek on an investigation into a cult group who appear to be working for alien creatures who hunt humans as prey.
  2. The X Files Crossover with Martian Manhunter: J’onn J’onzz: Mulder and Scully are joined by a mysterious FBI agent, John Jones, who is obsessed with a military base he believes is home to human and alien experimentation.
  3. The X Files Crossover with Supernatural: The Truth in the Supernatural: While investigating an unexplained monster case Mulder and Scully team with two mysterious young men who know more than they are letting on.
  4. The X Files Crossover with Fringe: The Truth is On the Other Side: On an alternate earth where the Fringe team investigate science based phenomenon, their new case leads them to inquire the help of another investigative team who look into the unexplained and paranormal: The X Files.
  5. The X Files Crossover With Heroes: Sylar: A serial killer seems to have a random pattern, but Mulder and Scully soon learn this killer belies he’s taking the lives of special individuals with incredible abilities.
  6. The X Files Crossover with Grimm: Brother’s Grimm: John Doggett takes a recently fired Mulder along on a case where a young man claims he’s able to see creatures. The two soon stumble upon a phenomenon that changes our very reality.
  7. The X Files Crossover with 24: TBA Title: The following takes place in a period of 24 hours, in which the FBI and Counter Terrorism Unit unite to stop stolen materials from a supposed UFO from being used on a large population. One FBI agent believes these materials are extraterrestrial in nature.
  8. The X Files Crossover with Malignant (2021 film):
  9. The X Files Crossover with Hannibal (TV series)
  10. The X Files Crossover with Evil (tv series):
  11. The X Files Crossover with the Blacklist
  12. The X Files Crossover with Resident Alien
  13. The X Files Crossover with the Monster-Verse: TBA Title
  14. The X Files Crossover with Benoit Blanc of Knives Out/Glass Onion:

I don’t have all story ideas outlined for all of these yet. But I think they could potentially be interesting.

16:42 UTC


Reddit Rewatch S01E018 Miracle Man Discussion

Let’s talk about Miracle Man!

Mulder and Scully flirt! Mulder’s sister is randomly a plot device, evangelical craziness, and more!

Written by: Chris Carter and Howard Gordon Directed by: Michael Lange

15:27 UTC


Xfiles season 6

I started watching the x files recently and i love the series. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that season 6 is really funny compared to the other seasons before it. Like season 1 was more eerie and suspenseful and now i’m watching season 6 and actually laughing at the comedy. Did the writers change in season 6? or did they just write it to be more funny?

13:26 UTC


Look what came in the post today!

Now to find the 2018 ones

12:21 UTC


The X-Files Story Compass

This really doesn't have a whole lot of utility (except to me :p ) but I wanted to share anyway. (By the way, has this been done already....?!)

I was making a comment on this sub the other day about how Miracle Man had a little bit of everything. It had a religious tilt, a paranormal tilt, an actual murder, etc. and I started thinking...

What exactly are the boundaries of this fictional universe? Are there specific limits or lack thereof that qualify the stories here? They seem pretty far reaching but this show Does have a focus.

'Invocation' could be filed under ghost or spirit but there's also a murder in there.

'Signs and Wonders'? Pretty damn religious with a touch of the supernatural.

'Kill Switch'? Technology run amok.

'Tempus Fugit'? Nothing but conspiratorial-alien-y goodness in a concentrated shot.

So I graphed it. I tried a few shapes and configurations but I ended up back at my original shape and constitution. (I'm open to notes!) I theorize that all episodes could fall somewhere on this graph, regarding ultimate subject matter and underlying cause/conclusion.


Some things are in direct opposition thematically, others not so much. Like I said, I fiddled with this until I was satisfied. For instance, I don't think Demonic and Alien necessarily belong next to each other. And I think Extra Sensory Perception could be a little closer to Medical, but I like Cryptids and Monsters closer to Medical because that seems immediately scientifically explainable. But 'Arcadia'? That falls into deep blue territory just fine. Eastern Mysticism (Spiritual) causing Trash Monster (Cryptid.) Secular and Material just mean your run of the mill murders and crimes. I'm thinking 'Paper Hearts, but starts to drift closer to Mythos. Maybe headed towards blue because of Mulder's dream.

What does a person do with this? Anything? Me, I'm looking for that episode that hits the center. Which episode is the 4-quadrant episode? El Mundo Gira was so close. Eladio just needed to stop at a church to pray for salvation and we'd be in the money.

23:26 UTC



Watching season one of Millennium. There is an episode where Mulder and Scully have a cameo walking down the stairs. In Quantico. Never noticed it until today.

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22:46 UTC


Alien abductions have started again. Where are Mulder and Scully?

20:29 UTC


X Files game

Would anyone play a new x files game if one ever came out? I feel as though Resist or Serve left the community wanting more even if it was a solid game. Maybe something more open world based like LA Noire?

19:08 UTC


I Want To Believe (2008) - Transparent Mouse

Hey all! I just watched the movie and while Scully researches stem cell therapy, she uses a transparent mouse. Google turns up nothing! How can I find a similar looking mouse? Thanks


19:06 UTC


PSA: Mulder looks especially good in “Rain King”

Not sure why exactly - some combination of the tone, the casual clothes, etc., but he just looks great for the entire episode.

17:45 UTC


Best declaration of love on tv

Welp, it's clear that the X Files just wanted to own my whole entire heart because I had never seen Triangle, and when Mulder says ILY to Scully, it genuinely gave me ALL of the feelings. It was so beautiful, so simple...and her reaction was so them. I really just wanted to come on here and say that.

16:24 UTC


There's no way the waterbed was the cause of the time loop in Monday

I know this episode was talked about here many times but I just rewatched it last night and always search this sub if a episode really interest me. A lot of time has passed between Dreamland and this episode, plus Scully still has the two fused coins, so there's just no way I can believe the waterbed being out of place was the cause of the time loop.

The day resets every time when the bomb explodes, hours after the waterbed leaks, so clearly that moment is the time to focus on. You can either believe that it resets because Scully is not meant to die, or if you don't believe in that part of the show then the other most obvious reason is because Pam (the girlfriend) was supposed to die and her living is what kept resetting the day. She even says "this never happened before" before dying.

I know none of this is new but I really love this episode and just cannot believe the water bed had anything to do with.

15:58 UTC


In an alternate universe...

14:46 UTC


Field Trip

Just finished watching Field Trip. One of my favourite episodes. Soo creepy. Like a dark version of Bad Blood. One thing that did confuse me was the Schiffs. Was it explained what actually happened to them? Did I miss it lol. Was it left ambiguous? I took it at face value that they were the skeleton but that could be an hallucination.

14:27 UTC


What are your thoughts on the episode “X-Cops”?

06:34 UTC


this never gets old

I've lived around the corner for nearly 20 years and it still gives me a thrill.

01:19 UTC



Wtf archive got taken down

01:16 UTC


I'm rewatching Recess in my 20s and realised these two agents from the episode "Recess Is Cancelled" are based on Mulder and Scully. They are named Agents Barnes & Noble.

14:51 UTC


Binge-watching the X Files, really for the first time

I was in College and doing other things back when the X FILES was on tv so I didn't actively watch it until the end of the original series.

So now I am bing-watching it and was going through episode by episode but then I decided I really just wanted to watch the ones that pertain to the ALIEN conspiracy story line.

I am currently at Season 3 episode 24.

Yet I THINK there was a great quote/scene that I saw yesterday or the day before (I got so busy I couldn't write it down where I heard it). Something profound was said about society and things... and now I am watching episode 24 of season 3 TALITHA CUMA and SPOILERS......




,and it is the scene where Cancer man is talking to the guy in the solitary confinement and talking about society and how the powers that be essentially want to give the people authority and how Science is the religion etc... That is a pretty good scene. It really sums up I think what the real attitude of many of the PTB right now feel. That people in charge that are making policies and running pretty much anything have about humanity. That they do not really believe in FREEDOM and believe that humans are dumb and weak and need control etc. It is a lot like what the message was in the MATRIX, how humans think they want true FREEDOM but honestly they are unable to handle it and so they need RULERS to control behavior and things.

Can folks identify other episodes where these kinds of profound statements about the human condition are conversed about? Not just "zinger quotes" but the interactions .

The episode I watched before the S3 E24 was "Jose Chung from OUter Space" S3 E20.... that was really a funny episode!

14:25 UTC


Who Remembers The Lone Gunmen (2001)

12:01 UTC


Last episode

P The same it at least three times and the ending is still b*******

03:55 UTC


3 episodes to convert someone to an X Phile - One arc, One serious/scary, One light-hearted

Which 3 episodes are you choosing? You get to decide from:

-One alien/mythos/arc episode (I know it's hard to make one episode speak for them all, but give it a whirl...)

-One serious/dramatic/scary/messed up episode

-One funny/light-hearted/not-so-scary episode


23:57 UTC


First four of the old 90s novels are $1.99 on Kindle

In case anyone is keen on re/visiting them ahead of the new novel.


23:33 UTC


Millennium Internet Archive streams taken down

IYKYK, but they took down the full page, x-files and millennium down. I am just getting started on Millennium season three and am devastated to say the least.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where else it might be found? I’d honestly just buy the third season somewhere just to finish it, if I could find it.

I’ve been through the previous posts, but new stuff pops up on Dailymotion, etc. all the time, so I thought I’d take a shot.

22:20 UTC

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