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Miyota 2115 Quarz to automatic conversion

I have old watch and i'm planning to change Miyota 2115 Quartz movement to Automatic, but what automatic movement is compatible with hands and dial(dial with day function).

08:32 UTC


Wasnt able to save the 90s seiko prepetual calender. But the dial was too pretty to waste.

03:36 UTC


Alarm Complication

does anyone know of a mild-priced alarm complication for a manual or automatic?

03:03 UTC


How bad is damage from dropping directly on crown?

I have a watch with an ETA 7001 movement. It was dropped on its crown instantly stopping the movement and now it can’t be wound (stem can turn but is stiff so I stopped pushing it). I can still pull the crown out and move the hands.

I understand if this can’t be answered without actually looking at the movement just curious if this type of damage is seen often.

Thank you!

18:47 UTC



I have a 1960s vintage certina watch that all of a sudden has stopped ticking. I have checked the balance wheel and the mainspring and both are ok.

When I rotate the watch the balance wheel rotates and the second hand moves "back and forth" by a very small amount (less than 1mm) indicating it wants to move but somehow the balance wheel just stops again as the watch isn't unwinding as it's not ticking.

I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any ideas what it could be? I'm going to inevitably take it to a watch maker to have it repaired/serviced.

18:48 UTC


What do you think about watch cases made with silver?

Just wondering what your views are. Some watchmakers are working with sterling silver (92.5%). Fine silver (99.9%) is far too soft for anything. Dress watches exclusively. So crystal is glued and case back is friction fit (silver is too soft for any kinds of threads). That means no water resistance.

Is the novelty enough to justify it for you? What are your thoughts on such watches?

16:27 UTC


Bizarre Watch Issue

The watch is a ~2020 Girard Perregaux Laureato Chronograph ref. 81020
The movement is a GP03300.

When I go to add some power to the watch (both manually wind or shake) it keeps and holds almost perfect time when kept completely still. However, when the watch is turned to certain angles (predominantly dial side down), the watch stops and I no longer hear anything ticking within the case. If I tap the watch lightly it then restarts and resumes ticking at a perfect tempo.

Now here is where things get weird:

If I wind this watch from idle and let it sit completely untouched and running for around 24 hours.. the watch then keeps perfect time and NO LONGER randomly stops at all, no matter how I try to replicate the issue. If I go through this process, the watch then runs perfectly indefinitely until its power reserve runs out and it returns to idle. After returning to idle, if I want to wear the watch again I need to rewind it and then let it sit for another 24h in order for the watch to not stop.

Additionally, the chronograph being started/stopped during this time has ZERO affect on the watch stopping within or after the 24h period.

This issue has been going on for over a year and I have been to multiple watchmakers who have held onto and studied the watch for days at a time-- but have not been able to find the issue.

I would love to send this watch back to the manufacturer to find out what is going on but this watch was a gift from a family member who threw box, papers, everything out. I unfortunately do not have the funds to send this watch back to Switzerland and cover the service costs that someone who purchased this watch should have.

I have searched everywhere online to find someone that has encountered this sort of problem with any sort of watch with no luck.

I want to think that there is something loose in the case, but the fact that it runs flawlessly after the 24h period makes me think otherwise. I also thought that it was the result of me winding the too much from idle, and that this issue would only happen when the watch was very wound. However, this is not the case as after the 24h is up I can wind the watch until it feels fully recharged and not have any issues.

Would anyone have any sort of idea on how this sort of issue could be mechanically possible? If there are any additional questions I will answer as available.

Thank you in advance.

13:23 UTC


Tools for first build

I'm planning on doing my first watch build around a nh35 movement (very original) and don't really know what tools to buy. On E-bay I've seen those watch making tool kits, but I'm nervous that they are missing some tools What are the essentials? And what are the optional, or good to have tools? Thanks in advance:)

14:59 UTC


Miyota movement help

Looking to replace the movement in a Japanese Gruen Precision, the case back indicates 219-2105, which I am unfamiliar with. The movement says one jewel on it. Can a 2105 no jewel movement be substituted? Please forgive my ignorance, I would be grateful for any education, please.

01:45 UTC

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