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Terrifying Case of the First Real-Life Vampire

11:30 UTC


REAL Vampires

Looking for a REAL vampire or vampire hunter.

04:36 UTC


Vampires in BC

I’ve written a book about vampires in British Columbia. (BC.) The main character becomes a partial vampire and is used to help develop a vampire strategy to conquer Earth. As a vampire, he is able to shapeshift and become anything he wants to be. One of the advantages of changing and one of the advantages of vampire stories is that as long as you keep to the basic facts, vampires evolve and change like the rest of the animal kingdom. In this book, vampires are attracted by blood, not gender, and can become whatever they want to attract the victim. I would like to post some aural extracts from the book and get your opinions.

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The Order: Of teeth - Chapter One

“Why the hell am I even here…” Dan thought as he looked through the smoke and haze of the club, the thundering techno hammering in his ears, as the crowd around him danced with reckless abandon, His eyes drifted down to his fifth cup of mead. “Oh… right… the only place in the fucking city to get good mead…” He whispered in the din of the cramped space as he lifted the glass and sipped, letting the rich and delicious amber honey wine slide to his gut, humming at the warmth and comfort it brought, taking him back to a simpler time when he was younger and living with his parents.

He was born to a mead-making family, his father ran a well-known company back east, and his mother was a master beekeeper. But Dan didn’t care for either, he liked the amber drink more than how it was made, and his antics got the better of his parents. He still remembers that day, when they shipped him off to a military school in the middle of the country, he felt so betrayed and angry, enough to spitefully show them how well he could take to the challenge, so he took to the school like a bee to nectar. He didn’t realize the chain of events he triggered by being the best of the best the school ever had, his shock and confusion as he was quickly shipped to basic training for the Army as soon as he graduated. he didn’t even get to rub his success in his parents' faces, and tell them exactly how little they thought of him, or he thoughts of them.

“God, I was an idiot…” he scoffed, finishing his glass and gesturing for a new one.

“Oh, Well well, a lost soul in need of an ear?” a calm and seductive voice spoke in his ear through the club's noise as a hand ran over his back.

He looks over and sees a rather beautiful punkish young woman, her clothes were a bit more gothic, but still punked in the ways that drew the eyes, her makeup accentuating her sharp features, as she smiled softly, and her eyes had colored contacts as they were a striking aqua blue.

 “Maybe, but you aren't here to lend me an ear.” He says back warmly, “How about a drink?” he gestures to the bartender as his glass is refilled. 

“Black whistle with a lemon slice please.” she says softly, as she steps close, looking carefully into his eyes “You look like you could actually use a good night. And I happen to be Euph, as in Euphoria”

He chuckles and lifts his glass “Interesting name, I am Dan.” He clinked his cup with hers as they shared the first sip.

“So… I get you like to stand at the bar and down glasses of mead” She leans in, gently pressing her body against his, her cold hand caressing up his arm. “I can get us into a quieter place to chat”

He smiled “Only if they serve this mead there too…” he said, leaning in a bit and smelling her perfume enjoying the soft scent.

She leans in closer, gently caresses his shoulders, and giggles “Yes they do” Gently taking his hand and guiding him deeper into the club, passing through a side passage into a less noisy sitting area with a few waitresses walking about.

“Nice space.” he says looking around, sliding into an open booth. 

She slips into the space right next to him, running her hand through his hair. “So… Dan… why do you need to drink?”

He smiled sadly “Well… I finally got out of the army… and I found out my family is… well… they aren't interested” he sips his mead, his voice somber and conflicted. 

“Family never understood you?” She asked softly, leaning in more and pressing her rather chilled body on him.

He felt her skin, it was soft and smooth but cold, however, that could just be the mead thundering in his veins “No, I didn’t understand them, nor did I try… it was too late when I realized what they wanted.” he sips more of his mead, humming as the rich fermented honey softened his turmoil. 

She leans in closer, pressing his arm between her chest, and whispering in his ear, her hands tracing over muscles and scars “And what did they want?”

He chuckles softly, his voice shaking a bit “They wanted me to be a good man, and to be happy… but they have a strict moral code…” he shakes a bit, struggling against the reality of the man he became, the monster they see in him “I am not that man… not anymore” 

She hums and pulls his head down to rest against her chest, “That is terrible, a family should always stick together, but it's okay, we can make them see the good in you… me and you… together” She gently ran her fingers through his hair as she whispered to him. 

He slowly pulls back “What? You barely know me.” His face conflicted over this stranger of soft voice and soothing aura, she was like the woman of his dreams, but an instinct in him warned against it and he trusted that instinct. 

She smiled, and gently framed her pendent, an oddly shaped rune of some kind “This is my goddess, she is the goddess of lost souls and wayward travelers, she protects and guides, and she teaches that even in the depth of despair or the darkest of moments, there is always a path to salvation.” she leans forward, presenting him with a better look and a bit of sight down her cleavage, “go on dan, feel it, it's okay”

He gently felt the pendant, it was warm and somehow soothing, his fear and hesitation slowly ebbed away, and his eyes noticed the way the light reflected off it “Is it sliver?” he asked, pulling a bit on it pulling her closer as it was attached to her choker. 

She hums and leans into him, letting him feel the metal “Yes, it is. My goddess says that monsters lurk in every shadow, and sliver wards them away” she says softly. 

He chuckles “What like vampires and werewolves?” he says sarcastically, not so much mocking her but finding the conviction in her voice amusing.

She shrugged, leaning in and bringing her lips inches from his “If they did exist, I know you aren't one now. So, I am not afraid to do this” She pressed her soft lips to his, the taste of her drink mixed with the motes of mead his breath held, the heat and passion of her kiss igniting his wants and shattering his in habitations before she pulled back.

He gulps, it's been a long time since a woman kissed him with such passion, his body was already weak from the alcohol and his eyes looked in her soft gaze “So… your place or mine?”


Gemma hated hunt missions, ninety percent of the time she was getting to the site too late, but she had a job to do as a daughter of house Victoria, and she would not let another die in vain. 

She checked her gear, making sure her exorcist uniform was fitting properly, feeling the soft Elven weave and Dwarven plates sat right, patting at the magic bag that carried all her extra supplies, and testing the release on her backsword was well-oiled before leaving the locker room to meet her captain and get her orders. 

The captain was already dispatching other exorcists to other missions when she turned her cold green eyes to Gemma “Sargent, you have a Hunt mission, Bloodied, fifth-gen was spotted entering a human club in lower Bulwark called Beezz, she hasn’t had her by weekly ration in a month, find her and bring her back here or eliminate her, she goes by the name Euphoria in the human world, originally Emma Sinclar when she was human.” 

Gemma saluted and turned to the exit into the human world, her mind focused as she took a running start out and leaped high over the traffic of the city street below, her legs catching a side wall in an alleyway she pushed off of and got to the rooftops. 

“Let the hunt begin,” she says taking a deep inhale and sorting through the thousands of human scents to find the one she was looking for hopefully. “Please let the first one be my target.” she says to herself as she starts running along the roofs, tapping her pendant to hide her actions from mortal eyes as she leaps over the streets with grace. 

She chased down the first scent but abandoned it as it was heading to upper Bulwark, so she found the next scent leading in the direction of Beezz, “stupid name for a club.” she commented to herself as she jumped to the next roof.

Again her trail turned away from the club so she picked up the next one, following it to the club itself, the scent of mead and long-dried honey hitting her nose “Ohhhh… it’s a meadery too…” she sniffed the air again, malling her quarry, a fifth generation bloodied vampire but it wasn't alone when it left the club. 

“Crap in the goddess’s shoe…” She thought as she started following the scent, into a parking lot where the trail got weak as she smelled the hints of engine oil and burning gasoline. “Fucking cars…” 

She stopped and focused, expanded her senses to find her prey, and weeded out the disgusting smell of the human invention until she had the faint trail of her target and its soon-to-be snack. 

Taking to the chase again, as she leaped from roof to roof, clearing over streets and using her strength to jump inhuman gaps of air. She silently prayed that her goddess would protect this human long enough for her to save them, but she knew the gods' powers were weak in the world of humans. Meaning it was up to her and her Pureblood strength to get there in time.

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A vampire site

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Thoughts of a Vampire Sailor.

I am thinking of writing a similar story to Bram Stoker and writing on an actual historical figure. Here is the catch this man was a Pirate Captain and I had never seen a Vampiric Pirate before. I know vampires have sailed seas but never actually was a part of the crew or Captain of a ship.

Update: Dude had a Wife, so she will be a Vampire as well.

21:42 UTC


Vampire NOSFERATU - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - Only In Theaters December 25

18:33 UTC


Thinking up a vampire story and I've come up with a power set for my Vampires

So a little bit of history for my Vampires. Keep in mind that this is a little unfinished and it could change if I ever write the book.

My vampires were created by The Bloodied Lord, an ancient god from a mysterious pantheon of deities that run reality. The Bloodied Lord was born from a primordial sea of boiling blood and he was the evil god of the pantheon. Other gods, like the Witch Mother and the Beast Father, made their own creations (Magic and Werebeasts), so the Bloodied Lord wanted his own creations and thus came the first vampires.

Now for the power set;

  • Immortality
  • Regenerative Healing
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Umbrakinetic Super Speed (They basically become shadows as they run)
  • Supernatural Agility and Reflexes
  • Umbrakinesis
    • Umbrakinetic Wing Manifestation
    • Shadow Tendrils
  • Hemomancy

What do you all think? :)

17:19 UTC


Electric Guillotine - We Are Magonia (Music Video)

16:53 UTC


“Nosferatu” Trailer Released: A Fresh Spin on a Classic Tale

The first trailer for Robert Eggers’ highly anticipated film, “Nosferatu,” has finally arrived! This gothic horror movie, set to release on December 25, 2024, promises to put a fresh spin on the iconic 1922 vampire classic. What


16:23 UTC


This sub has mixed feelings between people, who actually believes in vampires here?

16:19 UTC


First Trailer of the New Version of #Nosferatu by #RobertEggers

First Trailer of the New Version of #Nosferatu by #RobertEggers

15:29 UTC


a crazy idea

do you guys think if you covered a normal knife in fresh human blood and then stabbed the vampire in the heart wouldn't the human blood act like a poison and kill the vampire?

12:31 UTC


Shout out to one of the best, unsung vampire novels: Fevre Dream by George RR Martin

12:23 UTC


Is there any vampire mmo or multiplayer type of game with a good community?

Ive been playing Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt lately, and ive been wondering if there is any other popular vampire game with a big community... I remember years ago the game "Second Life" had a massive Vampire community with "Bloodlines The Thirst" in it.

Anyone know any other places with big vampire communities?

08:26 UTC


I am looking for a vampire movie from the 70s or 80s.

I saw a vampire movie when I was a kid - the movie was probably filmed in the 70s or early 80s. It may have been british.

It was about a woman vampire who dies at the end. In the last shot of the movie it was implied that she had possessed a little girl and would live on in the girl's body. I think the little girl was in or near a station wagon.

I think both the vampire and the little girl wore scarfs around their necks.

That is all I remember. A teacher showed us this at school along with the Monkey's Paw. I remember thinking they were a little scary, but I was more traumatized by Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows.

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Is transformation into a bat common within vampire media?

I am asking this question because it has peeked my mind. My sister is currently watching the vampire diaries (something I am familiar with, but I will not watch myself.) and there is no mention of this idea. Does this idea only plague in certain interpretations of vampires? Or was this made into a pop culture idea later on?

03:05 UTC


Imagine a vampire in love with live gaming.

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I don't really like it when Vampires don't have their classic weaknesses.

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Books about vampires that mostly revolve around vampire politics?

Like the title said. I was just randomly rewatching some scenes from the Castlevania series and I got kinda lost in the comment section where people were talking about vampire politics or strategies and how they would've worked in the series.
So I was thinking: Is there a vampire book/book series that focuses on vampire politics/strategic conquests? I'm more interested in medieval settings but even modern would be fine.

00:20 UTC


Could a vampire cross a bridge?

I saw a show where a vampire couldn't cross a bridge cause it counts as crossing running water, is this correct? What does "crossing running water" even mean?

14:39 UTC


Vampire-Themed Restaurant: Do they serve spaghetti?

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Can I post my self-made story here?

Can I post my self-made story here? I am writing a vampire novel and would like some feedback on it. also, English is not my first language so feedback and correction would be awesome.

02:26 UTC


about Dracula

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