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Happiness is only real when shared. Sometimes due to our busy and chaotic life, small moments of joy and happiness are lost into the mist, being completely ignored. But we forgot that these small moments of joy and happiness can sometimes mean a lot for us. This subreddit will allow you to open your heart and tell us what made you happy today? Why are you feeling so joyous and wholesome today? We would love to hear about it.

Welcome to TodayIamHappy.

Happiness is only real when shared.

Sometimes due to our busy and chaotic life, small moments of joy and happiness are lost into the mist, being completely ignored. But we forgot that these small moments of joy and happiness can sometimes mean a lot for us. This subreddit will allow you to open your heart and tell us what made you happy today? Why are you feeling so joyous and wholesome today? We would love to hear about it.


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    TIAH I did the adulting!

    After a very rough weekend I found a way to get $20 to make a week's worth of meals, and cooked it.

    I went to an appointment then the grocery store, AND cooked the food.

    I might even be able to do a cleaning thing too!

    03:37 UTC


    TIAH I have finally graduated!

    Technically, I graduated 2 days ago but it just sunk in today. Family's in deep shit right now and most siblings are too preoccupied with their own problems that the atmosphere's not jolly. Finished my laundry not too long ago, resting for a bit and then it dawned on me....

    I have finally graduated! After years of extension at the uni because of some setbscks, here I am finally a student no more. A day before the deadline, I was so sure I couldn't do it again but chances happened. Ahhhh, I have finally made it!

    Can't wait to be finally independent and then later get depressed. Lol, kidding. I'm just excited for the opportunities ahead. XD

    15:47 UTC


    TIAH Cause I got appraisal

    So I have been working out of my home country for more than one year and I have got my appraisal and increment. It's a hefty amount that I will receive in one go and I don't want to tell my family about it (cause I feel they will spend it or ask me to buy a new car), which is why I am posting it here.

    Thank you!!😃

    17:37 UTC


    TIAH because I talked on zoom w my acquaintance and even though I have to study for my physiology exam it actually calmed me down

    It made me feel more relaxed :) I know my acquaintance through Girls Inc. she talked about what had happened at school, something about just talking to someone outside of school on a rainy day was helpful for me - about talking to someone who is non toxic. It was nice for me, and I hope that it was nice for her. I took a break from studying to do so and it made me happier

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    03:22 UTC


    TIAH cause I cured my sore throat

    While enjoying a celebration of passing a course (online uni course) with good ol MJ. Had a sore throat passed two days. I ended up hacking up two giant (like almost small cube gum sized) things of phlegm. And holy shit does my throat feel sooooooo much better now.

    07:52 UTC


    TIAH because I managed to surprise my girlfriend

    It's a very simple, short story.

    I'm trying to lose weight and my GF is helping me with moral support. Today I made myself some ramen loaded with vegetables, and sent her a picture of it. She usually wants to talk about any cooking I make, but today she said "this is awesome and I'm proud of you but can we please not talk about food for a bit I'm really hungry".

    She's working a full 8 hour Saturday shift today. We're doing distance, so I can't show up with food for her. I got her a simple chicken donair over Uber Eats for her, delivered to the front door of her work place. Then I sent her a message that said. "Surprise!". She was over the moon. She's a bit embarrassed, telling me she "wasn't hinting at it." It's cute, because she really wasn't. She's very frugal and would never expect me to spend money on her. But I can tell she is really happy, and I tried to get all the things she likes in the donair.

    So I am happy that I managed to get her a nice thing, and that it made her happy.

    19:49 UTC


    TIAH because I baked a cake

    I’m a really good cook. I went to culinary school, I’ve worked in restaurants, I cook at home often and do my best to push myself and expand my skills.

    I am a terrible baker.

    I have yet to make a loaf of bread that wouldn’t break your teeth, or avoid burning cookies, and my brownies are less fudgy and more like tar. And those are box mixes; baking from scratch has always been a pipe dream.

    Until today, apparently. I found a recipe for chocolate-cola cake in a recipe book I haven’t picked up for a while and said ‘fuck it, I’m making this cake’. I bought the ingredients. I put them together. I put it in the oven. It came out (mostly) perfect.

    I actually did a little pterodactyl shriek before immediately texting every baking-inclined human I know a picture of my cake. They all know how challenged I am in this department, so to be able to say I baked a cake from scratch and didn’t fuck it up is a proud moment.

    I also made the buttercream frosting, and ate a huge slice with an inch of it on top before I realized my mistake: buttercream is, in fact, mostly butter. I am very lactose intolerant. In my excitement to eat my cake I didn’t take any lactaid. Oops. Worth it though.

    03:18 UTC


    TIAH because it feels like I’m getting my dad back

    Hi everyone! We lost my mum to covid in 2020 and since then my dad has been really struggling. I’ve always supported him as much as I can but I’m a single mum so looking after both him and my son has been so hard. Anyway, this week he realised he hadn’t serviced my car since before we lost mum (he’s a mechanic and has always done it for me) and he asked me to bring it to his garage.

    When I got there it was pretty quiet so he asked if I wanted to do it and he’d show me how. I’ve never had any interest before but I could tell he really wanted me to, so I agreed. It was actually really fun and my dad was so patient and such a good teacher. Gone was the man who’d been so angry and heartbroken and the man who taught me to tie my shoes and ride my bike as a child was back again.

    He also talked about mum which he hadn’t done for ages. I asked him what he missed most and his answer really surprised me and made me smile. He said he missed her talking Polish (my dad is English, my mum was Polish). He explained that it was because any time she used Polish it was purely emotional - like, she just needed to express it without running it through her ‘translator brain’ first. He said it was only ever when he was either doing something really good (tmi dad 🙈) or something really bad! I remember my mum using Polish swear words when she’d drop something or whatever and he said every telling off he had from her was in Polish, and that’s what he missed the most.

    It was just such an unexpected answer, and for once he didn’t baulk at talking about her. He’s finally accepting things, banishing the angry, bitter man who lived in his body for a time, and I’m so so proud of him. RIP mum. We’re finally going to be ok.

    Sorry! I’m new here - It asked me to add this:

    TLDR: After losing my mum to covid in 2020 my dad is finally accepting things and becoming his old self again

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    04:46 UTC


    TIAH after i noticed once again a strange noise

    So i have just spoken once again with my flatmate (19F) and started minding my own business, when i noticed once again a strange very very silent noise i was able to hear across the floor all the way into the kitchen.
    The sound was very silent but very familiar but i wasnt able to figure it out until it clicked and noticed it sounded like a vibrator.
    I heared that all to familiar sound every single time after we have spoken on the floor, etc.

    And since i hear that sound every single time after we have spoken no matter which day time i think my flat mate might think i am attractive

    This totally made my day xDD

    23:38 UTC


    TIAH that I got a new job

    I’ve been on a fixed term contract that’s coming to an end next month and worried about how I’ll survive (disabled so work from home). Today I got a new remote permanent job in the same company but a slightly different sector and I’m over the moon!

    22:28 UTC


    TIAH because I got reassurance from my gf

    Today I am happy, because I have a girlfriend since saturday. But that is not the full part why I am happy. Little background, I am a very pessimistic person and have fear of commitment, since my parents divorced when I was 9 and a whole lot of shit happened afterwards. So now I am 19 and have a girlfriend since saturday. I've known her for a month now and have a good and warm feeling when I am with her and feel save in a way. I never thought it could go so smooth, because of my fear of commitment and pessimistic view. But I actually feel good with her and my overthinking doesn't kick in all the time. But today was a big day, because we were texting when at school and we were texting about something I forgot and she said that "she is happy that we are together". This is a very big thing for me, because it gives me some form of reassurance. Thank you to everyone who read this btw. I hope everyone has or will have the feeling I have at the moment

    17:09 UTC


    TIAH because I was able to draw blood for our practicals in phlebotomy

    I am a medical technology student and we are studying phlebotomy this semester. My hometown is in a province but I moved in the city to study college. I don't have friends in the city and university. I also live alone. My classmates were able to practice drawing blood from their friends and roommates. I cannot practice because I do not have anyone to practice with. Actually, I was able to talk with 4 of my classmates but they have already known each other for years so I'm a bit left out of the group.

    Earlier was our practicals already in drawing blood. It's like a demo and it's also graded. I was nervous but I remained calm. My partner drew blood from me first and she was shaking out of nervousness! Fortunately, she was able to drew blood from me. When I was going to draw blood from her, I was surprisingly calm. I was not shaking. At first shot, I was not able to get the blood so I moved the needle slightly (fishing) and saw the backflow of blood! I was so happy! It was the first time I drew blood!

    Although, my professor deducted points because I did not fill up my syringe (5cc) even though I could. I only took 3mL because my tubes are only 3mL. Professor said that even though tubes are 3mL only, I should have filled up the 5cc syringe. But still, I'm very happy because I was able to drew blood without practice and only watching my classmates how to do it. Also, if I told this to my mom, she will also be very happy!

    TLDR: Drew blood for the first time on our practicals already (graded demo) even though I don't have any practice on drawing blood on anyone

    09:03 UTC


    TIAH update: my dorm room feels like home

    Today, i spent a bunch of time speaking to my roommates, which made me feel so much more comfortable in my room. Also, my roommates and i put different coloured bottle caps on the reading light near our beds, and my roommates got me green. Today i realised that my night light that i used when i was younger also gave a green hue to my room and that the thought that this has carried forward to uni made me smile. i know its really not much, and i know that im a bit rambly about it, but it made me happy

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    17:28 UTC


    TIAH because I found my moms art.

    My mom was a sculptor. We lost her three years ago to cancer. She hadn’t created anything in at least a decade. And we haven’t cleaned out our storage room since I can remember. Today I dug deep in that room, I found literal buried treasures. Not only did I find a few sculptures of my moms face. I found the mold they were cast from. Along with a mold of my dad’s face and two sculptures of her hands. Which I know it sounds odd but- I was sad I didn’t have any photos of her hands.. grief is weird okay? I can’t describe how grateful I feel right now.

    21:18 UTC


    TIAH update

    Today i took the nicest nap. I've been dealing with a breakup for the past month and since then my naps have been filled with anxiety-inducing dreams but today I didn't have any dreams :) I also saw a very cute video of a car in Instagram that brightened up my day

    12:27 UTC


    TIAH I received a compliment on my work!!

    So, I've been preparing intensely for a competition that is happening this weekend and yesterday, while I was practicing with another team, one of the members of the opposing team complimented me. They complimented my work ethic and dedication, which allowed me to see that maybe, just maybe I don't always have to be such a harsh critic for myself. The other member also jumped in and gave my team and I some encouragement and although the happiness from those words didn't seep in when i received the compliments, thinking back im very happy and grateful that they took their time to encourage us.

    08:38 UTC


    TIAH because I made a little baby smile

    I went to get some groceries with some friends which are all taller than me I'm 5'5 btw. I wore a light green shirt that covered most of my body and a little girl walking with her parents suddenly came running towards me and called me Tinkerbell! It melted my heart :) she was so happy about it too.

    19:58 UTC


    TIAH because I will hopefully be pursuing therapy soon

    I’ve struggled to get help with my psychosis for about 2 years now because my local hospitals never seemed to care. Recently I’ve found a new clinic that offers better services that can hopefully help me

    03:44 UTC


    TIAH because I had an awesome week, made great experiences and met lovely people

    I can‘t go into too much detail because I don‘t want this account to be related to me and I‘ll tell all my friends and family about this week in great detail haha.

    but basically I attended an all-week event in another country. I didn‘t bring any friends but that‘s perfectly fine, I got along with the other attendees extremely well and I think I actually found 2 new friends. everybody‘s so nice and inspired and driven by similar things as I am. my interests, taste in music and spirituality are very nieche and while I do get to share some of it with the people close to me, I feel like they don‘t quite get me in that regard. but the people I met last week do to an extent that nobody else has. everybody was being their weird self, shared their knowledge and experiences and I also got to experience awesome things that I think will stick with me for a long time.

    honestly, I haven‘t been this happy in a very long time. being away from my home and the people close to me was intimidating, but when I was there, I felt in my heart that there was nothing to worry about. and there wasn‘t. everything just kind of sorted itself out. it was so freeing to be able to express myself in any and every way I felt like at the moment.

    and I got some very special things to take home with me. to remind me of the great time I had and to bring with me when I return. I can‘t wait for that!

    09:56 UTC


    TIAH because my 12 year old dog plays like a puppy again after her surgery

    She had pyometra and had emergency surgery to remove her uterus. Post surgery she was like a brand new dog! She hasn’t been this playful and happy in so long. It’s actually such an amazing, heartwarming transformation and makes me feel like I have my best friend back. I keep sharing this everywhere but it’s the only thing making me genuinely happy these days. I can’t stop playing with her and giving her hugs and kisses!!

    Btw no I didn’t play with her right after her surgery, only after she had recovered!

    13:06 UTC


    TIAH im no longer a black sheep

    today i found out that my youngest cousin is beginning to like dinosaurs. up until this point i thought that i was a black sheep in the family for liking something niche and sticking with it. hopefully when he gets older ill be able to talk to him about all things dinosaurs and teach him about what i will hopefully be going to school for.

    05:32 UTC


    TIAH because I have finally reached my target weight after years![TL;DR]

    I'll skip the long sob story and give the basics: 13 or 14 I had anorexia and I was in an interesting house. I was placed on a weight watchers meal plan thing designed for losing weight. Then placed in a high junk food environment Messed up my self image and metabolism Yada Yada yadaaaaaaaa Now! 4ish years later after trial and error with diets and exercise plans, I found what worked and vala! After most of my life I can now semi say, "hey, that's a good number." When looking at my scale. Also!! With this controled weight, my knees can move my body sooooo much easier now, meaning I can really exercise to my extent now. Aaah I'm just so happy and hope I can keep this going. (Context 5ft 1ch now 116lbs. Lowest 5ft round 89lbs ish. Peak a whopping 5ft 1ch 145lbs) Can't go much lower without risking my physical health pretty badly but I'm extremely content where I am rn.

    Remember yall, omg it sounds so corny but listen- it dose get better if you work for it

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    00:28 UTC


    TIAH: I had a great date night yesterday

    TIAH that I went on such a great date yesterday.

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2.5yrs. During that time we were long distance (2hrs away) because I was at college. He would always come up and stay at my place for the weekend and we would plan a date out together (same if I came down to visit him). I never minded this cause I like making sure whatever we do we both liked or were up to trying and he likes to bounce off ideas together. I recently graduated and moved back to the same hometown and we get to spend more time together now. I texted him asking if he could plan out a date because I've been busy trying to get ready for a new job and I just wanted to be surprised. A few days later my BF tells me the date/time and to dress extra nice. I was excited and got dressed up in a dress and everything. He picked me up and gave me flowers, first to the movies, next we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner, then walked around talking and goofing off. This may sound like a normal date but something about not knowing (I'm a nosey person and I gotta know everything) and just getting dressed up made me really happy. Neither of us knew the movie and it was surprisingly good (made me scared and cry 10/10). Restaurant was amazing too I'm definitely going back again. Especially where it was located it's a romantic place to walk at night and just look at the night sky. I loved the date and it made me so happy how he planned it and just made me feel really special.

    He knows I'm not great at keeping secrets so he knows I'm planning a surprise date for him now too. I'm getting all giggly planning. I just wanted to share my happy experience and was curious if anyone else felt this way after a nice date. Did you also get excited planning the next date?

    TL;DR My BF took me out on a really nice date night and I felt super special

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    02:29 UTC


    TIAH because I got lots of praise for something I did the first time!

    today at work I had a first time. I‘ve been doing my job for a couple of years but somehow I managed not to get to do this particular task so far. it‘s somewhat essential to this part of my work and everyone notices if you mess up, yet it‘s something everyone different does every day due to the nature of the industry I‘m in.

    I felt like I was doing okay-ish most of the time and was a bit insecure. when I asked for feedback, my supervisor had nothing bad to say, actually he was astonished that this was my first time and praised me a lot! I‘m super proud of myself, and extremely grateful for the positive feedback!

    definitely gonna say yes next time I‘m asked to do this!

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    20:11 UTC


    TIAH Because I turned 18.

    First off, happy cake day to me. But I'm so happy and proud of myself because today I've officially turned 18. I won't get into any of the reasons why, but for a lot of my life I never thought I would see this day. So needless to say, the fact I proved my past wrong and I made it, I'm so proud of myself and so so happy. Of course, there's nerves. But... I can't help but just feel so proud of myself I made it this far. And I'm going to try and try to make it even further. I'm so happy I lived and that I beat the odds and that I'm proving the people that hurt me wrong. I'm so happy I'm alive today. My birthday may not have been eventful, or even fun. But I made it, and I'm so proud of myself and I'm so happy I did it.

    edit: thank y'all for the congrats and upvotes :) i think it's very funny my own post got recommended to me

    04:23 UTC


    TIAH I met somebody at a prom who I really like.

    So I (12yr M) Met Derrick (age ? NB) but we were around the same age so this was yesterday well I guess this was two days ago but whatever so I went to this pride prom and so basically I was just running around trying to talk to people and dance I wasn't that well dressed but Oh well so towards the end of the night I was just sort of standing around listening to the music I look to the right of me and there was this handsome person I then went up to them and asked them to dance which we did it was so much fun I talked to them and their mom was watching us it was so nice I felt the mom daggers hahah so we just danced then we stepped outside we talked I asked them what movie they liked and other basic questions it was really nice then we went back inside Danced and talked then we slow danced we we're kinda awkward so then we made a plan to meet at the pride parade that was gonna happen the next day so after a bit i had to leave since my ride was there i gave them a hug (I'm pretty sure) and met their mom really quick and then I sadly had to leave but then the next day I put on what I said I was gonna wear and then we went to the parade I looked around keeping my eyes out for them I wasn't able to find them after awhile longer I still couldn't and it sucked I went home so sad and now I'm writing this I was just so happy to meet them but I lost them they had no socials for me to find them so I'm just sharing my happiness with you guys I believe I'll find them soon I just wish I seen them today well that's it guys see you I'll give an update if anything happens.

    Tl;DR: I went to a prom and I met a person named Derrick towards the end of it I was standing around by them and just went up to them to ask to dance they said yes and we hit it off we then stepped outside their mom was watching us but idc then before I had to leave we slow danced and then I said goodbye they sadly had no socials so I have now way to contact them we were supposed to meet at a pride parade but we couldn't find eachother now I'm worried I wont see them but I believe I will <3

    06:11 UTC


    TIAH because I recovered my childhood TL;DR (but please read you won't regret it)

    Today I decided to visit friv. Now it's bad. So I searched 'Friv old'. It led me to frivold.menu. After being bombarded with fake ads, the site warned me that my browser cannot have flash so I would be stuck with emulators. The warning, when clicked on, led me to a .zip download, containing a browser which can still get the flash player original plugin, the unity web player and the Adobe flash player (the latest available version). When you attempt to download the latest flash version, there will be a warning saying that the installer could not find the plugin directory to work with the browser. So I have been using Macromedia flash player 8 from oldversion.com which came bundled from Macromedia flash pro 8. This version of flash doesn't need to work with the browser and is perfect for downloaded games such a geography ones from the distant past. So that would turn out to be my last resort if all else failed. Anyway, I had time to spare so I thought, why not. So I downloaded the .zip file (which is so precious that I stored it in my Google drive in case they stop allowing it to be downloaded) and extracted it. I have a really annoying antivirus which quarantines most even a bit suspicious things so I wasn't concerned about if it was a virus. Then I ran the browser installer. Flawless installation. I ran the unity web player installer. Flawless installation. And it was time to download flash. I expected nothing but disappointment. I expected that horrifying error, saying that the installer couldn't find the plugin directory for the browser. Surprisingly, I did not see it. At this point I'm like "Cool, cool. But there WILL be something wrong down the line". There wasn't. I opened up the browser. I went back to frivold.menu but the site is so used to people not having flash that it wouldn't let me activate the flash original plugin... Extension... Whatever you wanna call it. So I went to a flash test website and it really worked! I am like "Cool, cool, but I probably won't find my favourite game without having to go through an emulator -which doesn't work by the way-. Let's try it anyway". I searched 'I wanna win flash game'. I found a site which probably relies on you to have flash and tried to activate the game. It... WORKED!!! I AM PLAYING THE LEGENDARY TROPHY GAME FROM A DECADE AGO LIKE ADOBE NEVER RIPPED AWAY OUR SMALL JOY! I was at the verge of literal tears now. I had never beaten it because I was too young to understand the tasks. I never got my closure. Today, I beat it! When I beat it, it said the site where it came from. I visited it... And it's still up, filled with flash games! WHICH I CAN NOW PLAY WITH LITERALLY NO HICCUPS!!! I am so grateful. I have now secured the holy .zip in my drive. I hope that it never gets deleted and I will be able to share this joy with my child, if I am lucky enough to have one. Because no one should go through modern life without experiencing the true joy of the good old flash games. If you want the files, message me.

    16:09 UTC


    TIAH because I finally have a plan for my future

    TIAH because I finally found my heading. I am planning to work at a foreign country, and stay there for as long as I can. It’s not gonna be easy, but just having a goal after a long time feels like I’ve been reborn. I couldn’t even sleep right now because in my head I’m planning even the most miniscule details just to achieve my goal. I hope everything works out and I can finally live my life for my own, and provide for my family back home as well.

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    19:43 UTC


    TIAH because

    I found where the “It’s like a reward” is from. Yes I just found it, don’t laugh at me. The movie is Django Unchained and it is at about 16:45

    TL;DR: I found were a meme came from and I was very happy

    06:56 UTC


    TIAH because I received a nice compliment

    Little backstory first. I am a 19M and have red hair and have been bullied for it for a long time and was never sure about myself as a kid. Over covid I let my hair grow out and I went up in height and all. So you could say I had a little bit of a glowup, so I am finally proud of my appearance. So yesterday/today there was this party at my college and I was partying with my friends. There were some girls with us, because one of my friends is in love with one of them and for me it was the first time meeting them. Now this happened often throughout my life that for some reason people want to touch my hair, because I am a ginger. I don't mind it and find it quiet funny, so one of the girls asked me if she could touch it and I said sure why not. Then she gave me some compliments about my haircolor and that it fits great on me with my hairstyle. She also asked if it was my real haircolor (which it is) and said it looked perfect on me.

    This might sound stupid and I know. But I really feel great and have been thinking about this the whole day and this will probably stay with me for a very long time. Because it was someone who I barely knew and was a girl with the same age as me. I am a very social person and I just can't stop thinking about how nice it was that she said that.

    23:35 UTC

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