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Welcome to r/TodayIamHappy.

Happiness is only real when shared. Sometimes due to our busy and chaotic life, small moments of joy and happiness are lost into the mist, being completely ignored. But we forgot that these small moments of joy and happiness can sometimes mean a lot for us. This subreddit will allow you to open your heart and tell us what made you happy today? Why are you feeling so joyous and wholesome today? We would love to hear about it.

Welcome to TodayIamHappy.

Happiness is only real when shared.

Sometimes due to our busy and chaotic life, small moments of joy and happiness are lost into the mist, being completely ignored. But we forgot that these small moments of joy and happiness can sometimes mean a lot for us. This subreddit will allow you to open your heart and tell us what made you happy today? Why are you feeling so joyous and wholesome today? We would love to hear about it.


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    TIAH: I have a question for people who are familiar with joyscrolling

    Lately, I've been seeing a lot of content about joyscrolling. Can someone explain to me what it is exactly? Has it something to do with doomscrolling? I'm curious about how it works.

    11:29 UTC


    TIAH because I managed to figure out how to use mods for a game all on my own.

    I am the furthest thing from techy. I pretty much always need extensive help when messing with coding or other similar files, including modding video games that I like.

    Well, yesterday, I found a mod for a game I love. I really wanted to use it, but I couldn't seem to figure out how, and there were no instructions that I could find (both in the mod page and just online in general).

    So... All of last night and today I brute forced + trial-and-errored it, and I managed to figure it out all on my own! It even got me learning Blender a little bit, which is another something I've always wanted to do but was always too intimidated and overwhelmed.

    I'm super proud of myself! I didn't think I'd be able to get it, but I did, and now I can have even more fun with the video game! :D

    02:30 UTC


    TIAH because my old man and I got to share a moment over a Godzilla movie.

    TIAH because I (29M) and my old man (50-something) got to geek out like a couple of dorks after watching Godzilla Minus One. Going to the movies together has always been a thing my dad and I have liked to do because it's a bonding thing for us. When there wasn't a movie out we wanted to see, we'd stay at home and have Scary Movie Fridays.

    Dad got the wild hair that he wanted to set up the projector and screen in the backyard and watch the movie, so we made it a family night. Dad's all excited because it's a newer, high end projector with bluetooth connected speakers, so it had a drive-in theater vibe to it. Ma's not overly excited because she's not a big monster movie fan, but my old man and I were like "GODZILLA MOVIE!! >:D". We're both on the edge of our seats the whole time, chowing on popcorn and oooing and aaahing at the effects like a couple of goobers.

    It's late, so Ma's off to bed, but my dad and I are still geeking out about the whole thing with a little "Ooooh no, there goes Tokyo. GO GO GODZILLA!" and I'm just happy I got to have a moment like this with my old man to remember when we're both older.

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    03:34 UTC


    TIAH: I have a question for people who are familiar with joyscrolling

    Lately, I've been seeing a lot of content about joyscrolling. Can someone explain to me what it is exactly? Has it something to do with doomscrolling? I'm curious about how it works.

    12:05 UTC


    TIAH because I went to naked sauna with my friends...I felt so safe with them and any selfconciousness went away immedietly! It took me years to join because I was afraid of feelng to awkward, and now I can't wait to go again!

    Before I start raving about how awesome sauna is I should mention that I study in Finland as a foreigner so going to sauna together, usually naked, is a very common cultural event that is not just for hanging out but also work meetings, so it was actually pretty sad that I didn't dare join for years because I missed out on many events.

    But now about yesterday...

    We were working on a project and then when we were finished went into sauna.

    I was all awkward at the start just changing with the other girls into a bathing suit, trying to hide my body. Then we went in and...

    It was such a lovely experience and I feel like I am closer now to all of my friends!

    I went in with a bathing suit and towel, others went only with a towel or just naked, no one made me feel bad about wearing the suit or covering up...I felt so comfortable with our conversation and sitting with everyone that I ended up taking off my bathing suit when we went to cool off on the rooftop for a bit, only keeping the towel.

    I have to admit that it was also hilarious to see the sausage parade right on the edge of the building facing the business department lol

    We went into the sauna again and I just...went for it! I just let the towel drop around me without a care in the world, not thinking about it or feeling awkward for a second!

    When we went outside again with everyone I just went naked! It was absolutely lovely. I feel a lot more confident now about stuff like my hip dips, cellulite or my little belly because everyone there had it and no one was paying any attention whatsoever!

    I cannot wait to go again :D

    I also texted back a friend who was asking to go on a date with me...I felt way under his league and that I wasn't physically attractive enough even if he likes my personality, but somehow the sauna gave me the confidence to just text back in the heat of the moment (pun intended)!

    TL;DR Finnish sauna culture rules and I love all the people that are so friendly and kind when initiating foreigners into the fold, especially my wonderful friends wh made me feel so much better about my body!

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    09:57 UTC


    TIAH because I saw the aurora for the first time!

    40+ years old, lived in the central/south US for most of that, moved up north maybe 15 years ago.

    Spur of the moment, my wife got a text from her sister that last night would be great for seeing the northern lights. We looked at a light pollution map, found a park that wasn't too bad, and headed out there before sunset.

    Gorgeous sunset on the way up there, clouds looked like they were painted with a too wet paintbrush and leaking color down the sky.

    We got situated and waited maybe an hour or so. It was so subtle, we weren't sure it had started at first. Were those streaks the aurora, or was it just some thin clouds. But as the sun set further, it became clear we were watching something else. It was paler than pictures I had seen, but it was beautiful. They ebbed and flowed slowly, slow enough it felt like they weren't actually moving. But they were. It was very subtle, but no less beautiful.

    There were some distractions. Plenty of people had the same idea, including some kids with a drone. We brought our dog, which turned out to be a mistake, and he ended up hiding in the car. Lots of people pulling in and out, or just sitting in the car with their lights on. But it couldn't diminish the majesty of what we saw.

    Very tired and sluggish today, but it was absolutely worth it!

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    17:38 UTC


    TIAH for my whole entire day

    today was 80 degrees out, even though i have no AC in my car, how wonderful it is to feel the sun on my skin. I got a new sun dress from target. my boyfriend and I went to one of the bigger malls in our area and enjoyed it, I didn’t have to feel worried he was bored like some other men are about shopping (lol). I got an amazing deal at Victoria’s Secret Pink. Two new shirts, five new panties, and one lotion. I saved $118!! only paid $45. then we went home and he rubbed my new lotion all over me after a shower. we played fortnite together and watched the Empire Strikes Back before falling asleep. I am grateful for today ❤️

    06:51 UTC



    Todayiamhappy becuz I'll share everyone's happiness

    I have a yt channel where I put posts from reddit and I wanted to post smthing wholesomw and I found this

    10:09 UTC


    TIAH because I am eating a midnight craving!

    Well, it's 'tonight I am happy' for me as it's midnight where I am at and I just wanted to share!

    We didn't really have much growing up. Though we always had food on our table every meal, it was always portioned. Dishes were always salty so a very small portion is enough with a cup of rice.

    Now, here I am, eating chicken and fries and soda that the 10yo me would be so ecstatic about!

    Life is good, and I hope yours is too!

    16:41 UTC


    TIAH Today I'm very happy I was able to make a farther and son their dream happened

    So I was message by a father to see if I could let their son see my cars and of course i said yes.Why not And so father pull me aside and told me everything about what was going on and how his son was going through cancer and most likely wouldn't make it through.So I asked the father if he knew how to drive my car he said he used to have one But had to sell the car when his son got cancer. And he feels horrible because he never prioritized. How much time he had spent with his kid and now it is too late, couldn't do it no more since the car is gone. So I told him that I would trust him and to take my car and take a joy ride with his son So after 25 minutes of making sure that the roads were clear. He and his son took off after they came He was crying.I could tell he was but he didn't want to do it in front of his son.I could not imagine what he was going through.People have always told me that money never will buy me happiness but this has bought me a happy memory.

    15:55 UTC


    TIAH because of how much love we’ve gotten for our cats instagram

    My boyfriend and I decided to make my cat an instagram because of how many people commented how they loved her posing next to his Facebook marketplace listings. We didn’t think it would become much but we’d love the reels we could make with her.

    It’s been about 2 weeks and she’s already got over 400 followers and over half a million views on one of her reels. We love seeing all the funny comments adding to the joke of the spare hooman in the video and ones comparing her to a turtle. And the comments saying they love her and how cute and sweet she is. We were unsure if people would like her page because she’s a 15 year old Devon Rex, her appearance throws some people off.

    And tonight we got a dm from someone saying her family loves our cat, especially her toddler, and it takes a special person to spread as much joy and we deserve as many smiles back as we provide. I’m really glad we’ve been making videos people enjoy as much as they do and that all these people really like her. We didn’t expect this much love and engagement and we’re excited to continue growing her account.

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    07:20 UTC


    TIAH because I got an internship for my dream job

    I’m a bachelor computer science student and I'm about to start an internship as an iOS developer at a small mobile/web development company! The other employees are all really nice and the workplace is great.

    I'm also renting a car to go to work, an opportunity to gain confidence in driving and overcome small anxieties. 🤞🏻

    18:54 UTC


    TIAH because Satan (ADHD) is working hard, but these new pills are working harder! 😍

    Being scatterbrained is not for the weak. last week I was legitimately wanting to end it all. I have a few annoying essential items to close out to secure myself w/ healthcare & housing. My insurance stopped covering my therapy sessions, and a girl has been hanging on by a fraction of a thread. Not even a whole thread.

    But yeah, I’ve been beating myself up. I was like “I used to have HUSTLE. I was wake me up at 6 AM to catch flights to go stomp on my opponents. Hungry for success….Leaving no stone unturned until I get to my goal… Now look at me with all these. Goddamn papers and planners, trying to make sense of my own shitty handwriting.”

    Luckily, the higher dosage seems to be working and my inner dialogue is so much nicer when my mind is clear. :)

    Re: shitty handwriting. If People have complained about your writing for your whole life, you might have Dysgraphia, look it up! It’s pretty interesting. My stomach dropped in my butt hole when I learned, this was a thing. Anger with a side of relief. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I’m not religious, but hallelujah to the congregation! I am grateful for today. Also, I bought some new shoes! I’ll share a pic elsewhere :)

    19:04 UTC


    TIAH because we found a new home and are moving on Saturday!!

    Our previous landlord sold our apartment building and lied to us when doing so, saying it was being sold to a family and that they would give us a 2 year lease. Turns out it’s a non profit who can’t legally let us stay there. We’ve been struggling for 4 months to find a place but we now have a lease signed and got the keys a couple days ago.

    Unfortunately, we have to rely on a family member and he can’t help us until Saturday, but still!! We have a place! The only problem is that we told them we would be out by the 15th but some issues came up so we couldn’t move then, but I’m hoping things work out, it’s only a few more days.

    But we got a place!!! I’m so excited :D Today we are going to go shopping for a couch so that it’s all ready to be picked up on Saturday and might go shopping for some small stuff the place needs.

    08:14 UTC


    TIAH I've finally gotten my life together to chase my dreams!

    I feel like I've been hounded with work that seems to make it so every week is a fight for my life to get the things done I want to get done. No more. For the last two weeks and this week, I've gotten the things done each week I've wanted to get done.

    There is hope now.

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    19:17 UTC


    TIAH because I’m finding old pictures and articles of my family and get to show them to my grandpa

    There hasn’t been a very good record kept of my family and that’s always upset me because I want to know. My grandpa is the oldest living and he wrote an autobiography about things he could remember while growing up.

    Truthfully, it wasn’t the more resourceful thing as the one who wrote it out and published it for him didn’t press for details. She just typed exactly what he’d say, didn’t try putting the stories in order, ask for dates, or even check for typos.. but it’s helped me find more names to diseased relatives and back up some information I’ve found before on Ancestry.

    Because of this, I was able to find a handful of old pictures we didn’t know existed. Even the boat my 2nd great grandparents arrived on from Germany. Now I get to print them all out and when I visit him next month I get to surprise him with all these photos of our family he hasn’t seen in decades or maybe have never seen.

    17:31 UTC


    TIAH because I splurged on something I'd wanted for months and don't even feel bad about it not being sale price!

    Back in July or so a small fashion house I follow that specializes in faux fur launched their collection for this year. One of the items they had was a moto jacket in beautiful, very realistic grey fake mink fur (sort of like what Veruca Salt wears in the 2006 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adaptation). It was $250, roughly half a week's wages for me. I waited months for it to go on sale, but when it finally did, they were sold out of my size. I searched the Web high and low for my size in this coat, knowing there are department stores and boutiques that carry the brand. I finally found one in stock at a lone, obscure boutique in New England that has an online store. It was $250, so not sale price. I hemmed and hawed for weeks over whether or not to buy it - as a general rule I never pay full price for things. Today, I went ahead and bought it, the last one in my size in stock I could find anywhere. Today I am happy because I bought something nice for myself at full price!

    01:25 UTC


    TIAH because I made bread and it’s good

    Look at my bread guys 🥹

    I’ve always wanted to get into baking but as anyone who has tried it will know, it can be hard on you physically. You have to be fairly strong in the arms and back to mix flour and knead dough for 20 minutes straight. I can’t do that, because I’ve got back and shoulder issues that mean doing so hurts like a motherfucker after about three minutes.

    Then Christmas 2023 happened. My husband got me a Kitchenaid mixer. I don’t have to knead by hand anymore. I can make bread!!! I can do cookies!!! Maybe I’ll make a cake for my birthday!!! So many possibilities, but I’m starting with just bread.

    It’s not perfect, it’s a little too dense and I probably need to either knead less or proof more. But it’s bread and I made it and I’m eating it right now. Yay 😊

    01:35 UTC


    TIAH because I saved my 12 year old step daughters life

    My wife, myself and my two step daughters were at the bowling alley. We ordered the sampler appetizer platter. Everything was going great until a bite of mozzarella got stuck when she went to swallow it.

    I was coming out of the bathroom as I heard someone yelling asking if anyone was a nurse. It turned out to be my wife. I ran over to them and immediately began the heimlich. After around 10 attempts we were in the clear. She's bruised and has a sore throat but doing fine.

    I've saved many people from death during my time in the military, but never thought I'd have to save a child's, let alone one of mine. Thanks for reading!

    20:27 UTC


    TIAH because I finally figured out what I'm gonna be when I grow up!

    I'm 19, soon 20 years old and I've been trying to figure out a profession for myself since I was 14 and we did our first profession tests at school. I went to high school to figure it out. IB sucked the life out of me and I barely graduated. Still no plans for the future whatsoever, it felt like everyone is breathing down my neck about what am I gonna study at university, what am I gonna be when I grow up, where am I gonna study, when am I gonna get a real job other than sports coach.

    Took a gap year, now halfway through it. One evening I was talking with my mom about it, the stress of not knowing what to do with my life now that I'm free to choose, and she started just listing professions, half-joking and half-serious. At one point she mentioned a classroom teacher, and it was like a bulb went off! My dad's a teacher, my brother is about to graduate to be a teacher and his girlfriend is a teacher, the answer was just so close the entire time that I didn't realise it!

    Of course I'm going to be a class teacher for elementary school, I'd love that job! I'm real creative and artistic, I like working with kids, I'd like to think that I'm a very positive and an encouraging person, and I get along with anyone. I was looking for a profession where I'd have a very clear-cut job with enough variety to not get bored, preferably a predetermined schedule, a chance to make use of my artistic skills to some extent, and a bunch of other things related to health issues that rule out professions involving heavy lifting, frequent hand-washing and contact with irritants, animals, and exceptionally hectic or stressful schedules, as well as exceptionally loud places of work. I am aware that I'll be dealing with large groups of excited small children all day long as a teacher, but I have earplugs and breaks from the kids as well as the chance to get them to quiet down a bit more on some lessons.

    TL;DR: 'Mom suggested that I could be a class teacher after years of me desperately trying to figure out a profession, and now I'm relieved of most of my stress'

    I'm just so happu to finally have a direction in life. :)

    12:31 UTC


    TIAH because I finally finished my final project

    So for my Principles of Culinary Science class we have this big old final project to do. It was weeks of research, a 5 page monster essay, lots of chips and soda, and a nerve wracking presentation but I did it >:)

    I was worried I would do bad but my professor complimented me on my presentation and knowledge when answering questions. The paper part isn't due for another week or two but I am just so glad to have that shit out of the way and turned in. All I have to do now are my two, very much smaller history essays and I'm done with my assignments for the semester. Then it's just studying and plowing through exam week.

    Also another girl made gluten free cookies for her presentation and they were good :p

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    19:45 UTC


    TIAH Because I Got Two Bikinis

    I am finally allowed to wear bikinis. My mom used to forbid who sees them as immodest. My dad said that I was old enough to pick my own swimsuits. I feel so happy that I am finally treated as old enough to choose what I wear.

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    00:48 UTC


    TIAH because I finally brushed my teeth after god knows how many weeks

    Some time after hitting high school I started ignoring my oral hygiene. Twice a day became once a day. Once a day became very other day. Then every week. Every few weeks. Worse I've gone is months. The only reason I've only gotten 2 cavities so far is because 80% of the time I'll just lay in bed and starve rather than go out and get food. Cut to college and I haven't brushed my teeth in weeks. Maybe over a month.
    But I actually did it. I thought to myself "man my teeth are gross. My breath is gross. My mouth is gross." and actually got up and did something about it for once. Even cleaned my retainer and brought it back from being caked in off white/yellow gunk to a clean little clear pink.
    Will I relapse and ignore my oral hygiene for another couple of weeks? Probably. But it's a start :)
    Even if this feeling will be gone by morning, I feel a wee bit proud of myself

    Was gonna put this in r/depression but they don't allow any achievements :p

    04:31 UTC


    TIAH because I got my dream job

    So today I was offered and accepted my dream job. After almost 10 years working in a commercial business of my industry I accepted a position with a humanitarian organisation, with better Pay, real benefits and with sweetners duentonthe location I will be working in.

    I amnso happy I will no longer working in a profit driven field and will be able to see the positive effect my job will have on people who are truly in need of what we deliver.

    16:57 UTC


    TIAH I am happy of my luck and it's my birthday

    Its my birthday! And I'm happy!

    So much suffering in the world, yet we are all in this together. I am happy to feel related to you all. And today I want to celebrate that!

    I am happy I am me. I am happy and grateful for my life. I am happy it is my birthday!

    16:36 UTC


    TIAH because I got a HUGE surprise pay rise

    I can‘t go into too many detail because my situation is quite specific and I want to stay anonymous.

    but basically I‘m a trainee, and my original contract forbade me from working weekends. the company I work at operates during regular office hours, except for my department which is a bit of a special case. the laws protecting trainees from being exploited are quite strict in my country, there are industries where they can work on weekends but it really depends on the contract.

    anyway, due to the nature of my job I missed out on lots of learning opportunities, and neither my coworkers nor I were happy about me being restricted to weekdays. my boss, the manager who‘s responsible for our department and HR figured out a legally sound way that‘s in accordance with my contract so I can work on weekends and it included a HUGE raise! after taxes and insurance, I‘m earning DOUBLE from what it was before!

    usually, as you go through the stages of training you get smaller raises with each state, I won‘t get those anymore but it‘s still more than during the last stage.

    I EARN A LIVING WAGE NOW! I‘m not reliant on government aid! I‘m not reliant on my partner‘s income! I‘m going to be able to afford a decent standard of living! no more worries about having enough money left for food once my bills are paid! we can even move to a bigger apartment and adopt a dog once our lease runs out, and I won‘t need to worry even the slightest about having to choose between food for myself and paying the vet in case there‘s an emergency! and I can get money back into my savings account, that has been dwindeling ever since I started my job.

    it‘s still a while until pay day, but I‘m for sure celebrating by ordering my favorite takeout (to which I haven‘t treated myself in a while) and getting seriously baked today!

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    14:45 UTC


    TIAH because I have a kitchen!

    I haven't had access to an oven in 7 years. Today I got a stove.

    It's been so long it took me 4 hours to realize that I can now BAKE things in it.

    Delicious sweet things. Delicious ... anything!!!!

    Please celebrate with me!!! Please can you share with me your EASIEST most FAVORITE recipes :)

    04:50 UTC


    TIAH, I had a special experience with my 11-year-old cat

    Since taking him in six months ago, I've always viewed him as a beloved pet, not necessarily as a family member. Cats, after all, are known for their independent nature, and while he enjoys our companionship, I never expected anything extraordinary.

    However, something remarkable happened yesterday. I opened the door to let him outside, and instead of his usual wanderings, he chose to stick around. We spent some time cuddling, but after a while, he seemed to want something more. When I stood up to head inside, he meowed and made it clear he had something in mind.

    Intrigued, I followed him as he led the way. He carefully guided me through the streets, ensuring I stayed close and never lost sight of him. He marked his territory by rubbing against objects and kept me on track, meowing when I lagged behind or tried to take shortcuts through neighbors' gardens.

    It was an extraordinary stroll, one where my cat seemed to genuinely want my company. This behavior is atypical for cats, and it made me proud. It felt like I was being initiated into some exclusive cat club, even though I admittedly have a long way to go in becoming a feline companion as skillful as he is.

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    16:36 UTC


    TIAH moment because I made an omelette by taking the saying "you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs" quite literally.

    This morning, while reaching for something in the fridge, the egg carton slipped from the door and fell onto the bottom shelf, resulting in three cracked eggs. Surprisingly, the eggs were still relatively intact, clean, and good enough to use, but they were cracked into smithereens. Fortunately, the spillage was minimal and neatly contained within the egg container.

    I decided to embrace the moment and thought, "Why not make the most of these cracked eggs?" I carefully poured the remnants into a cup, whisked them together, and then proceeded to add some cheese and jalapenos. The end result was a delicious and eggcellent omelette.

    What makes this episode even more amusing is that, prior to this incident, I had never managed to crack three eggs without either breaking at least one yolk or getting a tiny bit of shell into the white. However, today, by accidentally breaking a few eggs instead of going for my usual cereal, I achieved the perfect omelette. It was a small but delightful victory in the kitchen, and it left me with a hearty, satisfying breakfast and a smile on my face. Sometimes, even the most unexpected mishaps can turn into pleasant surprises.

    22:04 UTC


    TIAH because I'm watching another episode of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Let me explain

    As probably almost every single kid, I always loved Scooby Doo. Then, when I was a young teenager/highschooler every summer the rest of my family would go to a music camp for a week that I wasn't interested in. So I had this one week home alone and it was always the best time. I would usually have some "party nights" with friends and some "treat yourself nights" by myself.

    On one of these first home alone weeks I had this idea and watched a random hour-long scooby doo movie just for funs and nostalgia. But later during that schoolyear, I remember very clearly, I was sitting in physics and I suddenly remembered that movie. The movie, my week at home alone and the feeling of summer in general, it all came back. And I decided then, that the next summer I would watch another scooby doo movie or at least just a single episode. And after that I did it every summer.

    Then, the summer before I was a freshman at college while looking for my yearly episode I found Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated. I watched the pilot and it was awesome. I decided that I was gonna stick to it. For the last couple of years I haven't had these home alone weeks anymore and since I started working, summer isn't all that different from the rest of the year anyway. Still, every year I watch the next episode in line from mystery incorporated and I always have a nostalgic feel-good time with it. But this summer I was so busy that I actually completely forgot about the whole thing and it's only now that I did a double take and realized that I missed my episode. So I'm gonna put that right, right now!

    By the way, of all the Scooby Doo shows on earth, Mystery Incorporated has to be the most inconvenient one to choose for something like this. It's probably the only scooby doo show that has some continuity in between episodes, even if only a little. But I remember almost nothing from the previous four parts, only flashes really. So this whole thing is incredibly stupid. But it's a nice little ridicoulous past-time activity that's only mine and I love it for that. It's like my inside-joke with myself. The fact that I have this small thing is the best. It makes me happy.

    (I started when I was 18 btw. If I'm really gonna keep to this, I'm gonna be 44 when I finish the first season. There is probably no way that's gonna happen. Although one of my strengths is that I almost always finish things that I start... But just imagine: it would be my most ridicoulous but yet still impressive accomplishment ever.)

    20:46 UTC

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