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A subreddit for those that feel cannabis should be re-legalized and regulated

This subreddit is dedicated to the re-legalization of cannabis.

Posts may take the following form:

  • Action alerts and information on pending or recently passed legislation regarding the reform of cannabis laws

  • Organization for twitter campaigns / e-mail campaigns / meme generation campaigns that address specific individuals or arguments for the advancement of the re-legalization cause

  • If you can make a compelling argument for why your post advances the cannabis law reform cause, you may post it here as well.

Please refrain from posting memes or other internet fare of a humorous nature unless it effectively consolidates a compelling re-legalization argument into an easily digestible form that can be spread over social media.

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Petition to legalize cannabis federally in Australia

Hey guys, I'm here to spread word about the recently uploaded petition on the federal governments website. The petition is requesting that cannabis be rescheduled from a schedule 8 drug to a schedule 3 drug. Meaning it would be decriminalised nationally and go as far as to legalise it for recreational use, or at least lay the ground work for this.

Here is the link for those who don't need convincing as to why this is a good idea, please sign ASAP as the cut off is the 1st of September:


As for everyone else who is on the fence please allow me to offer some reasons as to why this is of benefit to our nation. I will include links to sources at the bottom of the post for any one who is curious to do further reading.

In 2019 cannabis legalisation was predicted to generate $171.1 million USD and was projected to have an annual growth rate of 42.1% from 2020 to 2026, reaching approximately $1.9 billion USD by 2026 (Grand View Research, Inc). Legalisation would also bring about hundreds, potentially thousands of new jobs in a time when there is an extreme job shortage in Australia. As we recover from the devastating effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic the introduction of a new industry to Australia is a much needed step in the right direction. For an example look no further than Collie in the south west region of WA where a single medical cannabis facility has created over 50 jobs in construction and 24 permanent positions(West Australian Government). Collie is a town with less than 8000 people, and the medical industry is less than 1/10th the size of what the recreational industry would be. Legalisation would bring about a new job market in need of fresh infrastructure, growers, harvesters, quality inspectors, distributors, marketing teams, sales teams and many other jobs along the way.

The cost of policing cannabis in Australia is steep, with estimates placing the yearly cost of policing and criminal justice related to cannabis offences at $1.1 billion AUD (Drug Policy Australia). This is a huge sum of money that could very easily be be reallocated to much better uses. And in a democratic society where our laws are supposedly based on the will of the people, this incredible sum of money is being wasted given that as of 2019 the number of people in support of legalisation officially beat out those against (41% pro, 37% against) (NDSHS 2019).

These laws are outdated, and the "tough on drugs" approach has failed miserably at all levels of society. There needs to be a new approach that is education focused, teaching people what they need to know I'm order to safely consume their drug of choice - as is their right. There also needs to be a conscious effort to reconciliate with the First Nations and minority communities that have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs and persecuted at higher levels than non indigenous people.

There are still concerns regarding health impacts related to cannabis, however the current model does nothing to address these issues. Access to support and harm reduction is stifled by our out dated policies that focus on punishment and gives no thought to actually helping those who need it. At the same time however, all of the health concerns and concerns around driving whilst under the influence apply 10 fold to the use of alcohol. The claims by the Victorian police chief regarding the recent enquiry into cannabis legalisation about "rising anti social behaviour" are debatable at best and flat out lies at worst. Alcohol is much more dangerous in all of the areas commonly listed as reasons to be against cannabis use, and alcohol usage is far more likely to encourage anti social behaviour.

The time has come for change in Australia, and by signing this petition were taking a positive step forward to introducing a new system that will truely help and reflect the attitudes of the Australian people. Thank you for your time, have a great day.

Petition link:


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NJ CRC Releases Adult-Use Cannabis Rules Emphasizing Social Equity

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) released the adult-use cannabis market rules which prioritize social equity and small businesses.


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GoDaddy Refuses to Provide Help to Heady NJ Due to Anti-Marijuana Policy

The website host provider GoDaddy has refused Heady NJ technical service assistance, citing its anti-marijuana policy.


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Snippet of the Garden 🪴

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Kiaro Holdings' Daniel Petrov, CEO, discusses the company and its recent acquisition of the Hemisphere chain of cannabis retail stores from Aegis Brands

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Marijuana laws are tyrannical

   Marijuana is not a drug, it's a seed-bearing plant that was placed here with us by the grace of our mutual creator. No one has the right to prevent anyone else from possessing the plants that grow on the earth.     Marijuana in the form of industrial hemp is as precious a commodity today as it was 80 years ago when it was replaced by petroleum products like nylon. Hemp can replace petroleum in it's most polluting applications. It also produces nutritious seeds that grow fast and could help to end world famine.        Scientific research on marijuana has been forbidden for many generations, at a time in our history when petroleum-based pollution has ravaged our air, our water, our food, and our health.     Marijuana can be used as "medicine", but it is not a drug. Mother Nature doesn't manufacture drugs, humans do. Sometimes we make drugs by synthesizing a specific molecular substance from petroleum, or other non-organic sources, through chemical manipulation.     Sometimes we make drugs by extracting and purifying a specific molecular substance from a plant.The plant doesn't become a drug, only the distilled, concentrated active ingredient becomes a drug. THC extracted from the marijuana plant and attached to a chemical delivery system is a drug.     There are many plants that contain poisonous substances, some deadly, but nobody calls those plants drugs, and they certainly are not on the official list of dangerous drugs, next to marijuana, fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, etc.     Not only is legal marijuana not bad or wrong, it could save the world.    Marijuana doesn't kill, and it isn't a gateway to drug use. But marijuana laws are, by forcing citizens out of their gardens and into the black market.     No human has the right to criminalize a plant. Period.

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Compassion Model to Share

we're putting together a list of domestic dispensaries which practise Cannabis fair trade and compassion in Canada. from there, it's the world; our listings, (which are growing) to go along with our membership and visitor traffic can be found here, www.fromCanada.org/domestic-dispensaries

if you would like to be part, we would love to have you and take the first few steps to a relationship committed to compassion, ethics, and fair trade, if you deliver medical cannabis internationally, please let us know as well, for our international page.

IF you would like to participate, or recommend a dispensary, we are also encouraging Canadian dispensaries to provide us with a unique 'Compassion Code' to share to be redeemed for compassion at checkout on your site. (we forego any referral or affiliate fees)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and consider being a part! hope to hear from you soon!



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Tutorial for the professional stoner.

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WeedCoin (THC), the utility token that supports Cannabis legalization

WeedCoin (THC) is the first utility token that supports cannabis legalization worldwide, it has been created on May 26th 2021 and many important upgrades await us these next days! It's marketcap is just 2 millions right now!

The vision of the developing team is to make WeedCoin (THC) the utility token for buying cannabis-related products and to support cannabis for medical, industrial and recreational purposes.

The developing team is working hard these days to build a network of cannabis-related influencers and associations that support the project and results are coming fast! Everyday new influencers and associations join WeedCoin (THC).

Also a Telegram group for the shops who already want to accept WeedCoin (THC) as a payment method as been created and the team is working on a map that will show where the shops are located.

You can find all the main info here: https://www.publish0x.com/makeitreal/weedcoin-thc-will-be-listed-on-coinmarketcap-on-june-18th-xnxezrk

I think it has big potential, share you thoughts with me!

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Mr. Marc Lakmaaker Provide Important Information about the Culture Based Cannabis Company Australis Capital Inc.

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Epilepsy Campaign For Access To The UK`s Medical Cannabis

Hello from Scotland, This Mother Is Campaigning To Allow Her Son Access To Medical Cannabis, Epilepsy Is Currently Not On The List For Access To The UK Medical Cannabis System.

Please Support Any Way You Can.



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Every time I say that cannabis kills cancer I get called names. Obviously you don't do enough research on what you put into your body. You can find this on youtube as Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story.

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Weed Talk News: New York Celebrates Weed Legalization with Senator Chuck Schumer

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