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Curious, I have 500 tabs that are used to determine "Super Tasters"

This is a small portion of the population that has an enhanced sense of taste. Basically the majority of people stick this tab in their mouth and taste nothing. Those are regular tasters. Less than 10% of the people that put the tab in their mouth taste a bitter aspirin like taste. These are Super Tasters. Now the question, Any ideas on turning this into a Science Experiment? thoughts?

Thanks In advance

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What are your US 2024 presidential predictions?


Hey everyone!

Founder and creator of a site called Politarian.com. A free website for people who like to make political predictions; letting people post who they think will win in a future election.

Complete Anonymity: Make predictions with full anonymity – your account details stay private. Predict the Future: Dive into predicting federal and state elections for 2023-2024. Decode the paths to victory. Public or Private: Share your predictions publicly or keep them all to yourself – it's your call. Candidate Insights: Access comprehensive candidate info – news, endorsements, bios – everything to make sharp predictions.

Politarian is nonpartisan regarding any political party; rather focusing on transparency, holistic information, accountability, and a simple-to-use interface as to navigate the complex political landscape.

I would appreciate any feedback and look forward to seeing your predictions on Politarian.com!

Update: 1.1: Hey y’all! We just made an update!! We added Social Media to the candidate profiles. Hope you guys can join us in making a primary prediction for the 2024 election :)

Update: 1.2: We have become more enlightened! I've made changes to the Map and added a counter along with a progression bar so you know the total votes. Let me know what you think!

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