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The sport where you strap two boards to your feet and point them down the mountain. Turning optional!

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Best Ski Towns for Remote Work?

I recently landed a job that will allow me to remotely work in the U.S. One of the ideas that popped into my mind was the idea of moving to a ski town. Work in the day, ski at night and on weekends... it could be a very fun and very healthy life. It's far from a lock since I do have competing needs, but I wanted to see where folks think would be best for remote working.

On the work side of things, I'll need an internet connection. The faster, the better since I like to use the internet for streaming live sports and other content.

For skiing, I'd like somewhere with a good night skiing option so I can head out after work. And for terrain, anywhere with wide, long, and steep trails is perfect for me. I grew up in the East; my favorite hills include Whiteface, Mad River Glen, and Gore--an odd trio, I know.

For my life, I'd love somewhere I can meet people. I'm 33, male, and single, but I want to start a family one day. Somewhere with legal recreational marijuana would also be a plus.

In terms of places I've looked at, Denver and Boulder got the most looks, but I feel like Salt Lake City might also be good. I'm definitely not opposed to smaller places, like Glenwood Springs or Tahoe. One other category I'm interested in would be places where I can do ski weekends--maybe a city where I can work M-F but take a bus to a ski resort for a weekend.

Any suggestions would be appreciated; any explanations would be appreciated even more!

05:34 UTC


I shuffled down the entire slope yesterday

I’m hoping someone can help me understand what went wrong for me yesterday when I went to ski for my 2nd time.

1st time - seamless, not easy but straightforward. It was a bit icy and snow was manufactured. I pizza’ed a good bit at Winter Park Porcupine.

2nd time - I was STUCK. I physically could not move further than 1 foot, even with poles. I tried everything. When I got down to the base after a very painful hour, I realized that I had ice stuck to a couple parts of my skis on the bottom.

The ice on my skis has to be why I was stuck, right? I’m planning on getting them waxed this week. I was just shocked that the week before I was sliding nicely down a green at Winter Park, and yesterday I literally trudged down the mountain on my skis.

Please help me understand what I did wrong and how to correct it for this next week, as I’m wanting to spend as much time learning how to ski as I can spare on the weekends.

05:02 UTC


Snowboarder who needs help!!

Hey all, as the title implies, I’ve never in my life been on skis. Been on a board for 20+ years so I understand how the gear has evolved in general. My fiancé hasn’t been on skis in almost a decade and is finally looking to join me back on the mountains. We just got her fitted with great boots at a reputable shop as well as a nice set of 88W skis. What are your tips for someone who hasn’t been on modern skis and is looking to slowly get back into the sport? Any help I can get in coaching her body mechanics would be dope. She’s very athletic but also v tall/light. Cheers and have a good season 🤙🏼

04:26 UTC


Where should I spend my money as a beginner?

Learned how to ski last season. Went from zero to black diamond skiing mostly in the Tahoe area.

Picked up some used pro boots from Alpine Meadows rentals for about $60 and they felt decent, could be better but for the price, they feel alright.

Also I purchased an ikon pass for this season and I'm probably going go to at least 8-10 times to Palisades.

Was looking to buy new skis with black friday deals and I was close to pulling the trigger on Rossignol Sender 90 Pros for about $400.

Everyone says to spend a boatload on boots that fit well though, and I wanted a second opinion on where to spend the $400.

Is $400 enough to get a decent boot from a fitter? I wouldn't say I'd be comfortable paying more than that right now as I enjoy skiing but don't love it yet.

Also might be a dumb question, but can boot fitters make used boots fit better?

03:48 UTC


New to the quiver!

And I’m sure psyched to try them! K2 Pon2oon (169) and XO v7 (166). Super psyched to try them.

No plans to replace the DPS Wailer 112 (178) or my treasured Volkl Snowrangers (190), but I am going to get at least a hundred days this season and was looking to expand. Also wanted to try out some shorter lengths.

03:40 UTC


What jacket color would you pair with this bib?

03:35 UTC


Resort not guaranteeing work after holidays

I’m leaving tomorrow morning to drive across the country to California to work in lift ops and I just got an email from my employer saying that work and hours are not guaranteed. I got my scholarship deferred for the semester, already signed a lease for the season, and have invested a lot in to this thing happening for me and now it seems like it might not. Does anyone know what the situation is like for employment on the west coast right now? I’m freaking out a little bit.

03:00 UTC


Alta was looking mighty fine for opening weekend

02:55 UTC


Advice on form please

It felt like I was carving but looking back at the video something seems off. I am the one wearing a jacket with a white top and black bottom with black pants.

02:23 UTC


Hard time jumping feet together on rails

I always end up lifting one foot then the other. I think it’s because I’m scared that my tips will catch.

02:00 UTC


Frame bindings too big for boots

I picked up a used touring setup for the wife and am afraid the bindings are too big for her boots. These are frame bindings… Look xm13 (size large). Online it looks like the minimum sole length would be 305, her boots are a 296mm. There is an adjustment screw in the heel and at the very tightest there’s only a couple mm space between the heel of the boot and the top of the heel binding.

These skis have already been drilled twice so if the bindings don’t work it would probably mean an all new setup. Any ideas what to do here?

Just from a quick test at fully tightened they seem to hold fine, but I want to make sure they are safe to ski. I was planning on taking them into a shop but want to figure out if these are even compatible first.

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01:58 UTC


Similar ski backpack ?

I've used a rossignol side tour 15l for around 3 years and a couple months ago it was stolen (with 90% of my ski gear in it) so I'm looking for a similar one. Preferably around 15 to 20 liters but it HAS to have ski straps on either side so I can do the A frame carrying method. Any help would be seriously appreciated as I'm struggling to find anything similar thanks.

01:32 UTC


A bag to check skis & a snowboard?

Does such a bag exist? I hate paying to check bags, and I really want to only have to check one to take my skis and my wife’s snowboard. Skis are 180cm

01:19 UTC


Ski boots hurting the tops of my feet

So I’ve recently bought new skis and boots. The atomic bent 85 and atomic hawk magna 100. The only problem I have is the boots after having them on for about 10-20 minutes hurt the tops of my feet about where my tarsal meets the metatarsal. I’ve tried adjusting the boots but I was wondering if any other skiers have had this problem and if they’ve found solutions to it.

00:35 UTC


Wisconsin Alpine Valley Opening Day

00:29 UTC


Skiers over 40: prepping for the season

I regularly lift weights and run, so I’m reasonably fit year round. However, both of those activities aren’t very dynamic or involve much stability or core strength in the same way skiing does. You’re basically ping a repetitive motion in the same plane over and over.

I would like to incorporate something fitness wise in the fall to better prepare me for the demands of skiing. What do other old timers do?

23:45 UTC


About think I’m about to purchase a pair of All Play J skis. Anything I should know before I send it?


23:41 UTC


New carvers into the quiver

23:28 UTC


Are there any major differences between Shift Pro 120 AT 2022 to 2024?

Looking into getting a pair of the Shift Pros 120 ATs but just wanted to know if getting the newest model It was better than last year's model or at least what are the differences between the two?

21:35 UTC


Any reason why I shouldn’t try to learn to ski at 53?

First and only time was in my teens. I was on my period and was miserable. Fell down every few feet and had to claw my way back up to my lost ski. But at the very end of the day I had a perfect ski and it was so fun. But that was more than 30 years ago

But I live REALLY close to a ski resort and my husband might get a free pass for working there. I’ve picked up horseback riding again recently because I want to become more active but won’t go to a gym

So I’m thinking about grabbing the shuttle up to the resort on the weekends after I’m done helping at the horse barn, and trying to learn again.

Am I too old to try to learn? I would really really like to at least try.

20:38 UTC


DEBATE/OPINIONS: Stance vs Bombas merino wool ski socks

Hello Redditiers!

POV: You have your dream ski/snowboard trip to Japan coming up but you need to pack light. Like all seasoned vets here you pack merino wool because they dry fast and dont spread your BO across the entire lodge!

But we gotta pick stance or bombas (both are the same price but stance has cooler designs and an INCREDIBLE lifetime warranty with their Infinity socks)

Bomba, I've never owned say I cant speak on them.

20:19 UTC


Anyone know Bernex in the French Alps (near Swiss border)?

I'm haven't skied in a long long time since I was a kid. I'm generally good with cold weather.

I'm going to Bernex in the French Alps (near the Swiss border and quite near Les Gets/Avoriaz/Morzine). I'll be there in February and wondering how cold (or not cold) it'll feel?

I've Googled typical temperatures for February but 1) they're not always accurate and 2) sometimes it can feel a lot colder than the temperature Google says.

Do I need special skiing-specific gloves? I've got normal gloves which I thought I'd take but they might not be very insulating.

I also have a normal coat but it's not a skiing specific coat. It's fairly thin. Would it be ok? Here's the link to it: https://www.asos.com/calvin-klein-golf/calvin-klein-golf-conductor-puffer-hooded-jacket-in-black/prd/202712687?currencyid=1&browsecountry=GB&affid=28280&_CjwKCAiA9ourBhAVEiwA3L5RFlC4TRhuqbOz7VcDbrE_WGX5HrPwKvvCP7Z8BSN6I1CEoq76cQ4_2hoCEcYQAvD_BwE&channelref=product+search&ppcadref=20546713158%7C%7C&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA9ourBhAVEiwA3L5RFlC4TRhuqbOz7VcDbrE_WGX5HrPwKvvCP7Z8BSN6I1CEoq76cQ4_2hoCEcYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

19:41 UTC


Opening week-end in Val Thorens

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19:36 UTC


New skis for this season!!

18:49 UTC


What characteristics make a ski good for landing cliff drops and other air?

I realize that a wide ski is important for landing in powder, but what about the other characteristics? Stiffness, weight, tail rocker, length, poppy-ness, core material , etc. Or do they not really matter?

18:44 UTC


Opinion: Your Brand New Skis Need to be Tuned

-Not all skis are flat out of the wrapper. In fact most aren’t.

-The factory wax is not very good.

-The pattern on your base is wrong for the geographic region and snow that you are riding.

People are leaving a bit of performance on the table by riding their skis “fresh” out of the wrapper.

Downvote me to hell

18:32 UTC


Skiing Japan

I'm running the Tokyo Marathon on March 3 and trying to ski Japan after. Does anyone know of any groups playing trips or companies planning trips for that week that I could join? Saw Evo had a few but they were all pre-race. I only have iKon, but willing to go wherever. Thanks!

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18:03 UTC


Boot fitter in MA?

Can anyone recommend a quality boot fitter in eastern or central MA?

17:38 UTC


Success stories? Putting Intuition liners into Atomic Hawx Ultra (130) S?

Which ones did you choose? The stock Mimic liner on my right foot is kinda stabbing my ankle after i put them back into my boots. I think the material got thrown out of whack when i crunched them back in. Fit like a glove for 2 seasons.

17:23 UTC

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