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  • Where to start...

  • To start developing iOS Apps, you need to download the iOS SDK (The application/framework you use to create, test and deploy iOS Apps).

  • The SDK can be downloaded for free from the App Store on your Mac. (Or from developer.apple.com)

  • Here is the link it contains everything you need!

  • You do not need to pay and be part of the iOS developer program to develop Apps. Only to run them on device and submit to the store. You can have lots of fun running your creations in the iOS simulator.


http://cocoacontrols.com/ http://stackoverflow.com/ http://iconarchive.com

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Monday Hero - Mac app for developers to convert Sketch to iOS

Hi there đź‘‹,

I'm one of the members behind Monday Hero since the beginning of 2019. My team and I have just released a new version a few days ago. I want to share it with you to get feedback.

In that new update; you can convert Sketch designs with its fonts, colors, assets, paddings to XCode Storyboard files.

You can sign up from 👉mondayhero.io, then start using for free.

I would be very happy if you give feedback and comments. 🤗


Convert Sketch Into Storyboard with Monday Hero

17:31 UTC


How can I gate IOS app to distribute as a lead magnet

We have an app which is a digital version of a physical product we sell. I was hoping to use the app itself as a way to get customers to share their email address. I don't know how to make the app not available for free and give people access when they opt in. I had considered making the app $1.99 or so and sending coupon codes for subscribers but Apple only allows for 100 at a time and they expire. Does anyone have any input as to if this is possible? The app is called Chore Sticks and is a chore system for families. We are still updating from the last IOS software update so don't download it yet :-). Thanks in advance!

21:11 UTC


New Xcode project application

I have a quick question.

When creating a new Xcode project, what would be the best application to use for creating an app that allows the user to pinch to zoom out to work on more parts of the app?

I know that might be a horrible explanation, so I’ll try better.

Let’s say I have a model of a large rectangular slab. The iPhone real screen is too small for the size. However the user can pinch to zoom in or out to tackle different portions of the slab they so choose.

Referring back to the original question, would that be considered a single view application? I tried to dive into what the different applications do, but I’m still confused.

If still not making sense to anybody, I can reword it hopefully in better detail.

Thank you for your time

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13:51 UTC


How to automatically log into a users account on a website to retrieve information

Here are the steps that I would like my app to perform:

- User gives my app their username and password for their account on a webpage

- Each time the user opens my app, the app automatically logs in the user on the webpage to retrieve specific information

- The specific information is retrieved and shown in the app


The webpage I have in mind has no APIs.


How would I approach this challenge? (I write in objective-c)

09:53 UTC


touchesBegan/touchUpInside...which approach?

I want the user to hold down one of 8 buttons on a view.  Think of these buttons as backpacks, filled with more buttons.

Once the "red backpack" button is held down, the other backpacks are replaced with the action item buttons "inside" that "red backpac.  With their finger still pressing down, the user slides their finger to an action item and releases, which triggers that action, and brings back all the other backpacks.  

I've been looking at tutorials for uipangesturerecognizer, and they're getting me 80% of the way there, but I'm a little stumped (also, I need to do this all programmatically!)

Thanks all!

19:14 UTC


Printing array elements to a label rather than to the console.

Hi, I am having trouble working out how to print array elements to a label in the way that I want. The output for the code below works as intended, but is there a way to send the print output to a label rather than to the console? I know that I can use label.text = "(words), but that encloses the elements in square brackets. I'm wondering if there's a simple way to direct the print output to places other than to the console?

for word in words {

            print(word, terminator:",")
10:28 UTC


Win user here, will a mac mini work to code ios apps?

Win devloper here, looking to code on for IOS. Was told a mac mini would do the job. Is this true or do I need to look for something more powerful.

Looking to code simple apps that connect to an online database to display data. (Think sales flyer info).

Have tried the vm route, but it fails on my PC due to invalid video card. Thinking I should just try with the real mac. Thanks for any advice.

13:20 UTC


Different Views in Custom Keyboard Xib?

I'm amazed at how little this is covered, but there is a lot of noise out there when trying to find information on custom keyboards.

I believe what I'm trying to do is relatively simple, but I haven't used Xib files before. Help!

  • I'm making a custom keyboard extension using swift.
  • on the xib file, I've achieved all the functionality of the base qwerty keyboard.
  • I'm trying to add a button which will replace the view of the keyboard with a date and time picker, and then return to the qwerty keyboard once set.

I really have searched (with a friend) for hours and hours. Help please!

Thanks Brian

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17:09 UTC


Beginner trying to create an instance

Learning how to code and taking it one step at a time. Currently I'm following this guide that says to "Create an instance of a collection view in our ViewController.swift file"

Now this works when the collection view is on our first main storyboard controller but does not seem to work when its on an different viewcontroller.

How do I get around this?

16:08 UTC


Blog App

What is the best way to make a blog app?

I have tried 2 ways: linking the app to a webpage, though this is a slow functioning app. Another way would be to make a new view for each blog post. Would doing this require a new update to the app with every post?

Edit: it would be similar to Bar Stool Sports. How is their architecture set up?

What is your experience? Which way is best? Is there another way?

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17:10 UTC


Xcode 'DispatchTimeNow' delay uneven/out of time?

I've got simple code where after a button is pushed, a UIImage is changed multiple times, with the image chosen being dictated by a random number generator (arc4random_uniform).

e.g (I haven't included the random number generator to make the code simpler)

     @IBAction func ButtonPushed(_ sender: Any) {

      let delay1 = DispatchTime.now() + 0.5 
      let delay2 = DispatchTime.now() + 1
      let delay3 = DispatchTime.now() + 1.5

    DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: delay1) {
       self.RandomNumber.image = UIImage(named: "Number1")

   DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: delay2) {
       self.RandomNumber.image = UIImage(named: "Number2")

   DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: delay3) {
       self.RandomNumber.image = UIImage(named: "Number3")

When I push the button, a simulator plays out the delays perfectly with all the delays correct time-wise, but when I play this on a real ios device, the time and space between each delay is off, sometimes a little, sometimes a LOT.

Is there a more reliable delay function I could use to guarantee a true and reliable delay? I assumed this was a computing issue, as a simulator has far more processing power than what a phone does, where my hypothesis was that the program takes time to read the code in each delay and throttles the delay timing. Does the random number generator possibly cause issues? (the random number generator generates all the numbers as the button is pushed, so the computing is at the start before all the delays take place)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

08:52 UTC


Hello XCODE users, I have a newbie question for you.

So I'm about to start learning programming and my friends told me to start with dev-c++ but since macOS doesn't support this program I ended up with XCODE. So my question is, If I will start with this program's philosophy, will I be able to use dev-C++ or similar programs another day?

13:33 UTC


cannot link button to code as object, only action

When I control-drag a button from storyboard to my swift code, I can only release and create an action. I cannot change it to an object. Why not?

05:09 UTC

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