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Absolute novice looking for group (GMT+3) (20yo) (thursdays-fridays)

Never played Ryuutama, but it looks really cool and I'd love to learn. Recently disbanded my own dnd party of 2.5 years so I'm pretty lost in terms of what to do next.

21:15 UTC


Ryuutama and other Genres

This might be a bit of an odd question, but have you thought about importing the Ryuutama System into a different genre than Fantasy?

The reason I'm bringing it up is because I find the character sheets quite basic and I'm thinking about how an adventure might look in an urban fantasy/post-apocalypse setting (it makes sense in context ^^).

08:14 UTC


A few questions from a new GM

Hi everyone,

I recently picked this book up and it will be my first foray in to TTRPG's as well as first time GM'ing. A few questions I had after reading the book;

- Specialty goods being sold in another town at full price. I'm not sure I understand how this works. So I pay 100 for small goods to sell in another town for 100? Feels like something is missing here. I know the merchant can get a discount but that's only if they purchase 4+ of the same item. Confused?

- What would be the point of cleaning items and players? Is this strictly for roleplaying purposes? I.E you haven't bathed in several days so when you meet important NPC they think less of you?

- Using the map sheet, is each square a location? Some squares can just be journey parts? So if we start in the center and go WEST then town in center, 2 journey squares, then another location?

- Some of the Ryuujinn's Reveil's seem to penalize the party, like the one that makes a roll automatically a fumble, why is this if the ryuujinn's supposed to be helping the party?

TIA, I think that is all I have for now. Sorry if these are obvious, I've never done this before so I'm trying to wrap my head around it.

02:04 UTC


Integrating Mythical Creatures into an Adventure

I'm trying my hand at an adventure and had the idea of including a Tengu in my game to guard the MacGuffin.

Now I wanted to know if Yokai and similar creatures - including European and other cultures - would fit into the world?

I know it's my game, but I would like to stay true to the atmosphere of the game, but also experiment a bit by adding Japanese and Nordic elements, like the mentioned Tengu and a Troll by a bridge. (Both are actually quite nice, but the players should solve the situation like a puzzle).

18:28 UTC


Tips for running ryuutama? And pacing it?

I just got the game and am planning to run it for my friends. But was noticing that it definitely seems like the kind of game that could get boring if I don't to it well or pace it iffy. I've DM'd a little for dungeons and dragons and that's about it.

Also with travel checks specifically I was wondering if it better to narrate what happens after the travel check before revealing if they succeeded or not, and would it be game breaking to give like a bonus for good RP on how they travel to the check? And like how often should I throw encounters on the road for adventurers to deal with?

14:14 UTC


Fabula Ultima Classes for Ryuutama

Hello everyone! This is my fan made homebrew conversion of the Fabula Ultima Classes so that they will work with Ryuutama’s core rules.

I know that both Fabula Ultima and Ryuutama are fundamentally different games, and that using the converted classes from Fabula will probably drastically change the feel or vibe of a Ryuutama game.

Whether or not that is okay with you is ultimately up to you and the people you are playing with. If you feel that classes bring too much change to the vibe and themes of Ryuutama, then feel free to ignore this homebrew. There are a lot of homebrew classes out there that will fit the vibe and themes of Ryuutama.

My conversion is far from perfect and should be considered playtest material. That is why feedback from your playthrough using this homebrew is very much appreciated.

When converting the Classes, I tried to stick to the existing core mechanics, weapons, armors, items, and spells already present in the game when doing the conversion. It’s the reason why the Arcanist’s domains have been reworked and why the Elementalist and Spiritist do not have their own spell list. It’s also the reason why I haven’t converted the Entropist because the Class’s theme doesn’t really fit with Ryuutama. I’m still planning to convert Entropist in the future, which will also require converting their spell list.

Ryuutama does not have skill levels, so the classes were converted to have access to all their skills right of the bat. How each class will interact with each other through multiclassing still remains to be tested. That is why I suggest that Players will pick one Class for their characters during Character Creation unlike in Fabula Ultima where you can choose at most three.

The Fabula Ultima classes were also converted without considering the official classes of Ryuutama. That is why I suggest that the converted Fabula Classes be considered as a total replacement to the original classes instead of an expansion.

Link to the PDF: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoGcekMpjnFVhNVgAYOCcIYc07NSmQ

16:41 UTC


Examples of combat objects

How do you help the players (and GM) come up with objects to place in the combat environment? Is there some sort of tables with suggestions somewhere?

08:20 UTC


How Long And Exciting is Combat?

Hi there!

Just seeing whether or not Ryuutama is the game for my group. My only experience is DnD 5E, and our combats tend to last about 1-1.5 hours there, leaving players pretty drained from number crunching and grid management. I know Ryuutama is more based on exploration and journeying, but includes some combat as natural elements of it pop up here and there (thieving cat-goblins, giant ants, hungry wolves, etc.)

So my question is how complex is combat? How long does it usually take your group to complete? Is it engaging?

00:35 UTC


What manuals are there?

Sorry, I wanted to ask what Ryuutama official materials exist? I have the basic manual (in Italy it is the only one that has been translated by me). But considering that it is called "the core manual" I suspect that there are also other expansion manuals (with maybe monsters and additional spells, a bit like other games like D&D), am I right? Because looking on the internet I didn't find much, just a few adventures, which seemed to me to be made by fans.

Also I was noting, on my manual there are about 27 witchcraft spells (I don't know how it is translated into English)

Since you can learn 2 spells per level (4 if you take the magic type twice), there are too few spells and this doesn't add up for me.

If someone could explain me a little better I would be delighted, thanks in advance

10:11 UTC


Combining Weather Conditions

The immediate thought was "sleet", but I assume this can apply to things like tropical rains or such:

If I combine "Cold" with "Rain", is that a +2, or a +3 for being similar to "Hard Rain"?

(Context: these players really should have considered waiting until AFTER the first planting to leave their starting village. It is VERY early spring and winter still has its teeth, though they are slowly falling off.)

00:31 UTC


Some Questions:

I recently picked this up and am reading through the rules but a couple of questions stick out for me which i cant find in the book, specifically related to character creation:

  1. if you are playing a magic type how many "incantation" spells do you start with? i know you get your seasonal magic but with incantation spells how many do you have? do you get more at level up? if so how many at each level?
  2. How do HP/MP level ups work? if upgrading your stat dice does not raise your HP/MP then what does? and how much does HP go up by? are they just flat values that don't change?

any help on these questions would be appreciated:

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23:19 UTC


[French] Aide de jeux en français

Here some tables and stuff that I made in french. I included the source file so fellow english speaker can translate it if they want ;).

Aide de jeux en français


Voici quelques aides de jeux que j'ai faite pour Ryuutama en français, en m'inspirant beaucoup du livre de base évidemment, du travail de https://www.reddit.com/user/EvilDMJosh/, et de quelques ajouts de mon cru.

Vous trouverez:

  • Une table de création de ville, avec une table de spécialités et deux tables de bâtiments notoires
  • Une table de petits boulots à faire dans les villes
  • Une tables d'objets, une table de trésor et une table de modificateur d'objet
  • Un rappel du bestiaire des monstres du livre classés en fonction de l'environnent.
  • Une table supplémentaire pour les trouvailles de l'herboriste (un petit ajout de gameplay de ma part)
  • Une table pour tirer la météo en fonction des saisons
  • Une liste de tests communs étendus

Le tout en essayant de s'approcher un max de la chartre graphique du livre de Ryuutama.

Vous pouvez retrouver le pdf ici et le .odg modifiable ici.

N'hésitez pas si vous avez des suggestions pour améliorer le tout. J'espère que ça vous sera utile =)



01:33 UTC


Question: Does this subreddit have a list of community rules?

I recently got into the world of professional DMing when WotC torched their community. I want to continue with that career, but want to look into other systems. I enjoyed my limited experiences with Ryuutama, and want to try to promote games in that system. So I'd like to advertise here when I manage to get a game set up, but also don't want to step on the community's toes. Mostly I am looking for rules about LFG listings and if advertising paid sessions are taboo. That said, I would be interested in any other rules for the sub-reddit as well so I can follow them.

22:18 UTC


Are there translations planed for the passport supplements?

16:13 UTC


What is a Journey

The book is a little foggy on what exactly a Journey is. Is it a session or is it a campaign? The level-up section suggests a journey is complete at the end of each session (p 55) but the narrative of the game suggests that a journey is complete when a goal is reached and the characters go home (p 18). I want to know because the rules suggest I can change my Ryuujin artifact after a journey (p 134) and what to know exactly what that timing means.

21:31 UTC


starting LP

im reading though the book and im at the last part for GM's i cant find out what the starting LP.

16:54 UTC


Nonsense math in crits & concentration?

Hi all! I played a bit of Ryuutama in the last few years and a couple of things really started to bug me.

First of all, crits: the better your dice, the lesser the chance to have a crit (from d8 and upwards). 2d10 have a lower chance to produce a crit than 2d8. You can justify this with some mental gymnastics (like, "the better you are, the more difficult is to have an exceptional breakthrough"), but in reality, it's just dissatisfying. However, I don't have the slightest idea on how to solve this with the dice as they are.

Then, concentration: a +1/+2 bonus almost never feels enough. Non-casting characters have around 3 to 5 uses of concentration, and that +1, being a flat bonus on a bell curve, helps way more those who already have big dice, and doesn't do much (comparatevely) for those rolling 2d6 or less. It's kind of expected to work the opposite (get a bonus to help you when you're rolling low!). I was thinking of something like, instead of a flat bonus, you get to roll additional dice and keep the highest 2 (d6/d8/d10 instead of +1/+2/+3 from concentration).

Am I the only one bugged by how Ryutaama handles this stuff? Has anyone else tried different hacks?

10:02 UTC


Expanding flavored Artefacts

Hello! I recently discovered and have gotten into Ryuutama and so far i'm loving the ruleset. One thing I changed however were a couple of the Artefacts which mostly seemed like flavor or fluff in my GM style so I thought i'd just add my rough draft of my notes here just in case someone else wanted the artefacts like the sexton to do something. Of course feel free to buff or nerf these options at your own tables as I imagine other's tables would be completely balanced differently.

Green Dragon
A reference book that contains basic information about the world.
Players always know the level of the monsters they are facing but must still make a knowledge check to know more information. Any Skill checks pertaining to knowledge, or checks to know about monsters is made with a +1 bonus.
This instrument helps you determine where you are, and guides you to your next quest safely.
Travelers roll all travel checks twice and take the highest result of the two dice rolls when traveling.
Blue Dragon
A ring that guides the travelers, reveals their bonds, and ties their chains of fate.
Whenever a traveler provides support they grant a +2 bonus instead of a +1, travelers in addition who defend and take an attack for an ally are not automatically hit by the attack, the attacker must hit the defending traveler’s initiative as if the traveler was the original target of the attack all along.
Red Dragon
This spear rallies the travelers and leads them to the fray.
All travelers are able to take two actions in combat, this includes being able to attack twice as if the travelers possess the double attack monster ability.
Black Dragon
This chalice contains the poison within the hearts of the travelers.
This artifact determines in the setting that all of the PCs have a dark past. Whenever a PC does an act the GM deems villainous the character receives +2 condition until their next condition check, this is usually seen as giving into the poison in their heart that fuels the artifact's power and only further pushes the travelers to darker deeds.
It takes the lives of men, women, young and old.
Once per journey, an NPC can die. No roll required. Characters who hit negative 1 HP die regardless of condition, the dagger artifact reminds travelers of their mortality and travelers should heed with caution when this artifact is in play.

07:15 UTC


Wintery Wyvern is doing a series of rpg systems to check out in the wake of WotC's recent scandal. First system they looked at was Ryuutama

04:54 UTC


Question about Journey length

The book seems to mostly use the word "journey" in a non-mechanical sense, but it sometimes refers to things that happen at the end of or during journeys. Ryuujin regain their life points at the end of a journey, the journal is fed to the Ryuujin at the end of a journey, etc.

Is each journey ment to be one session, so 1 scenario = 1 session = 1 journey, or is a journey simply the full group getting from point A to point B. If the later, how many scenarios/sessions are journeys ment to take, and does the time spend in town count as the end of the last journey or the start of the next?

04:24 UTC


Looking for guidance on balancing encounters

I see that monsters are categorized by level in the book.

Is the idea that a party of four level 1 characters could reasonably take on a party of four level 1 enemies? Or is that more of a "even match" situation? Or are monster levels just something relative to each other, and not supposed to directly relate to player levels?

I'm not that concerned about accidentally destroying my party or something (we agreed that death wouldn't be permanent; even if the whole party gets beaten up by monsters they'll still find a way to survive), but I've never run Ryuutama combat before and I don't want my group's first experience to be walking into a fight and getting beaten up and losing their confidence.

15:32 UTC


Bit of an odd question

First of all: I absolutely adore this game. The art style, the overall vibes- this is very much my jam.

Second: are there supplements anywhere, homebrew or otherwise, that might adapt the game to something more based around a single settlement with exploration around it, building/protecting said settlement, that sort of thing- less 'Oregon Trail', more 'Stardew Valley'?

18:34 UTC


Regarding the leveling system and max HP/SP

Hello !
I recently started a campaign and at the end of the session the players got to level 2. I plan to make the modifications at the start of the next session but something in the book doesn't seem clear to me.

At level 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 you can rise one of the attribute, for exemple get from 6 to 8 in STRENGHT. But does this also change the player max HP ? If so, does it happen before or after adding the 3 points between HP and SP ? (same question for increasing SPIRIT)

I always assumed that attributes never change the max HP or SP, but I'm not really sure.

23:13 UTC


"Blue Ryuujin" Essay Contest - Share how tabletop gaming is keeping you sane, potentially win a hardcopy Ryuutama RPG Rulebook!

Official contest notice at this link, I'll try to recreate in this post: http://kotohi.com/ryuutama/ryuutama-2022-blue-ryuujin-essay-contest/



THE QUICK: Tell us about how tabletop gaming has kept you well through the pandemic, and get a chance to receive a Ryuutama RPG hardback rulebook.

BACKGROUND: The last few years have been painful all around for everyone. The Pandemic shook up the world, and changed how everything from global logistics to community-building and participation operate. We’re more separated and isolated than ever, and learning to deal with how to navigate forward in this “new normal”.

On our end, the challenges of the Pandemic hit us hard as well; among other things, we’ve had to push the release of the Ryuutama supplement to 2023. We’re recovering, and just recently recognized the strong role that tabletop gaming with friends and family has had on our mental, spiritual, and communal recovery.

The Ryuutama core rulebook (hardcopy) is currently being reprinted for release in early 2023. Until then, we have a few copies left on our shelves that we want to share with the gaming community. To that end, we decided to host a holiday contest. Instead of a scenario design contest for Ryuutama (as we’ve done in the past), we decided to open it up to an essay contest for all Ryuutama fans and tabletop gamers. Tabletop gaming has helped us regain our footing the past year, and we want to see how it’s helped others as well. That will be the topic of the essay: How tabletop gaming has kept you well through the Pandemic.

In Ryuutama parlance, this is a very “Blue Ryuujin” feeling contest, focused on the elements associated with that Ryuujin: Hearth, friends, family, and healing.

THE PRIZE: The top three essayists will receive a hardback copy of Ryuutama, shipped around the beginning of the new year. We will ship anywhere in the world.

RULES: Write or narrate a short essay with a theme of “How tabletop gaming has kept you well through the Pandemic”.

* Deadline is 2022.12.26 at 11:59:00, your time zone. We will judge over the following week and announce winners before/on 2022.12.31.

* Submit essays in text in Word or RTF format, or link (if you are taking a different approach), to the email address “kotohi.ennui@gmail.com”. In the subject line of the email, write “RYUUTAMA ESSAY CONTEST:” (followed by any additional text you wish. Just start the subject line with the above so we don’t miss it)

* If you prefer to be known by a pseudonym/handle (for when we announce participants/winners/etc) rather than your real name, please include that clearly in your submission somewhere.

* While we love all languages and cultures, we only have the capacity this time to collect essays in the English language.

* There is no set length to the essay. We will not judge based on length.

* While the contest is centered on Ryuutama (as a prize), we are not specifically looking for stories about how the Ryuutama RPG – or other KOTODAMA HEAVY INDUSTRIES releases – helped you. We want to hear about your gaming experience (and what games, friends, family, etc helped you), but we will not judge higher or give weight to essays that contain Ryuutama or other KOTODAMA-published RPGs!

* This is a very subjective contest, so it’s hard to state the criteria on which they will be judged. We want your stories. We want you to be heard. We want everyone to continue to heal. We want to celebrate this activity called Tabletop Role-Playing, and recognize its positive impact on the world. We want to understand you. We want to be moved. Hopefully that is enough to work with.

* “Essay” is subjective here. Classically it means a text document; but feel free to play with that concept, especially if you have strengths in art, video, audio, or other formats. We will not judge higher/lower for following the classic text essay format, or using another creative outlet. We just want to allow many canvasses for expressing yourselves.

* We will reserve the right to publish parts (or the whole) of your essay with the community, in the spirit of sharing (we’ll use your pseudonym for this if you prefer). Our idea is to maybe later collect the essays, or significant parts of them, into a free collection to be shared with others. To be clear, we have no intention of making any money off of your work for this contest; just to share the love of the hobby.

Thanks to everyone, and have a wonderful holiday season.


14:30 UTC


I asked ChatGPT to make me an encounter for Ryuutama.

After a long conversation that started with my asking ChatGPT to design a Ryuutama encounter, including asking the AI how best to incorporate various ideas, I ended by asking:

“Would you mind writing all of these ideas about the encounter together into one Ryuutama encounter suitable for a GM?”

The response:

In the forest, the party encounters a wanderer who is lost and in need of assistance. The wanderer reveals that they belong to a group known to cause trouble in the area, and that they were trying to steal from a dragon when the dragon flew them into the air and dropped them far from where they originally were. The party can choose to help the wanderer or not, and their decision will have consequences.

If the party chooses to help the wanderer, they may need to defend the wanderer from the dragon, who may attack the party in retaliation for the wanderer's theft. The party may also need to decide whether to protect the wanderer or to leave them behind if the situation becomes dangerous. The party may encounter other members of the wanderer's group, and they may need to decide how to handle these encounters.

If the party chooses not to help the wanderer, they may feel guilty for their decision, and they may face isolation and hostility from other travelers and villagers. The party may encounter the wanderer's friends or family, who may blame the party for the wanderer's disappearance, and who may confront the party in search of revenge. The party may also encounter other dangers and challenges in the forest, and they may need to rely on their skills and resources to survive.

Regardless of the party's decision, the encounter could be made more feel-good by focusing on the wanderer's personality and backstory, emphasizing the party's kindness and compassion, and adding elements of humor and warmth. The encounter could provide the party with a challenge and a moral dilemma, and it could also offer the party opportunities for growth and development.

00:18 UTC


Violet Evergarden in Ryuutama

I'm planning on running a Violet Evergarden theme of campaign as a Blue Ryuujin. The whole travelling mechanic fits pretty well with the Auto Memories Dolls business of travelling long distances to meet with their clients, and the Blue Ryuujin style of game can lead to some good heartwrenching moments. I'd like some help with brainstorming ideas for potential plots for these clients that would fit well with the campaign. If you have any ideas, please put them down below!

02:11 UTC

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