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This is a subreddit for comics of rule 34. No pics or gifs just comics.

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Welcome To /r/rule34_comics! What we define as a comic:

A comic that is okay to be posted here must first adhere to all the rules. Secondly, it can be without text, but has to have a progression of events, such as this [one,](currently looking for a example) and must have at least 3 pages.

Our definition of Rule 34: Sex, of any kind, of an individual of a series, show, video game, book, movie, etc. Where you wouldn't see them performing in such acts. These typically mean cartoons, but real actors and actresses and other figures are never discouraged.



  • 1 Imgur and certain artist websites links only

  • 2 Reposts will be removed within reason. The original thread must be at least 6 months old in order for the new thread not to be removed.

  • 3 If your comic does not have a specific subject, such as a video game or tv show, and is just simply about sex, IT WILL BE REMOVED, UNLESS IT'S POSTING DURING THE WEEKENDS

Want to know why this is a rule? Check here.

If you are not sure whether or not your comic breaks this rule, please message the mods.

  • 4 No request threads, please. We usually have a monthly request thread. Something else will be stickied occasionally, but usually very big things, like a moderator stepping down or new moderators, stuff that affects the subreddit as a whole.

  • 5 It is recommended that you check to see if the comic you are about to post has been posted already.

  • 6 If you know the title/author of the comic, please be generous and give them the credit they deserve.

  • 7 Please put the subject of the comic in the title in brackets (or parentheses if you have an unnatural hatred for brackets). This is so things can easily be searched. Please also don't be vague. You don't have to put it in the title as brackets if you choose the name of the game to be the title.

Example Hypno-tized [Pokemon]

  • 8 If you end up caught in the spam filter (your post doesn't show up in the new queue after a couple minutes) message the mods

  • 9 REPORT, REPORT, REPORT. The mods are not always active. We each lead our own lives, and don't always have time to see every post. Please report the posts that slip past us so we can deal with them when we do see them.

  • 10 If it's not blatantly obvious why you reported a post for a rule violation, please message the mods with a link to the post and why it is in violation.

  • 11 please be respectful of mods and other people. It should go without saying, but gay bashing, racism, and sexism are not permitted. There's no need to insult others. No politics whats so ever. Also, mods aren't perfect. We make mistakes sometimes, because we're human. If you notice one, please politely point it out. Happy browsing!

Immediate bannable offenses are the breaking of rules 1, 3, and 11. Breaking these rules shows us that you have a complete lack of respect for us, the community, and rule 34 as a whole. Repeat offenders of breaking other rules will receive a warning, and failure to comply will result as a ban. We don't like doing it. Please don't make us.

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(Final Fantasy VII) Tiff - pages 11 to 14 - by [VORTEX]

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