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Do my 2015 MacBook Pro retina 15 inch batteries need replacing??

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Diabetic Retinopathy Ayurvedic Management

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[mid 2012 macbook pro retina 15] Thunderbolt and Monitor Issues.

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Difference between 4k and 5k 27" display?

Is there a visible difference between 4k and 5k displays if you are only doing programming on it and no video or photo editing?

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White bleed

I have a late 2013 and there is probably a smear of white bleed just off centre of the screen. Not visible if the background it black, but visible for everything else. I don't notice it really, but wondering if anyone has encountered this.

Samsung Panel.

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Any leads on the next 12" refresh?

Just curious who thinks they'll release a 12" new MacBook refresh along with the other updated (ipad and 4" iphone) being speculated for March 16th

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Rubber case to replace hard case

Does anyone know of a rubber case to cover 13" Macbook Pro retina, Ive currently got an Incase hard case but the corner has shattered and at £40 to replace i'd like to get a rubber one. The case is only to prevent scratches as the Macbook rarely leaves my desk i'm not too worried about impact protection.

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Wobble Screen Repair

Hey Guys, I have a 15in MBPr, which is around 4 years old. Over time the screen has got a pretty good wobble too it and a loose hinge. I tried to get it fixed at the genius bar, and they told me they could only replace the whole screen which would be thousands of dollars. Did I just get a bad apple genius or can I just have someone tighten the screws without spending thousands of dollars? Thanks!

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Mid 2012 MacBook Pro w/ Retina overheating problem

I have the first MacBook Pro with Retina display that Apple put out mid 2012.

Does anyone else have anyone overheating issues when it comes to flash being used?

It's not even when I am just playing full videos in flash, but if a website has a flash as on it my computer will get up into the 150-160 degree range and on multiple occasions has even auto shut down due to being so hot.

I keep my flash updated so it's not outdated.

And I haven't always had this issue, but it seems to come and go because this happened when I first got it and then went away before I could find a potential cause, and then the overheating came back early 2015.

Disclaimer I am just assuming it is flash, that seems to be the only thing I seem to be the common factor when I experience this issue. And before my apple care ran out the Apple Store employees ran their diagnostics and said nothing was faulty with my hardware.

So is this just an issue I'm experiencing or does anyone else have this problem?

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Estimation when a rMBP with up to 32GB of RAM could be possible?

I said to myself I would not upgrade until the new one has more RAM than my 2012 15" MBP.

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Spotify 1.0.14 the Retina Update?!

There aren't any update notes on Spotify's site (https://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Announcements/Release-Notes-Spotify-for-Desktop/td-p/392150) but holy moly this app finally looks the way it should on my MacBook Pro early 2015.

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Soldering SSDs, shrinkage, OWC and the future of the rMBP

With Apple continuously shrinking the MBP line (the aluminum bodies were already fairly skinny, the rMBP brought another shrink and newer models have had another, much smaller, shrink ontop of that) I think the next step for Apple will be to follow the new rMB and solder the RAM [1][2].

I'm not personally liking this trajectory as Apple already charges a pretty obscene amount for their storage upgrades. But with OWC slacking (as best I can tell they've been saying since 2014 they'll update their rMBP SSD upgrade lines, not that they have) i'm not sure in the future we'll have the option to buy cheaper, better SSDs and do it ourselves.

Economically speaking, i'm not sure if it is efficient for Apple to solder in the SSD. That means they may have to triple the number of SKUs which is costly, and the rMBP isn't exactly like the rMB which was pining for all the space it could get and necessitated soldering.

I do still worry they may do it though particularly because the effects are appearing negative. Compared to the older aluminum MBPs, the retina's trackpad/keyboard suffers (though not nearly to the degree of the rMB which is particularly poor). I'm going to keep a closer eye on the rMBPs for the future and likely consider other options. Spending $2,300 and $2,800 for a 13" and 15" (respectively) with 1TB of storage is a bit obscene. The keyboard and trackpad are two big parts of the user experience that influence my Apple choices, if those decline i'll be forced to go elsewhere.


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Late 2013-macbook pro 13'' - Yosemite?

Hi fellow retina macbook users!
I was wondering if any of you installed OS X Yosemite on their Late 2013, 13-inch macbooks with 8gb ram and i5 processor. I haven't had any problems with Mavericks and waited this long to be sure I could get the most problem-free version of Yosemite.
What can you say regarding performance and especially battery life?

19:20 UTC


Getting a new monitor for my mac mini 2012

I run Yosemite on my Mac Mini. Recently, I bought the Dell U2412M; dissappointedly, the fonts were jagged - Not what I expected from an ultrasharp display. I'd like to know if anyone recommends a [very very]good monitor in the <300$ range. Thanks

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Can I upgrade the SSD in my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)?

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enabling hidpi mode on my new 4k display

i just bought a dell p2815q. It has 4k at 30Hz and 1080p at 60Hz. I'll like to have the 2560 by 1440 resolution. Apple's default display manager does not give me this option. So, I tried "display menu". It gives me the 2560 resolution but the output is not as sharp. I'll like to know how to enable hidpi in this resolution

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2012 rMBP 15 vs 2014 rMBP 13

Sorry all, I am sure this has come up, but since they are somewhat different products, I am having a hard time deciding and not finding many comparisons.

I have been offered a pretty generous deal on a fairly loaded mid-2012 model Retina Macbook Pro 15. It's got 16GB ram, 2.3Ghz i7, 512GB SSD, and the GT650m. It is from someone I know very well and trust, and the machine is in excellent shape, with Applecare until December of this year. I think this is probably a steal for $1100.

The other machine I was considering was one of the remaining new late 2014 13" Retina Macbook Pros, with 256gb SSD, 8GB ram, and the 2.6ghz i5. This is $1249 from B&H.

I will be using this machine as a primary laptop, and for professional photo editing.

Aside from the obvious size differences - the 15" model is significantly better in most ways, right? More ram, 2x HDD, discrete graphics. I realize the 2014 model will have a much longer battery life, but assuming battery and size are no issue - does the 15" make the most sense to pick up? How does the 2012 2.3ghz i7 compare to the 2014 2.6ghz i5?

I am trying to make sure I am getting the best machine for my buck, as I'd like it to last me a while, but I can't really stretch it much beyond $1200-1300ish. Thoughts?

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Adobe Illustrator + imac 27" Retina

We just got the 27 iMac Retina at work and noticed performance for Illustrator is terrible. The movement is very choppy. Is it like this for anyone else? I hope this is something Adobe can resolve soon.

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Should I buy a mbp retina now or wait and hope they release a new one?

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Is there a place where I can get my retina at a "cheaper" price?

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Getting a rMBP - What are your tips for improving the retina experience?

I'll be taking delivery of a 13" rMBP later this week (early 2013 model), and want all the info you can give me on what the best software is to get retina quality across the board; websites, apps, etc..

Tips for graphics drivers and BootCamp related hacks also welcomed!

Even if it's not related to my own laptop if others will benefit from it, post it here!

Thanks /r/retina!

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MBPr 15" flaws. Repair with AppleCare.

Hi redditors, the first generation Macbook Pro retina's (mid 2012) came with well known flaw; ghosting. This could be verified by checking if you had a LG or Samsung(?) screen. LG would be guilty of ghosting.

I have an LG, and experience ghosting. I also have a lot of dead pixels almost in the middle of my screen. Also I have the feeling my graphics cards decays by the month.

I still have AppleCare until August 2015, but the biggest reason I still didn't send my MBPr for repair is due the lack of having a laptop in the time being...

My Question: Do you think they'll repair my MBPr, or replace it with another model, and how long did your reparation take?

These are just the biggest 'problems' I experience, but there are many more little irritations I'm unlucky to have. (trackpad is 'wobbly' , screenhinge feels 'tacky')

Thanks for any advice or telling you're experience on what to expect from my future repair.


• 2,6-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost tot 3,6 GHz

• 16 GB 1600-MHz DDR3L SDRAM

• 256 GB flash-opslag

EDIT: I'm not bashing on Apple in any way, I just expected more quality (like I'm used from apple).

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Retina iMac versus two 27" standard displays...

I am considering getting a new Retina iMac; I currently have a standard iMac with an additional 27" thunderbolt display attached. I'd love to hear comments on what I might gain and/or lose in terms of functionality, usability with the new proposed setup.

22:18 UTC


MBPr 15" Integrated USB3.0 Hub (concept). Interested?

Hi redditors,

If you're on the go with your MBPr 15" a lot like me (with much data on different external HDD's), you would like to have more than two 3.0 USB ports. I know there are (external powered) 3.0 USB-hubs out there, but I made a rough concept what would be really for people on the go. And when using my common sense and little knowledge on the electronics, I know this should be possible somehow. Let me present to you; the SideBar+ (working title)


  • 3,4, or 5 USB 3.0 ports (whatever's possible)
  • Normal SD to (two) microSD for seamless insertion
  • HDMI is just passed through, so it stays available

The best part; it should seamless attach to the MBPr without you constantly having to connect-disconnect the 'SideBar+'. And above all, it should compliment the already beautiful design of the MBPr. See the pictures below for what I had in mind.

Would people be interested in this, and if so; is there anybody with enough knowledge/contacts who could help me realize such product?

Attached to MBPr: Imgur Disconnected: Imgur Seamlessly attached: Imgur Detached from angle: Imgur

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Just replaced my mid 2011 iMac with a 5K. What are some fun things to do with the new machine?

Not looking specifically for retina related things, although things that take advantage of the screen earn bonus points.

21:01 UTC

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