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This is our new foster dog, Juniper! She's a pregnant merle Aussie mix who was pulled from a kill shelter by a local rescue. She's due to deliver any day!

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Can you adopt a mother of a 5 month old male puppy

We rescued the only male of the litter(German shepherd), he was neutered at 4 months. His litter mates have all been adopted but his 2yo mother(spayed) is still available for rescue.

If we rescued her what would the dynamic by like? Would they play together and other or would they pair bond like littermates and not want other dogs around? Would she be overprotective of him with other dogs?

We watched my sons German shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix for the last two weeks and all they did was play most of the day in between training.

Now that our sons dog has been gone for a week our dog no longer likes to play by himself or us, he likes to play with other dogs, chase each other with toys, play tug of war with each other etc.

No more fetch or toys etc. he sits around bored even after training and won’t play but wants to get into everything and is trying to destroy everything.

We have two other Boston Terriers but they’re 12&13yo’s old and don’t play anymore.

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Yum! Cookie time (Nina’s second since dinner)

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Looking for some advice from fellower rescuers!

My partner and I just rescued a 7 month old terrier mix (named Atticus) who is such a snuggle bug, loves to offer his belly for a rub and is a total couch potato.

Day 2 has us looking for moral support. My office (a dog friendly office) had some pushback to me bringing him in this week and I got them to push it to next week as it will become a part of his regular routine we wanted him to become familiar with.

Because of this, we had to leave him alone for 4 hours today and it broke my heart, 2 hours crying/howling, 1 hour of sleep, 1 hour of checking out my not-correctly put away shoes.

Everyone is telling me this is totally normal and I'm not a horrible dog parent but watching on the doggy cam him thinking that he's stuck in that house forever can really do something to your brain.

We have to leave him again for two more days this week but have a couple of training sessions and a doggy playdate set up this weekend.

Is there any tips you all could offer for how to ease the burden of being a lone for a few hours? I've also been told this is very much normal and within the 3/3/3 rule for him to have no idea of a routine, so he thinks we could be leaving forever.

Thanks so much!

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The Big Mutt Network

Caution for those looking to adopt from this shame rescue based out of Tucson Az.

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Winky the one-eyed therapy dog helps kids love reading

Local news did a story on a program my wife runs at our library with our rescue turned therapy dog Winky.

16:26 UTC


Arlise is a beautiful Malinois in URGENT need of foster or adoption. SOS at risk of Euthanasia

15:33 UTC


rescue dog advice?

I have a rescue dog. He is 7 years old and a grumpy old man. He asks to be pet and then will growl if you do pet him too long. Or at all sometimes. I have had him almost a week. He gets very excited to see me and cries when I leave the room too long. I do work 9 hours a day but my partner is home all day with him.

I can tell he wants to like and trust me but it’s hard for him. And that’s ok! We spend 30 mins each night on a walk and play until he’s tired. He will try to cuddle with me in bed and lay his head on my lap but if I move at all he will growl. He’s never snapped at me or bit me yet but I feel like it can’t be avoided. He does seem to have some liking toward me. It’s clear that he wants affection but doesn’t trust me yet.

Again, it’s only been a week! And this will take time.

I am trying to go very slow and be very patient with him. Any time he gives me the signs that he doesn't like something, I will stop immediately.

That being said, what are some ways to build trust with him? I do give him his favorite treats and spend time with him on walks and car rides since those are his favorite.

Obviously, I know this will take time. It took 3 weeks for him to be comfortable with the fosters. Which I am fine with. He doesn't seem to be a very affectionate dog. And he is very distrusting of people due to everything he has been thru.If it helps, he is a cocker spaniel mix

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Dog bit when threatened after being punished over lie.

My rescue dog is scared of work boots, He tried to attack her boots before she left for a trip. Skip 2 days My neighbor claims he tried to bite her, but he has never bitten without growling first. I poped him and he got vicious and He bit me, which is not normal behavior for him. I feel i may have made a mistake and he felt thretened. looking for support and advice.

14:46 UTC


Currently extremely stressed looking for help

So I have 3 dogs with various issues. All girls, chihuahua 9-10 has a spinal injury which was misdiagnosed as a neurological issue 2 years ago. She has 3 teeth, she had been thrown from a moving car and doesn't really walk. Beagle almost 3 allergies to basically no clue. Led to ear infection and rash. Pomeranian 12 grade 4 heart murmur, tumor on back leg inoperable. We've been told she doesn't have long left. Taken from a neglectful home recently. Everyone has different medications and different needs. I am getting ridiculously stressed does anyone have tips that may help me manage this chaos.

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foster or adopter URGENTLY needed for 2 young dogs; Mesa, AZ; euth date 4/2

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Rescued first dog since the passing of my "soul dog"

Two years ago, my dog of fifteen years passed away. It was a very terribly difficult loss, but thankfully with the help of therapy and a good familial support system, I've been managing my grief (though still very heavy).

I never thought I would get another pet after my "soul dog" (I'll call her C), but within the last year, I felt like I was ready to welcome a new dog into my home. I really missed having a dog in the home. So, last week, I adopted a dog from a local shelter. He is a 2-3 year old Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix and was neutered the day before bringing him home. This is my first time adopting an adult dog, so the first few days were a little unexpected. He has been very bite-y when excited and playing (so his nips are sometimes painful), but I have been reading up resources on the 3-3-3 rule to learn how to navigate and make this transition more comfortable for the both of us.

But the puppy blues/adopter's remorse has definitely kicked in. And on top of the normal blues, I feel like my grief has come out of dormant mode and has fully taken over my heart again. C was a docile, cuddly Bichon Frise, so something very different from my new dog. I'm trying hard not to compare my new dog to C, but it is so hard. There's a part of me that feels comforted to know that C can never be replaced, but there's also a part of me that just misses that special connection. And my poor new dog-I feel so guilty for the difficulty in feeling love towards him (but I'm definitely trying).

I just wanted to know-has anyone had this particular puppy blues before? How long did it take for you to love your new dog-even if it was a different kind of love from your previous dog? Do you have any tips on how to navigate grief and a new dog at the same time?

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Can be killed at anytime. Beautiful sweet BOOKER needs his special person to make it out alive! Needs out 4/3. Act fast! (Out-of-state adoption doable) Lancaster shelter, CA

Booker is one of these dogs you think would have an easy way out to safety. I mean look at him! 😍 And he’s a sweet and good boy too and would make someone very happy. Is it you?

Booker’s final plea expired 3/29 and after this he can be killed without further notice. E- mail NOW (they euthanize dogs in the mornings 💔) to Lancaster shelter with an exit plan with a commitment (include your name, phone number, animal name and ID): ACCLancaster@animalcare.lacounty.gov . .

🐶Note: There’s local rescues who can help you with out of state adoptions such as Zeppelin rescue and Coalition rescue (sub-division to Capones Coalitions ) - if your able to pay for transportation of the dog. Contact info for Coalition: https://www.instagram.com/coalitionrescues?igsh=M25yNXZ6bHRzaHk3

. Original post: https://animalcare.lacounty.gov/view-our-animals/?animalCareCenter=LANCASTER&animalType=DOG&sex=ALL&breed=PIT%20BULL&animalAge=ALL&animalSize=ALL&animalStatus=ALL&animalID=&pageNumber=6&animalDetail=A5609208 . Instagram😍: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4vdwoArqCC/?igsh=aHJ5dnJzczBhb3J0 .

Located at Los Angeles County Animal Control- Lancaster

Phone: 661-940-4191

Address: 5210 West Ave. I Lancaster, CA 93536

Public Hours:

Open: Monday- Saturday 11:00 am. - 5:00 pm.

Closed: Sunday

Public email: ACCLancaster@animalcare.lacounty.gov

Rescues email: DACCLancasterRescue@animalcare.lacounty.gov


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My smoke alarm went off while cooking last week. Now he won't come inside whenever the oven is on.

23:21 UTC


Happy Monday from Lain ❤️🐾 Rescued from death row Riverside kill shelter in Los Angeles ❤️🐾

20:31 UTC

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