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6 month old Japanese Spitz always at home because he keeps biting me when we go out for a walk

I got traumatized by him months ago. There’s never a day that he doesn’t bite my leg whenever I take him out to walk/run. He needs the exercise that’s why I really did my best to walk him even if my legs get tortured. But I had enough because it was just too traumatizing since his bites really cut through my skin.

Is it okay to not walk him outside and just let him stay inside the house while he’s at this phase? I know this will pass soon enough and he will eventually stop the biting, so is it okay to wait till that day? I let him off the leash in the evening so he can run around the house. Will that setup be alright?

09:39 UTC


Blanket Eating Problem

We have an 8mo old BC and she recently started chewing on her crate bedding (out of nowhere) so we had to remove it while we are away and aren't able to watch her. She's very well crate trained but at night we've been allowing her to sleep in bed with us (personal goal as all of our past dogs have been able to sleep with us). Over the past few weeks there have been some improvements but last night we woke up in the middle of the night to blanket fluff everywhere as she had ripped a hole in the comforter.

How can we prevent this from being a reoccurring issue without completely removing her from the bed at this point?

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09:17 UTC


Does your dog sleep with you?

We’re trying to introduce our 3.5 month old dachshund to our human bed. We tried to take advice and get a dog bed in between our two pillows. However whenever she gets put on the bed, she gets so hyper. We try to put her on it daily so the excitement wears off, but it hasn’t been working. Yesterday she even peed on our bed, which was so surprising because she’s potty trained. If it matters she’s also allowed on our couch and she has never had an accident on that, from day one. How did you introduce the bed? should we just give up since she doesn’t seem to calm on it?

09:15 UTC


Overwhelmed with the amount of things to teach

Just picked my puppy up yesterday, he’s 13 weeks. And wow, it’s been a roller coaster. I severely underestimated how difficult this would be. I’m not an emotional person, and probably haven’t truly cried in close to 10 years, but earlier today I finally broke down and wept. Needless to say the puppy blues are hitting me hard.

There are so many things I need to teach my puppy that I’m not sure what to focus on first. Crate training, toilet training, separation training, engagement training, basic commands, etc. If I did all of this at the same time his entire diet would consist of treats, and he’d probably be overwhelmed trying to learn all these new things all at once, right? I’ve tried using kibble for training but he shows zero interest and often spits them out, walks away and flops back down.

At the same time I don’t want to only focus on crate/toilet training and ignore the rest, because I’m worried that when we finally move on to basic commands he’ll be too old and I’d have missed the puppy sweet zone where they’re eager to learn?

09:05 UTC


Chihuahua With a Biting Problem

So, a couple days ago the family got a Chi puppy (I had absolutely no idea about it until my parents brought him home), about 9 weeks old. He's a lovely boy but he is TERRIBLE with his biting. He doesn't seem to listen to corrections (we've been using 'ah-ah'), and ignoring him will just make him chew on something else he shouldn't. For reference - he has a few toys and he loves playing with all of them, but I don't want to reinforce his biting by giving him a toy when he's misbehaving, since that has made it slightly worse.

He LOVES chewing on fingers and toes, and when he's in play mode he will bite you EXCESSIVELY - not just little nips, but also full-force chewing on your finger with his tiny mouth razors.

He doesn't seem to respond positively (or at all) to any of the methods we've tried.

It's starting to get really difficult for me personally, and even though we've only had him for about 3 days I find myself constantly anxious and depressed and stressed out (even worse than your typical puppy blues), so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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08:47 UTC


My puppy won’t leave her crate

We adopted an 8-week olds spoodle yesterday so today is her first day settling into her new space. This morning she was super energetic and couldn’t wait to have a play. After putting her back in her crate for her nap she slept for a good 2 hours but then woke up and wouldn’t “ask” to be let out. She kind of just sat there awake. We opened the flap of her crate to let her out but she didn’t come out until we really lured her out to take her to the bathroom. Is this normal? Im aware that it’s a big change but it feels like she’s very down, is there anything we can do to ensure she feels safest and looked after? Let me know! Forgot to mention she also won’t cry at all, so we don’t know what she needs. I’m also concerned her interest in food is quite minimal, it’s 5pm now and her last full meal was mid morning

05:44 UTC


Need to resettle if crate training at night before bed but...

Tagged as behavior because it's not inherently crate training, more her behavior associated with it. TL;DR at bottom

My partner and I have an almost 5 month old (as of April 6th) Akita mix puppy named Akira. We got her at 8 weeks and we're still potty training her (her previous owners never trained her on it at all) but she's been great about never going on any of the bedding or carpets, just kind of knew not to on her own which is nice. So we let her free roam in our puppy proofed bedroom.

I usually would give Akira an enforced nap in her crate around 12 PM and then again at 7 PM. Our HOA here is super strict (and very communicative about anything against the rules, and are hypervigilant of letting you know if you go against them). They have a pretty solid noise compliance rule that after 8 PM, there can't be any loud "disruptive" noises that last for prolonged periods of time. Akira will cry, whine, and bark super loud at night if we go to bed without letting her out of her crate, so we let her sleep in our bed with us. Our goal is to have her used to her crate and comfortable in it in case of emergency, so we're pretty lax on it otherwise since she does fine if she has the room to herself.

I initially was planning on getting Akira to sleep through the night in her crate because when my partner comes in around 11 PM-12 AM, and I let Akira out for the night she tends to jump all over him and won't let us go to sleep in bed so we have to spend about another hour resettling her. I'll admit I've been bad about consistently crate training her at 7 PM everyday these last few weeks but she tends to get tired around 9 PM-10:30 PM and then will settle in the bedroom as long as someone is in there with her. On the days I don't put her in her crate at 7 PM, she acknowledges my partner with a tail wag and then settles in between us in bed within seconds. Due to so, I'm probably just going to stop the nightly crate training all together since without it she doesn't jump all over us anymore.

Sorry for how long this is, but TL;DR

5 month old Akita mix puppy goes crazy and needs to be resettled at night when we take her out of her crate to go to sleep with us. When we don't crate her at night, she just goes to sleep with us without issue and settles in seconds.

Does anyone know why this is? Would it potentially have to do with her being an Akita and not liking being confined too much?

05:13 UTC


How much crating is too much?

Hi, I just adopted a 5 month old heeler mix and he's not quite potty trained yet, but he is crate trained. I'm working remotely for the time being until we're used to each other but I've been told that if puppy is not potty trained then he shouldn't be left outside of crate unsupervised. However I have to concentrate on work sometimes so I can't keep an eye on him so it's either crate him or he'll have an accident. I take him out about every hour to use the bathroom, get some air, etc. And we play together in the evening as well as go on walks in the morning and evening, but I feel like I'm crating him a lot otherwise. I do bribe him with kibble/kongs/lick mats when it's crate time so it's not misery for him but I don't think he's a fan of crating all the time either. Is crating during work and even after too much?

04:01 UTC


Daily training hit a stalemate, is that normal?

So, my mix rescue pup is almost 8mo, and so far he did great with training. Granted, I'm not teaching him anything very fancy, like doing cartwheels with his chew while doing my taxes lol, but focusing mostly on basic obedience and utility commands, usually in two 15 min sessions (one after his morning walk and another before bed time) but I do occasional impromptu training commands during play as well with toys instead of treats.

Thing is, his progress was on the rise across the months, but I've been noticing lately that it seems that the evolution's pace decreased greatly? I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it's almost as if he lost the interest he previously had. I don't think the lack of command diversity, because even the basics have some extensive to-do list.

I wonder if that's just normal for this age mark of 8 months or if training time should be bigger by now. The problem with extending that is that I don't want to increase the number of daily treats, because lately he's been very picky about his food and I suspect that the tastier treats are playing a role in this. He won't accept kibble for training though (I wish he did like when he was 2mo), and using toys in the training sessions kinda works, but will make them way more inefficient, as toys make him more distracted.

Thanks for the input!

Edit: Forgot to add that not everything hit a brick wall. The only training that keeps progressing is leash walking, paying attention on me and being less reactive to exciting things outside!

puppers tax! https://i.imgur.com/aQs2RXp.png

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03:10 UTC


Pup’s crate training is getting worse

We’ve had our 5/6 month old pup for a month and a half or so. The first few weeks she took to the crate like a fish to water.

But since then she’s gradually getting worse. First she started whining gently for a couple minutes then it would stop. Then yelping started. Now you can’t even leave the room and she’ll be barking, digging at the crate, absolutely manic.

She’s not afraid of the crate. She goes in willingly, gets treats each time, sleeps in it at night even with the door open. She just refuses to stay in it for naps.

But she desperately needs her naps as she’s been getting more and more crankey, crazy, and bitey.

What am I doing wrong?

02:42 UTC


Potty training outside?

For some background before I begin, I live with my parents still. One works 8 hour shifts and the other works random, but mostly 8. I am a fresh nurse and will be starting a part time job with 4, 8, or 12 hour subject to change shifts soon. I want to clear that up so that you guys know my puppy (14 weeks old) doesn't go too long without care. When no one is home my puppy is in my (puppy-proofed) bedroom free to play with all of his toys and to sleep comfortably on the blankets I lay out for him (I tried play-pen and crate training but it just does not work,) as well as drink fresh water.

My pup is currently puppy-pad trained because he doesn't have all of his shots yet and we do live in an area where we have a lot of animals roaming around. Our backyard is attached to a large field. I also want him trained because when no one is home, he can use the puppy pads to do his business. However, one time when I went to my bedroom to talk to someone on the phone while my pup was downstairs in the living room with my parents, they weren't watching and he peed on the couch. This isn't the first time. He is good to pee on the puppy pads, but for some reason just CAN'T poop on them. He also comes with me to my boyfriends on the weekends, where my boyfriends house has carpets. For some reason, my puppy completely forgets about his puppy pad training and instead pees all over the carpets (maybe a texture thing) even though he is perfectly fine going on the pads at home.

I eventually got fed up with it. It's like I'm not allowed to take my eyes off of my puppy for a second, and puppy blues are starting to catch up on me. So, today I started to take him outside to potty. So far it's been odd, which is expected because it's his first time out. He's been out 6 times today and he peed twice, other times he just sniffs around for long periods of time and wants to go back in, then runs and pees on the pad, which is also expected.

I want him trained for both puppy-pads and outdoors, and I know it sounds messy but I know it is possible because my mom has 3 other dogs who are trained for both as well. I tried to research online how to potty train for outdoors but honestly, I researched and tried a lot for other things and not much works.. hence why this is not my first post. I need some tips. I'd ask my mom but her dogs were adults when they started doing both. I'm handling a puppy here; I need to control my puppy's peeing and pooping behaviour before he reaches adult age otherwise I'd go crazy.

How did you train your puppy to go outside? How long did it take for your puppy to go outside with no mistakes inside? How do I stop my puppy from pissing all over my boyfriends carpets? (believe me I know his cues and I even tried to re-direct him to the puppy pad, but he runs off and pisses somewhere on the carpet that I can't reach.) How do I teach my puppy to stop pooping on floors and only on ouppy pads OR outside?


A desperate, almost losing her mind 14w/o corgi pup owner

02:21 UTC


Suddenly urinating inside

Hey everyone, I have an almost 6 month old puppy that is fully potty trained. I've had him since he was 4.5months old. Today my husband came home for his monthly visit (he works in another city and hasn't been here since we first got our puppy) and since he's been home my pup has peed inside twice! The last 2 times I took him out to potty he had the tiniest pee ever and then peed after coming back inside.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar? Could it be that he's uneasy with my husband being here?

Thanks in advance!

02:12 UTC


8 mth old barking when seeing other dogs

Hi everyone,

We adopted an 8 mth old (supposed) golden doodle about 2 weeks ago. A few days ago, she started barking at each dog she sees, whether we're at home, driving or on a walk.

I don't think it's aggression, but I do think it's an over the top excitement and desire to "meet" the other dog.

It's resulting in some very loud neighborhood walks, and pulling with her over-excitement as well.

How do we work on training this? There is no moment of calm to praise until I've dragged her out of sight.

I can usually spot the on-coming dog first. Is there a way to use this to my advantage?

TIA for your advice!

01:29 UTC


puppy poop in his bed while lying down

my 9 month old puppy is doing pretty good in potty training, with not many accidents, may be only a multiple times when he pooped in his playpen. Just now, couple hours after his meal, I got busy with my work and haven't had a chance to take him for potty. He was just lying in her bed, and suddenly I smell poop... I know it was mainly my fault that I didn't have time to take him out, but I was surprised why he didn't give sign, or didn't get out of his bed and poop in the play pen. He was literally lying in his bed and pooped...

01:11 UTC


Biting Help

Our puppy is 4 months. The biting is GNARLY. We are viewed as a chew toy. We’ve tried the freezing technique and the yelping like a puppy. They’ve worked for all of 2 minutes before he reverts back. What helps?!

00:47 UTC


Is it late to start recall training at 7mo?


My dog (mini daxie) is not great with recalls. She gets hyperstimulated when on walks and I am afraid to let her off lead.

Is it late to start recalls training? And where do I start? Is off lead walking realistic for her breed?

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23:43 UTC


Going on vacation for 2 weeks when puppy is 7 months old

We’ve had this vacation planned for over a year. We’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks and by that point we will have had our puppy for 4 months. He absolutely cannot be trusted out of his crate by himself because he loves to chew on stuff.

I refuse to crate him for the majority of the day for 2 weeks though. I was wondering if y’all had good experiences with boarding? I just don’t want him to think we abandoned him 😩. I feel weird about a stranger staying in my house with him though. Any advice?

23:16 UTC


Longer time alone

Hi, I have a 10m high-energy, smart, and curious husky. Since we got her we leave her in the crate+playpen for 3hs in the morning, then I come at noon to walk her for 50min and cuddle a bit, then 4hs alone and we come back. I enjoy having that break in the middle of the day to be with her but it's quite a disruption at work. So ideally I would stop or not do it every day, I am just not sure how or when to do that transition. I was thinking on waiting until she is able to free-roam the house but that won't happen anytime soon. She is fully potty trained and can handle >10hs without a break.

Any experiences with transitioning the time alone a pup spends? I'm mostly worried about her getting bored, she is totally fine with the playpen but can't leave any toys because they'll get destroyed. Tbh I imagine this is mostly my issue with guilt and not hers lol.

23:02 UTC


how to start recall training on a 4mo old puppy?

22:48 UTC


Overly excited pup

I have a 9 3/4 old toy poodle. He gets extremely overly aroused/excited when he encounters anyone from visitors to the home, to me after work, to people when we go to outings and I mean everyone to staff customers other pets at the vet I mean in every situation, and I honestly don’t know what to do. I honestly don’t know how to handle it it is out of control and I need help

22:47 UTC


When to worry about separation anxiety?

Hi - Back with another question about my 5 month old adoptee!

We've had her for roughly 2 weeks, and someone has been with her for the overwhelming majority of that time. She doesn't spend much time alone because we both work from home.

The longest we've left her has been 30ish minutes, to which we've returned to hear her crying, and she greets us with overwhelming emotion (yelping, jumping, face licks, etc.)

Tomorrow, I need to be out of the apartment for roughly 3 hours. My plan would be to get her some good exercise early in the day and then leave her with a very frozen Kong to keep her busy.

I can absolutely reschedule some stuff to stay with her but the reality is we will need to leave her alone for 2-3 hours from time to time.

A) Is she too young/too new to our family to be left alone for 3 hours?

B) Are her current (over)reactions to our return after 30 mins or so anything to be worried about?

For additional context, we have no reason to expect she was fostered in anything but a very loving environment so we don't believe she has any true trauma prior to getting to us.

22:41 UTC


Do you think dogs are capable of willful manipulation?

I do, my dog walking service owner does not.

They say it’s a human concept and that dogs are not capable of it.

This is about my puppy refusing to go back into her crate after they come and walk her. They are a no force service so they won’t even gently nudge her into her crate leading to them going over on time by more than an hour!

Idk maybe this is just a rant, I think my puppy knows the sub for the normal walker will stay longer, even a lot longer, if she doesn’t go into her crate on her own.

I’m not advocating to shove her in or anything but there is a point that it gets a little silly.

22:39 UTC


Biting border collie

My puppy is 11 weeks old and we have had him from when he was nine weeks. Some times he really listens and you can tell he is switched on. Crate training has been a breeze but the biting is really getting me down. We have tried everything - more naps, distraction techniques, chew toys, yelping and walking away, saying no - but nothing seems to be working. It's really getting me down especially when I seem to be the main target for the biting. Any advice would be appreciated 🙏

22:17 UTC


If you're having puppy blues or you're stressed, or you're regretting taking on a puppy... Just push though.

Unless you are genuinely drowning!

I picked up my now 11 and a half month German Shepherd girl at exactly 16 weeks. I'll be honest in that I didn't do much thinking of consideration. I've always wanted a big, fluffy dog. I was in a position where I had money and space so I went out and bought the second puppy I found.

I had major puppy blues for 3 months or so afterwards. My sex life went to 0. My spare time went to 0. My disposable income went to 0. My stress levels went to 100. I persevered and after the 3 month mark things improved. She was calmer at home. She learned her place around other dogs while on walks.

I've had sofa cushions ripped open. I've replaced my TV remote control twice. I've lost two pairs of trainers. I've cleaned sick out from my car a dozen times. I've spent hundreds trying to find treats, toys and food she consistently enjoys. I've put lots of money, time and effort in to finding out what she needs.

Now at 11 and a half months old her personality is really starting to shine. 80% of time time I spend with her now is genuinely a pleasure. We're still working on the other 20% but compared to 7 months ago, even 3 months ago, what a difference.

So, if you've just taken on a new puppy, keep going with the training. Keep going with the discipline. Keep going with the positive reinforcement. It will pay dividends later.

22:07 UTC


Puppy food

My 11 week old puppy doesn’t seem to love her food. Doesn’t get excited to eat, sometimes only eats 1/4 of a cup three times a day… and usually doesn’t finish it. We feed her Fromm because that’s what her breeder fed her but I’m starting to get concerned that she’s not eating enough.

I did talk to the vet about it and he’s not concerned but I do feel a little bad that she may not be eating enough.

She’s an Australian labradoodle. Anyone else have this issue/concern, should I be concerned or just let her eat the amount she eats? What are some other alternatives that your puppy loves?

Thanks everyone :)

21:54 UTC


Puppy car ride home

UPDATE: he slept in my partner’s lap in the back seat the whole time and was an angel 😇

My partner and I are bringing our puppy home today! The breeder is 30 minutes away - would you suggest bringing the crate or can we get away with having him in our lap in the back seat? Any first night home tips are appreciated!

21:07 UTC


Feeling overwhelmed after news from our vet

We’ve had our puppy for two weeks. She’s been a lot of fun, eager to please, doing well with training, etc.

When we got her from the shelter, we were told she was 15 weeks and 10.9 pounds. However, I realized the next day she was 10.9 pounds at 12 weeks (and wasn’t weighed the day we brought her home). We’re now at 17.5 weeks and she’s 18 pounds. The vet today laughed (yeah, need to find a new vet) when I told him her age. He said she was 12 weeks old at most.

So this moves our dog (she’s a mix) from an estimate adult weight of about 40 pounds to over 80. My husband and I equally take care of her, and we work from home so we are able to give her attention. But the size — my god. And she’s a combo of some breeds that carry stigma. So im just feeling really overwhelmed, worried, tense, etc.

We submitted a DNA test to embark yesterday, so we’ll have some more clear answers in a month. Anyone else end up with a larger-than-anticipated dog?

20:54 UTC


Heartbeat dog for crate training?

Our pup is 16 weeks old and we’re about to start crate training for real (versus just having the crate set up with door open), so that one day, we may both be able to leave the house at the same time lol. Does the heartbeat stuffed animal help even with a pup who is almost 4 months old?

20:33 UTC


How long is the "hour up hour down" nap routine good for?

I put my pup in her crate for a nap about every hour or when she starts to get zoomies which is typically around the hour mark-- I've been doing this since she was about 9 or 10 weeks old and she's almost 4 months now. Is there an age when I need to stop doing this? It gives me sanity and some time to get a few things done around the house so I'm hoping I can keep at it for awhile longer but obviously I don't want to damage my pup or prevent her from getting the exercise/daily romping she needs for her age. She's a high energy working breed (Dobermann) if that changes things.

20:32 UTC


Bottle feeding - 2 week puppy’s tongue getting stuck

Returned home from vacation to a pleasant surprise. My roommate’s dog had puppies!

Although she wants nothing to do with them lol. She’s been really aggressive so they’ve been kept from her and they’re being bottle fed. All have been thriving except one little guy it seems.. his tongue keeps getting stuck to the roof of his mouth? I’ve only been home a few days and i’ve noticed it during every feeding so far. He’ll drink the tiniest bit it seems and then his tongue gets stuck and he just starts sucking (I think obviously to get it unstuck).

My roommate said it happens sometimes to puppies, but I can’t help to be a bit worried that he’s dehydrated (per a google search) and/or malnourished because he isn’t able to eat much with his tongue being stuck.

Is this normal? Would it be irrational of me to push taking him to a veterinarian?

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19:59 UTC

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