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This is a subreddit to help you alleviate that feeling of dread, by asking other people for their ideas!

Simply make a post detailing who you want to buy for and your price range, and people will make suggestions for you!

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Feel free to share some unique gift ideas, deals you found, and any other tips that will help Redditors to find the perfect gift!

07:52 UTC


Male 40, UK

Likes sports, eco friendly, socialising,

Would even just like some sites that are worth browsing - most of the ones I find are just peddling the same old crap! About £d50-100


06:07 UTC


Need suggestions for my flight attendant female friend that I'm really close to

Let me start with some details - I have a female friend that I'm really close to (you could say the feelings are more than a 'just friends' level). We've been close for more than 10 years. She's been a flight attendant for about three years now and her birthday's coming up soon. She's working for a big company traveling worldwide constantly.

I have a few general ideas that I'll lay down below, but here's the thing - I don't want the gift to be something random just to cross it off the list. I want something meaningful that she can use, without the gift crossing the line and coming across as too 'romantic'.

Here are some areas I've been thinking of:

- something tiny she can wear during the flights

- something she could use post-flights (for de-stressing, or some cosmetic stuff, or something she can wear when changing in her hotel room)

- something for her pre-flight routine

These are just some ideas, don't let me necessarily drive you in this direction. I'm open to any suggestions as long as it really is something meaningful. Could be something custom or something you can buy off the shelves, doesn't matter.

I'm really stuck, maybe because I'm overthinking it.

Thank you!

18:26 UTC


Gift For My Brother's GF

Hey y'all! I'm trying to buy my brother's girlfriend a Christmas present and I have no clue what to get. She and he have been dating for 4 years and I want to get a gift that is more thoughtful, but she's also one of the people who has everything she needs in life. In general, she is more of a low key person and doesn't really express need or want for material things. What I do know about her is that she likes blankets, chocolate, and tea. She loves having any type of Date night with my brother in any type of scenario, as long as she sees my brother happy. What creative ideas do y'all have?

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06:50 UTC


I have a crush on my neighbor. She’s a wonderful human being.

She’s finishing up college, and I’m a grad student. I remember being in undergrad, and I’d like to get her something small, but luxurious. I haven’t quite “made it” myself, but I’m comfortable. Any suggestions? Otherwise I’m thinking a bottle of champagne, some nice dark chocolate, and maybe some nice socks or a flannel pj set (cozy, not sexy) or something. Is that too personal?

17:58 UTC


At a loss! M 28, husband, christmas

So my husband is super difficult to shop for, and terrible at coming up with ideas for Christmas. For years I've basically been giving ideas for him to his friends and our families. However, IM RUNNING OUT! especially when it comes to more fun ideas.

He loves clothes and dresses well, but he doesn't really like having clothing bought for him. I've gotten him a half dozen gorgeous watches and even more pairs of real leather shoes. He loves cooking, whiskey, and he is a philosophy professor. I have some book ideas and maybe small kitchen stuff, but nothing FUN. He loves Legos, and is currently collecting the star wars head ones (I'm getting him one this year). We love cats and bunnies. He likes watching yugitubers and basketball and baseball. He doesn't like junk, but he's also not the kind of person that needs all his gifts to be fancy.

Looking for random FUN ideas for less than $100! Give me everything you've got, I'm desperate!

00:20 UTC


Really struggling with my 12 year old son


  • Fortnite (PS4)
  • Basketball
  • Roblox (iPad)

Already has:

  • Bike
  • Outdoor basketball hoop
  • Indoor basketball thing
  • Hoverboard
  • PS4/PSVR
  • PC
  • iPad

He's completely stuck and doesn't even know what he wants. This year he said, "Vbucks and clothes, I guess?" Hell, I think he may just barely believe in Santa (he and his little brother talk about how Santa isn't real, but they don't want to risk it, so both believe right now).

01:57 UTC


Gift for guy I just started seeing

Our birthdays happen to be two weeks apart. He got me a small gift for my bday so I want to get him something for less than $20.

Things he has stated he likes:

-winter activities




-TV shows Westworld and Game of Thrones

02:27 UTC


Gift ideas for a boy (9)

A distant relative decided to be an Angel Tree donor and got a 9 year old boy to be the recipient. Only thing is he gave some vague information. "Clothes and Toys." They wrote that they like the colors Red, White, & Blue. Their favorite TV Show is Nickelodeon, and Favorite Movie is "La Casa De Papel."

We're still thinking about the last thing since it's a TV-MA show on Netflix. Idk, it looks like it was written by their parent. I really don't know what's on trend for 9 year olds. I tried looking at Nickelodeon, but depending on the time, different shows with different audiences are playing.

Any and all help is appreciated.

18:00 UTC


I need the perfect joke gift idea

So far I'm thinking of buying multiple DVD copies of timecop or some other obscure crappy movie and giving each member of the family a copy but wrapped up in different containers to vary size and make it more unexpected as they open up yet another timecop dvd. If you have any other ideas, suggestions, stories of past joke gifts given or recieved they'd be much appreciated

12:49 UTC


Searching for a not so joke gift.

So I really want to give my bro a gift for X-mas and I might as well prepare it now with the "virus". Basically I'm searching for something that would make someone laugh to how dumb it is, but then realise it's useful or an actually good gift. Btw he's like a game dev who likes anime and who have read lots of sf and fantasy novels. He also have a habit to make actually good puns every now and then.Honestly, except for a possible C# for Dummies I don't have any ideas, and this one is terrible.

EDIT : Thought it might be useful/interesting to say, but he is older than me and is actually struggling to make his first game, alone, has issues to be set on one ideas for said games, and tries to find shortcut to not make animations as much as possible (so much that he's making a 2d sidescrolling game)

11:29 UTC


Gift for a friend

I am trying to find a good gift for a friend and she would love a cold case to solve. Like one of the things that come in an envelope. She loves Criminal Minds so if it could be related to the show somehow that would be perfect! So I’m asking if y’all would know any good one to order. Thanks so much for the help!!

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00:24 UTC


Gift for girlfriend

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask but I'm looking for a very specific thing, a crystal with etching that will only become visible under light. If anyone could help point me in the right direction or even let me know if that sort of thing is possible it would be appreciated.

20:53 UTC


[Urgent] Gift for sister’s 20th birthday? (in three days...)


I am looking for a little gift for my sister and I have no idea what I could give her. Since it´s already in a few days I will only get something offline. So please, tell me roughly in the direction that could be interesting for her.

It shouldn´t be too costly (<50%).

She is a vegan, plays the piano, likes her cats and animals generally and Zelda.

16:14 UTC


Need Advice for Secret Santa for Work

A little background about this secret santa first: Generally 40 dollars is the average people spend on a gift each year and this year I got a person who I am not necessarily super close with. I do have some leads but there is a problem. This person likes the office, the movie Coraline, likes to shop at target, and likes coffee... but the problem is we have this section where you can say what you appreciate most in a gift and they wrote "creative." Creative is something I am not and I am struggling to come up with a good gift that's not just a lame gift card.

Any advice would be super helpful

22:05 UTC



If your wife complains about the bed or sheets get her bamboo sheets. Or a mattress pad or whatever she needs to sleep well.

05:30 UTC


I'm looking for a gift for my girlfriend

She's a big HP fan, Dragon Age fan and she enjoys reading books along with playing video games

edit: She is generally PC girl even though she plays the occasional ps4 game along with her dad who she still lives with. She owns HP the illustrated versions

15:18 UTC


Just a PSA this holiday season: no pets!

Do not give people pets as presents. The only caveat to this is if they have explicitly expressed that they want a pet from you as a present, even then, discuss this with them and perhaps allow them to accompany you in gift shopping. If you choose to ignore this or sidestep this, be prepared to accept responsibility for said animal.

21:19 UTC


Famous video game themes piano music

So I’m looking for inexpensive gifts for my friends. One particular friend of mine loves to play the piano and she’s into a lot of like iconic video game series. She likes Zelda and Pokémon in particular. I am looking for a book of sheet music from like famous Nintendo titles. Does such a thing exist preferably under 30 bucks?

21:33 UTC


Suggestions: perfect gift for stoners?

Not just rolling equipment etc... maybe some fascinating things like solar system lights or cool fact books n stuff. :)

02:03 UTC


Gift for my gf

She is into music ( really wide variety), tv shows, sports, she likes to go out and do stuff, shes really good at pinball. I have 150CAD to spend. Thanks so much i have been thinking about this for days and not coming up wtih anything

17:30 UTC


Gift for my friend turning 15!

She really likes the legend of Zelda and super smash bros. She’s also into art and animation as well as piano.

21:05 UTC


Gift for my favorite professor

I’m graduating university in May, and I’d like to give my professor a parting gift. I’ve been working in her lab the past two years, doing climate change research on barnacles. Give me your best barnacle themed ideas!

00:27 UTC

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