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Im looking for a motherboard. Is newegg reliable?

I'm wanting to get the ASrock b650e Taichi Lite, but i can only find it on newegg, ebay and walmart. The one on Walmart says sold and shipped by newegg. I have seen posts of people having a lot of trouble dealing with newegg and I have never used them. Would I be better off ordering the one from Walmart or just go off of their website?

19:39 UTC


Got suspicious about a seller

Hello guys so basically I'm about to buy an Rx 6600xt xfx merc 308 from a guy it's a brand new gpu he said but I'm suspicious about it if he used it and return it back to the box or he bought it from AliExpress can you give advice to help

15:54 UTC


8 month review of Build redux

So I got my PC about 8 month's ago and its still performing fine with a couple hiccups along the way.

After the PC was purchased it took about a month longer then stated for it to arrive, which was a bit annoying but I was willing to forgive it if the PC didn't have any major problems. I emailed Build redux several times before I received it to ask questions about what kind of ram they were using, If I could order another 2 8GB sticks. and then lastly to ask about what was taking so long with the shipping process. I was told my PC was going through the testing and finalization phase and would be shipping within a week, which it did. Here is where the first hiccup happened, none of which is actually on build redux end. I was waiting by the door all day and no one ever came but they claimed they attempted the delivery and nobody was home (not true) and then the following day they just dropped the PC off without ringing or knocking and without a signature (specifically requested and asked to make sure that wouldn't happen and it still did) I was lucky enough to catch it before going to work but if not it would have been stolen for sure considering no one would of been home and its not the greatest area.

Unboxing it I was happy to see the way they packaged it was very intelligent (which is the biggest and most important part of the whole process if you are having a PC shipped) and once I plugged everything in it booted right up without any issues. and continued to have no issues, got a good 6 months before randomly one day I started having throttling issues because for some reason my PC was getting very hot and the fans were running much harder then they every had before. Was really thinking the AIO had died on me and was thinking the worst. (getting stuck in warranty process forever) Googled a few phrases and eventually found a reddit thread where someone else said they had to put their computer on its side for a few minutes to get the clog out of the AIO. I did this suggestion and it worked like a charm! and we were back in action and then the last 2 months have had zero issues.

The PC Runs great, sounds great, and I have not had a single issue with any games or video editing at all.

Overall I would give the experience a 4.5/5 and I only take .5 away because of the delivery without a signature, which again is not on build redux at all, but whatever company delivers it ( I believe it was UPS)

Also I read a lot of reviews saying that there customer service took forever to answer, but I found if you are respectful there response time is actually quite impressive in a world where getting a hold of anyone that's a real person is growingly more difficult and time consuming.

Thanks to Build redux for being very competent in how they package and ship PC's.

My co worker ordered from another company and the way his PC was shipped just in a box with no foam support, or air bags inside to keep the GPU properly seated. and plenty of room to bounce around in the box like a hot potato during shipping. Well lets just say it made me very happy I didn't order from them.

23:16 UTC


My experience with serverevolution.com

Overall very disappointing, ordered a GPU (4090) on their website which was shown in stock for around $1750, 3 days later I ask them is it shipped? An account manager replies that now the GPU is in stock and the usual price is $3,200 !? BUT he can do $2,300 for me... I was speechless, of course I told him keep the card and have a great life!

06:25 UTC


V1Tech has different sale prices on Etsy vs Their Website?

Hey, a quick question I hope I can snag an answer too, but I'm helping a friend build their first custom PC, and they were in the market to buy one of V1Tech's bottom plates for their Lian Li o11 Case, however we noticed something strange, which is that their Etsy storefront:


Has very different prices than their official website:


Which we both thought was strange. Is this just an etsy thing? Or is the etsy seller actually not V1tech but an imposter perhaps?

23:25 UTC


[RMA] Anyone had any problems with CCLOnline?

I bought a 3080ti from them last year, was playing a game recently and the whole computer shut down and a burning smell was coming from the GPU.

Computer would not post, I took it out, tried another 3080ti from another system - computer worked as expected. Tried the duff 3080ti in the other machine, same issue.

Contacted Gigabyte, who told me to RMA directly through the distributer (CCL Online).

They collected the parcel 21st of October, 28th of October I got a email with the message

" Reason: Faulty Other Test Result: Tested" Action Taken: Returning Original Item "

12th of November I e-mailed, but no response so I phoned them to ask what was happening. I was told they tested the card and it ran fine on all settings and it's with the returns team to be sent back to me.

20th November, I emailed again, still no response - still no 3080ti.

I'm going to phone them again Monday, but wondering if any one else has had issues with them.

Shocking customer service, considering I spent £1500 with them!

00:11 UTC


I'm trying to buy a intel xeon x5650

I've been looking for a place to buy a intel xeon x5650 that ships to my country Kosovo, but cant seem to find anything. Can someone help me find this.

23:39 UTC


Resetting a laptop (hp pro book) with a work email protecting sign in. How do i bypass this?

Would taking the ssd out and putting a new one in and installing a os through a bootable usb with like windows work or what???

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Amazon returns

Has anyone ever returned pc parts to amazon a little after the return period and has it gone smoothly? I am trying to return my motherboard ram and cpu as I am having motherboard issues but the return period just passed(November 2nd) but a customer service associate set it up for the motherboard and ram but not the cpu. Will I still receive a refund for this item or is there some sort of fee I’ll have to pay? I’m confused why the customer service associate set up a return for those two items if the return period ended. I’m also returning the items cause they don’t properly work and I’m having ram issues so I thought the best thing to do was just get a refund and buy a new mobo and ram

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Do not waste your time with Build Redux

It is truly too bad the rating does not go into negative numbers because that is the way I feel about this tremendous waste of money and time, first off when I first received my system on 4/22/2023 I was truly excited to have my first real gaming system I thought I was enjoying the gaming experience with it fast loading no issues with gaming was able to run multiple games at once due to having dual 34” monitors and then all of a sudden you know kinda like when the warranty runs out on your vehicle and everything stops or breaks yeah that is pretty much what happened here they apparently they sent me a system that has an outdated BIOS and when I ran updates for everything to include the video card well my monitors would not come on so I could complete the simple task of updating the BIOS and when I reached out to Robert Romero with Build Redux he informed me that I was out of luck on getting my money back since I was well out of the 30 refund window, there is a reason they only give you 30 days because they know there systems are crap.

I personally would not recommend spending yoru hard earned money on this GO BUILD YOUR OWN system for much cheaper do not believe the HYPE in their advertisements.

17:14 UTC


Thoughts on having BestBuy assemble my PC for me

I have all the parts and everything for my new PC but dont have the time or energy to actually put it all together. So was thinking l'd pay BestBuy or something else to assemble it so don't have to worry about it. Anyone have any bad experiences with them?

16:09 UTC


Risk to consider when buying PC components from amazon : my short story of how they shipped the wrong parts and refuse to refund me since 2019

(originally posted in /r/buildapc, I'm moving it to this sub)

I bought a PC from amazon that was shipped with the wrong GPU. I sent it back and they refused to refund me. The reason they give me is that I received the correct GPU and swapped it before sending it back, and that I've done it several times before. Naturally this is not true so they refuse to provide any proof.

I believe something went wrong in their fraud detection and they flagged me as a scammer. I've talked to dozens of people from amazon support and they've all been rude and unhelpful.

That was in 2019. And they still have both my money and my PC, that they have conveniently destroyed when I asked them to send back.

My hope is that you'll take this into account when considering trusting amazon with an expensive order.

Additional details following the comments in the initial post:

  • Amazon, not marketplace
  • I did file a chargeback with my bank but it got nowhere (rejected by amazon's bank? I'll check again with the bank)
  • I didn't "just give up". I spent dozens of hours in the span of several months talking with amazon, by chat, phone, email. A friend working inside amazon tried an internal process. I also tried the chargeback. It dragged for very, very long.
  • If it seems unbelievable to you because you've never had issues with amazon, it is exactly the reason why I'm posting this. Sometimes they fuck up, even after years of being a customer with no problem

13:31 UTC


Avoid eBuyer when purchasing in the UK.

Just had a week of the most shocking customer service.

Just ordered a 4070ti. Paid for next day delivery which somehow meant delivery ended up being scheduled 3 days later. That delivery never came even though I took the afternoon off work to wait for it.

The redelivery has just shown up and the parcel looks like it has been thrown around. This is an expensive GPU being treated like a bag of trash.

I refused the delivery on the spot and now there’s no sign of a refund. Luckily paid through PayPal so hopefully their consumer protection will kick in now.

11:45 UTC


RoyalCDKeys cancelled my purchase and refuses to send me the key

So, yesterday I was scrolling through AllKeyShop and something jumped in my sight. Cyberpunk 2077 was the incredible low price of just under 6€. I immediately went to the retailer website, which was RoyalCDKeys, and bought it. The transaction on my card went through and I just waited to get the email of the key itself. Half an hour later, I get a message saying the purchase was canceled and the reason being "inventory". I then submitted a ticket to the support, trying to get some resolution, but still nothing. Later they told me I needed to change payment method and they even offered me a coupon. Pointless to say that now they have "inventory" for the same keys, the only difference is that they are priced at 50€. I wanted to know if anyone has had this type of experience with these retailers and what was the resolution. Did you win, or it's pointless arguing?

20:25 UTC


Tips for dell price match?

Trying to buy an NVME drive at dell by pricematching w/Amazon (submitted yesterday so not a prime day special event price) since I have a good cash back offer with my cc at dell.

Was told they couldn't do it because the Amazon price was too low. Spoke w/a manager and they resubmitted but got told it could take 24-48hrs.

Seems like they're just passing the buck and by the time I hear from them, the price will have gone up.

It's the exact same product on both sites and it's sold and shipped by Amazon.

I feel like I've fulfilled all the requirements on their price-match page, but here we are.

Anybody have success or have any tips with dealing with dell?

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r/PCRetailers Suggestion

Do you think it would be worth having having something like a survey or list pinned on here? We get so many of the same questions being asked (which I know is the point of this subreddit) but I think having an easy to find living document where people can list a vendor, state quality of experience, and explanation would be a good reference and help more people.

Example Business

  • Meets or exceeds expectations
  • **Failed to meet expectations**
  • Scam

"Example Business sold me an old shoe instead of a ROG STRIX 4090, Refused Refund BC Laces were Missing, Finally Refunded me after seeing this post"

It also drives me a little bit crazy that so many people will talk about a negative experience or ask for advice but don't explain who wronged them. Retailers need to be held accountable and broadcasting that a business is harming consumers is to everyone's benefit.


01:25 UTC


Worth it or no?

I plan to purchase a KOORUI moniter 24" 165hz refresh from the website screenmove jsut wanted to check if its as reliable as box, or ebuyer and overclocker

21:36 UTC


redux build

is build redux realiable? this is my first pc and i dont know if i should try and build one or just order it.


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Amazon Game Promos never coming through.

Amazon game Promos never come through

I bought a RX 6800 back in the spring around when The Last of Us Part 1 had a promo going and never could get support to understand that I did not receive a code to redeem for the game. Eventually I gave up.

Last week I purchased a RX 6800XT that had the Starfield promo and I have not received that code either. I asked support and they insist I need to contact the seller and or manufacturer for the promo. I tried to explain that Amazon Services LLC is literally the seller on the order listing in my history and that Amazon offered this promo. I asked to escalate the ticket and I’m still waiting.

I’m not tore up about not having Tlou or Starfield, I just don’t understand the disconnect and why a promo is offered that I cannot redeem.

19:30 UTC


Sending GPU for RMA!

Just wondering if there is a proper way to box up my GPU in order to send out for RMA? I don’t have original box or a static bag and don’t want them to deny my RMA for not properly boxing up my GPU!

18:10 UTC


AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D Dark Rock 4 or Dark Rock Pro 4

Hi everyone,

to make it plain and simple: do you think for AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D the "normal" version of bequiet's Dark Rock 4 is sufficient? (its seems to be quieter than the Pro version).

Kind regards

21:52 UTC


RMA motheboard question

Hello, so I purchased motheboard from europe webshop and returned it inside 10 days without using it. Now when it came to their depot, it came out that it is non functional, so they informed me that they sent it to their supplier without refunding me. This was last week, now how long should I wait before I involve bbb or such org? I really do not understand why is the fact that they sold me disfunctional motheboard my responsibility?(they wrote that visual appearance is 'okay')

16:04 UTC


Anyone know a way to get Tray oem amd Cpu warranty claim?

I bought a cpu ryzen 7950x from facebook marketplace and is a tray cpu from prebuild and it died by a faulty motherboard..

Anyone knows what to do? Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated 🙏 😭

Thank you

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00:17 UTC


Looking to get a pic

I’m looking to get into pc gaming but I have no idea where to start I don’t even know the difference between custom and pre built. I want which ones better of course and what’s a trusted site to buy it from all these are looking like scams

14:46 UTC


Looking to get a pic

I’m looking to get into pc gaming but I have no idea where to start I don’t even know the difference between custom and pre built. I want which ones better of course and what’s a trusted site to buy it from all these are looking like scams

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14:45 UTC


Is this safe?

i wish to buy a prebuilt from a new website i saw it from youtube and someone had been using their pc from the same brand for a long while now its called lyte / lytetechologies.com, please give me your opinions

20:03 UTC


So it happened to me , heard people saying not to buy PC part from Amazon , I bought 2 SSDs one WD 2TB and one Crucial 4TB packaging was fine but item box tapes were opened , one didn’t even stick , and both empty…

I always thought this is a very rare thing to happen , didn’t happen with other orders from Amazon past year but here we are … waiting for resolution in 3 days , they claim the weight of items were right and they need to investigate ….

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20:47 UTC


Build Redux vs Digital Storm vs NZXT

Been looking around for a good prebuild for a workstation (CG, Comp, Rendering, editing, etc). And I know these are the 3 big names in the prebuilt soacw so I was just wondering which one is better. I did some digging and I found some less than pleasing things about BR. So I’m just coming here to get a better gauge in which system to invest in.

14:11 UTC


anywhere that sells partial builds? ( if not need easier way to install a few parts.)

ok, so there are 2 parts of building a pc that i dislike and one that i absolutely HATE.

I hate with an unblinking furvor the process of bending over to use my electric screwdriver to add each darn screw to the motherboard to fasten it to the tower box.

im fine with connecting the cpu to the mobo iself but when it comes to adding the thermal paste and the cooling system i really dont like that part due to it sliding and forcing me to reapply it.

so title.

if not, can you guys give me some tips to make it easier? im fine with all the other parts but installing the meat of the machine (except the gpu, thats a breeze.) is a pain in my butt.

please help! i know what parts i need i just need an easier way of getting them or installing them differently. easier to use hardware install tool suggestions maybe? also my maximum build budget is 750 for all parts and tools. ill decide on part budget and/or tool budget allocation once someone points me to a supplier/retailet with my requirements. -- or informs me something like that doesn't exist.

02:46 UTC


Acer - Waranty.

Just wanted to share my experience dealing with Acer and that it is a smart move to dodge the brand.

I ordered a Acer 27" Predator XB273UGX QHD IPS 270 Hz, as a monitor. Turned out the screen was damaged in the middle and had some damage showing green/blue pixelating etc and since im color defect i did not see it till my mate saw it when he helped me calibrate the monitor.

Most PC parts here in Sweden comes with a 2/3 year waranty and the screen has a 3 year one, sent it in after 2.5 ish year and to company i bought it from sent it to Acer Germany to have them repair it, after that i waited for 5 weeks, then went on my vacation for another 3 and now i talked to the place i shop at again and they had heard from Acer that they placed my screen in "to do" list.

Here is another thing, my screen was not being manufactured 4 months after i bought it, and turned out now that the "newer" model also has stopped being manufactured aswell.

So, the company i buy from just decided enough is enough since we got real strict laws: And they are sending out a Alienware AW2723DF Nano IPS QHD 280 Hz HDR instead to replace my Acer monitor.

So to follow a small TLDR: Acer put waranty repair into "to do" list and wont get it done after close to three months, avoid Acer since they do not do shit when it comes to warantys.

13:24 UTC

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