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MSI 3060 12GB Ventus 3x OC Wattage

Hi So I recently (today) aquired this card (I upgraded from Asus 3050 oc, in order to get a bit more oompth, and that sweet'n'juicy vram) only to find that I can't go over 100% power in MSI afterburner... My 3050 could go up to ~110% so I was confused... only to find out that these v. 3 3060's are limited to 170W in their BIOS... That being said, I was able to boost it by 189Mhz on gpu, and 1Ghz on memory (I used portal RTX as benchmark, as I didn't have much time today... I'm writing this away from home) and it was stable at these clocks... (temp ~60-64 Celsius) That plus considering that I was already adding onto the stock overclock... Would if it was worth messing around in BIOS to gain more wattage? or is it too risky? The card is using all 170W it can at the moment. Also not sure if it changes anything, but I don't have an iGPU, I do however have a few older full sizes cards, but I'm not sure they'll fit as 2nd gpu, as my case is a cablological monstrum...

16:21 UTC


i7-13700KF getting 1200-1400 points in cinebench in multi-core

Could you help me please to fix that..

I didn`t OC this CPU just bought a few days ago..


15:25 UTC


Memory timing don't stick whatever I do

I have a 7950x3d on a Asus X670E-E gaming paired with a trident Z5 2x16 (32GB) 6000 30-38-38-96 . So the issue is whatever timing I set into the bios there is no way this will change. When I get into windows and check the timings this keep staying at the value the memory stick is advertised anyone knows why?

1 Comment
14:56 UTC


Overclocking Corsair Vengance LPX 3200 CL16

Im currently using an ASRock Z390 Extreme 4, i7 9700k and 4x8 GB (2x8 before for few years, tried the whole process back then too) and im not able to use the 3200 mhz. Whenever im using the XMP Profile for 3200 or setting the frequenzy to 3200 and leave everything else on AUTO while in BIOS, the computer will crash after 2-10~ Minutes. Same with lower speeds. Seems like its working fine (so far for the last 15 mins) with 2666mhz which is the official supported speed for the i7 9700k. Im kinda lost when it comes to overclocking, any advice?

14:51 UTC


Kingston Fury Beast RGB 32GB kit CL40-40-40 - is this a micron die?


This number seems to suggest it's micron, no? But what is up with the "S". All other posts about the subject use a "T" instead. Also what does the last two digits "37" mean?

Does the QVL-list of various motherboard not matter when searching for what type of die? I searched the part number in the QVL-list for different manufacturers, and they all list it as a hynix-m die.


14:20 UTC


Building Upon Progress (Memory OC)

For the longest time I thought my RAM kit (G.Skill S5 6000CL36 XMP) would be able to do 6800Mhz, atleast not without grave difficulty. However after spending time learning how to tune memory timings I thought *maybe* if I tweaked those just a little I could squeeze 6800 out of this kit. I WAS RIGHT, and look at how even at 6800Mhz, it's faster than a lot of 7000+ XMP kits.

TL:DR = Learn to tune your timings.



14:15 UTC


Memory controller voltage optimalization on 7950X

This is follow-up from my last question: VSoC undervolt on AM5

I see there is quite large voltage on memory controller which was set by XMP profile. My question is if i should worry about this and if there is any space for improvement. I am running 6000 MT/s CL30 2x32 GB memories with stock timings from XMP II profile and I set UCLK = MCLK explicitly.

Thanks in advance for any advice(s)

I have already lowered SoC to lowest level where I can still pass OCCT tests

13:47 UTC


How can i improve my Ryzen 9 7950x3d experience?

Hello everyone, recently I bought a PC with Ryzen 9 7950X3D and a 4090.

Despite having performed all the various driver updates and activating DOCP (limiting my RAM to 6000Mhz since my MOBA doesn't support 6400), I noticed that the in-game performance was scuffed with a variable framerate and non-linear frametime.

I was able to marginally solve the problem by locking the fps with RivaTuner and following this CPU optimization guide: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-9-7950x3d/5.html

Can you give me some advice to improve the situation? I am a newbie, so I have not tried undervolting yet

Thank you to anyone who bothers to try to help me

AMD Ryzen 9 7950x3D


SK hynix Platinum P41 SSD PCIe NVMe M.2 - 2TB

Kingston KC3000 SSD NVMe M.2 PCIe 4.0 - 2TB

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB DDR5 6400Mhz 32GB (2x16)

PHANTEKS Glacier One 360D30 DRGB AIO

ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Strix 24G

MWE GOLD V2 1050





13:24 UTC


1.2.0.B Bios: With just Precision boost Overdrive on scored 22k on cinebench while undervolt.🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

13:11 UTC


Overclock ir safe ?

I am relatively new to overclocking, but I would like to learn more about it, I would like to know if overclocking is safe (without anything exaggerated) I understand that overclocking increases the temperatures which is the same as reducing the lifetime, what are your recommendations, what temperatures are safe?, is it worth overclocking both CPU and GPU?

12:49 UTC


Gpu & hotspot temps. Repaste?

Should i repaste the card? (Im good with computer but never did a gpu repaste) The delta seem huge but maybe im wrong.

Ps: yes this is a 6900xt overclocked. I always run UV but the hotspot still get to 95c-103c in many many games while gpu temp is 60c

11:32 UTC


Underclocking RAM, can I keep timings?

I 've experienced slight instabilities (rare BSODs on idle, TestMem5 and MemTest86 show no errors) with my newly built PC, then I noticed, my CPU (Ryzen 5 5600X) doesn't officially support my XMP RAM Speed (Ripjaws V 3600 DDR4), only 3200.

With XMP still activated, I used the multiplier in my Gigabyte BIOS to set it to 3200, and left everything else on auto. The 3200 speed gets picked up correctly by CPU-Z and task manager.

So far no more BSODs, but I'm concerned about the timings. They are still on 18-22-22-42, at least from what my PC can gather.

Is it okay to just let these timings be as they are? I've tried to change 'em to the equivalents of a same brand 3200 kit but got a CMOS reset for that. I'm really inexperienced with stuff like this, so better safe than sorry.

10:38 UTC


13600KF overclock

SP 84(95/62)

10:07 UTC


I need help overclocking my GTX 1070 using MSI Afterburner

I bought this card about a year ago off a friend for like 120€ and had to replace the thermal paste in it. I recently tried to overclock higher than the default OC settings it has (It's an MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X 8gb). But I just couldn't find a stable setting that also actually improved my performance. I was wondering it anybody had any presets they'd think would work. Thanks in advance!

09:17 UTC


PC Stutters when overclocking RAM

My PC stutters when I go from 3200mhz to anything higher even 3600mhz and I need help. My Parts are

MB: AsRock B650 RS Pro WI-FI (supports 7200mhz) GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: Ryzen 5 7600X RAM: G.Skill Flare X5 32gb 6000mhz

And for some reason my pc works just fine at 3200mhz. But when I put it at ANYTHING higher it just messes up. Even in settings one of the profiles is 4800mhz, and the other is 6000mhz and 6000mhz takes like 2 hours before my frames in game start dropping to 5-20fps and my audio starts cutting out and my keyboard and mouse disconnects. 4800mhz has stuttering every randomly but more frequently. 4800mhz also crashes my game. But 6000 doesn’t. it seems my pc is able to handle it but at points it can’t take it.

08:42 UTC


Can't disable C-state in bios

Hello, maybe it's a stupid question but I can't find it... I'm trying to disable the global c state control from my bios but after the restart it always goes back on auto. Same happens when I put it on enable (which really confuses me). I hope you guys can help me.

My mobo: gigabyte gaming x v2 rev1.4 Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600

08:23 UTC


Weird Clock speeds with RTX 4070

I have an RTX 4070 Gigabyte Gaming OC. The 4070 is supposed to reach 2475 MHz with boost clock speed. I know the OC version should reach a little bit higher, but mine is reaching 2950 MHz in any game. I am having creashes and I have not activated any OC profile. Even in "Silent mode" and the boost clock set to 2565 MHz in Gigabyte center, the card will reach 2950 MHz while gaming and eventually crash in some games (No blue screen, but the game just closes).

Also, the memory clock appears to be at 10501 MHz, which is just absurd for what I've read. Am I reading it badly?

Any advice?


1 Comment
07:38 UTC


Need help with intel processor

Motherboard. Msi z690 ddr4 Gpu 4090 CPU i9 13900k

I’ve tried overlocking. Undervolting but I can’t get the system stable. Every time I undervolting or over clock. I have issues running the game and a out of memory allocating resources message appears or sometimes the pc just freezes

06:31 UTC


Moving PC to enclosed balcony -30c(-22f)

I thinking about move my air cooled PC to balcony for permanent placement, Cables length is enough, just ordered USB hub

Winter temps in my area around -30c(-22f) to -5c(23f),

My main concern is that

SSDs might degrade quick

And bearing grease on fans will dry,

Also I plan to turn it off during night, what could go wrong here?

Also first time after moving PC to cold place, is it better to let it get cold first, or plug asap and do some heavy load? Thanks in advance

06:20 UTC


Lga3647 overclock

Playing around with one of my servers. Is there anyway to overclock these like the V3 xeons did? Temperatures are under 70 at full load. So why not try out the limits before I put it to use.

05:50 UTC


Very unique RAM - what timings do I play with?

Due to some unique size constraints in a small form factor build, I had to use VLP ram, hence the following:


Huzzah! For overclocking purposes, I grant that it is very strange. Micron F-die I believe. I am using the 16gb density (2Rx8) which runs at 3200MT/s JEDEC timings stock (22-22-22-52).

Yes, this is slow, but there really aren't any better options for VLP that I can find.

As of now, I have it running at 3400MT/s CL20 at 1.4v. It is completely stable, but every other timing is still running at JEDEC. What do I do at this point? I am using a 5800x3d, for which I believe 3600MT/s is optimal. Would the best play be to get to 3600 at all costs? or should I prioritize tightening the tertiary/secondary timings more?

Should I play with the gear or the command rate at all? or should I leave both at 1?

Due to the exact config of this build, the CPU fan actually blows air directly down on top of the RAM, so my temperatures in this regard are actually pretty good. With this in mind, any idea what my voltage ceiling is?

Thanks for any help :) I have tried overclocking RAM before but I didn't go crazy with it since it was samsung-die DDR5, so I am noob.

05:21 UTC


Retro RAM OC Voltage Question

What is retro for PCs, anyway? 13 years? It doesn't feel like 13 years ago that I was at the store buying my P8P67, 2500K, 3 pipe version of 212 cooler, and AMD 6770 ('cause 6790 was out of stock). I brought 'em all home and stuck them in my [absolutely iconic] Chenming case from 2001 which housed everything I'd had previously, going all the way back to 2001 (tech moved quicker back then).

When putting things together I also used the power supply I bought with that case as well - and why not? A quality 350W Enermax 365P-VE? Who cares that it's 10 years old?! Not me, it's an Enermax! Was that the right choice? Yep! After 14 years' faithful service and a 7 year retirement, he came back to work and has been greeting customers at the door for the last 3! If he doesn't die, I'm gonna re-cap him in 2028 as a thank-you-for-your-service second retirement gift (I'll ask him to go but I know he's gonna stay lol)

Onto business: part of my post is a screenshot (literally a camera shot of the BIOS screen) where you can see the voltages of my (overclocked) 2500K system. Something interesting: the VRM of my previously mentioned P8P67 motherboard overheated and died long ago (no downward airflow from budget 212 to cool them, or fan installed to compensate. Remember: always have airflow over VRMs!!!). So now my 2500K lives in a P8Z68-V GEN3 (functionally identical for my purpose...)

2500K is running at 4.8GHz, core voltage is 1.435. VDIMM is 1.73, VCCIO is 1.23. Yes, the boxes show lower numbers, but the reported voltages are higher... This is because I lowered the ones in the boxes to make them different so things would be more confusing for you! Lol, that's not why... It's because when I took the screenshot I was testing the stability at lower voltages, and hadn't yet saved the BIOS. The RAM and VCCIO values in the box are ~0.03V higher than the absolute lowest stable voltages.

RAM specifics: 32GB in four 8GB dual rank sticks. Each stick is the same brand and manufacturer, but it's not a set of 4, it's two dual-channel kits.

Rated 1866 C10 at 1.5V, I've got them running at 2133 C10 1.73V, with all the timings running completely optimized - none will go lower without causing issue, and more than a couple are as low as the motherboard allows! (details in image). The timings were all really high, most of the secondary timings were around double what they are now!

The 32GB 1.73V RAM in Mr. 2500K is a newer development (done in the past 6 months), and I want to make sure this PC runs decently into the future. In the past I looked into the chips used on the sticks, and they should be good with 1.73V - my question is what needs to go in those four boxes populated with "Auto"?

Will the motherboard I have do an adequate job with "Auto"? Does VCCIO have an effect on what voltage should be in those boxes? Does a motherboard generally choose the right voltages when you've increased the DIMM voltage?

On semi-related note, yes I know 1.435V is considered the upper range of safety for Sandy Bridge and maybe a bit above. I've had it here for almost a year now and it's still stable as ever. Recently I made a post asking about other 2500K/2550K/2600K/2700K owners' experiences with degradation (if it happened, after how long, what were clocks and voltage, usage etc. etc.) and got quite a few responses. They, along with my personal experience so far, lead me to believe that 1.435V should be fine for my use and intended target for longevity. When my system inevitably does become unstable (all CPUs degrade over time and I don't plan to stop using this one 'til I have to), my plan is to raise the core voltage by 0.02V and continue until instability is reached again. At that point I will lower the core voltage to 1.39V and CPU to 4.6GHz (my chip is ~0.04V per 100MHz in the upper 4GHz range).

In case my most important questions got lost in the novel:

What needs to go in those four boxes populated with "Auto"?

Will the motherboard I have do an adequate job with "Auto"? Does VCCIO have an effect on what voltage should be in those boxes? Does a motherboard generally choose the right voltages when you've increased the DIMM voltage? Do ASUS motherboards generally choose the right voltages? What about my specific model of ASUS motherboard? (P8Z68-V GEN3). I know... the last one especially is reaaally specific lol


04:51 UTC


Lenovo Legion, undervolt, throttlestop

This is my first unlocked gaming laptop. As must of you are aware, laptops don’t cool effectively. Which is why I’m trying to cool mine off a bit.

I9-13900hx, I may not know correct terminology or wording, please bear with me. I learned that you can undervolt the cpu to increase efficiency. I’ve gotten to below -0.200v and I’m still getting 95c plus core temps. Then I learned there’s a power limit. When I lower the watts to say 100 from 140, my clock speed goes down with it. Is there any way around this ‘limitation’?

(Example, not to scale) If 140 watts power is 4200mhz 100 watts is 3600mhz 60 watts is 2800mhz

It makes sense, mathematically, but is there anyway to ‘force’ the core clock to remain after lowering power?

04:36 UTC


Help with GPU instability GTX 1080

GPU info

MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X (stock air cooler) 0.981v Temp Avg ~ 49C 2023/2025 core 5000Mhz Memory power/voltage limit Avg ~ 60-80% max Thermal paste, Thermalright TFX

As the title says i need help with my GPU instability, I have tested it and ended up with 100% stability at all times with 2025 core till it hits 56/57C then it thermal throttles, i also have it setup as a curve so it also runs slightly higher at 2038 and fully stable till 52c but often downclocks before even thermal throttle kicks in.

my issue currently is since i re-pasted my GPU and the paste has set its and is 4C hotter then non set paste but is now downclocking before it needs to. It seems to get unstable sooner as well at 52C with the lower 2025 clock.

I re-pasted the card almost a month ago and its been great, apart from still having a hotspot of 14C higher, the only issue with my repaste was that i didn't do the thermal pads as i didn't have any or know the thickness.

I don't know if the hotspot is core or VRM but it does effect my clocks and is annoying to lose 10C of thermal performance for no reason.

but currently my biggest issue is the core instability, why has it dropped from stable 2025 till 57C to now erroring or crashing any time it hits 53C

04:34 UTC


7800x3d overclock question

can i just set core multiplier to like 48 and set core voltage at 1.25 (presuming this is safe and i think it is). i don't care about other curve optimizer settings or whatever else, just asking cause i saw some say this cpu isn't unlocked (i do not own one but plan to maybe upgrade)

04:14 UTC


DDR5 Overclocking

Hello everyone,

I currently have an i9-14900k with a Z790 Apex Encore. I am running 7200mhz 32 GB sticks with XMP 1 enabled. When I run Karhu everything stock, I instantly get an error within 2 minutes. I have been raising the MC voltage little by little, I am currently at 1.33125V after 1.325 V errored 5 hours in; all other voltages are left at stock. My main question is, how do I know when I have to raise the VDD/VDDQ/SA/ IVR/MC voltages? I know it's not at the same time, but what indicates what specific voltage I have to raise/tune?

VDD 1.4
VDDQ 1.4
SA Auto
IVR Auto
MC 1.325

I9-14900k SP 102 MC 81 / Z790 Apex Encore / G.Skill 7200mhz CL34

1 Comment
03:54 UTC


Is this a good OC??? (R5 5600)

Messing around with some cheap AliExpress hardware and managed 4.9ghz at 1.3 vcore on a B350 board 🤘🏻😂

03:26 UTC


i need help!!

i have a Core i9-12900F with B760M DS3H AX DDR5 motherboard with RBG DDR5-8000

i am trying to have this overclock to 8000MHZ but it won't it just stays at 5600MHZ

i tried changing in the bio but my computer won't boot saying it isn't compatible...

can anyone help?

02:18 UTC

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