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A quick history on The Treaty of Waitangi

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1942 ration books

Hi all, I bought an old writing desk from the Salvation Army years ago and only today found inside it a 1942 ration book. I’ve spent the day researching and found that the first ration books were only given out in the week of the 20th April 1942 so it will be one of the first given out! Aside from a name on the front in cursive and a few of the coupons missing, there is no other information. I’m a history teacher and focused most of my degree on military and social history so this is right up my alley and it’s my goal to find relatives of the owner of the book. The book was issued in Bulls so if anyone has family links to Bulls, please get in touch! I’ve contacted the Bulls historical society and spent the day looking through newspaper archives and census data but found nothing. I’d love to upload a photo of the name but I can’t seem to figure out how to (I’m new to reddit) if there is a way, please let me know because I’d love some help figuring out the name!

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Best NZ documentaries?

Just curious, what are the best documentaries on New Zealand history, etc that anyone has come across.

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Confiscated land

I need some clarification on why land is not returned if its recorded as someone's and then stolen please, looking for answers in the case of Ihumātao. Actually interested, real answers please

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Help Measuring the ANZACs collect information on New Zealand's World War I soldiers

Hi! I'm Evan Roberts, one of the project leaders for Measuring the ANZACs. We're crowd-sourcing the transcription of the files of New Zealand's World War I soldiers, and looking for the community's help. You can join in at http://www.measuringtheanzacs.org/, where we have an active message board devoted to the project. I can also answer questions here.

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Who are some of the most prominent/revolutionary native historical figures of New Zealand born mid-18th century?

There are a lot of specificities: The historical figure MUST be NATIVE to New Zealand, born sometime after 1730 and no later than 1780 (if you have to, you can stretch it from 1700-1780), and who heavily influenced the culture, government, science, and/or events of the world (not necessarily New Zealand; this influence could be anywhere, but it has to have a huge impact). Their accomplishments HAVE to be HELPFUL and PRODUCTIVE. Nothing like Robespierre, Hitler, or the likes; think Akbar the Great, Ching Shih, Nur Jahan, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. It doesn't matter if they're male or female or what gender they are. Not just pure artists; no painters, writers, etc. This is more government/science oriented.

(This isn't for a school project, or anything; I've been searching for months trying to find some good New Zealander history, and the internet is less than helpful.)

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Does anyone know what I could get for these coins?

I have alot of nz pennys (1950's and earlier), A mint half crown nz (1950), lots of half pennys from the same era, pints and other coins from this era, can someone tell me their worth?

11:41 UTC


Treaty of Waitangi- what did it mean in 1840?

The modern view of the treaty is that it created a partnership, and that sovereignty was not ceded thereby. A study of the Treaty in its contemporary context of 1840 indicates that this modern imposition is a travesty of what was understood and meant back then. If anyone is interested in this topic, I have recently produced a book on this, researched and with references, available as a free download - see my other post in politics for the link (search "new book on Treaty of Waitangi") as I have just realised I am not supposed to duplicate links on reddit-oops--- I am happy to discuss and answer any questions on this post (edit to remove duplicated link)

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