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Anyone know what to call these?

Braided steel with a sheath, twist lock clasp.

It came on a bar of shampoo shaped like a gernade.

Thank you.

01:21 UTC


Alpha Raglan Hoodie

I made the LearnMYOG hoodie. I think next time I will make a size Medium instead of Large. Adding 4 inches to the chest size made it much too big. I used a 5/8" seam allowance when I did the side seams to try to take up some of the extra.

The hood is already way too big for my small head and the fold over elastic just makes it seem bigger. Next time I will just fold the edge over. I folded over the edges for the sleeves and bottom hem and I like it better than fold over elastic. The sleeves are way too long, too, but it's really warm that way.

I totally messed it up by putting the hood on wrong the first time. I could not tell which panel was the front or back or a sleeve and I ended up putting it on with the opening over a sleeve. After I removed the hood (really hard!) because it was all put together, it was a lot easier to see where it goes. Next time I will put the hood on last. And make the other hood style that doesn't require an enormous head.

Alpha 60 hoodie

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00:25 UTC


New cutting table

Now that I have a larger room to dedicate to sewing, I built myself a large cutting table to replace a smaller, flimsier, folding one.

It's 37" high and 74"x42". I built it to be slightly larger than the 70"x40" cutting mat I got from JoAnn's for a killer deal.

Next is to get the rest of the room arranged and set up, and get my fabric rack up on the wall above the new cutting table.

23:21 UTC


Source for spring steel (?) closures ? Not sure of the name.

20:59 UTC


Cordura bag / waterproof interior

Been having an issue with this - if anyone can think of a solution, please don’t hesitate to comment.

15:44 UTC


Pack Fabric Data Visualization Tool

I made this tool that compares the attributes of different pack fabrics. I just posted it on the ultralight subreddit but I expect a lot of MYOG folks might find it useful. If you hit the columns tab you can add other fields that might be helpful (i.e. whether the fabric is seam tapeable, the fabric roll's width, etc).

It really just has Dimension Polyant's and Challenge's offerings since they're the only ones I know who have public data on their fabrics. But if I find public info on other fabrics (i.e. Robic) I'll can add that too.

What other factors do you consider when choosing a pack fabric?

14:47 UTC


Reliable alibaba suppliers for fabrics

Does anyone know any reliable alibaba suppliers for fabrics? Looking for diy tent project. Something like 210d polyester or nylon ripstop for bottom and 20d sylnylon top.

12:32 UTC


Sewing Station/Bench Brainstorming

Looking for ideas as I contemplate building a sewing table. My walking foot machine has its own table, so not part of this. The table will be for a Pfaff 720, Juki Serger and a blind hemmer. I would like to include a cutting table into the design, maybe fold away. My back won't take measuring and cutting on the floor anymore. What have you tried that worked for workspace , didn't work, you would change if you built again? The only idea I am playing with now is a three sided square with a machine on each side and lift up cutting table on the main machine left side , in the center which would also help when sewing woobies preventing fabric from sliding off table. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

23:50 UTC


Juki LK 982 purchase advice

I can get a working Juki LK 982 bartacking machine for €400 ($430). Is that a good price or not? Anything I should check especially before buying? (never used a bartacking machine). I want to use it for backpacks etc. where my Pfaff 1222e isn't enough.

17:49 UTC


Waterproof pannier material

Im looking to "rebuild" my old panniers using all the hardware, the fabric is just completely deteriorated but all the hardware is still in good condition.

I'm looking for a durable fabric like a cordura with a waterproof backing or something like that, I'd like to stay away from material that Ortleib uses for their bags because I think my sewing machine might have a hard time with it. I don't think any standard ripstop/silnylon/silpoly fabric would be durable enough. The panniers are about 20 liters each.

Any recommendations?

00:28 UTC


Sewing old climbing rope?

Hi all,

I have some old climbing ropes that I want to repurpose into using for straps for various projects. Is there a good way to sew these into other fabrics? First project will be a basic tote bag, and I'd love to use the climbing rope as a handle / shoulder strap in place of webbing.

My first thought was sort of mashing it flat with a hammer so my machine can more easily stitch through it. I have an old Elna Lotus SP.

Or - removing the core from the sheath entirely and just using the sheath as the strap, but I think that might be quite time consuming and not as supportive as I would want for a shoulder strap.

22:33 UTC


NYC gear fabric store recommendations

I'm headed to NYC this weekend and plan on going to the garment district and hitting up the fabric stores. Does anyone have any specific recommendations for a gear fabric store? Something like Mill Yardage or Discovery Fabrics but you know in NYC haha

19:09 UTC


Advice on how best to cut? After inserting zippers etc

Hi All, I've just finished my second framebag and I'm only medium satisfied.

Both, on the drive and non-drive side panels I added zippers and combined different color fabrics. The panels then were oversized, as planned, and had to be trimmed again.

However, the panel pieces were then bulky, not flat, and very difficult to align with my patterns and cut/trim to the required shape.



Any recommendations, suggestions, advice on how to improve the process about this?

My sewing skills aren't (yet) precise enough to reliably insert zippers etc always the same size etc, so that I could cut everything before.

17:44 UTC


Consew 7360rb Or Juki 8700

Just looking for any reviews on this consew 7360rb model. My local dealer has it in stock.

It seems like the juki 8700 is really the only drop foot that is sold in volume and has any kind of solid reviews.

Just seems odd the consew 206 is really the only newer machine that has any kind of traction from the brand. At least in the public sector buying industrials

Ultimately just curious if the 7360rb is worth picking up today or waiting a few weeks for the 8700

15:02 UTC


Second iteration of my dynema frame bag

Did a revision for an upcoming 800 mi trip on my custom dynema frame bag for my '89 GT Avalanche!

Things I changed:

  • Added roughly a quarter inch to the side panels all around to make for a better fit in the frame. Fully loaded the old bag would pull from the tubes and I didn't like the look

  • Added an external pocket on the NDS for smaller tools. This also hid the stitching for the internal mesh pockets in the main compartments on the drive side

  • Added a few pieces of elastic to hold a frame pump. Got tired of my pump jumbling around with all of the other goods so I just chose to sew in some elastic loops to the top tube panel

  • Already mentioned but added mesh pockets to the inside of both main compartments. The lower pocket doesn't reveal any stitching since I just sewed the mesh into edges of the seem allowance(not sure how to describe this lol)

  • Daisy chain all around bc I thought it looked tight and I have hella reflective cord sitting around

Anywho, thanks for looking and if u have any questions ask away :)

01:58 UTC


Update on my craptastic backpack -- This was a great learning experience.

23:15 UTC


Synthetic exterior and cotton interior...does that clash?

Hey gang,

I'm building a bag at the moment and i'm currently toying around with ideas for fabric. The exterior will almost certainly be synthetic nylon, something like gridstop, or pack cloth--whereas I'm thinking about using a cotton liner for the interior.

For some reason, it never occurred to me that combining organic with synthetic materials is something you're "allowed" to do--but i'm wondering if it wouldn't clash horribly or if there's some obvious downside to utilizing these otherwise contrasting material types.

Anyone have any thoughts?

21:45 UTC


Sewing Machine help

I want to do some beginner projects with ripstop nylon and maybe some other light materials. I have the opportunity to get a brother ls-2020 for not too much <$30 in brand new condition. Will this fit my needs or will it not even be able to go through the nylon.

I read the guide but I figured it's worth asking before I buy it.

Thank you

16:41 UTC


Compression strap direction?

Question to all you with knowledge and experience…

Does it matter the direction that a backpack side compression strap tightens?

Eg - pulling from back to front or front to back. They always seem to “pull” the front of the bag towards the harness and I wonder if this is reversed would it pull the harness system in a strange way. In my mind it wouldn’t matter based on physics but all packs seem to go in that same direction.

Thoughts? Thank you!

16:20 UTC


Best material for bike packing bags?

I made a frame bag, seat bag, and a few other small on-bike bags from waxed canvas. It went well, but the waxed canvas is heavy and looks nasty after a while of being in elements. I'd like to remake them (and some other new bags) in something more suitable.

What's a fabric that would be good for this use? I'll also use it for some small panniers, and a cross-body/large bumbag.

15:30 UTC

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