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Kudo or Kyokushin

I'm just curious. If you had to choose, would you go to Kudo or a Kyokushin school? Osu!

23:19 UTC


How do you guys train while traveling?

I’m in SF for two weeks and I want to train bjj whilst I’m here but I also want to do some tourist stuff but I’m not sure how I should space things out. How do you guys train while on vacation.

23:15 UTC


Disability & Self-Defence | The Pulse

22:23 UTC


Does Drunken fist attcully work in a fight?

This is just a random question I've had and I'm legitimately curious.

22:16 UTC


Who do you think are the BEST Strikers of All Time - UFC Tier List!

I personally think this tier list is probably the most unbiased I’ve seen! But what do you guys think?

20:56 UTC


How to prevent puzzle mats from separating?


I bought some very cheap EVA foam puzzle mats for my home gym setup. The mats are very small (30x30cm / 11.8 x11.8 inches) so there are a lot of interlocking points where the mats could separate.

I should have gone for 60x60cm good quality mats or maybe horse stall mats, but I was being cheap and didn't want to invest that much. Anyway, after putting together a ~4,40m^2 area, I tested the mats by jumping rope. They didn't separate but the whole thing moved around. I bought an anti slip mat to put underneath which fixed the problem.

Then I started some shadow boxing and nothing slipped and the mats stayed interlocked (for the most part; low to middle intensity). Then I added a 180cm heavy bag and started a test workout. And now the problem:

When I'm upping the intensity, the force generated while striking and also during quick, explosive footwork sometimes separate the mats. Small openings appear which are problematic because it's distracting, toes can get stuck and it's overall annoying. I can't go full power because of that...

Does anyone here have an idea how to keep the mats together? Or any other experiences with cheap small puzzle mats?

I thought about simply using duct tape to keep the mats together. I'd tape every mat together from underneath (just using a strip) and use long strips which would cover all the connection lines front to end and hopefully keep the mats in place as one big piece. Did anyone try this? Did it work or were there problems?

I know I should have bought good quality mats but before I say fuck it and do this, I'd like to try to work with what I got.

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: some errors

20:28 UTC


Weekly Beginner Questions Thread

In order to reduce volume of beginner questions as their own topics in the sub, we will be implementing a weekly questions thread. Post your beginner questions here, including:

"What martial art should I do?"

"These gyms/schools are in my area, which ones should I try for my goals?"

And any other beginner questions you may have.

If you post a beginner question outside of the weekly thread, it will be removed and you'll be directed to make your post in the weekly thread instead.

20:00 UTC


Martial artists who have a belt system in their martial art, I need help!

Every belt exam when I get my belt it’s like really hard. How do I get it to be softer? I’ve washed them, twisted them a lot but they’re still like rock. How do you guys do it?

19:29 UTC


What’s the best way to train martial arts but also build muscle

I train mma and Muay Thai 4 times a week. 1 hour sessions a day. But I have noticed that I am getting more skinny. I want to get really big but also have fighting skills. I just train mma for self defence/ confidence, so I’m not too serious about it. My main priority right now would be to bulk up.

I weigh about 75kg and my ideal body weight that I want is 90kg and lean. I understand the is will take years.

I have created this split, let me know if it’s okay or is it too much.

Mon - mma Tue - weights Wed - mma Thu - Muay Thai Fri - weights + Muay Thai Sat/ sun rest

I will look to eat about 4,500 calories a day 200g protein. That’s the plan anyway. Let me know any tips / advice on how to bulk while also fighting.

18:56 UTC


How should I train alone when I can't go to the gym

Hello, I started mma 3 months ago I live in a village the closest MMA gym i could find only has trainings 3 times a week, I have a punching bag at home filled with clothes what could I do to become a better fighter? I have got 4 free days a week what program should I go by? What things should I do? Shadowboxing? Bag work? Stretching? Running? Thanks

18:44 UTC


Self-defense at home or just normal workout?

I want to learn wrestling, and Cary Kolat's videos have inspired me to pursue it. However, I'm currently unfamiliar with any form of self-defense. I live in a remote area with no access to wrestling classes, training facilities, or coaches. Given these limitations, I thought about purchasing a 60 kg sandbag and practicing Cary Kolat's techniques at home by replicating what I see in his videos.

My primary concern is the potential drawbacks of self-learning without proper guidance. Without real opponents, a sparring partner, or a coach to provide feedback, there's a significant risk of learning incorrect techniques. This could not only be ineffective but also possibly lead to injury. Considering these factors, I'm questioning whether it's worthwhile to attempt learning wrestling on my own.

Alternatively, I could focus on regular workouts to build my overall fitness and strength. My ultimate goal is to gain confidence in my ability to handle one-on-one confrontations, especially in situations where I cannot avoid an altercation. Given my circumstances, would it be more beneficial to pursue self-defense training independently, despite the challenges, or should I concentrate on general fitness routines instead?

18:09 UTC


Blue belt or Yellow belt highest?

In martial arts which is higher a yellow belt or a blue belt?

17:35 UTC


Chances of beating someone much bigger

Hey there. I’m roughly 6 foot 5, 205 pounds, and have been kickboxing for 5 years (will begin competing professionally soon). I’m wondering what my chances are in beating someone a foot taller than me (untrained) in a street fight. Any ideas?

17:00 UTC


What was the secret to Anderson Silva and Machida's front kick?

Steven Seagal supposedly taught Anderson Silva the Mae Geri he used to knock out Vitor Belfort and also the Mae Geri Lyoto Machida used to knock out Randy Couture. Does anyone know the secret of that kick?

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16:50 UTC


I think we can learn many things from these non-professional fighters, reactions, unexpected movements and not always the strongest or bigger wins

16:58 UTC


Did MMA kill the martial arts movie craze? It seemed to decline as MMA emerged.

16:38 UTC


Ideal weight for everyday life?

Is there an all round best weight to be at? Im 6’2 and i want to be “big” in weightlifting But still have good speed for martial arts.

16:27 UTC


Post your strength and conditioning routines!

This isn’t me flexing on anyone, I’m just looking for more creative S&C routines for at home (I’m a competitive hobbyist). This is on top of going to BJJ and Muay Thai classes 4/5 days a week. -1 mile jog pushing child in stroller -11 minute footwork drills with X Heavy resistance band on thighs -11 minutes on rowing machine at high intensity -Mace workouts, both sides 3 sets of 20 (overhead swings, hooks, shovels, and pokes).

15:51 UTC


Does Krav Maga get aggression wrong when it comes to self defense?

I was reading this article from the Kravology Blog.

Link to the article.

It goes into how aggression is the cornerstone of Krav Maga. It claims that it can overcome the body’s reaction to a self defense situation. It aids in retention of techniques. It’s vital for new students.

The author describes a drill where they’re hitting pads, and he tells them to think of something that makes them angry. Then attack the pad.

One part I do agree with is that it does help new students that have no skills or even untrained people. Going full aggression (the “I see red!!!” Principle) may help an unskilled person overcome an attack from another unskilled person.

But IMHO it shouldn’t be the foundation of anyone’s approach to self defense.

Aggression should be relied on less as your skills increase. It should be that “break in case of emergency” thing you call on if things are going south.

Rather than telling a student to think of something to make them angry, encourage them to focus on breathing and keeping a level head when being put into uncomfortable situations.

That hyper aggression can burn out your gas tank, make you sloppy, and leave you open for unseen attacks.

15:11 UTC


Books to read

Hello everyone how are you, im looking for books to read regarding any martial arts so i can learn more,also philosophical books related to martial arts and discipline. Cheers

15:00 UTC


Hmms in sensei

I was a former student at a dojo that taught a style called to shin do, former being that apparently I was getting nowhere and the gear was expensive, so I have a few questions if y'all have the time or want to even answer, how well known is it in the martial arts world, is it even a good style to use in fights and what's a good amateur style to get back into martial arts

14:39 UTC


Is jiu jitsu the best martial art for an amateur adult who wants to compete?

Not a debate of which art is better, but I realize this is something jiu jitsu seems to have have over other martial arts.

Evaluated all the martial arts and is anything close? Jiu jitsu has clear divisons, global presence, has the officially recognized big competitions (generally IBJJF and ADCC) as well as strong regional grassroot type tournaments.

About as accessible for an adult as something like boxing and maybe kickboxing, but certain arts like Judo and Wrestling don't have as much of a pipeline that allows adults with zero experience.

Also seems like the amount of investment into a grappling tournament isn't as big as for a boxing/kickboxing match.

12:43 UTC


Can you be good at martial arts without the best diet?

As the title states, I would love to be good at martial arts but I really can't give up good food, I love sweets, well made coffee late and energy drinks. Can I still be healthy / well built enough to fight well?

11:40 UTC


Cross-training to make your style worse

A funny thought came to my mind so entertain it.

We know that cross training, like muay thai with boxing will improve your style over all, but I wonder if its possible to cross train and become worse for your style's competition.

Obviously learning archery to improve your Brazilian Jiujitsu is bad, so less obvious answers would be appreciated here.

10:45 UTC


Are tonfas good weapons for beginners?

If not, what are some better ones?

10:14 UTC

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