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punching a tree wrapped in rope

so I met someone who has a couple of bullies, of course I want to beat them up. I've been training my hands and knuckles to get tougher and I was wondering about punching a tree wrapped in thick rope, would this be a good training method? are there any better training method you would recommend?

(thanks for the help in advance)

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What’s the difference between ken-shin-kan Karate and Kyokushin?

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Multiple fighting styles

Hello there lovely martial artists, I'm currently writing a fantasy style book, so I was wondering if someone proficient in any fighting styles could answer a couple questions:

Would learning a separate fighting style additionally to your own improve your style of fighting? Sources online are saying it's better just to learn the one, but say you're proficient in one and start to train in another, would it become beneficial or detrimental to your ability to fight? Could you learn more than two? three or four? (if age was not a factor here of course, reasonably I do realise that someone needs a solid 10k hours to become outstanding in anything)

again, fantasy story, so like, pretend it's a character who IS proficient and has encountered a new and exciting fighting style, what do you guys think?

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Opinions and Help

This is my first post in this subreddit so sorry if I said anything I’m not suppose to. I have done a few sports but I have stuck with nothing. I am a 14yr Male slim and want to get into doing Wing Chun ik it is looked down upon but it seems interesting and is exercise compared to my hobby of games. I ask you what should I expect from classes? The type of people and your opinion on this overall.

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Can we make a rule against these super-specific hypotheticals?

"If you have 3 days to train 1 technique for a fight against someone who is 47 pounds heavier than you, what technique would you train?"

"You can win $1,000,000 if you win an MMA match against a black belt in any martial art, which martial art do you choose to fight?"

These aren't exactly low-effort, because there's some level of creativity. But the situations are contrived and the discussion is meaningless. There's a bunch of these threads every day, and it just dilutes the forum.

"Was I wrong/am I the asshole" type threads with specific situations make sense. "I'm writing a story and this is the situation" type threads make sense. But these just contrived "what ifs" are silly.

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How to deal with grapplers/wrestlers in MMA? I would love to hear your advice

I have been training MMA for a little over 2 years (I compete in army hand to hand combat and All-Styled Karate that is pretty much the same thing as MMA but only in helmets and in kimonos)

I am 15 years old 6ft with freakishly long legs and arms, 83 kg

My biggest weakness in my fights I would say are grapplers, I use my height and reach advantage against them however if we go in wrestling I tend to often times use brute strength from my weight lifting backround against them

I would really love to hear some advice from more experienced martial artists

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Silat vs boxing

Can a silat practitioner defend themself against a boxer in real life. Which is the best

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Contacts while sparring

For those who need to wear contacts during sparring, are there any tips on preventing the contacts from falling out? It happened during sparring today and had to stop training earlier. I was wondering if anyone has good tips

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lost a fight

I got into an altercation with a co-worker this past week. Long story short, I bartend at a restaurant and got into a work-related argument with a co-worker server and he started escalating the situation by getting in my face and threatening me. He kept provoking me and talking shit throughout the shift so we basically agreed to fight outside of work. I waited for him after closing up the bar (stupid mistake on my part, I know). He was taking so long so I got up and started staring at him from across the floor. He walked towards me within arms distance and said he was gonna kill me which I responded by throwing an overhand right at him.

This is where I fucked up. Instead of maintaining distance and boxing with him, I got in front of him and he started throwing continuous right hands at me which kinda made me freeze up I tried to pull his head down but he got out of it and that's when I proceeded for a single leg. Instead of circling to my right I was circling the wrong way and wasn't able to get the takedown. In the meantime I'm still eating punches to the head. I get a grip on his other leg and as soon as I'm about to go take him down, one of his friends (another co-worker) peeled my arm off, I lost the grips and we ended up in a weird clinching situation. I tried to take his back because I ended up sort of behind him but again, felt someone pull me away, I lost balance which gave him the advantage to grab a hold of me and take me down.

I ended up on my back but immediately put him in my guard. I pulled his head down and threw a few punches from there, he was obviously spazzing out and landing punches (even though they weren't doing much) on me this entire time. His buddies peeled my legs off to lose the guard first before he was pulled back, thus letting him get in more punches towards the end. We eventually get back up and the fight is broken up.

I've trained BJJ and Muay Thai for a few years and I haven't trained for over a year due to ACL surgery but I honestly felt like shit after losing this fight. How could I have let someone who's way less skilled and weaker than me overpower me and kick my ass? This is my second street fight and I realized that I freeze up when shit's about to get real and I have to eat punches to get my wits about me and actually fight. I could've easily outboxed this guy but I felt like all the training I've done went out the window as soon as I got hit. Does anyone else who trains and got into street fights felt this way before?

As for the damage, my forehead was pretty bruised up and I had a bump but it went away after a day. It's been 3 days now and most of the redness has cleared I only have a light bruise around my left eye.

Sorry for the long post but really needed to vent this.

TL;DR: I've trained martial arts for a few years yet still got my ass kicked by someone who doesn't and who isn't bigger or stronger than me.

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Recommendations on floor mats?

Hey Guys,

Having a super annoying problem on my side and was hoping you could help me out...

A few months ago I bought a Century BOB, a bunch of sand to fill it with, and some floor mats from Amazon.

Here's my annoyance, the mats are absolute rubbish.

I hit BOB for about a minute flat before they come apart, move across the hard wood floor that's underneath them, and begin bending up the wall that's behind them.

Then I have to move BOB, and fix everything, only for it to happen again and again.

This makes me avoid using BOB, and BOB was an expensive bastard, so I don't want to avoid using BOB.

Do you have any recommendations on how I can fix this problem?

Honestly at this point, even if I have to fork it for some better quality floor mats that won't slip all over the hard wood floor and come apart every 5 seconds, I'm willing to do it.

Any advice is hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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Would it be worth it for me to train 3 hours a day twice a week in Muay Thai and bjj

I have been doing muay thau for the last few months but have really been wanting to start or at least try out bjj, the problem is I work 3/5 days they offer classes.

The only real way I could do both is to do bjj then immediately do my hour and a half Muay Thai class, I’m just wondering if anyone has had success doing this or something similar

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what are some good self-defense scenario books for someone who trains Muay Thai?

So as a kid I read A Bouncer's Guide to Ballroom Brawling and since then I have forgotten about it. I had a much worse attention span back then.

Should I reread it? What other books are good to understand how to properly defend myself? What is a good list of books to read to be good with understanding self-defense scenarios and how to defend myself in them? I’m looking for books that teach how to do it legally as well.

I train Muay Thai and I'm looking to learn the right tactics for the street and scenario and/or legal stuff in order to complement my Muay Thai.

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Why is it that there are some older guys you know not to be messed around?

Theoretically a fighters peak is around 28-30. Athletic peak is probably few years earlier than that. However there's just some older guys in their 40s, 50s and even 60s you know not to mess around. You would rather pick a fight with someone in their 20s then them. It could be a lifetime of experience they have and their presence or aura that they carry with them.

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As Martial artist, do you try to get Buff or some abs and stuff cause that's all over in advertisements Or do you accept your Natural belly and Natural muscles that may not be so ripped?

Hot 6 pack abs all over the media. Hot bods all over. And even the Martial Artist in TV have it and display it. Do you care about that or do you care more functional?

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As Martial artist, What are some life lessons you learned in martial arts dojos you have learned that is not fight related and you apply them in your daiy life?

Before i asked stuff about fighting and defense but this time i want to ask, have you learned from your training something about life that is nothing about fighting. something about life that keeps help you in the life

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Kun Gek-Do (Gwon-gyokdo)

Hello I was wondering if anyone knew any information about the Korean martial art Kun Gek-Do or Gwon-gyokdo? The little bit I’ve read online says it’s a Korean martial art that a hybrid blend of taekwondo and Muay Thai.

That’s about all the information I can seem to find. I was hoping to find a link for an organization in Korea that I could talk to and ask more information about this martial art. Thanks everyone.

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Am I wrong?

Today I went to muay thai training and a woman approached me to ask me to do low kick sparring and I told her not to go hard and she told me she was competing. So we start and, even though I told her to go slow, she really hurt me with one kick, I even lowered my guard because of the pain. I told my coach but I feel horrible now because I have a really good relationship with him. I know that getting hurt and all is something that happens regularly but I always tell other people that are far more experienced than me not to go hard and nothing happens. Did I do the right thing?

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How do I bulk if I’m doing MMA 5 times a week plus weightlifting?

I’m currently 137 pounds and 13-15% BF or so. I lost weight from 145, but I’m losing even more weight now that I picked up MMA a couple of months ago. I was doing weights training for a while already since the beginning of the year. But I really want to gain in muscle mass, so I have to bulk up. The problem is, it’s REALLY, REALLY hard with bulking since I’m already doing crazy cardio and going to mma several times a week. Add in the weightlifting and I’m spending 10-12 hours a week on physical exercise. It would be more but I stopped bjj since I’m dealing with a bruised rib injury. So it’s only striking, mma, and weights for me.

I estimate I need to eat at least 3200 calories a day to do a lean bulk. How?!?! I eat like 2000-2200 calories currently. I can’t eat that much since I’ve been skinny my whole life, and it’s also expensive.

And I know some people will say it’s good I’m losing weight so I can fight in a lower weight class. But aesthetically I hate how I look. I have muscle and I’m lean, but I’m not big. Basically, I wanna look like Paulo Costa.

What should I do? I love combat sports as a hobby but hate aesthetically how I look.

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PSA: You can't bite your way out of a correctly applied rear naked choke.

You've no arm to easily access and I seriously would not recommend trying to bite the forearm.

This is something I've pressure tested (to a reasonable degree) and having an open mouth when someone has a locked in RNC is nothing short of brutal.

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What do you do against a slippery wrestler who constantly pressures you with collar ties

I recently started wrestling because it is suggested here a lot. The wrestling style we do involves using a lot of coller ties. Doing any type of throw is hard when you are constantly pressured by collar ties. It is even harder when we wrestle with oil. To get a good grip, you need to eighter get a double under grip or shoot to legs. You can also grab the belt, but the belt is inside the pants so you can't just throw your hand to the belt.

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Even though you use a guard to block does it hurt after a while if you keep needing to use it?

I need to train and find out but I don't know how secure you really are when you block a punch. Obviously its better than taking any blows to your head but I don't know how much your arms can absorb a punch.

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Thought experiment.

I kept thinking about this the other day walking my dog. Here is the scenario. You are under 140lbs. you have to get inside of a building to save someone you love and the only thing standing in your way is a 200lbs fairly skilled unarmed guard with a chin built like a mack truck. You can have any martial art technique at your disposal, like in the matrix...you can just download it and know it. No weapons , you get one shot at this. What would you download to use?

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Where to start with kids

My two kids (6, 7) told me they want to learn martial arts. I want it to be a fun family activity because they are still at the age of wanting to do stuff together. Also I want to be able to help them at home if they need/want it.

Self defense and self confidence would be the main goal of whatever we do. But what specific types of gyms should we look for? I see a lot of posts on here that say "boxing then BJJ" and that sounds great, but I am open to anything that would be fun for them.

Also I noticed that most the gyms have an Adult class time and kids times that are different. That wouldn't work in this case because I really want to spend time with them.

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Any recommendations or experience with 2 piece Bo (something that brakes down like a pool cue)?

Looking for a 2 piece Bo; something that unscrews like a pool cue. I commute by motorcycle and carrying around a 6foot Bo isn’t feasible. I’ve searched around a little and find things ranging from $40-50 (but are from Century so they never seem to be in stock) to $200 and beyond. Used mostly for Kata and demo with limited striking.

Hoping someone could point me toward something of decent quality and maybe speak toward graphite vs wood.

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