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Need help making decisions for my dino deck.

I want help making some major improvements to my dino deck just don't want to make any changes just because I love how the deck feels outside of its obvious inconsistency for getting lands on the field early game. Mainly looking for land searching creatures I could play early game and just all-rounders I should add now that LCC dropped. Made the card list the way it is mostly for shits and giggles from cards I have already. Make any commander suggestions you see being more useful.

Here is a link to my current card list for the deck. https://www.moxfield.com/decks/kQR65b4tnUacU2NPqXL0Rw

03:53 UTC


Selesnya Food, LOTR, & Squirrels

Hi there, deckbuilders!

(TL;DR -> Wife needs new Legacy Deck based on LOTR, Food and - possibly - some squirrels)

Some context:

After a significant number of years, I've finally convinced my wife to start playing Magic (a sincere thank you to the LoTR set and everything happening on Eldraine.)

I purchased a WG Battle Deck from CardKingdom based on Food and LoTR, made some tweaks, and gave it to her. She loved it, mainly due to the flavor more than anything else. However, she's winning and happy, so it's a win-win for everyone.

Why am I telling you this?

She expressed some interest in playing against my legacy decks, but for obvious reasons, her deck cannot compete. I want to level up her current build (list at the bottom), and I don't care for her deck to be competitive overall since she's not going to play outside of our household - at least for the time being.

I just want her to have a fair game against my BR Vial Goblin and my Temur Delver (lists at the bottom).

Here's the catch:

There are deck-building restrictions.

Given how much she loves the idea of [[Scurry Oak]] making squirrels, of hobbits and food tokens, and [[Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender]] using those tokens etc., I have tried to keep the deck around them, preferably WG. However, I'm struggling significantly to find a cohesive strategy.

This is what I achieved so far. The iteration is subpar, featuring a mix of different elements that fail to harmonize well together and do not fully capitalize on either food tokens or combos.

What can I do? Am I trying to do something that is not possible? Do you have any lists or any suggestions?

Current lists of all decks:

Wife's Deck: https://www.archidekt.com/decks/5965381/selesnya_food_squirrels_attempt

BR Vial Goblin: https://www.archidekt.com/decks/4888184/goblin_vial_br

Temur Delver: https://www.archidekt.com/decks/4954517/ur_delver

18:10 UTC


I'm working on a new Eriette vommander

Hello, I'm working to my first commander based on Eriette of the Charmed Apple ability, the actual win condition is putting a lot of enchants for activating the commander ability. I'm sure there are a lot of cards that gives me some battlefield control and ability card who well sinergies with the commander. Someone have good suggestions for improving this deck?



  • Eriette of the Charmed Apple


  • Sorin, Solemn Visitor


  • Archon of the Wild Rose

  • Ashiok's Reaper

  • Charmed Clothier

  • Conceited Witch // Price of Beauty

  • Danitha Capashen, Paragon

  • Knight of Doves

  • Knight of the White Orchid

  • Kor Spiritdancer

  • Mesa Enchantress

  • Neva, Stalked by Nightmares

  • Savior of the Sleeping

  • Slumbering Keepguard

  • Spellbook Vendor

  • Sram, Senior Edificer

  • Unassuming Sage

  • Underworld Coinsmith

  • Vizkopa Guildmage

  • Warehouse Tabby

  • Wicked Visitor


1 Commander's Sphere

1 Everflowing Chalice

1 Orzhov Signet

1 Sol Ring

1 Unstable Glyphbridge // Sandswirl Wanderglyph

1 Well of Lost Dreams


1 Eerie Interference

1 Fracture

1 Generous Gift

1 Not Dead After All

1 Stroke of Midnight

1 Taken by Nightmares


1 Beseech the Mirror

1 Cleansing Nova

1 Eriette's Whisper

1 Promise of Loyalty

1 Retether

1 Shatter the Oath

1 Sign in Blood

1 Winds of Rath


1 All That Glitters

1 Clawing Torment

1 Cooped Up

1 Darksteel Mutation

1 Ethereal Armor

1 Fungal Fortitude

1 Kaya's Ghostform

1 Lord Skitter's Blessing

1 Martial Impetus

1 Minion's Return

1 Nurgle's Rot

1 Ossification

1 Overwhelming Splendor

1 Petrify

1 Planar Disruption

1 Sanguine Bond

1 Sigil of the Empty Throne

1 Spirit Link

1 Stab Wound

1 Unholy Indenture

1 Vampiric Link

1 Vow of Duty

1 Vow of Torment


1 Bojuka Bog

1 Evolving Wilds

1 Exotic Orchard

1 Hall of Heliod's Generosity

1 Myriad Landscape

1 Obscura Storefront

1 Orzhov Basilica

1 Orzhov Guildgate

1 Path of Ancestry

9 Plains

1 Reliquary Tower

1 Restless Fortress

1 Rogue's Passage

1 Scoured Barrens

1 Shineshadow Snarl

1 Silverquill Campus

9 Swamp

1 Tainted Field

1 Temple of Silence

1 Terramorphic Expanse

13:09 UTC


Link, Hero of Time


I spent a long time on this deck, the idea was that me and my friends all wanted to make decks based on our favorite IP's. I have always loved Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time was the first game I ever beat and I am also currently building a Link cosplay from TOTK and am designing my own LOZ Tattoo. But that is besides the point. I wanted this deck to actually work, but I was willing to sacrifice a good card for one that matched more in flavor. Because Link is always breaking his back carrying a ridiculous amount of items I figured I would go for an equipment theme. I stumbled on Galea and she seemed perfect. I would later find out that online others had already had the same idea, I even found a prebuilt one on Etsy. So I swore to not look at those decks until mine was finished. It took me a long time to finally narrow it all down. All of the cards on my maybe board at one time also had cards associated with them, but I haven't included them in this list. If for some reason people see this and there is a demand I'll add them. Anyways this is the first iteration of this deck. I also went and made proxies for all these cards. I didn't use my own art , but it was still a long process, longer than I would have expected. I also Laser Cut a Special Legend of Zelda Deck Boz that only opens when you pull out the master sword. I could also share this if there is demand.... I'm rambling ... but this is truly the most work I've put into a deck in a loooong time, and I have not even played it yet because I'm waiting on friends to build their own decks. If this somehow ends up sucking I'll be really sad lol. Enjoy!

07:36 UTC


Deck Ideas for a Highschool Tabletop Club

Hi everyone! I'm a Senior in my school's brand-new tabletop gaming club, and we don't have many 60-card decks to teach people with, but we do have a lot of unsorted bulk. A lot of our cards are from the return to Ravnica block, the Theros block, and M14/M13. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of some themes we can look for when deckbuilding, or some fun cards to build around. So far I've made:

Mono-Green Fungi Spore Counter (Predominantly Time Spiral)

Selesnya Life Gain (RtR/M14)

Dimir Control

Izzet Spellslinger (RtR)

Mono-Red Artifact Burn

Naya/Caberetti Sliver (M14)

We do have some commander pre-cons, but its hard to teach someone new to the game using commander due to the slight difference's in rules. Any and all ideas are welcome, and if a lot of people want to know maybe I'll post the decklists for the ones that we've made for criticism. Thank you so much!

03:58 UTC


Aminatou enchantment - Commander (Aminatou, the Fateshifter)

Built this deck with a buddy, it plays very good as it is. But sometimes draws suck and I'd like to add maybe some counter spells? There's things i think can definitely leave the deck, and I'm open to add whatever y'all think would make the deck work better. Thank you!


03:45 UTC


Yoshimaru / Reyhan Counter Deck (Seeking Advice)

I have spent some time crafting up this +1/+1 counter deck for my favorite doggo and his trusty companion. Curious what you guys think I should do to square up the build, any weaknesses, or perhaps missed opportunities. My first time crafting my own deck.

Sideboard is featuring a lot of cards I'm debating putting in over others or just to keep on the side as ideas for potential problems/gaps I need to fill like more signets or control/etc.

Moxfield Deck Link

02:42 UTC


Aclazotz Death Trigger Question

Looking to find ways to “blink” [[Aclazotz]] to keep it from flipping to the land side if it dies. I don’t know if cards like [[feign death]] work and overwrite its own dies trigger, or if it dies and flips regardless. Any ideas for making that work?

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Modifying first "Iroas, God of Victory' Deck!

Hey y'all! I created my first commander deck ever called 'Soldier of Iroas' - based around Soldier token generation! I'm looking for things to move around to see if I can get it better, especially since the deck is lacking in single-target removal and ramp. Any advice on what I can add and/or remove would be helpful - cost is no issue! The primer has an explanation of the tags used for organization. Also, what is the approximate power level for this deck as is? Thanks in advance!

22:36 UTC


Liesa commander help?

So, still relatively new to deckbuilding, and I think I have smth here, but I'd love some input into how I can really fine-tune this !! (relatively modest budget so I can't go too crazy with upgrades)


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22:05 UTC


Unique Commanders Part 2

18:26 UTC


New to mtg how is this deck (really want to use merieke)

Here is my deck please give me advice as to what you change! I struggle to decide if what cards to get rid of so if you suggest new cards to add please suggest what cards to get rid of to put those new cards in, thank you!

Link: https://manabox.app/decks/EfN5FKCTQkeK7-L-7dnqDA

// COMMANDER 1 Merieke Ri Berit (TSB) 95

1 Adarkar Valkyrie (C18) 60 1 Alexi, Zephyr Mage (PCY) 28 1 Angel of Despair (GK2) 37 1 Arcane Sanctum (MOC) 390 1 Arcanis the Omnipotent (DMR) 39 1 Archon of Justice (M12) 6 1 Ashes to Ashes (5ED) 141 1 Austere Command (LCC) 126 1 Azorius Chancery (2X2) 318 1 Azorius Signet (CMM) 941 1 Blinding Angel (9ED) 7 1 Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile (LRW) 6 1 Cephalid Broker (IMA) 44 1 Court Hussar (GK2) 5 1 Cruel Edict (DVD) 48 1 Darksteel Ingot (CMM) 378 1 Diabolic Servitude (CMA) 53 1 Dimir Aqueduct (WOC) 158 1 Dimir Signet (LCC) 302 1 Drift of Phantasms (RAV) 46 1 Droning Bureaucrats (GPT) 4 1 Enigma Sphinx (C18) 178 1 Esper Charm (C18) 179 1 Esper Panorama (NCC) 399 1 Ethersworn Adjudicator (MOC) 222 1 Faith's Fetters (CMR) 20 1 Fatestitcher (ALA) 43 1 Felidar Sovereign (BFZ) 26 1 Fieldmist Borderpost (ARC) 85 1 Ghost-Lit Stalker (GVL) 34 1 Glen Elendra Archmage (WOC) 94 1 Guul Draz Assassin (ROE) 112 1 Icy Manipulator (DMR) 225 1 Impulse (DMR) 56 6 Island (LCI) 395 1 Ith, High Arcanist (TSR) 255 1 Jace Beleren (CMM) 850 1 Journey to Nowhere (CMD) 17 1 Journeyer's Kite (DDI) 65 1 Linvala, Keeper of Silence (MM3) 13 1 Magister Sphinx (2X2) 247 1 Mangara of Corondor (TSR) 27 1 Minamo, School at Water's Edge (CHK) 279 1 Mirrodin's Core (CNS) 208 1 Mother of Runes (CLB) 702 1 Mulldrifter (2X2) 60 1 Mystifying Maze (C17) 264 1 Necrotic Ooze (2X2) 83 1 Orzhov Basilica (LCC) 345 1 Orzhov Signet (LCC) 310 1 Overtaker (MMQ) 89 1 Path to Exile (LCC) 134 1 Patron of the Kitsune (BOK) 19 8 Plains (LCI) 393 1 Planar Portal (8ED) 311 1 Puppeteer (10E) 98 1 Recurring Insight (ROE) 82 1 Resounding Wave (ALA) 54 1 Reveillark (2X2) 26 1 Rout (C21) 101 1 Royal Assassin (DMR) 101 1 Rupture Spire (CMR) 355 1 Scuttlemutt (M20) 238 1 Skycloud Expanse (CMM) 1035 1 Sphinx Sovereign (ALA) 196 1 Sphinx of Lost Truths (ZEN) 69 1 Strip Mine (ATH) 77 8 Swamp (LCI) 397 1 Teferi's Moat (TSB) 103 1 Thousand-Year Elixir (C21) 271 1 Tideforce Elemental (WWK) 41 1 Tidehollow Sculler (MD1) 2 1 Tidewater Minion (RAV) 71 1 Tidings (C18) 108 1 Traumatic Visions (C21) 132 1 Unbender Tine (ARC) 97 1 Undertaker (TSB) 53 1 Vivid Creek (NCC) 444 1 Vivid Marsh (C17) 292 1 Vivid Meadow (NCC) 446

16:11 UTC


Budget Dragon Commanders

19:59 UTC


New to mtg and tried to build a semi decent standard deck, any advice for it?

So i started playing with some friends like 2 months ago, and my deckbuilding skills are very bad, having only made a draft decks.

So i tried to make a deck with all the ixalan cards i got from drafts and prerelease events and i dont know how viable it is.


If you have any comments or helpful suggestions i'm open to it, i mostly followed deck building guides online and tried to make use of my cards as much as possible.

16:34 UTC


When's the last time you've played Amnesia?

15:59 UTC


Dimir Exile Explorer Bo1 Mtg Arena 💧💀

This is my counterspell and removal heavy deck built to play against this, already boring, discover strategy meta in explorer specialized in exiling opponents spells, "Path of Peril" for low mana decks such as Elfs and Boros convoke and the one "Test of Talents" to get rid of pesky spells like "Storm The Festival" in Mono Green Devotion.

Game enders are of course Sheoldred, the Apocalypse and Invoke Dispair paired with Ashiok, Nightmare Muse who bounces non-land permanents and also makes 2/3 for a little board presence



2 Ashiok, Nightmare Muse

3 Blot Out

2 Castle Locthwain

4 Clearwater Pathway // Murkwater Pathway

1 Devious Cover-Up

3 Eliminate

2 Field of Ruin

3 Invoke Despair

5 Island

4 Make Disappear

2 Midnight Clock

2 Path of Peril

2 Reject

3 Saw It Coming

4 Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

3 Sunken Hollow

4 Swamp

1 Test of Talents

2 The End

4 The Meathook Massacre

4 Watery Grave

15:23 UTC


1 Million Myr

So I been struggling to build my Myr tribal deck because I want to go wide instead of tall with Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch. Basically you sack the myr so Athreos, God of Passage, Enduring Renewal, or Cowardice will return them to your hand to cast again, thus making another myr from the commander. I dont know of many other ways to return the myrs to my hand. I kinda gave on trying to find something so niche and threw in card draw artifacts. Can anyone think of any other cards that return creatures to the hand without having to pay something so you can make 1 million myr.

Here's the deck list: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/LGCx4nH8y0-7v3U0DvodQg

23:41 UTC



Do you thing that this deck is good or should i change something? I know that in modern gruul hydras are better from mono green and still not being the best deck out there but i really love mono green hydras concept.


18:58 UTC


Looking for feedback on my Meren of Clan Nel Toth deck


I am in the final stages of building my [[Meren of Clan Nel Toth]] deck and would like some feedback on it. I have never built an aristocrats deck before so I am stepping out of my comfort zone building this style of deck. I don't like running infinite combos or tutors. I always try to include more card draw since I don't run tutors.

Decklist: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/CFj6JQyir0aau6xXKT_kdA

I don't know if I am running enough drain effects. I am currently running [[Blood Artist]], [[Zulaport Cutthroat]] and [[Syr Konrad, the Grim]] for drain when my creatures die. I am also running [[Kokusho, the Evening Star]] and [[Gray Merchant of Asphodel]] for mass drain and life gain. I don't know if I should lean more into the [[Fleshbag Marauder]] effects or not. I am currently running two of those type of effects. I am also thinking of including [[Incarnation Technique]] since I have always liked this card.

I would love to hear any feedback that you have about my deck. If you have any other suggestions on what cards to add and what cards to cut please just let me know.


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12:31 UTC


Who's The King (Or Queen) Of "Super Friends"? Share Your Suggestions Please!

Morning all. I'm wanting to build a "Super Friends" deck, but not only do I not know where to start, I just don't know if there's the "go to" Commander for it. And if so, can anyone suggest a good fun deck for that specific commander.

Budget, is not in the competitive space, but I need the deck to be playable (and wanting to be played) at the table, not play once - get slammed - thanks for the thoughts... And then never seen again.

Looking to your collective knowledge to provide a knowledgeless fool like me - a great gift for a good, dare I say "super" friend.

09:22 UTC


The deck that won Paupergeddon Roma! Jeskai Glitters |MTG Pauper| Decktech + Gameplay

This week we take a look at the first place deck from Roma with some great games to showcase the power of the deck! (Match 3 is awesome!)

02:53 UTC


Deck Advice: Kyler Human Ramp

So i’ve been playing Magic a good few years now, gotten into commander a lot more this past year and have been trying to get seriously into deck building. Kyler, Sigardian Emissary has been a lot of fun, i’m trying to make her a ramp deck with human tribal but it always feels kinda unpolished and doesn’t always do well in practice. Was hoping for any kind of tips or card exchanges that would help my deck out, here’s the list:


01:02 UTC


Advice for Tyvar the Bellicose

Hey there!

[Deck List Here]

Just looking for some fresh perspective on this mana dorks - Deathtouch elves deck. Wondering if there are any suggestions that could make this deck a bit more resilient and/or reliable.

Thank you!

00:37 UTC


Advice on milling deck commander

I woukd like to get advice on my commander mill deck, whether it is any good, what cards to change.. https://manabox.app/decks/PgOHllgXS6O1__9zUWsFGw

09:46 UTC

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