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Fallacy of the Fortnight: Conjunction Fallacy



1) NO harassment of other users. Period. Note: unfounded racism and sexism (or prejudice against any other identifiable class) will be construed as harassment of users who are of that class. However an honest discussion of reliable facts and other relevant issues surrounding such a class will be tolerated, so long as the discussion remains civil.

Read the Principles for a Civil Discussion here.

Also, our definition of racism/sexism/whatever is "prejudicial beliefs, statements, or actions" and NOT "power + prejudice."

2) Keep submissions on topic. Look at the link flair and see if you can fit your submission in those topics. If not, consider whether the submission is interesting or otherwise relevant enough to submit.

I DO NOT care if you get off topic in the comments (barring violation of rule 1) so conversations are free to range where they may.

Consequences for Breaking

1) Deletion of the offending submission/comment

2) A warning to not do it again

3) A ban IF AND ONLY IF you prove habitually unable to adhere to the rules of civil conversation.

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