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Conversations go wrong

I started smoking every night again and I'm finding it difficult to have normal conversations when I'm sober now like my mind goes all foggy and I end up saying dumb stuff n embarrassing myself. I had a presentation in college the other day and I'm usually not very good with public speaking anyway but I feel like it was wayyyy worse then, couldn't get my point across at all I was a stumbling mess. I don't know whether it's the smoke or if its cause I'm in my head too much thinking ill be like that because of it. Can anyone relate to this?

08:47 UTC


Disappointed af

Man I feel so down, So lazy to even type this. I quit weed last week and I was on a 4 day sobriety track, I then met up with a friend that I haven’t seen for a week or two, we decided to grab some food and drinks ( since I didn’t drink alcohol, it made sense to just unwind).

Mind you, I didn’t mention to my friend that I’m quitting bud, then he suggested “let’s go back to my crib and have a couple more drinks and you can go from there” I agreed, thinking to myself that I’ll manage to survive a day with my friend and won’t smoke any bud with him. Well I guessed wrong because moments later, dude literally wiped out a 5G bag and was like “you wanna try some, I got this today from a new dealer I just met downtown” deep down I knew I couldn’t bring back that feeling, but then again I thought to myself “bro just one won’t hurt” well after that one, my brain was like two, then 3, and that’s how I found a suitable reason to buy some again, now I’m back to square one (10gs in my house) smoking everyday.

My conclusive statement, if you want to really quit weed, you also gotta quit your weed circle….but that’s where things get difficult because I don’t have any normal friends, all my friends some bud.

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08:11 UTC


Need scientifically proven facts on adverse affect of Hashish to convince dear one’s to quit consumption

Having very limited knowledge about drugs , I do like to use this support group to help out a friend , who is habitual of daily consumption . I know it’s not healthy but I couldn’t find reliable data , anyone in this group who have been through miserable situation and can vouch the adversity of hashish(medically)..Also how to make my friend quite this habit rationally ? It’s been more than year or so .

07:56 UTC


Told myself I wanted to prove to myself I can last ONE year without weed… at 10 month mark

For 5 years straight I was high and stoned out of my mind. Edibles, drinks, blunts, joints, bongs, dabs… anything you can think of. From morning to nighttime. My memory sucked majorly, my wallet was crying, my mental health was trash.. i honestly thought life would be too hard to deal with without weed. I tried quitting probably multiple times and failed. This is the longest I’ve gone without. And oh boy, when I first quit … it was completely shitty. Sweating, insomnia, no appetite, moody, headaches.. just a lot of withdrawal symptoms. Now at the 10 month mark, I’m not going to lie I sometimes think about it but I know that if I go back it wouldn’t be a one time thing. I would fall into my addiction again. But my anxiety and mental health has gotten way better. I remember things LOL. I’m actually living in the moment and not just a shell for a human. I’m happy because I’m happy and not because of me masking up my problems and feelings. I dunno I just never thought I would get this far and In two months I can say it’s been a year :) to whoever is struggling, don’t give up. It gets better!! maybe not right away but trust me, it gets better!!

07:13 UTC


I threw out my weed stuff and bought a PS4!

The depression and anxiety is going to hurt. I think playing video games might help me a bit and give me some happiness. I plan on gaming and exercising.

06:36 UTC


60 days sober from weed— my lifetime record. Holy crap I did it!!!

In June, I relapsed after 59 days of sobriety. Today, I finally reached day 60 after an awful bender. I am SO BEYOND proud of myself and shocked at the same time! Two months baby!!!! After 6 years of immense daily use

I never thought I could do this ever. I almost relapsed many times, and this time around was the hardest experience of my life. I still get VERY severe PAWS symptoms to this day. All 60 days I have not been able to function in the day time due to extreme fatigue. Every night I’m plagued by nightmares.

But none of this stopped me. I reached 60 days regardless and I stuck it though! Couldn’t have done it without this group and other support. 60 down, forever to go! 80% of people with my mental illness are drug abusers, I am now part of the 20% that is not.

I feel invincible. I get my 3rd chip today.

05:12 UTC


Trust what you know yourself to need

It can be so hard to explain addiction to people who haven't experienced it. Especially a weed addiction when you are seemingly so functional.

I'm lucky to have patient friends who are willing to learn and to grow and hear me out. It really does make abstaining harder when people are constantly trying to explain what works for them and how weed isn't addictive, and how there is nothing wrong with having a drink or two. But you can't let those ideas and what works for others swirl around in your head too much when you know deep down what works for them will not work for you.

I know I can't just "meditate on weed" or "set an intention" before I smoke it, or "shift my perspective/thinking around weed" and then just suddenly be capable of controlling my use the way some people can. I know I can't just have a drink or two, at least at the moment. Even though my issue wasn't with alcohol, it's like one drink opens a little door in my brain leaving me wanting more. More and more of something I can't satisfy until I smoke weed. Which is really only a momentary satisfaction which leads to more craving of that more and more, that no substance can really truly satisfy, but that I keep trying to satisfy with more weed.

If you're quitting, no matter what stage you're at, trust what you know yourself to need, and your own experience with weed or whatever substances. It is so so hard to really wrap your head around addiction unless you've experienced it. Don't take suggestions and advice from those who don't fully grasp what you're dealing with, as well intentioned as it may be. And weed addiction is real. So so real. Thank you all for continuing to share your experiences and struggles and successes, and for reminding me of this when I'm struggling to find understanding and validation in my offline life.

Day 1 of being sober again, after a 3 day little weed bender I just went on. Over 6 months weed free prior to that. Longest I've ever gone, most challenges I've ever worked through without weed as a crutch. Hopping back on that sobriety train and trying not to let this slip up get me too down. Progress is progress.

This is obviously based on my experience with quitting and trying to explain to other people.

05:09 UTC


Threw everything out yesterday

I took the plunge. Grabbed a trashbag and put my bong, vape, pipes and the rest of the weed I had inside and put it in the garbage.

Weed was my escape and my only coping mechanism I had to deal with my bipolar 2 diagnosis. I was smoking every day from morning to night and finally had the courage to stop. It's time to take back control of my life and I am very excited for what comes next.

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04:53 UTC



The cycle of habits.

I know my routine pretty well. I get cued, I get in the car, go to the dispensary, buy the bud, come home, consume the bud. The reward is getting stoned.

But figuring out my cues is tricky. My cues seem so varied and vague. Boredom, procrastination, being sad and/or lonely, general fecklessness, feeling miserable over past failures, desire to augment enjoyment of various activities, are all true but too difficult to grasp in a pragmatic way. Sure, understanding what makes me feel what I feel isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I could unpack what makes me sad and lonely forever, and goddamnit I'll probably want to get stoned even more in the process of doing so, or because I have done so...and so here I am.

But I know of some more specific cues. The dispensary is closing in 30 minutes, and if I don't allow the routine to initiate then the reward is completely out of reach for the rest of my waking hours, and the day will be won or lost (depending on my wildly oscillating point of view.) The fact that I have been sober all day and this is my last chance is a major cue. The closer to closing time, the more the adrenaline pumps because I know, now that it's closing in 20 minutes, I can still make it if I haul ass with basically no time to spare.

Well, not anymore, fortunately, I spent these last critical moments proofreading this post I wrote.

What're your cues?

04:45 UTC


Low libido?

I’ve been ‘clean’ for just over a month now and whilst the cravings are pretty much gone at this point I’ve noticed a few stark changes.

Primarily, my appetite has reduced significantly. That’s not so surprising as we all know the link between smoking and eating but has anyone experienced low/no libido? Not to be crude but whilst high I was horny a lot and now it seems I’m not at all.

04:43 UTC


Day 1

Gonna try and quit tomorrow. I’ve been trying for a couple weeks but just can’t seem to get past that first day. I’m really glad I found this group because I can relate to a lot of it. The high feels ‘normal’ and sober is ‘bad’. I don’t even know why I keep buying the carts because the high is just a numbing with my tolerance so high, but I keep buying them. I get so irritable and depressed the first day I stay sober so I immediately give into what’s familiar, even if I don’t enjoy the feeling anymore. Crazy. Hopefully i can start a streak tomorrow. Appreciate y’all

04:39 UTC


3 Years, 6 Months and 8 Days in and I want to give up.

I know it'll tear my life apart but sometimes I think of it as a reset.

The destructive side of me just wants to tear everything down and then hopelessly try and redbuild it.

There's just stuff going on that I don't talk about with anyone. It's so personal I don't even talk to my Mom (who I share everything with) or my wife (who it kind of involves). I just feel so alone.

I guess in general the stuff I don't talk about boils down to a feeling of failure in various ways and a lack of confidence and self esteem. It's a lot of feelings I've never felt before. Things I don't know how to deal with sober.

Even this far in I still get cravings but it feels like they've been getting worse. I started a new remote job (first time working from home) and my coworker I was shadowing kept talking about how they dab every hour and I was just like damn I wish I could do that.

I'm sure it'll pass but I guess it just helps to talk about it in some capacity. Love y'all. Thanks for being here.

04:22 UTC


mary jane knows when she's being abused

i've loved weed since before i smoked it, i was in love with the idea at age 13, something that would instantly make me happy. When i smoked for the first time at 13, it was exactly what i imagined, if not more. being high felt like getting to meet myself for the first time. I loved the cool friends i made that linked me to sources, and i felt super cool smoking. fast forward to 2016, freshman year of college, after my serious relationship ending, being sexually assaulted, and my dog dying in the same month, i turned to any substance that would take me away from the pain. i turned into a weed zombie and i completely lost my personality. when people spoke to me, my head was empty. i lost motivation to keep up with friends, which turned into a feeling that everyone dislikes me, or at the very least finds me cringey. i never used to feel that way before i was smoking every day. every second that i wasnt smoking ticked by slowly, but it would be ok because i could smoke once i got home. i am now 23, moved away to start my career, and making friends is really hard when your personality has been taken over by thc. i feel like a shell of who i used to be. i did not process my pain, and instead ran from it. now smoking is trading a social life for a few minutes of not caring. how can i expect people to want to get to know if i cant even open up to myself? this is why im quitting. i am on day 2 of my second round quitting. this time is hell, i am sweating, moody, bored and nauseous all the time with no promise of release in the near future, and yet i am more hopeful than i have ever been. i am so happy to read everyone experiences and to have the support of this subreddit, it makes me feel less alone and i am grateful for everyone who shares their troubles and successes. thank you for giving me an outlet and good luck to everyone ❤️

04:19 UTC


Had my first real craving today

I'm 5 days weed free. Today i got emotionally triggered by a big thing that happened (one of my jobs is ending in a hurtful way). After I got off the call I was craving weed! It was interesting to notice that it was my psyche's way of trying to avoid the emotional pain. Wanting to just enjoy the evening and be high instead of hurting. Got through it! Sat with the emotions. It still hurts. And I might be avoiding in other ways. But at least I didn't get high.

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04:12 UTC


Taking a huge exam Saturday and haven’t smoked in 5 days feeling withdrawals — will I feel less foggy for the test if I smoke tonight?

Weirdly I don’t particularly want to smoke, but I don’t want to be in a brain fog on Saturday. It’s a huge exam I’ve been cramming for and has huge impacts on my future. Couldn’t sleep last night and worried I won’t be able to again tonight as well.

Will the brain fog get better or worse if I smoke?

03:54 UTC


52 days clean, wanted to upload at 60, should have been 191

Edit: I can’t post my sober time pictures due to our rules, but I’m standing on 52 days after a kind of crazy collapse (run way to using after hard time) HUHE MISTAKE

I kept the time I should be clean now under “weed” And near that I wrote “Collapse” Cuz I believed in the first relapses I will not count it as collapse

So, you can see I have to charts

  1. is weed
  2. Collapse

Somewhere around 72 days I relapsed, than another 25 days I was clean, and then the big collapse hit again.

I’ve been struggling A LOT with quitting pot.. I’m doing and puts all my effort into this for more than 5 years.. I had great times being clean, horrible times cleaning again after collapses, and “wonderful” time in between of using It is ALWAYS got bad when using, I know I’m abusing pot for so long.. I hope that this time will finally be my last journey.

Just read a post uploaded here that our brain is damaged by the plant, I’m not a scientist, but I guess it probably does. Don’t stop reading! It is all fixable. It’s true, we lost some important time of our lives, we are suffering from more anxiety’s because of the using and the cleaning. Couple of days ago I was suicidal (I’m sorry for that!) It’s all gone, I know the feeling when it’s gone, I might feel bad again and I probably will, being clean for only 52 days proved me it’s possible to get better and have some hope.

I guess my story and journey is far from ending. I believe in my potential more, but I still feel kind of worthless knowing I could have been almost 7 months right now. I’m looking forward for the next milestone, hoping this time, I will go through a full one year

Good luck ♥️

20:57 UTC


How weed continually fucked up my life.

I had been smoking since age 17 daily and when I was 21 I decided I’d join the military to turn my life around to see if I could make something of myself. Well, I got to boot camp and had quit for about 2 months and they still found it in my pee. This changed the trajectory of my life forever - I went home and the first thing I did was roll a blunt.

A few years later I got caught with a pound living the fast life - luckily I had a corporate job because a month after getting busted I found out that I had a kid on the way. There were always things happening like losing my cousin to suicide, and I would just smoke to feel numb. Not even when one of my best friends lost his life to addiction did I think maybe I should stop; I just smoked even more.

So I stayed in that corporate job for the next 7 years and it felt like prison because I HATED the job, but I had to keep it in order to feed my family. It sucked living paycheck to paycheck because all I knew how to do was go to work and smoke the rest of the day. Luckily I met someone who offered to teach me how to become self employed and things got better financially, however I didn’t quit smoking - I just started smoking more because I had more time to myself being self employed. I started getting depressed and just couldn’t figure out “why?” I think I can answer that question now.

I gave up hobbies, lost friends, forgot who I was. Frankly, I’m still getting know the real me at age 34. I’m only 23 days in and wish I would’ve quit a lot sooner. There’s so much more to life, and I’m looking forward to that part.

02:18 UTC


Wrapping up Day 2

I’ve been smoking nearly every day for the past 8 years. Woke up early and had so much more energy than if I had stayed up too late and blazed and ate myself sick. This clear mindedness felt brilliant throughout the day but then the amped up energy turned into anxiety and all I wanted to do was just smoke and try again tomorrow. Reading the posts here helped me hold strong and the anxiety has decreased. My heart goes out to everyone quitting.

I originally just wanted to quit smoking cigarettes and read Allen Carr’s book and figured that cannabis had me in the same trap that nicotine had me in. I know that these don’t serve me anymore and that I may have struggles and relapses but i need to emphasize: the path to sobriety is a path worth taking.

Anyone else gonna have insomnia tonight? You’re not alone haha

Cheers Quitters

03:11 UTC


Day 10

I have started and stopped so so so many times this year. I cannot believe that I made it to day 10.

I will admit, it helped tremendously that I HAD to quit for a job I was offered and really want (they are being kind and pushed my start date until I can pass a test...I had been smoking for so long, so I don't really know when that will be, but all I can do is workout, not smoke, and cross my fingers).

Regardless of why I quit, I feel great! The first few days were very rough. The first week involved such intense nausea, insomnia, and anxiety that I wasn't sure I would make it. Yet here I am.

Rooting for all of you too!

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02:45 UTC


Had a wake up call earlier

Went to the dispensary earlier and the budtender asked me “you doing alright? You’ve been coming in every day for weeks now” damn. Tomorrow will be Day 1.

02:35 UTC


Day 73/74.. i really really really want to smoke rn

Title says it all and i'm not sure why this week cravings have been bad and right now it feels worth it to just do it. the longest i've gone before this is barely 2 weeks. I have accomplished so much in the past 73/74 days, i dont feel like I will go back to daily smoking like i used to (but the again, that might be the addiction talking). Not really sure what to do right now ..

02:02 UTC


Quitting try 2!

Well I was sober for 20 days (after 4 yrs of daily use) but then “relapsed” for 10 days…lets try this again 🤦‍♀️

01:24 UTC


Failed at day 17

So last night I failed. 17 days in, felt no cravings at all so went visit some friends. They started smoking and suddenly I was high as fuck. Damn, thought I had it under control already. This morning I felt slow and numb. Hated the feeling. It's 9pm now and I'm still finding it hard to work my willpower. Good thing is, if I made it to 17 days I can make it to 20 and so on.

00:56 UTC


First day quitting cold turkey

Hey everyone I decided to quit smoking today and am really having a difficult time with it. Naturally I decided to turn to Reddit and see if anyone one else is experiencing what I am. I have always heard it is impossible to get addictive to smoking THC products and for the longest time I believed it, but now I think that this just isn’t true. I started smoking weed when I was about 15 years old, some of y’all might not believe this but my first time buying I was at the basketball court with my friends in my neighborhood. Later on while we were playing an older kid in emoji sweatpants walked up and offered to sell us weed, we all looked at each other and unanimously decided to buy it. So we got the guys number, went and gathered our money together and bought our first eighth. At the time life was already dull to me, but my first time smoking made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop. Everything was beautiful again, and I remember telling my friends I would never stop smoking weed again. And I didn’t, I contoured casually smoking throughout high school until I got my first job. That was game over. When I was 16 I worked at a movie theater and would constantly use pretty much all of my money to feed my smoking habit, I don’t really remember how much I was spending. But I was able to save up about 5 thousand dollars in two years in order to buy my first car so it couldn’t have been too much. After I had gotten my car, I got a higher paying job at Best Buy because I was actually able to make the commute on my own. At this point I was about 18-19 years old, I was smoking every day and every chance I could get. Dab pens, wax, weed, edibles. I would see my dealer twice a week, I would buy an ounce an eighth of dabs twice a week and a dab pen for work. Eventually my habit got so bad I couldn’t afford it, so I would make pot brownies or flip small QPs so I could keep smoking the amount I wanted to. I would wake up, smoke, and go to sleep smoking. Now I am 21 years old and I can feel the damages I have done to myself, my breathing at times is labored, I can’t run like I used to without gasping for breath and I feel like I have lost all sense of motivation in life. I used to be the “class clown” and now I have the most trouble talking to people and forming jokes. I tripped yesterday and decided that I would quit cold turkey after my trip. Naturally I stayed awake for over 24 hours just so I wouldn’t have to hold myself to quitting just yet. Today has been the most miserable day I have had for as long as I can remember, my stomach has been upset all day, I can’t stop sweating, I’m irritable and would rather just sleep than be awake. The only thing I have thought about all day is when my next joint will be. I am trying my best but am starting to wonder if I am actually gonna be able to do this.

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00:28 UTC


Careful with those pink clouds, guys. They aren’t real.

(Opinions are my own. I have no sources except my own experiences)

If you’ve never experienced the pink cloud effect, it is essentially your body going through a pendulum swing: you numbed and muted so much of your body’s processes while stoned. After a week of abstinence, you might experience an overwhelming sense of goodness, peace, self-worth, energy, and a whole slew of other positive feelings.

I say that this isn’t “real” because it’s your body overcompensating like a swing of a pendulum. When it returns to center, you may feel like “real” emotions don’t really add up to how you felt during the pink cloud phase. This is actually how you are supposed to feel, and it’s absolutely wonderful, but it’s not as intense as the pink cloud.

This has made me return to weed many times. I’m also a recovering alcoholic and the pink cloud effect is very, very pronounced when you stop drinking.

Just be mindful that you may experience a roller coaster of emotions: some good, some bad. They might be intense. But once you return to center, life will just keep getting better and better.

Good luck, quitters!

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00:23 UTC


Did you sweat a lot?

Not just at night, but like all the time?

I used to do like 40-50mg edibles a day plus bowls and such for the past 7-8 years? I’ve been weed free for about a week now and I can’t do any physical movement without completely getting drenched. It’s insane how much I find myself sweating even in 60 degree weather, and at the gym it’s just pools underneath me. Oddly, I don’t sweat much at night mainly cuz I just blast my fan right into my face. I’m curious if this is my body flushing my system and if anyone else experienced this? I’m going on a date Saturday and I’m nervous I’m going to be a sweating pig

00:04 UTC


Today, I am officially one year weed free, AMA!

23:43 UTC


How to keep up motivation to quit?

I quit for 17 days (longest I had gone without smoking in probably two years) about a month ago. While I was off it, I was feeling really motivated to stay off of it. Then my grandpa suddenly passed away and I caved. Now I’m back in the habit almost every day. Some days I feel very motivated to stop, but others it’s like I convince myself I don’t need to (even though I know deep down that quitting is the right move for my life.) Basically my motivation to quit is wildly different every day. Any tips on how to keep that motivation consistent?

23:36 UTC


1 year clean!

Actually, it's been a year and a week. I don't think about weed very much these days so didn't even notice this anniversary pass.

But today I did and I wanted to share it with you wonderful leavers.

I could not be where I am today without this community. I haven't been around much recently but in the first few months, this place was my rock. In those dark early days I took solace in reading your stories. I cried at our shared pain, and found hope in shared victories. You gave me advice to help my partner quit weed as well (and he did!). When I almost caved at 6 months, you helped me to resist. I am so grateful to everyone here who has ever shared a story, a supportive hug or comment. This is the best community on Reddit.

To those who are just starting out, or struggling like hell to resist, know that it gets better eventually. I smoked for 20 years and when I quit suffered from PAWS for months. It was a real rocky road as I learned to rediscover and forgive myself. But I am so glad I stuck with it. I am proud of myself and feel the happiest I've ever been in my life. We've got this everyone!!! Stay strong and live your best life 🌅

22:36 UTC


Day 1

I’m a 33/m and have been numbing the pain since I was 17. It's been every single day since then except for a month when I was in my early twenties. I remember that month I was VERY productive and outgoing, along with the usual negative side effects of quitting MJ. After that month I tried smoking just once, and immediately went right back to constantly smoking everyday. This may sound silly, but last night I watched a few episodes of the TV show intervention and thought, if they can kick hard drugs, I can quit MJ. So today I'm beginning a new journey.

Reasons I am quitting:

I want to face my emotions and trauma I experienced in my teen years.

I want to be able to have fun without the need to get high first.

I want to improve my lung health.

I want to be more productive.

I want more of a social life.

I want to stop binge eating.

I don't want to be afraid to leave the house.

I want to improve my relationship with my girlfriend.

I have the day off today and have already found myself reaching for the vaporizer. I know I need to just get rid of it, but it's really hard and scary. I've already looked into a MJ anonymous here in San Diego and in-person meetings seem very limited. Overall, I'm not experiencing any withdrawal effects yet, but I'm really nervous about that and how strong I'll be even to get though this coming weekend. Thanks for reading and for your support. This community seems really awesome. ✌️

22:30 UTC

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