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Why not make a house elf secret keeper, and the forbid it to tell anyone unless you asked it to?

Just think about it

15:23 UTC


No spoilers: Is it feasible to read Fantastic Beasts before Deathly Hallows?

First up, no spoilers! I don’t know how the series ends yet. Im still reading Half-Blood Prince

Background: So I never watched the films growing up, and honestly never knew much about them until the past couple years when I started reading them myself. I decided to read the books first and watch the film afterward, which has been a very interesting experience (and I recommend it). I was intending on writing up my predictions/expectations for each book before reading it, and making a long post here when I finished, but I never got down to writing those up sadly

But I’m nearing the end of my journey. I’m at the end of Half-Blood Prince, which is amazing so far, and I’m sad that there’s only 1 book left. I’ve loved this series, and I don’t want it to end. So I wanted to start reading whatever supplementary books available before the finale

Is it feasible to read the Fantastic Beasts books prior to Deathly Hallows?

Is there any information that’s revealed that would take away from surprises/reveals in Deathly Hallows?

Is there any other books besides Fantastic Beasts to check out before the finale? I know cursed child is more of an epilogue/sequel, but I mean aside from that


15:04 UTC


My first 3 Kinder Funko Pop toys

I think, I got lucky

14:18 UTC


Harry Potter and Hegel's Objective Spirit

When watching and rewatching the movies, I couldn't help but think about Hegel's conception of Objective Spirit, and how I think it was present in the Harry Potter universe. Hegel's conception of the Objective Spirit has to do with the relationships that we create with others, first and foremost. He thinks that family, civil society and the state are part of the Objective Spirit. He thinks that we could be self-conscious only in relation to another self-consciousness. So, we need the other person out there to provide self-consciousness for us, and also for itself (it's a dual recognition). Objective Spirit is a higher form from Subjective Spirit, which is just about the immediate, implicit and isolated subject (individual). Throughout the Harry Potter movies (especially the first four ones), there is a sense of Spiritual community, of being there for one another, of sharing a world together with others, without alienation, and feeling the presence of God himself, because wherever there is love, there is presence of the Holy Spirit.

I just wrote this post spontaneously, without preparation, but I think it is worth sharing this insight with you!

14:12 UTC


Theory: All 7 Horcruxes are connected with the Seven Deadly Sins

The Diary- Sloth

The Diary manipulated Ginny, making her open the chamber and kill all the roosters for the Basilisk without doing anything itself. It's also one of the more forgettable Horcruxes, since it's a bit of an outlier, and Sloth is certainly a forgettable sin. Lucius also got lazy of keeping the Diary for his 'dead' master.

The Ring- Greed

Generations of Slytherin's descendants have squandered their wealth, spending all of their family money on items they want.

The Locket- Lust

Lockets represent affection. It's also what was sold to Borgin and Burkes by Merope, who coerced Tom Riddle Sr with a love potion. It also try to persuade Ron not to kill it by presenting Harry and Hermione kissing

The Cup- Gluttony

A Cup can be interpreted as a sign of over abundance.

The Diadem- Pride

The Diadem would be a symbol of Pride since all arrogant people think that they are smarter and better than anyone else, linking the connection with Ravenclaw. Moreover, Voldemort took extreme pride in thinking that no one but him discovered the RoR.

Harry Potter- Wrath

Do I need to explain this?

The Snake- Envy

The Prince of Envy, Leviathan, is typically portrayed as a sea serpent, which links to Nagini. You could also argue that since Nagini's green color can be a reference to the phrase 'Green with Envy'

14:08 UTC


Could Harry theoretically have actively controlled Nagini since he was a horcrux and spoke parsletoungue?

This would have been a cool twist to Hallows, if Harry had figured out how to get Nagini to do his bidding even when Voldemort was around

13:35 UTC


All DADA teachers is somhow dark!

Snape loves dark arts, and an ex-deatheater, Lupin -the purest one- is a worewolf (dark creature) and maybe the only noble one of them.. don't need to talk about the others!

13:23 UTC


How do you think Umbridge would react to the amount of hatred she receives by the fandom ? do you think it could strengthen her resolve to strive for more power or would it demoralise her ?.

13:14 UTC


What Do You Guys Think About OOTP?

In my opinion OOTP was great, well the first eleven chapters were, Hogwarts is absolute dogshit in this book mainly because of Umbridge and making everything revolve around her.

13:07 UTC


hide hocruxes

why didnt voldy just dump all the hocruxes in the pacific ocean?

13:04 UTC



I'm sure this has probably been addressed here at least a couple times already, but if it was I wasn't around.

Currently finishing up COS for probably about the 12th time and there's something that has been bugging me for a long time.

In COS, the basilisk was described as being the size of an oak tree trunk. How exactly did it travel through the pipes if it was that big?

If it was explained somewhere in the book, I somehow missed it multiple times. I've always assumed that Hogwarts plumbing was probably enchanted to expand and retract somehow. This most likely because of students like Fred and George who might think it's funny to flush things that shouldn't be flushed (or otherwise force them intonthe plumbing by other means) in order to block up or even damage the pipes.

If there is a canonically correct answer to this, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise I'd like to hear your personal theories.

12:50 UTC


What are you HP headcanons?

That you are fairly certain that nobody else has thought of? Share them here and don't worry if you later found that one of your headcanons has already been thought of.

I'll share a few of mine.

  1. Snape never formally expelled Harry, Ron or Hermione or any of the muggleborn students from Hogwarts during his tenure as Headmaster. He left the option for them to go back to School after the War was over providing they survived if they so wished to do.
  2. Petunia made Vernon give Harry the talk in was during the first week of summer holidays between fifth and sixth year it was so awkward for the pair of them and Vernon ended up paying Harry to get out of the house, they never did have that talk.
  3. Albus Dumbledore would volunteer at a centre for disabled children where he would entertain them endlessly with magic tricks, the staff thought he was just a really good magician unbeknown to them he was actually a wizard. Only Professor McGonagall knew of this and when news reached the centre that he had died the staff there, were devastated.
  4. While Molly might not be as enthralled by the muggle world as her husband was. She did love muggle beauty products and she loved going to the little muggle cafe in Ottery St Catchpole as they did the best cappuccinos, when the kids were at school and arthur was at work and she had a bit of freetime she would often venture there and would sit in a corner sipping coffee and reading a book for a few hours or in the summer she'd sit outside and would admire the flowers. She also loved going to muggle garden centres.
  5. Harry danced with Molly at his Wedding, if fate had been kinder to him it would have been with his mother Lily but as far as he was concerned Molly Weasley was basically his second mum.
  6. A few months after the end of the second war, a letter addressed to Harry from Dumbledore arrived in the post. There Dumbledore explained everything, apologized for a lot of things, told Harry how proud he was of him and how much he loved him and how he wished that things could have been different, his anger at how Harry was robbed off the life he deserved how he had wished he'd be able to stop Voldemort sooner before Harry was dragged into all of this. The letter answered a lot of questions and provided some closure for Harry and helped with his healing a lot.
  7. The summer before she returned for her seventh year Hermione volunteered to go to the homes of muggle children who's letters had been been thrown away the year before to introduce them to the wizarding world and to welcome them to hogwarts, the first year at hogwarts had twice the amount of students that year. Hermione also set up a homework club which was held twice a week to help students with her homework. She was also made Head Girl that year as she would have been made it if things had been different it was originally offered to Luna that year but Luna wrote back to Professor McGonagall sending the headgirl badge back telling her that it should be Hermione. Ginny was also made Quidditch Captain and the pair along with Luna grew closer that year. Harry and Ron would visit during Hogsmeade Weekends.
  8. To help the students who had all been traumitized by the war, some of them beore even getting to Hogwarts. Dumbledore requested each day after Dinner his portrait to be moved to the Great Hall where he would tell them stories. It became a routine pastime for the students to wind down before curfew, some of them would just sit and listen while others listened while doing their homework and the house elves would send up hot chocolate.
12:04 UTC



When I was browsing Pottermore,there’s this new TV show called Harry Potter:Wizards of Baking Anyone interested in the show?

10:43 UTC


About the locking spell "COLLOPORTUS"

I have a question about the spell "Colloportus". Can this spell only magically seal a door lock, or can it also be used, for example, on a suitcase lock or a safe lock? If the answer is no, I wonder, which spell can do this? Is there a spell that is the opposite of "Alohomora"?

10:25 UTC


The trace

Hi everyone,

I've been re-reading the Harry Potter series and came across something that puzzled me. In "The Half-Blood Prince," Harry uses magic in the cave with Dumbledore, but it doesn't seem to be detected by the Ministry. However, in "The Deathly Hallows," they avoid using magic around Harry while transporting him from Privet Drive to the Burrow because it would be detected by the Ministry.

Why wasn't the magic in the cave detected, but they were so cautious about using it during the transportation? Any theories?

10:16 UTC


Did you like the american portrayal of magic in FB?

1 Comment
10:14 UTC


This is how I think The Prisoner of Azkaban should've ended

Harry is in the streets of Privet Drive, sees a black dog, the dog turns into a man, which results to be Sirius

Harry: who are you?

Sirius: hello Harry. I'm Sirius Black. I'm your godfather. I was your father's best friend. I just escaped from Azkaban after being there for 12 years because I was framed for killing 12 Muggles by Peter Pettigrew, who is currently living as a rat with the Weasleys

Sirius shows Harry a photo of him with Harry as a baby and Harry's parents and the newspaper of the Weasleys in Egypt

Harry: wow! This means I can leave the Dursleys forever!

Sirius: I'm gonna go to Hogwarts and kill Peter Pettigrew

Harry: I can help you with that

Next month Harry, Ron and Sirius (under Harry's invisibility cloak) are in the Gryffindor bedroom

Harry: Ron I have to tell you something

Ron: What?

Harry: Scabbers is actually an animagus called Peter Pettigrew. He framed Sirius Black, who is my godfather, for killing 12 Muggles

Ron: What?!

Harry: and Black is hiding in my invisibility cloak right now

Ron: WHAT?!

Sirius comes out of the cloak

Harry: it's ok Ron!

Sirius: I'm gonna kill Peter Pettigrew

Sirius turns Peter Pettigrew back into his human form

Peter Pettigrew: hello Sirius

Sirius: hello Peter. Did you frame me for killing 12 Muggles?!

Peter Pettigrew: yes I did

Sirius: thanks. I needed your owner to hear it

Sirius throws avada kedavra at Peter Pettigrew and Peter Pettigrew dies

Sirius: we're gonna show this to the ministry

Harry and Sirius go to the ministry of magic with Peter Pettigrew's dead body

Fudge: ok. Pettigrew indeed died hours ago. Sirius Black is free!

The end

09:47 UTC


In book 2, why couldn't Hermione help interrogate Malfoy?

I'm not asking the in-story reason. I understand the hairs she picked up were supposedly cat hairs and it messed with the potion blah blah magic. I'm asking why did Rowling not let Hermione go with Harry and Ron? Was she afraid Hermione as a character would have been able to ask more/better questions?

There's been plenty of times where Hermione knows the answer but the narrative prevents her from giving it (particularly near the end of Chamber of Secrets). She recovers in plenty of time, even if she understood something that Harry and Ron didn't, and then she gets put right back in the hospital wing anyway when she actually has the answer. I just can't think of a legit reason, apart from "it would be funny to give Hermione fur for a bit", or possibly just "let's slow down the answer machine because she's going to speed this up too much". As to the later, Rowling could have come up with a better excuse. Or maybe, not letting her go was the excuse.

I've read this series a number of times and this always bugs me. It just seems like for no reason in particular, the narrative denies Hermione the opportunity to go.

08:22 UTC


Merchandise Monday!

Welcome to Merchandise Monday!

Share with us all your HP Merchandise!

09:00 UTC


Theory: All hp couples went through some trauma together

What do you think?

-George and Angelica ~Losing Fred

-Lily and James ~Finding out Harry would be killed and dying

-Ron and Hermione ~Trying to figure out what to do next (War-Camping)

-Harry and Ginny ~Basilisk (Could have been war but everyone went through that)

-Petunia and Vernon ~'Rasing' Harry (Not to say they did it well)

-Bill and Fleur ~Him getting attacked by Greyback (Love Fleur- "I'm beautiful enough for the both of us.")

Note: I think I have gone through the main couples but let me know any ideas for couples that may go against my theory! (Yes, I am the original poster)

08:56 UTC


Just a reminder that the Wizards and Witches of the Wizarding World would lose basically any fight if they lost their magic or fought someone immune to it. I.E. Anti-Magic users.

I feel like it's one of the biggest criticism of magic users throughout all of fiction is that they never actually truly learn how to fight and so they become extremely dependent on magic. The problem with being dependent on anything is that once it's ripped away from you, your just straight fucked!

Like seriously magic users with hand-to-hand and other combat skills would be op as shit! Especially if they be dodging all the place and dropping fists to the face like Harry Dresden does. Or better yet just taking out your revolver and shooting them.

08:14 UTC


HP movies?

I have read only the books not watched even a single movie. And I think nervillie longbottom could could make more life and story.

Your thoughts?

08:00 UTC


In defense of SPEW

Alot of people who are opposed to SPEW bring up the happiness of the Hogwarts house-elves as a counter argument. Now I'm not entirely sure whether Hermione has thought this far through, which is why I titled the post "in defense of SPEW" and not of Hermione. Although I am a huge Hermione fan and can't bring myself to harshly fault someone for taking up such a cause at age 15; regardless of how heavy-handed or crude her approach was.

Here's my defense: "the extremes define the means". Rules and regulations are often put in place not to benefit the majority but as a deterrent for the unfortunate outliers. The priority for the house-elves to have some rights are not for the benefit of the Hogwart's crew, but for the likes of Dobby and Kreacher who suffer from extreme forms of abuse.

In my opinion Hermione, being 15, lacked nuance in her approach. The angle shouldn't be to try convince the Hogwarts elves that life is so much better for them outside of unpaid employment. Maybe a better approach is to bring into the light the plight of Dobby and Kreacher and encourage them to reconsider their position if only to allow the most unfortunate of their kind some means of self-defense and protection.

To give the house-elves some reward for employment, no matter how small like a 10 minute break or a single knut a year, would create a significant shift in elf-wizard relations. The relationship having even the smallest reward means that it becomes, by definition, a transactional relationship. This gives a house-elf the ability to deny a reward which, in turn, gives them the abilty to deny employment which, in turn, gives them complete agency over their safety.

Of course this still won't be easy given the house-elves' culture where Dobby represents something shameful. But I personally think that an angle of compassion for the oppressed is more the way to go than to convince the house-elves that they don't know any better.

06:20 UTC


Extend version versus Original Runtimes

Hello all,

Does anyone know the official runtimes of all the extended versions on Peacock? I can’t figure out how long Prisoner of Azkaban is. I have looked everywhere online but can’t find anything. Please help a fellow fan out! Thanks in advance!

05:58 UTC


What is Peeves’s story?

Where did he come from? Like all the ghosts in the castle, he must also have a back story. Why is he allowed in the castle when almost everyone is fed up with his notoriety.

Correction: I know that he’s not a ghost. I just thought, like every ghost mentioned in the books had a back story of who they were when they lived and how did they come about to be in the Castle, Peeves, being an integral part of the castle must also have a backstory.

05:29 UTC


Did Wizarding world/Magical world have any major conflicts?

According to the wiki, there are only three Wizarding Wars the first was waged by Gellert Grindelwald while the later two were instigated by Lord Voldemort. I find this strange that there is not much lore on other possible wars between wizarding factions or other magical creatures. I understand that wizards are a sort of a global minority compared to muggles but I find it odd that there were only two dark wizards that attempted to conquer the wizarding world in the modern era. The amount of aristocratic pureblood families one has to wonder weren't there important feuds which escalated to outright conflicts or factional warfare?

Moreover what about their relations with other magical creatures such as the trolls, centaurs, elves, goblins, Vampires, Werewolves and others? All these creatures are sentient to degree thus capable of forming their own factions and societies that would conflict with the wizards.

04:35 UTC


I'm on the 7th movie

And i just want to say FK SNAPE that hurt me so badly to see him ultimately betray the one man who trusted in him. What the fk. And fk Ron because he's been irritating me since Goblet of Fire. Also, to that crazy hair lady who killed Sirius- fk her too. I'm hurt about Snape and will never trust another wishy washy character again. Thank you for letting me rant.

03:38 UTC


first time reading harry potter at 26

UPDATE: can't believe sirius is dead.... stupid fudge and kreacher!!!

i believe i would be a part of SPEW but kreacher is an exception.

dumbledore is a secret villain after telling harry the prophecy i am convinced. he said "my plan" did he want all this to happen to harry???

currently reading harry potter for the first time and i am thoroughly enjoying it. i haven't seen the movies either so i went into this blind. in hindsight i wish i read these as a kid but for some reason i refused even though i've been an avid reader my whole life.

i'm on order of the phoenix rn and desperately trying to understand the dept of mystery. what is in there that voldemort wants so badly? i feel like the weapon they're talking about is some person? voldemort came to power again w peoples help so is it a person? some death eater we don't know?

Also i have a feeling dumbledore is not that great of a person. he tells harry small things in passing and never really gives him the answers he clearly has. like the room of requirement he mentioned in goblet of fire, why couldn't he just flat out tell harry what it was instead of saying it was a room of toilets. maybe i'm being critical, but i feel like he has ulterior motives.

Also why is harry so angry with everyone in order of the phoenix, i understand he's been through a lot but the amount of times he's mistreating ron and hermione is pissing me off. they've even expressly told harry he's basically being a broody brat and taking out his anger on them. i get he's a kid but wouldn't you try to change if your besties are telling you multiple times that they're basically tip toeing around him.

fuck stubby fingered umbridge. does she meet a bad fate like all defense of the darks arts teachers?? I HOPE SO her stupid hem hem in the books is giving me a nervous tic in my eye

anywho i hope the ministry realizes voldemort is back soon and clears sirius' name i feel so bad he's stuck in the house w kreacher

03:25 UTC


Let's talk about the omission of Hermione's parents!

First post, prompted by a separate Hermione discussion.

Since I was little, the Grangers' role in the series has just haunted me. Not just because of the memory wiping in DH, but also Hermione's entire relationship (or lack thereof) with them up until that point.

She's still young, after all, and she genuinely seems to love them. All we know about the Grangers from the books is that they are muggles, dentists, able to travel, and supportive enough that they take Hermione to Diagon Alley. But then they disappear.

(Yes, yes, I know it's because the books don't have time to develop two more parents, but I'm interested in in-text reasons.)

In PS, Hermione chats about her mum & dad a lot and goes home for Christmas. In CoS, they hang out with Arthur Weasley in Flourish & Blotts. Do we think they had more contact with the Weasleys after that point? If so, it's strange that no Weasleys find out about the memory tampering. And if not, why? The Weasleys basically have their kid for the next 5 books. One would expect the parents to correspond, at least to confirm

After CoS, there's a decrease in mentions of the Grangers. Hermione goes to Diagon Alley alone (although 14) and stays with the Weasleys almosr every holiday from then on. Considering she's at boarding school all year, that's very little face to face contact with her family.

We learn that Hermione planned to skii with her parents in OotP, but she doesn't sound excited about it or seem regretful that the visit was cut short. She says her parents were "disappointed," but understood. How much did she share with them? Are they patient saints who never try to curb their daughter's freedom, even if it means they never see her again?

In HBP, Hermione spends almost the entire summer at the Burrow. No emergency. It's just normal to her. She seems to go home for Christmas, but only because she's mad at Ron, & she's uninterested in telling Harry about it.

This is a bit chilling, right?

I can easily see why Hermione stops talking about home after the "m*dblood" incident in Chamber. (Dean also stops making muggle references.) But I'm curious to hear how fans think this relationship with her family developed.

In DH, Hermione specifies that she's told her parents a lot about Harry, enough to put them in danger, "unfortunately," which suggest that this isn't just a case of parental neglect. If she regrets telling them about her life, then at what point in the series did she stop sharing things with them? If she confided a lot about Harry, why did they never show concern that Hogwarts was dangerous?

Another redditor pointed out that Hermione is quite private. Even though she's constantly with Harry, there's a lot he doesn't know about her. Her muggle family, for example, seem to be something she compartmentalizes into smaller and smaller spaces until she finally erases herself from their lives completely, and I'm struck by how inevitable that moment feels after the previous books.

I did ramble. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. What did you attribute the Grangers' nonexistence to when you read the books?

03:19 UTC

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