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My boyfriend’s strength and determination is hot.

Sorry in advance for my spelling,grammar,and punctuation. So my boyfriend 28 worked for a moving company from the age of 14 to 27. To say he knows the ins and outs of moving would be an understatement. So yesterday morning I woke up with our 3 month old daughter at 4AM to walk out to see the monstrosity of a head board that has been leaning against our bedroom wall since we moved in to our current place in the hallway. Still waking up I think what the fuck is he up to. He currently works night shift as a operations manager for a transportation company so he is up all hours of the night. As I’m thinking this he walks in the front door. I look at him and he has a big smile on his face so I ask him what he’s doing and proceeds to tell me that he just got back from walking the footboard of this king size solid cherry oak bed frame to the walk in dumpster near our leasing office. We are the first building in our neighborhood and the leasing office is at the very back of the neighborhood. He then tells me that the door to the walk in dumpster wasn’t open and he couldn’t open it so he had to lift the damn thing over it to get it in. This dumpster is easily over 7ft tall. So as I make our daughter a bottle he silently takes the heaviest fucking headboard you could possibly imagine silently out the front door to do it again. The determination this man has is unbelievable and it’s sexy as all hell. Truthfully didn’t even register he took the headboard out with him he was so quiet. A little while later he came back in with another big smile and told me how he wanted to do it without putting it down this time and he managed to get the the driveway of the leasing office before he had to set it down… so now we have an extra foot of walking space in our bedroom where the monstrosity of a solid cherry oak king bed frame used to be. If anyone knows of some type of Highland Games in PA let me know. He participated in one and that’s the reason why he was convinced he could manage this task by himself at 3:30 in the morning. I love this man with all my heart and I am unbelievably amazed by him.

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My bf just asked in the most genuine way "Shouldn't every month be pride month?"

I mentioned that yesterday pride month began and he just asked me that in the most sweet and innocent voice, like genuine curiosity. He is a straight man too!

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Animals love my partner

There's a million things I could say about my partner about how amazing he is. I wanted to share a green flag which doesn't involve me, and purely centres around him as a person. One of the things that has come to mind is how much animals love him.

Whenever we meet any animal, pets or wild, they love him. He has a very kind soul and I like to think animals can tell. He's managed to approach so many animals up close.

Cats and dogs adore him (he has 3 dogs and I've never seen dogs so happy and playful around anyone). We've seen wild goats come up to him, ponies, cows, cats on the street love to let him stroke them and follow him. He's so gentle with animals, and they are all so open to him.

This is a very small, minor green flag about him, but I think it's beautiful and says so much about him.

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My boyfriend is amazing

I just wanted to say how much I love my boyfriend, hes the best person in the whole world and im so happy to be with him. He has a lot of the same humor as I do, he doesn’t make a big deal about my issues, he appreciates the way I express my affection and emotions, and he hangs out with me. Before him I was in a terrible relationship where I was constantly ignored, undermined, and it was just overall not good. I havent been with my current boyfriend for too long but hes getting me a birthday present which is just so exciting? I tend to have a bad tendency to just give in relationships even when i dont get anything at all so somebody getting me a gift like this without asking me what i want is so new. (For context my ex of 2 years never got me anything but a plastic dollar store rose when i bought and made him many things). My boyfriend says such nice things to me all the time and doesn’t put down my interests at all even if theyre seemingly strange, hes so supportive and busy a great guy and i could talk about him forrverrr. He treats me with respect which i dont get very often in my life and makes me feel genuinely loved, he understands that im not used to this as well and is very kind to me when it comes to this. I like to think that we are perfect for each other when it comes to support and understanding. I also try my best to be the best boyfriend he could possibly have, he also didnt come from the best relationship so I always try to be my most amazing self when im with him so he doesnt have to go through that type of pain again. Im so in love with my boyfriend and i have never had any longstanding concern about him because any i did have i felt safe enough to mention almost immediately. I probably didnt mention a lot because im typing this very tired and ready for bed, but i just wanted to tell someone how much i love and appreciate everything hes done and how hes just such a loveable and admirable person

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I think I found the one

I think I found the one

I (F 22) and my boyfriend (M 21) have been together almost two months and are long distance (2 hours car ride). We see each other whenever we can. I’ve started to realize I think he’s the one. Starters: from the day I met him in person and every time since we’ve meet up in person he’s given me flowers. Never been in a relationship we’re I’d get flowers just because I came to see them or just because he knows I like them. We talked about our future expectations and we’re aligned on our future goals. While on shark week he’s okay with sex (lots of guys before were totally against it.) And TMI I’ve never been able to organism, and if I doing the deed I start to cry. He’s picked up on it and immediately stops, checks in on me and says we can stop and will hold me while I cry. He holds doors open and calls me beautiful and other cute things. Today I lost him at the store and when I found him he had a case of Cherry Coke (my favorite) and without me asking got it for us. I genuinely started crying in the store. He’s the first guy I’ve felt this comfortable with, my body, my mind. When we first got together he started writing out everything I like to remember, it means a little the effort he puts in. I’ve spent a couple nights in a row with him. And feel comfortable with him.

Does this sound like a healthy relationship?

We’ve had a disagreement on how to handle something (mental health) and were able to compromise after explaining our feelings and past trauma from other relationships.

I really hope he’s the one. Does this sound like good green flags? How do I keep them going.

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Green flag rant

Ive been talking to a girl on and off July. She was going through a divorce at the time and was having a hard time sleeping. She asked me to come over( note it was a 2hr drive). I went over to meet her and ger pets. It was late so we just layed in bed and watched kobra kai. I didn't pull anything on her that night. Jump to today She reched out after 2 months by via FB of not talking. She explained that her phone got stolen and lost my number and Was worried i was gonna be mad. I began to tell her i wasn't mad and how her communicating on telling me what happen speaks for itself. We begain to talk and shes the first person ive been able to communicate and talk about relationship stuff. Im big into D&D, and Warhammer. She began to tell me she knew nothing about those two things. But she wants to learn about them and my hobbies so she can understand my excitement and joy for the things i love. If that isn't a green flag i don't know what is. We haven't said those 3 litte words yet but we both mentally veiw each other as BF and GF.

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I am absolutely speechless, in a good way. I can’t even think of the right words to describe how I feel.

It’s that dreaded time of the month for me and I’ve mostly been just laying in bed if I’m home. I’ve barely done my share of chores. My partner and I live together, but sleep in separate rooms to avoid disrupting each other’s sleep because we have very different work schedules.

Last night when he was about to go to sleep, I had an accident on my bed. As I was gathering the strength to get up and clean the mess, he told me to just go clean myself and he will take care of everything else. I told him I could take care of it, so he should go to sleep, but he insisted on doing it. This man, who had to get up early for work this morning and doesn’t sleep on this bed, stayed up late to scrub the sheets and start the washing machine. He even made my bed with fresh sheets and dug out a new blanket for me to use, despite me telling him to go to sleep from the very beginning. He did all this while I showered, then he came into the bathroom to let me know everything was done and all I needed to do was start the dryer before I sleep.

This man, who is squeamish about blood, voluntarily cleaned my mess when he could’ve been sleeping. He also took over doing my share of chores the past week without me asking him to or complaining.

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I broke something of my bf’s and he comforted me

My (20f) bf (19m) are high school sweethearts of four years. The other night, we were goofing around and I accidentally knocked his resin Buddha statue on the floor and it broke. I felt terrible because I know how much it means to him. I immediately curled up on the chair and started crying. I was so prepared for him to be mad at me. He looked a little sad, took a couple seconds, and then came over to me. He lifted my chin to look at him, held my hands, and gently said “hey, it was its time to die.” and gave me a sweet smile. He hugged me while I cried, lifted me up in his arms, and cuddled me until I felt better. I had never felt more loved. I’m in the process of trying to fix it (I’m crafty) and we keep talking about how the statue has even more meaning now. I can’t wait to marry this guy. TL;DR: I broke my bf’s Buddha statue and he responded with “it was its time to die” and comforted me.

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My Broken Bones

We had just moved into a house that was less than 3 blocks from the ocean. We could walk out the front door look to the left and there it was. I have to have everything in it's place so the unpacking was done in no time. I had everything where I wanted it, all but a lamp. So I pulled down the ladder to the attic and put the lamp there. I was coming down facing forward on the ladder , I started to fall to my right side. If I fell forward I had about a 1 foot clearance of landing space and if that landing was bad I would be going through a glass top to bottom door that leads to the back yard. If I fell to the right I had an even smaller space for my body to fit/fall through, and I would be falling backwards on the way down. I would be landing on my head and or back, onto a concrete floor. The attic ladder was in what I called a mud room.. this is why it had a concrete floor. Well I decided it was best to aim for the flooring in front, instead of falling onto my head. I was a gymnast many, many years ago.. and I'll say it was a perfect 10 landing, with both feet together. But I didn't have any shoes on, my body went quickly to the. It took a few moments before the pain hit me. Some how I got the bottom part of the ladder folded up and out of the way so I could crawl to the door and into the kitchen. I wanted to wash up a few things in the sink and then everything would be in it's place. My husband was in bed taking a nap during all of this. I started crying as I washed the dishes, my crying got loud enough to wake him up. He came out asked what was wrong, I told him. He wanted to take me to the hospital and I said no, hospitals just think you are after pain killers. It didn't take long to change my mind, the pain was getting worse by the minuet.

Got to the hospital.. both my heels had identical breaks.. it looked like I had a wish bone in both heels. The nurse said it was the first time they had ever had to put cast on both feet at the same time. Okay, now to the part of a good husband... it was summer time and I love the sun and the beach... but I couldn't go to the beach because I had to be in a wheelchair. Our bedroom had french doors to the back yard, so after lunch he would push me outside, get me set up, make me a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris and go back to work. He'd come home every 2 hours to check on me. He did this many, many times for me because I was bed ridden for 4 months. I also had to have a portable toilet that was right next to the bed.. do I need to tell the rest... lol I think not.

Hard to believe, but I had a second fall a few yrs later while we were out of our state for a doctor appointment for my husband. This time I broke all the bones in my LT ankle along with my tibia, and 1 bone in my RT foot. Again I had both feet in cast's and I was bed ridden for 5 months. So out came that darn portable toilet again, that poor man.. lol

He is wonderful to me.. and I love him so deeply!!

PS.. sorry about writing a book here, but you needed the whole picture. God Bless... :)

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I surprised my husband with a trip to Europe to see his Dad for the first time in over 5 years on top of the Eiffel Tower

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I finally found the boy, and after last night I'm 10000% gonna marry him

I (20f) am head over heels for my boy (19m). Last night, we finally got to go on a fancy date we kept having to cancel. All night, he kept looking at me and telling me how beautiful I am and how lucky he feels. He opened the door every single time, both getting in and out of the car, and held my hand while we were going downstairs because I was in heels. And after our very nice dinner we went to a large arcade and played games. I found the one ladies and gentlemen. It's been almost 3 years and after last night there are no doubts in my mind. He is the sweetest boy and treats me like a princess, fancy date or not. I truly hope everyone finds someone who they love this much.

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Just found this place. Sad it only has 33 members

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She worked hard and it paid off. I’m proud of her.

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He says: I wish you could meet all my exes..

..”Obviously it didn’t work out the best with them, but they all were people I admired in different ways. Smart women, funny. I think you would probably like them a lot.”

Been together for 5 yrs, father of my child. No games. It’s nice.

no “crazy exes”, just respect

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Let's get this puppy started!!!

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