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7,925 Subscribers


Bug: Keep getting logged out

Every morning I wake up to find I have been “soft” logged out (don’t know the term tbh) but basically if I try to comment on something it shows “something went wrong” and I need to delete my user and relogg to get it fixed.

15:13 UTC


Possible bug - some content loads within nested Reddit webpage

Every day or two I run into a link that doesn’t open the image or other content directly, but opens a separate Reddit webpage within the content pane of narwhal. Here’s an example:


It may be limited to images and/or galleries, but I’m not 100% sure.

17:44 UTC


Back on the Narwhal Bandwagon: How to Resubscribe When You Can't Resist Reddit?

I thought I could quit Reddit cold turkey, so I let my Narwhal app subscription lapse. Turns out, I was hilariously mistaken. My Reddit cravings are real, and I'm ready to embrace my addiction once more. But here's the deal: I can't find where to resubscribe to Narwhal. Any fellow Redditors out there who can guide a lost soul back to the promised land of endless scrolling? /u/det0ur

13:31 UTC


Crashing & other issues

Is anyone else repeatedly having the following issues?

  • randomly decides that you’re not logged in any more
  • attempts to delete and re-add credentials result in a crash
  • have to delete app, download, and set the app up (including customisation options) all over again

This has happened three times in the past week. Any other app options out there? 3.99 feels like a lot when it can’t even keep me logged in.

18:07 UTC


How can you mark all messages a read?

It’s annoying having to open each message individually in order to clear the red message icon. How can I mark all as read?

17:13 UTC


Cannot Sign In

Trying to sign into Narwhal this morning and the app will crash.

Gets to the "Narwhal 2 would like to connect with your reddit account" page but after clicking the Allow button ( the oauth link), I get a "Signing In" spinny wheel for half a second before the app bombs out.

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21:13 UTC


Thank you

I want to say that the app is excellent. I’ve been a user of narwhal from the beginning, and while I enjoyed the old app, the new one is phenomenal. I appreciate the work you put into this and the commitment to keep it alive in the face of certain death from Reddit’s policy change.

Thank you!

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16:59 UTC


Feature Request: Device Sync

Finally decided to use Narwal today, can handle the Reddit app.

I've just spent the past hour setting up my settings, building a custom theme and setting up my own button layouts for the top an bottom bar that are different depending on what page I'm on.

Then I downloaded to my iPad to find I have to manually do this and it doesn't sync.

Can a sync option be added please?

I also presume that if sync doesn't exist, then neither does a backup, thus all setting are lost if the app gets uninstalled.

11:52 UTC


Feature Request - Auto Refresh/Independent Favorites with Profile Change

Hello, coming from Android I switched to iOS a few months ago. One feature I was used to was when changing to a 2nd login/profile the app would auto refresh to display the new home page and you could maintain a separate list of favorites. Can this be added, thanks!

00:27 UTC


Is there a way to mute notifications for responses to my comments in a thread?

15:20 UTC


How do I delete my own post in in Narwhal2

Maybe I’m just too stupid to find it, but I looked through all settings and menus to find a possibility to delete a post I have created. The closest I could find was “Hide”.

If any of the more experiences users could explain to me how deleting own postings works within the app, I would be grateful.

19:02 UTC


Unable to log in to my iPad

On November 1st I paid for a $3.99 Narwhal sub on my iPhone. Everything is working there just fine. I was also able to use Narwhal on my iPad for a few days after 11/1 after I started the sub, but now it's giving me the message that it can't continue to be used because of the API changes. It still works fine on my iPhone, and I use the same Apple ID on both devices. Any ideas why it suddenly stopped working on my iPad?

15:40 UTC


How can I optimize N2 to be the most like Apollo?

Not a pro at these things and want to make my subscription worth it.

09:45 UTC


Audio Raises To Maximum Volume Automatically When I Unmute A Video Occasionally

Often when I open the app anew and tap open a pre-muted video, the audio jumps to maximum volume automatically. It does not do this every time I unmute though. I have seen a number of posts sharing this experience; simply letting you know too, in case you can correct it, thank you.

iPhone 13 iOS Version 16.6.1

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03:53 UTC


Sub Predictor

Anyone know how to enable the subreddit predictor? On Narwhal 1 there was a sidebar option to “search” instead of enter subreddit, that would help you find a sub you might not be able to remember the exact name of

For example I had to google “narwhal app reddit” to find this sub just now

Pls direct this neanderthal in the direction of this feature 🗿 

02:27 UTC


I paid for subscription but will there be a desktop version?

Paying 4 dollars a month which sadly I feel like I have to as I use reddit a lot but I was wondering if there will be a desktop version so its really worth the money. Willing to possibly pay more so the creator gets more.

Thank you and love the app

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10:53 UTC


I keep getting rate limit exceeded, but it seems like the rate limit button has disappeared. Where tf do I find out how much rate I’ve used on this app??

14:43 UTC


Feature request/question for videos

Maybe I’m missing a setting, but why is there no replay option for videos like in narwhal 1? Also I used to be able to turn my phone sideways for landscape videos but now have to hit that arrow button. Probably my fault for both but this has been bugging me for a while now.

15:54 UTC


Feature Requests: add support for Magic Keyboard input / add macOS compatibility

I understand this would be VERY low on the list of things to do for Narwhal and only effects a very very small group of users, but I would love if Magic Keyboard (or any keyboard) trackpad inputs. For example, when I formerly used Apollo on my iPad with the MK attached, I could two finger slide over a comment to pull the quick actions, such as upvote/downvote/save/etc. Was just a nice quick and elegant way to navigate the app.

Also a bonus one, can you turn on the macOS compatibility for Narwhal? I still hate navigating the Reddit website on a computer, so having Narwhal on my Mac would be awesome as well. I figure this could go hand in hand with the keyboard interactions I noted above.

Otherwise, loving the app a lot!

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14:36 UTC


Thumbnails not loading

I downloaded the new version of the app and have subscribed. One issue I am facing is that none of the thumbnails for posts are loading anymore. When I log out of my account, thumbnails will appear on posts but when I log back in, the thumbnails disappear. Ive double checked my personal settings and I dont have them hidden on my account.

Is anyone else facing this issue or know a workaround to fix?

12:31 UTC


PSA: Content not loading? Update to latest version and sign out/sign back in

Hey all,

There's a bug for those of you upgrading from Narwhal 1 to Narwhal 2 today. If you are not having any reddit content load, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest app store version and not testflight
  2. If content is still not loading, sign out of your account and then sign back in.

Everything should work then. If it isn't, please post in this thread and I will help

23:55 UTC


Feature Request: Mark as read

I only just got the app and already I love it head and shoulders above reddit app. I don’t know if this is already a thing but can we change how a post is marked as read. I don’t know if it’s the theme I’m using but my marked as read hides the post title, I would LOVE it if we could customise it to change the colour of the post title or something just in case I want to go back to it or I clicked an image and backed out of it without reading the title.

Also wondering how long a marked as read lasts? Obviously this app isn’t apollo 2.0 but that app never forgot what I looked at. Which I never really thought about until I had to use the reddit app and sobbed a little.

Anyway thank you you’re a gem doing the lords work.

16:24 UTC


Paid for the subrscriotion and all my setting are gone

This is a pretty awful first experience of paying for this app. I pay and open the app, all of my settings are erased, my login is erased. Really frustrating to have to reset up an entire app for actually 0 reasons.

11:51 UTC


Is there a way to search in comments?

Just upgraded to v2, that was my biggest hope for it. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough…

18:03 UTC


Is there a android version of narwhall 2?

Is there a android version of Narwhall 2? I'm looking for a good reddit third party app for android and someone suggested this. I cant seem to find a anroid version though. Im wanting to get away from the official reddit app so there isn't a addictive algorithm that tries to ruin my attention span. Apollo shut down and this was the only other third party app I could find.

Anyone know if there's a android version or any other app I can use? Thanks

14:35 UTC


Feature request

I jnow this may be a tough one, but is there any way to get narwhal to remember which posts I’ve collapsed across sessions? Especially if there are no new comments underneath it?

Also would be great if a refresh didn’t take you to the top of the feed by default.

Thank you.

13:41 UTC


Feature Request: Share Comments (plus post title/image) as image

Apollo had this feature and it was one of the standouts tbh. When you tried to share a comment one option was that it could be shared as an image, with sub-options offering to also share the post details and/or as many parent comments as you chose. This makes it so much easier to share comments that needed more context beyond their contents.

Thanks for reading!

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21:13 UTC


How do you move the subreddit feed to the right side ?

I’m trying to move the subreddit scrolling feed from left side to the right side, how do I do this?

Edit: sorry, I should’ve specified that this question is for the ipad version of narwhal 2

05:01 UTC


ATTENTION: Narwhal ONE will stop working on November 1st

Due to the new Reddit API changes, the original version of Narwhal 1 will stop working on November 1st. You will need to upgrade to Narwhal 2 here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/narwhal-2-for-reddit/id845422455

We wish Narwhal could have been free forever, but Reddit made that decision for us. I appreciate each and every one of you who have been using Narwhal since as far back as 2014.



22:21 UTC


iPhone months subscription - I've completed it yet, every few days it puts me back to non-subscribed

Confusing as hell. On the iPhone, I look in Settings/my apple ID /Subscriptions and see "you do not have any subscriptions"

09:02 UTC

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