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This is a place for engineering students of any discipline to discuss study methods, get homework help, get job search advice, and find a compassionate ear when you get a 40% on your midterm after studying all night.

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This is a place for engineering students of any discipline to discuss study methods, get homework help, get job search advice, and find a compassionate ear when you get a 40% on your midterm after studying all night.



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Asking again, the first post had not enough answers

I want to do engineering, but I’m not sure which branch

I’ll be in 12th grade this September and I don’t know yet (maybe it’s early idk) what to study in UNI. Engineering is what I want to take, but I don’t really know what branch. I really like airplanes and space, and it is a growing niche, but I know it overcrowded today (there are too many AS Eng afaik). Mechanical would be the closest choice, and that would allow me for a wider variety of job applications. I also became interested in EE recently and I know it is a very requested major at this time. Civil engineering also sounds cool, but I’d like to get a job that allows me to travel and civil engineering does sound like the best choice for that. Can someone help me decide or give a broad guideline please?

10:52 UTC


Should I follow up?

Should I follow up?

For context I am an international incoming sophomore. In February I applied for an internship and just 2 days ago, the CFO emailed me back asking if I am still interested in the internship and for an interview. I said yes, but the problem is that I was back to my home country so I asked if we could conduct the interview digitally; I have also stated that if I were hired, I could be back to the US to work right away. An hour later, he replied like this (this is exactly his mail):

"Thank you for the quick response.

I appreciate your interest, but we are looking for someone local for this position because it’s important that the person can visit our workshop and test track occasionally, and also meet with our senior designers when necessary.

To be clear, this is an internship that pays $17/hour. You can work up to 40 hours/week but I’m not sure that pay level makes sense for you to return to the U.S. just for this position. You would also need transportation to get from [My university location] or wherever you would stay, to our locations in [The company postion].

If this is still of interest, and you could be back in the U.S. within a few weeks, let me know and we can schedule a preliminary Zoom interview. We are considering a couple of other candidates for this position too, so you’d need to get through the interview process and be hired before we take any steps beyond the preliminary interview."

I then answered the email saying that I am fully aware of the payment and still interested in the position as well as restating that I'm willing to go back to the US for the job.

Then he kinda ghosted me. It has been a day with no email from him.

Am I cooked? I'm thinking of waiting until next week to make a follow up email, but should I do it now?

Sorry if the question sounds dumb, this is literally my first time getting to the interview round.

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08:33 UTC


For those that took Calc I over the summer, how was it?

How draining was it mentally and physically? How many house did you have to study? What resources did you take advantage of? What would you have done differently? I start the course in three days, anything I should know? Thank you!!!

08:22 UTC


Starting Calc I summer course in 3 days, what should I memorize?

It’s a 35 day course, we will be covering 32 sections. I have dog shit memory and need to get ahead on any memorization that I need to do. What do you’ll recommend that I start memorizing?

So far, I’ve got the trig identities (any formulas or identities in particular?).

Geometric shapes and formules (any specific ones?).

Which procedures from previous courses should I get my self comfortable with?

08:20 UTC



Hi redditors i am a pcm 11 student just started my 11 and wanted some opinion i don't think i can handle jee preperation what are my choices for future jobs please help me

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06:55 UTC


Switching from mechanical engineering to Physics/Physical Sciences and switching back to Mechanical. Is it possible?

(Please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place and in case of that, would appreciate suggestions on the proper place to post this. )

Short question: Studied Mechanical engineering upto Sophomore year in university. Switching to Physics/Physical Sciences. How hard (or easy) would it be to switch back to Mechanical after a semester or two?

Background: I have always wanted to study Mechanical engineering and currently on the sophomore year of it. I recently had a very bad semester due to emergencies in the family and long story short, now I am pretty much forced to change majors for the upcoming semester and take a gap year after that.

However, I always had a passion for mechanical engineering and I might want to switch back to it when I start college again after an year. My question is, does anyone here know how hard switching back to mechanical would be? Or would my best bet be to not change majors and take the gap year?

04:16 UTC


Can a person get a job in it sector without a degree in cs?

Let's say I do btech biotechnology but also learn programming online and get some sort of certificate and participate in some competition, then will I be able to get a job in IT field?

04:27 UTC


Calculating the outerwall temperature of an egg in a windtunnel.

So for my school project I need to calculate the outer shell temperature of an egg heated by a 0.175W resistor (relative small in size) and filled with ethylene glycol 50% in a windtunnel with air at 297.5K and an airspeed of 2m/s.

The given values are:

Thermal power of 0.175W

For the fluid: Dynamic viscosity of 2.8 centipoise Density of 1075Kg/m³

Thermal conductivity of 0.4W/mK thermal capacity of 3.5kJ/kgK

Thermal expansion coefficient of 0.0004

The egg shell:

Thickness 0.7mm

Thermal conductivity of the shell is 0.223W/mK Volume is 53 000mm³

Surface area is 5824m²

The air: Air at 2m/s and 297.5

I'm kinda stuck on how to calculate nusselt numbers for an egg and if i can approach it as a sphere? The flow is definitly turbulent. It's also hard to calculate the Rayleighs number if i don't know the inner and outer temperature of the fluidum in the egg. I don't expect numerical solutions more like how you would solve this problem

22:58 UTC


Lemon battery experiment with handheld game console not working

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm doing a lemon battery experiment for a bunch of kids (first year electrical engineering student btw T_T). Right now, I'm trying to hook up a bunch of lemons to one of those $20 MyArcade toys (it's kind of like a GameBoy). So it says it needs 4.5V for the entire thing (3 AAA batteries), but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I currently am using 9 lemons and they have a total of 6.4V, but it still isn't lighting up the display. I'm using galvanized steel nails and copper nails. Set-up shown in picture (sorry if the photo is a bit confusing--please ask any questions if need be). Any tips or constructive criticism would be very useful. Thanks :)

23:39 UTC


In dilemma of choosing two electives

Hi I recently got accepted at HAN university of applied science for master of Engineering Systems: Cyber-Physical Systems. First semester you compulsory subjects that you study for the second semester you need to choose between three electives 1. Big data and Small Data 2. Advanced Vehicle Dynamics 3. Embedded systems, one of my def choice is Embedded systems but Idk what to choose number 1 or 2 I'm kinda in dilemma like which one of these coupled with number 3 can provide a solid knowledge and a good job?

Note: I kinda lean towards number 2 I love Dynamics.

23:40 UTC


How do you manage all the assignments and projects?

What tool do you use for managing your tasks? All the assignments, deadlines, projects, etc.

00:21 UTC


Useless Project Teammate

WHY DO I always end up working with the most useless, irritating, idiot teammate?! I just finished the 2nd semester in my junior year, and I literally spent the whole semester working in group projects ALONE, DOING everything all by myself, and the problem is, that professors give him full marks with me too! And he gets so happy like if he forgot that he didn't do a single f***ing thing! One situation is in Antenna Engineering course, we had a group project of 2 to design an antenna using CST software and some other measurements in the lab were required, I did literally ALL the work and got 10/10 in the project, and my teammate didn't even install the required software!!! And now after the semester ended, he just posted a story bragging about not installing it!! I don't know what should I do about this I mean I'm really hard working person and always get full marks in all courses, so when I see this MF gets free marks and credit for something he didn't do at all, I get really angry but can't do ANYTHING!

23:21 UTC


Guidance on Learning Essential CAD, CAM, and CAE Software for Mechanical Engineering Students

Hi everyone,

I am a mechanical engineering student seeking to enhance my skills in CAD, CAM, and CAE software to improve my chances of securing a good placement after graduation. I have a few specific questions and would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations:

  1. Understanding CAD, CAM, and CAE:

    • Could someone explain the differences and primary uses of CAD, CAM, and CAE software in mechanical engineering?
  2. Best Software Recommendations:

    • What are the best software options currently available for CAD, CAM, and CAE? I'm particularly interested in tools that are highly regarded in the industry and provide comprehensive features.
  3. Learning Path and Prioritization:

    • Given a limited amount of time to learn, which software should I prioritize? In what order should I learn them to build a strong foundation and progressively advance my skills?
  4. AutoCAD vs. SolidWorks:

    • Considering that I am a mechanical engineering student, should I focus on learning AutoCAD or SolidWorks? Which one would provide more value in my field?
  5. Free Online Courses and Certificates:

    • Are there any free online courses available that offer free certificates for CAD, CAM, and CAE software? Any specific platforms or resources you would recommend for self-paced learning? Certifications are particularly important to me as they will help in securing a placement.

I appreciate any advice, personal experiences, or resources you can share. Thank you in advance for your help!

16:41 UTC


Statics (Mechanics 1) for Civil Engineering Students

What is the most useful topic in statics (mechanics 1) that you've found applicable in later civil engineering classes?

18:10 UTC


Feeling kinda lost in first year engineering

I am a first year engineering student and I feel kinda lost. I've always known this course would be hard, but it really hit me during my first exams. I've always been good at math but sometimes I feel the work just gets too much. I have classes from 8-5 every day and then I still have to study during the nights. I have always valued my social life and sometimes I feel that it is slipping away. It has not been the best of exams and now I am failing classes I even thought I was good at. Any tips on avoiding burnout or lack of motivation.

19:24 UTC


My co-op coworkers make more than me… need advice

I am a female junior in college working at a large engineering company. Recently I found out the other junior interns are making 27 an hour and I’m making 25. There is no gap in experience as we are all on our first official internship. There is also no difference in job responsibilities. The intern I work closest with is freshly graduated and originally was making 27. We talked about how much we were making, and they immediately went to my manager about it and received a raise to 31 an hour. 2 dollars an hour is not much but it does seem weird I am not paid equally to the other junior interns. Do I ask my manager about my rate as well or hope they raise my rate as they do his? I am slightly jealous at his boldness and I am scared to ask incase my manager thinks I am ungrateful for this opportunity. Any advice?

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21:00 UTC


Final Temp + Mass of Air calc (Answer im getting is not what I expected)

A fixed quantity of gas (Characteristic constant R = 287 J kg-1 K-1 ) is contained in a cylinder. When the volume of the cylinder is 0.15m3 and the pressure is 140 kPa the temperature of the gas is 40°C. If the pressure in the cylinder is increased to 191 kPa and volume is reduced to 0.04 m3.

Calculate the final temperature of the air and the mass of air in the cylinder.

I rearranged the combined gas equation to T2 = P2xV2xT1/P1xV1. Inserting the numbers to make 191,000 x0.04x313/140,000x0.15. I got 113K. This is lower than the inital tempature of 313K. I assumed that the increase in pressure and decrease in volume meant my answer would be that the final temperature would be greater than the initial temperature. Am I doing something wrong here or am I getting the correct answer and my prediction is wrong.

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21:13 UTC


What math should I take as a first year?

Hi guys, I’m a incoming freshman into Mechanical Engineering. I recently took my placement exam, I passed the pre-calc exam pretty easily, but I don’t think I got a high enough score on my calc one. I took pre calc junior year in high school, so I don’t remember most of the stuff, but I did really good when I took it so I don’t see myself struggling with it. Should I take pre-calc first in college and be safe, or should I retake the placement test to place into calc 1?

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21:29 UTC



Does anybody know any community colleges that offer an online summer statics (engr 2301) course before this fall. I've been looking at Texas community colleges and haven't found any luck. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

21:33 UTC


My co-op coworkers make more than me… need advice

I am a female junior in college working at a large engineering company. Recently I found out the other junior interns are making 27 an hour and I’m making 25. There is no gap in experience as we are all on our first official internship. There is also no difference in job responsibilities. The intern I work closest with is freshly graduated and originally was making 27. We talked about how much we were making, and they immediately went to my manager about it and received a raise to 31 an hour. 2 dollars an hour is not much but it does seem weird I am not paid equally to the other junior interns. Do I ask my manager about my rate as well or hope they raise my rate as they do his? I am slightly jealous at his boldness and I am scared to ask incase my manager thinks I am ungrateful for this opportunity. Any advice?

21:02 UTC


Looking for advice as I'm not graduating on time

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to graduate. Unfortunately, I have to put this ambition on pause. This last quarter was rough, it slipped through my fingers and it's driving me crazy. I've been dealing with getting sued and I'm only 21, I had several family members pass away, another one get diagnosed with cancer, started working full time, and tried to take an extra class to try and graduate on time. I couldn't do it I was too distracted. Unfortunately, I couldn't dedicate enough time to my education. It sucks knowing all my friends I made during my time in this program are going to the graduation ceremony and I won't be there. I also feel like I've let my family down, they were excited to watch me graduate.

At least I've passed the remainder of my course-specific classes. The only two credits I need to graduate are for an English class and elective credit. I've got an incomplete for my English class and I've got a contract to complete the coursework by the end of the summer. The elective class is the class that I've dropped the ball on. I completely neglected this class, I really want to email my professor and ask her for an incomplete but I'm feeling ashamed about the whole situation and wondering if I should just fail and take a different class. That's probably a bad idea but maybe I'm just hoping to get some external motivation to ask for an incomplete.

I am sorry that this comes off as pathetic. I hold myself to a high standard and even though I have some legitimate excuses, I hate using them, and know I could do better. I was so close to being finished. If anybody has some words of wisdom, I'd appreciate it.


20:57 UTC


how screwed am I

I have a 3.293 gpa and I'm a rising junior in MechE. I want get my masters in aerospace but i think my gpa is too low. I have some leadership in clubs and 2 summer research positions, 1 6-month one and one in the fall for aerodymanics. I am totally screwed to get my masters?

20:13 UTC


What to expect in the short term future in my carrer

Hello, I'm a Telecommunications engineer.

I've been working in the radar and aerospace sector for two years (first 9 months as an intern) as a systems/software engineer. This last year I've taken a Master's degree in signal processing and ML/AI, which is a bit of a change in my carrer, since my background was in communications systems.

I am 24 and I am desperate to know what the right decision is. I know that I enjoy technical work, learning every day and developing quality products. On the other hand, I love research in general, and that passion has increased this year as I read papers on the state of the art of artificial intelligence from my master's degree.

I have come to the conclusion that I am at a point where the decision I make will shape my personal trajectory for the next 10 years, if not the rest of my life. As I said, I love to develop real products that people use and that have an impact in the real world. However, I think that doing a PhD would nurture me much more about my current interests and, in the future, would allow me to get a better job.

The thought of taking the latter route provokes me to think of myself as an impostor as I have never achieved good marks throughout my university career (not so in the master's degree) and I think either he wouldn't take me or I wouldn't be smart enough to live up to it.

I would love to hear the experience of some people that is, or has been, in the same situation as mine, and it would be nice to know what did you do :)

Thank you so much.

18:56 UTC


Summer School

I need help to solve a predicament I’m in. Essentially, I need to take a solid mechanics 1 class over the summer, but the class I had signed up for didn’t work out. Are there any online solid mechanics classes that haven’t already started, or am I fucked? I’ve looked online, but I’ve had trouble finding them. Any help would be appreciated.

17:28 UTC


Are curves supposed to be this prevalent in engineering?

Last semester I did the math on all my grades and know for majority of them I couldn't of gotten the grade I did without a near 100 on the finals, but when I was expecting only 1 A, 3 b's and a c Its as if all my professors just decided to curve me up to all a's and a b for little to no reason.

It might be due to general class performance, but we had kids getting 99s on our heat transfer exams so I dont really see why the curve would be this large.

I just find it odd bc usually curves should come due to a test having a concept or process that majority of students dont understand leading to a lower average due to that, but it feels as though my professors just slap a curve onto our final grades for no reason.

17:26 UTC


Recommended YouTube channel and resources, going back to school at 29

Can anyone recommend good resources to use ? I graduated college with psych originally , took calculus twice and barely passed but I didn’t try very hard, however I really want to get ahead before starting school to brush up on, what resources has helped you get through uni? I’m doing mechanical engineering btw!

17:18 UTC


Studying mechanical engineering

am i doing the right thing choosing mechanical engineering for my degree. I like innovating or upgrading things from just a trash bin to so much more. I like seeing a future for something, something simple but has a bright future. Like maybe create a product that can solve problems? But i only like creating the product though, idk anything about the stuff you need to use to make it happen. I just have ideas on creating and designing

15:22 UTC


Advice for 5th semester after flunking 2nd and 4th

I'm an EE student struggling with my grades. Now my GPA is 3.0 out of 4.0 after getting 2.5 on my 2nd semester. My 4th semester results haven't been fully disclosed yet, but I think it'd be pretty meh. I have noticed now that I got a weird tendency to not finish answering my exam problems and somehow kept forgetting the last assignment in certain courses. I think I have a mental illness. Do you guys have any good insight or have experienced something like my condition? I know it's not the end of the world but tbh I'm overthinking and stressing out right now indicated by my hair falling and not getting proper sleep.

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16:09 UTC


Something that rotates about a horizontal axis?

Hello everyone, I’m an undergraduate bio student working on a research project. We are studying the effects of turbulence on sea snail larvae, so we are basically putting water and larvae in a jar and spinning it to see what happens.

Anyways, we want to rotate the jar about a horizontal axis and i’m struggling to figure out a way to do that. We’ve already tried a rock tumbler but it’s a bit fast for our purposes. Does anyone have any suggestions for an already existing object that rotates things about a horizontal axis and could hold a small jar filled with water weighing about 5 lbs? Thanks for any help!

15:12 UTC

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