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Below is a brief overview of the pelagic zones in the ocean:

Epipelagic zone (sunlit) (surface to 200m deep)

This zone is exposed to the surface, and receives enough light for photosynthesis to occur. You won't find any deep sea creatures here! Examples of life found here.

Mesopelagic (twilight) (200m down to 1000m deep)

This is much deeper than epipelagic, but not the deepest. Creatures from the lower part of this zone (500m-ish) may be posted here. Photosynthesis is stunted here, due to insufficient light penetration. At about 500m, oxygen is greatly depleted. Hatchetfish, Snipe eels, and Stomiidae (dragon and viperfish) are all found in varying depths of this zone.

Bathypelagic (midnight) zone (1000m down to 4000m deep)

Alright, this is where it gets deep! At this point, the ocean is pitch black, and many organisms have adapted by becoming bioluminescent (think glowing fish). Many animals here survive on a substance called "marine snow" which is a combination of dead or dying organisms, protists, fecal matter, and other inorganic silt (sand, rock, etc.) Creatures here come in many shapes and sizes, from big, (bigfin squid, 8m in length) to small. (osedax worms, approx 10mm in length)

Abyssopelagic zone(lower midnight) (4000m down to ocean floor)

Just looking at the name of this harsh zone should give you an idea of how deep it is! Few creatures manage to survive the extremely cold waters, and the complete lack of light. The various anglerfish are some of them.

Hadopelagic (deepest part of the ocean, such as the water in the mariana trench)

This zone is truly abyssal, and almost completely unexplored by humans. It's name was derived from Hades, the underworld in greek mythology. Here is a chart that details the pelagic zones.
Source: NOAA

Citation for image: Baum, S. (2011). Epipelagic zone.

Educational and scholarly articles are encouraged. If your post is not scientifically verifiable (such as an urban legend), or not based in reality, please consider posting to /r/thedepthsbelow.

We welcome all marine or deep ocean enthusiasts here. You don't have to be a marine biologist to post, but please try to keep your posts factually accurate. False or sensationalist posts may be subject to removal. Citations for articles or information are encouraged, but not required.

Finally, here are some helpful links to wikipedia articles for those who wish to learn more about the murky depths

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Peppermint Narwhal Deep Sea Pin Collection

The barrel eye is oddly adorable imho.

Here’s the link for anyone who’s curious: https://www.peppermintnarwhal.com/

19:51 UTC


Kurzgesagt poster! (Glow in the dark)

Told my roommate about my obsession with deep sea biology so she showed me the Kurzgesagt channel.

02:05 UTC


Anybody else read The Brilliant Abyss by Helen Scales?

Possibly my favorite book of all time. It got me hooked (no pun intended) into the world of deep sea research. I’ve got more some more deep sea books in my to read pile, including The Underworld by Susan Casey.

I’m sure there are others in this subreddit that have read these books and/or more. I’d love to discuss your thoughts and opinions on them. Also I’m open to more reading suggestions!


02:01 UTC


This is a Monk Fish captured by Matt Cardy, but google image search said it is an Angler Fish. So which is which?

03:49 UTC


hey i just wanted to know what type of species is this,all i know its maybe a type of snailfish also i found this on twitter by a russian fisherman @rfedortsov probably meaning its in russia

21:05 UTC


How Do Deep Sea Life Survive In Places Where There is Virtually No Oxygen?

I am sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to ask this. If it is, i would be happy if you direct me to where i should ask it.

I know bits and pieces about how they survive with no food(sea snow, symbiotic chemosyntehtic baacteria, predation, etc.) But i cant wrap my head around the lack of oxygen. Can someone enlighten me?

19:22 UTC


DSC that all look different...

Help! I'm looking for the name of a small, jelly-like creature that kinda slithers along the bottom of the ocean and takes on the qualities of whatever it eats. Like if it eats some sea "thing" with poisonous spikes on it, it would grow some poisonous spikes or something. And I think they all look different. Thanks in advance to anyone who may know!!!

PS: I really hope this doesn't violate any rules. I did read them first!!!

12:56 UTC


What causes these folds in the shell?

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18:42 UTC


This is said to be an 8-foot-long sea creature caught on camera. It seems like a real Leviathan.

08:12 UTC


Angler fish

Really interested if anyone would like to elaborate on why, or just your input on when deep sea creatures come to surface! I finished reading a few articles about one surfacing on a beach in Oregon. I know it’s not the first but I’m just going down a rabbit hole about this and all other deep sea creatures atp😅🥲

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22:41 UTC


GRAY WHALE ─ Orcas' Most Underrated Rival!

20:20 UTC


Help! Looking for a documentary

I watched this years ago and I want to rewatch it! It starts out with the researchers looking for a Coelacanth colony out around… India? Or maybe around the Philippines. Ultimately they don’t ever find the Coelacanth out there but they find another fish down deep that they follow for the rest of the program. It has Tripod Fish like pectoral fins if I remember right. I want to say it came out three or four years after the dinofish documentary. Sorry this is such a vague request but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find anything.

04:04 UTC


Where did the activity go?

142k members in this subreddit and hardly anything happens :(

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06:00 UTC


Deep sea squid with “headlights”, has this not been posted yet?

I was looking for a post discussing this but haven’t seen any yet. I guess it’s still kind of new footage.

17:27 UTC


armed with venomous barbs

16:18 UTC


Y’all might find this cool. My brother and I found a baby oarfish a few years back. Gave it to CIMI on catalina island. It was already on deaths door. Ive seen a total of 4 in my life. This was the only live one.

16:28 UTC


Deep sea (midnight zone) creature names

I posted this same query to the name nerds sub, hopefully this is also allowed. I’m just trying to cast a wide net for potential answers. Please redirect me if this is not allowed here.

My husband and I have settled on names for baby 2 but would love to find a way to tie them to the deep sea theme.

Our daughter had a dinosaur themed nursery and we were thrilled at 8 months pregnant to find that there was a dinosaur with her name. We’d love to have a similar tie for baby 2.

The names we picked are Sean Valentin or Maxine Rose. I found some fictional deep sea creatures with similar names but could not find any real creatures. I thought perhaps the fine folks of Reddit may be able to help. Thank you in advance.

18:57 UTC


Hairy Crab

02:18 UTC


Bony-Eared Assfish - The smallest brain to body ratio of any vertebrate (details in comment)

12:24 UTC


This creature was newly discovered in New Zealand. Been trying to find what it's called but no luck.

I don't even know what sort of animal it is. It's so cute I love this lil guy. Does anyone know what it is, or at least what species? The article I found this in led me to believe it is a deep sea creature. However if it's not I'll delete this post

13:20 UTC

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