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/r/Custommagic is a subreddit for people to post their own custom MTG creations. Please read our rules and try to keep it to constructive criticism only.


  1. All card renders including art must have correct artist credit at the bottom of the card in the correct position. Any cards lacking correct artist credit will be removed. This rule encompasses all card art, including photography and media screenshots. You can source media screenshots by crediting the source game, anime, movie, etc. If an image is generated by AI, credit the engine. You may include the model if you used an alternative model by including it in parenthesis. The only exception made to this rule is if the poster messages the mods in advance (with a link to the original art) and the mods approve the lack of artist credit. (It may take us some time to handle your request, so please be patient.) Falsifying artist credit is a bannable offense.

  2. You must credit the CREATOR of the art (or the copyright holder in cases where a piece was commissioned and published without the original creator being credited). Image collectors such a wallpaper sites, tumblr users, and pinterest users do not count. If an image is generated by AI, credit the engine. A piece of art being, for instance, a photograph, screenshot, public domain, royalty free, AI rendered, etc. does not make it exempt from this rule.

  3. Any random art pieces (not included in renders) must have accompanying artist credit. Any images lacking artist credit will be removed. See rules 1 and 2 for more details.

  4. All posts containing NSFW art must be marked as such. Posts with unreasonably lewd or gory art may be removed.

  5. All users must follow Reddiquette, failure to comply with this rule may result in bans without warning.

  6. You may not post cards that you did not create, unless you credit the original creator in the post title.

  7. Please don't clog /new/ with multiple consecutive posts. If you have multiple cards to share, please put them in an album and post once. Double posting is acceptable on rare occasion (max 1/10 posts), and is discouraged. This helps make sure everyone gets a fair crack at being seen.

  8. Updating cards. If you revise a card that you designed, and posted the prior version within 12 hours, you may 1) post the updated card in the comments section of your original post, 2) update the text of the original post with a link to the updated card, or 3) delete the original post, make a new post with the updated card, and optionally link to the original post in the comments section of the new post. Posts which violate this rule will be removed.

  9. Misrepresenting Card Realness. Do not misrepresent submissions as cards from a real set in any form. Do not include set codes for existing sets within post titles. (E.g. "[SNC] <Card name>") You may include custom set codes which do not collide with existing set codes. Whether a submission is misleading or not is subject to mod judgment.

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"It's been a few minutes, my post isn't showing up!"

You haven't done anything wrong — we have a semi-aggressive AutoModerator. Reach out to us here and we'll get your post approved as soon as we can. Don't delete your post or we won't be able to approve it to be seen :)

"What if I don't know the artist?"

Google has a very good reverse-image-search tool. Just upload the art that you used, and it will likely find the source!

"What if I still can't find it?"

Message the mods. Normally we can find it, we've gotten pretty good at it, and if we can't find it, we'll give you permission to use it without credit.

To make Mana symbols like these: CWUBRG, see the wiki.

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