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A community for computer science educators and education researchers. Discussion and links of CS ed research, best practices, pedagogy, curriculum, policy, etc.

A subreddit for computer science educators and education researchers. Discussion and links of CS ed research, best practices, pedagogy, curriculum, policy, etc.

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Tetris Game making

Hi everyone, our prof. gave us a term project and he wants a tetris game in c++.

I'm not really that great at c++ rn so I need some guidance, We're not allowed to use prebuilt libraries like stacks, vectors...

What is the path that I have to follow? I'm not asking for the code itself or someone to make it for me. I want to do it my own, I just need the roadmap like: make the libraries then pieces then board etc.





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Is it possible (and how) to extract highlighted text from a PDF (via API)?

Hi guys! I come to you with a big question: I'm currently building a tool that allows users to automatically turn their text highlights into flashcards. However, I have not yet found a good solution (with a solid API) that allows me to extract the text that is highlighted in the documents. That would be kinda important to the idea :D

Does anyone have any ideas or insights? I don't have a ton of experience, so anything helps, but not-too-complex would be appreciated. Thanks everyone :)

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Accessibility in eLearning: Ensuring Inclusivity with Moodle

Moodle leads the way in inclusive eLearning, making sure that every student, including those with disabilities, has access to education. This piece sheds light on Moodle's essential features, such as its adaptable design and compatibility with screen readers, underlining its dedication to ensuring equal access and adhering to legal standards. It also offers guidance for educators on implementing effective strategies like structured content organization and consistent course updates to improve accessibility. In essence, Moodle's strategy turns the challenges of accessibility into opportunities for growth, creating a learning space that is inclusive and beneficial for all students. #eLearning #Inclusivity #Moodle #Accessibility #DigitalEducation #InclusiveLearning #EdTech


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Do these projects work for CS classes?

Hey everyone, I just finished making these four projects based on entrepreneurial thinking with some SEL sprinkled in, but I’d love some feedback because I feel like they could be used in any subject so I want your opinion as CS teachers.

This is a resource that I am planning on later turning into a fuller offering, but for now, I’m just looking for feedback. You don’t have to put in your info or anything, it’s a direct Canva link.

Can you take a look and tell me what you think? Do you feel like you could use them in CS classes?


I’m planning on pulling from these as examples in the webinar I'm hosting this week on my process for developing real-world projects and I want to make sure I’m on the right track.


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We've programmed our DIY smartwatch to take the wheel and steer the Space Rover around 🚀🌌

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HMF organizations that teach adults to code

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Is there Computer Science teacher willing to pilot run a story-based C# programming course for free?

Codeeasy.io story-based C# programming platform has announced its pilot run launching and seeks CS teachers who are willing to try it out within a semester-long free trial.

🚀The key highlights of the course:

  • story-based futuristic course narrative
  • teacher's and student's account
  • functionality to track student's progress and automatically verify and grade the student's solution
  • integrated web IDE on the course
  • Microsoft Visual Studio extension
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My final is today and I wanted to ask if anyone has taken it already? And if so what it was on like what the codes were so I can practice before I take it! I have to get a 60 to pass with a B at least please help

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Transition via MS

Brief background about me : BS in Mechanical engineering and working as mechanical design engineer for 3 months.

My Plan: My company will let me study MS while working. I'm considering to apply for Scientific Computing MS. This program has scientific preparation courses for students from non related Bachelor's. After that it offers 2 introduction to scientific Computing course after that 5 elective course. Some CS related courses program offers: Applied regression analysis Applied multivariate analysis Applied tie series and panel data analysis Data mining Artificial intelligence Machine learning Statiscal data analysis Advance data mining Parallel computing Numerical methods in optimization Deep learning Sparse matrix computation Advanced deep learning Applied nonlinear time series analysis Pattern recognition Introduction to data mining Linear optimization Discrete optimization Non linear optimization Big data Deep learning: methods and applications Advanced statistical data analysis Modern data analysis: from hidden Markov models to statistical learning

My question is that. After finishing this MS programme with good GPA is it high chance to land a job as a Data scientist or machine learning engineer in USA when you assume I have a work permit but I don't have a citizenship. Also MS program is not given in the USA Which 5 elective courses would you recommend me to take? If I choose to program without thesis option would it significantly effect my career negatively?

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How to pass in toc

Give me some youtube playlist for the toc (my text book is Peter Linz an introduction of formal language and automata 2016 , sixth edition) i have the only one arrear in my whole BTech I am in final year so plz send some good YouTube playlist for just pass the paper

14:18 UTC


Msc. CS/CE/CSE in europe

What are the best universities in Europe that offers the best practical studies in CS and great job “connections” that i can get in to with my stats.

My stats: Bachelors of engineering in computer engineering 3.72 gpa (3/40) 2 years in extra curricular Visa is not a problem Semester fees that i can handle 2500euros/semester.

10:18 UTC


Replit discontinuing support for Teams for Education

With CodingRooms dropping support for K-12, I was planning to migrate to Replit next year (hoping in the meantime that they provided a way to moderate the AI capabilities for teachers) but I just got the email pasted below.

What other options are there to provide a full IDE experience with graphical/desktop output? I love being able to have my AP students work with VS Code in that way. Since the students use Chromebooks, I can't have them install a desktop IDE.

Dear Teachers, 

We are grateful to play a part in your journey to train the next generation of software creators. For the past few years, we’ve helped you achieve this goal through Teams for Edu, however, we will be changing our approach starting in the coming months.

To focus on improving the Replit experience for all users, we have made the difficult decision to deprecate Teams for Edu. As of tomorrow, November 15, 2023, Teams for Edu will no longer receive new features or bug fixes, and we will suspend the creation of new Teams and Orgs. 

We will continue to invest in our free plan to ensure coding is accessible to builders of any level. 

We understand that these changes may cause significant disruption to your school year and will do our best to alleviate these concerns. We will be in touch about next steps and when product access will be removed. Our team will share resources and guidance to facilitate your next steps in the new calendar year. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, the best way to get help is by contacting us at a dedicated support email, teamsedu@replit.com, where our team of support experts will be able to assist you.


The Replit Team 

20:00 UTC


How do you run your coding classroom?

I'm a former teacher working on a new app for teaching programming (pickcode.io), and I'd love to learn about the state of the art for how teachers assign/manage/grade coding assignments. If you're interested in chatting, I'd be happy to give you free beta access to our product when it launches early next year. DM me or email me at charlie@pickcode.io!

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Are research publications compulsory for getting funding?

I'm currently doing my Bachelor of Science in CSE in Bangladesh. I'm currently in the Third year of my degree. I look forward to going for Higher studies in the USA to obtain a Master's degree as soon as possible after my graduation. My area of interest is AI/Machine Learning/Data Science. I have managed to keep my CGPA over 3.5 so far. We have to conduct a thesis in the 4th year of the degree as a part of the academics. My concern is that is it necessary for a student to have a published research paper or conference paper. I am having trouble figuring out the whole research process. So I'm afraid that I won't have any published research papers by the time I graduate from my institution which is probably in 2025. Ain't CGPA, IELTS, and GRE Scores enough to get a fully funded offer in the USA?

21:08 UTC


DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHM LECTURE Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Tower of Hanoi, Algorithm Design, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Science, Recursive Algorithms, Programming Education, Algorithm Explained, Algorithmic Problem Solving, Algorithmic Thinking, Computer Science Education

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Twitter (X) https://x.com/drkalaivanicse/status/1721561788913680860?s=20

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbq8gtgK9W_pnDxIt76bAbw/

🎯 Dive into the fascinating world of algorithm design with our in-depth exploration of the Tower of Hanoi problem. In this video, we break down the concept, discuss its significance in computer science, and provide a step-by-step guide to solving it. Whether you're a student, programmer, or just curious about algorithms, this video is for you!

📚 Topics Covered:

Tower of Hanoi Introduction
Recursive Algorithms
Time Complexity Analysis
Practical Applications
🔍 Looking to enhance your algorithmic skills? Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more insightful content!

🔗 Connect with us:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbq8gtgK9W_pnDxIt76bAbw/
Instagram: [dr_kalaivani29]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552532374406 [K Kalaivani]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drkalaivanicse [@kalaivanicse]

#TowerOfHanoi #AlgorithmDesign #AnalysisOfAlgorithms #ComputerScience #RecursiveAlgorithms #ProgrammingEducation #AlgorithmExplained #DesignAndAnalysis"

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Java's history

Hey guys!! I made a super fun video about java's history and importance. Please let me know if you have any feedback. https://youtu.be/OM7rtBfmJ7M

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Hi... i am an cse student doing my BTech in India i am in first Hear of my college and my first semester hasn't ended i'm so confused and frustrated at the same time because I want to be study Somehow I'm not doing that after my college awards I got so tired that I do not monitor and in my college in my free. Always do fun with my friends and the overall productivity of the day is 0 It is like my mind haven't want to study and I also have my semester exam next month so is there anyone who can give me tips how can I force myself to do study so that I can achieve good marks in my semester exam also please give tips to manage the study assignments and done all the work on time

14:41 UTC


CS teacher getting into lecturing ?!

I'm a CS teacher at an international school and considering moving into academia, lecturing at a university and doing research. Anyone who has done this and can share their experience?

08:32 UTC


How can I become a Computer Science teacher in California?

Hello, I'm currently in college majoring in Software Engineering. I've recently been considering getting a job as a high school Computer Science teacher... But I'm a bit confused about the requirements. I'm not sure where to go from here. Should I keep pursuing a Software Engineering degree or is there a major that's more appropriate for aspiring computer science teachers? And what steps do I take after college? Thanks in advance.

03:42 UTC


Agile vs Waterfall, Agile vs RAD, Agile vs Exploratory Programming, Agile vs Incremental Development Models and Agile vs Spiral model Diffrences

Explore a comparison between the characteristics of the agile paradigm and those of other models.

18:30 UTC

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Trying to access ASEE and SIGCSE to post job opening

How to CSEducators do job opening outreaches to sites such as ASEE, SIGCSE, IEEE?

I have been trying to see if there any specific mailing lists I could use besides usual Job Advertising.

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post about this or not but any advice would be helpful.

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Trying to find a fully remote BA program in CS for my working boyfriend

Hey! So my bf got his AA in Business from a Florida college about 4ish years ago. Right after, he continued his education at FIU but due to life circumstances he essentially ended up failing out. [He likely won't be accepted there again because of this and they unfortunately have an ideal program.]

Fast forward to now, he's self-studied pretty hard in computer science. He's held multiple jobs as a data analyst and data engineer. He currently works as a data analyst/engineer at a decent company. He said he's noticed that he's not getting the same reach from companies as his friends with similar skills but who hold bachelor's degrees. For example, he had an interview with Bank of America but as soon as they found out he didn't have a bachelor's degree they told him they could not proceed with the interview process.

He wants to go back to school essentially just to get the diploma, seeing as he's a dedicated self-studier and has a lot of languages already under his belt. If anything, school might even help fill in some gaps, but mostly it'll help him get a higher-paying job.

[TLDR] I know this is a broad question, but can anyone recommend any ONLINE-ONLY computer science (BA) programs that are good options for full-time employees? Essentially an easy and well-priced program from a decent school that's not a degree-mill.

18:15 UTC


high school cs opportunities

hey guys, I'm looking for any upcoming cs opportunities I can do to build up my portfolio. thanks :)

17:27 UTC

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