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CSCareerQuestions protests in solidarity with the developers who make third party reddit apps.

reddit's new API changes kill third party apps that offer accessibility features, mod tools, and other features not found in the first party app.

More importantly however, the behavior of reddit leadership in implementing these changes has been reprehensible.

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OSU postbacc or in person college (CUNY)?

Is there one that may be better than the other or would it be equal?

21:08 UTC


Established SWE: I want a job with a van loaded with tech, on client sites, in critical infra security

Anyone know what kind of tech-jobs exist for SWE/infrastructure guys in critical infrastructure (with onsite client work)? Ideally to do the job I have to (get to) drive a company van loaded with tech and do a fair amount of onsite client work. I'm imagining some sort of IT-consulting critical infrastructure pen-testing/auditing/installing would fit the bill. Does this kind of job even exist? I want to be a programmer with the workday of a tradesman.

Why would I ever want to do this?

  1. I've been working remote most of the time since 2020. I still don't particularly like it. I want to get out of the house, and work with people in 3D space and time, without that being going to an office where we hop on a video call cause that's still the easiest way to pair, even if we are in-person (and all your talking makes it noisier for everyone else, so collaboration has a certain upper limit).
  2. I feel like I have it way too easy. Trademen work real jobs. My dad drove a pickup truck all my years growing up - I want to drive a fleet vehicle too.
  3. I don't like the flexibility of extra, unnecessary choices in my day (like when will I start work today?). I prefer the importance and clarity of being required at a certain time. Choices increase stress. Uncommon opinion, but any unimportant/trivial choice is one I want eliminated if possible.
  4. I keep seeing news about how bad US critical infrastructure is secured. I know some of this directly from my dad regarding one water-tower's control system (chemical dosages controls included), and I'd think I could study up to be useful in that area, if I knew what to target.

Anyone know of a place this kind of thing exists? Not switching now, setting goal for job change in 2-5 yrs so I know what to study, and who to network with.

Edit: no, I'm not super old. I'm actually under 30.

20:39 UTC


On track to be promoted to Staff Engineer at large company in ~1 year with 3 YoE, should I stay or leave?

I’m working at a large tech company with a supportive manager and am on track to get promoted to staff engineer in the next year or so. I currently have a little over 2 years of experience. Company pay isn’t the most competitive (promo raises are pretty weak) and work has been getting pretty stale lately, so I’ve been feeling like I could learn a lot more and earn more elsewhere. However, it does seem rare to be in a position where I could be promoted to a high level so early in career. Would it be really beneficial to stay for the promotion in terms of future career trajectory or are companies really looking more for YoE anyway so it wouldn’t really matter too much?

20:28 UTC


From PM to a technical role

Have you switched your career to a technical role after spending a significant part in Product? Could you share what prompted the move, how you made (or are making) it, and what are you thoughts on it?

For a bit of context, I've been in Product since university - I applied to an SDE role at Microsoft, but they decided in their infinite wisdom to hire me as a PM, and that set the course of my career so far.

It's been about 10 years or so since Microsoft, where I don't feel like I learned what the PM role was really about, and there weren't as many resources available as there are now, and so I had to stumble my way through to improve as a PM. After this many years, it's clear that despite some good learnings and some highlights, my career isn't stellar.

My conclusion is that something - not quite clear what - about Product doesn't play to my innate strengths or interests. I was happiest in the University and have lost my way since.

Anyway, I'm strongly considering changing my career to be more technical. Here are my thoughts about various options so far:

  • Typical software engineer.
    • Pros: it's familiar.
    • Cons: the general software engineering is no longer as exciting to me.
  • Specialized in ML/AI/something else
    • Pros: lots to learn, high comp eventually
    • Cons: unclear where to start (Masters in CS?)
  • Engineering Manager
    • Pros: plays to strengths of being technical and having Product experience
    • Cons: unclear if possible - I have never managed people
  • Phd/Research
    • Pros: lots to learn and exercise the brain in a different way
    • Cons: Is it even possible to get admitted after so many years out of college? Cost-benefit is also questionable (from what I read)

Would love your thoughts.

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20:02 UTC


Company Is Looking To Hire Me Unusually Quick

Hey all. I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone how difficult it’s been for some of us to find a job lately. I recently applied to an enterprise AI platform company for a junior software engineer position, but it seems too good to be true and I’m looking for some advice.

The company got back to me about a week ago regarding filling out an extensive questionnaire. The questions were on a Google form and they were questions they usually ask in an initial phone screen and a behavioral interview. It took me about an hour to complete. Today, I received an email from them telling me I’ve been hired, what my pay and benefits will be, and they’d like to start training me right away after sending them some of my information (just my full name, email, and home address since they’ll be sending me things for my office according to them - this is a remote position).

My concern here is that this happened a lot faster than I’m used to. There was no phone screen, no interview with the hiring manager, the team I’ll be working with, or anyone for that matter. I assume I’ll meet everyone once I’m onboarded but this all seems too good to be true. I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows anyone that has had a similar experience. It all seems legitimate and not a scam but I’m wondering if this is something I should be weary about.

Thanks for any perspectives you can share!

EDIT: I’ve been tricked, backstabbed, and bamboozled. Thanks a lot to every one in the comments letting me know that this is a SCAM! I checked the email domain they were emailing me from and it was registered barely two weeks ago. The domain in question is hypersciencecareers.com.

I hope this post can help others, especially those struggling to find jobs in this market, to be weary of opportunities that look too good to be true!

19:55 UTC


I've been an SDET for 4 years but I hate programming - what's my path out?

I've talked to my current and past product owners and scrum masters and I think I'm much better suited to those roles and I think my technical knowledge from writing code and working closely with developers would be useful. It's just so hard to get in the door. I have passed the PSPO I cert exam and I have my CSPO course scheduled, is that enough along with experience on a scrum team to get a job? What other certifications should I go for?

19:52 UTC


Pivoted from Data Scientist to MLE. Can't tell if I hate the job or the company. Need advice!

My background is in mathematics and about 2 years ago I made a career change from Aerospace Engineering working for the DoD, where I ended up as an instructor teaching new employees, to becoming a Data Scientist at an education startup in the private sector. Even though I enjoyed being a DS, I wanted to eventually pivot to MLE as it is what interested me the most.

About 3 months ago I landed a job as a MLE at a research company working for the DoD again. I'm not doing direct research as I don't have my PhD but work closely with the researchers on more of the application side of things. On paper this job sounds awesome. I get to work with tons of smart people, I implement deep learning models and sometimes help creating our own, the people for the most part are all nice, the company is reasonable and nice, pay is great, but... I am just not feeling it. I'm not sure why but I really dread going to work which is the first time I've felt like that in over a decade. I find myself not wanting to do the job and really just overall hate it. I kind of feel bad about it because everything about it seems good but it just... bores me? It's hard to explain and I can't put my finger on it. The only thing I can definitely say I don't like is the lack of collaboration (at least from the position where I am at). I usually just doing my own thing with the guidance of the researchers or PM. Wish there was more of a group effort.

I am kind of wondering what to do. I have only been at this job for 3 months and don't really want to switch jobs again being so new. Although, the thought of me staying seems terrible as well but maybe I just need to give it more of a chance? Go back to DS? Find another MLE position? Any thoughts?

19:22 UTC


Feeling lost and hopeless and wondering how, or if, I can reboot my career

I’m 36 and my career has failed to take off. I’ll try to explain the best I can.

The best way I can describe the last 18 years is that I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water. I graduated from college and grad school with degrees in Electrical Engineering, but just barely. I’d say I was dragged kicking and screaming, both by myself and by my parents, through both. When I finished both, I had no real marketable skills or industry connections. I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted to do, just that I needed a job.

Finally, about 10 years ago, I managed to land a job after a headhunter reached out to me. I had taught myself a bit of Python and the bare essentials I would need to land a software job, but no real skills (like web development, etc.). Since then, I’ve struggled. I’ve hung on by a thread at all my jobs, and as soon as there’s a layoff or downsizing, I’m let go. Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked for a total of about 8 years at 5 companies.

The main reason I’ve struggled so much professionally is due to some pretty severe emotional and mental agony. I won’t go into the details because it’s a long story, but suffice it to say, on the inside, I’m…not well. This pain is the result of many different things, including past trauma, anxiety and despair from external events, and so on. In fact, this inner pain is the reason why things started to go downhill for me after high school. It’s the main reason I’ve struggled these last 18 years. I wish I could find a way to power through it or ignore it, but it’s proven difficult.

I want to be clear that the last 18 years have not been “fun” for me. It’s not like my career has floundered because I was busy partying or anything. I’ve also struggled socially, emotionally, and mentally. I haven’t really been living. I’ve just been surviving. I’ve been just barely scraping by. Hanging on by a thread. Keeping my head barely above water. All of my struggles exacerbate my inner pain, which in turn exacerbates my struggles, and so on. My inner world is just ashes at this point.

Before anyone says anything, I do see a therapist and I am on medication, and they help somewhat. But they don’t change the situation I’m in.

My parents have been my main support system, but I also realize that my struggles have taken a toll on them, and I feel deeply ashamed about that. I lived with them until about 3 years ago, so I saved up plenty of money that would have otherwise gone to rent. If worst comes to worst, I’m sure they’ll let me move in with them, but I hope it won’t come to that.

A little over 4 years ago, I got a job at a startup that, for the first time, I was pretty good at. For three years, I experienced something for the first time - professional fulfillment. I was engaged with my work. I wanted to go above and beyond. I did work that I was proud to put my name on. I even got two raises! I proved to myself that I can work just as well as anyone else if and when I’m working on something that I find engaging, challenging, and interesting.

I got laid off from that job in February of this year. I was pretty hurt. In late July, I got a job at a very small startup (15 people) as a senior software engineer. I was expected to play a role in helping the company grow from its seed stage. I was supposed to actually help grow the system, work with AWS, etc. These were all things I don’t have much experience with. It’s hard enough for me to be a software engineer, but to actually work with larger systems is even harder. I tried. I did contribute whatever I could. But they let me go a week ago because they thought I wasn’t a good fit. To be honest, I thought it was a bad fit as well. I was planning on trying to find a job somewhere else.

For the last week, I’ve been devastated. I just feel an immense amount of shame. I feel hopeless. I’m dreading telling my parents. They’re in India having a good time, and I don’t want to tell them until they get back. My self-esteem is gone. I think about how much of a failure I am compared to my brother or my more successful peers. I think about the high hopes my parents must have had for me when they came here from India and how short I’ve fallen.

However, over the years, one positive development has happened. I’ve developed an interest and some experience in machine learning, and it’s quite interesting to me. I’ve learned TensorFlow and some PyTorch, taken various courses online, and even done a few side projects (including a transformer-based image captioner).

Additionally, I have a sense of what I’d like to do for a living. For the first time in my life, I know what I want to do. Specifically, I’m interested in using ML in the area of medical science and research. I know ML is used in, say, drug discovery, medical imaging, cancer research, and so on.

When I went to college, I only chose engineering because it seemed like the best fit for me and because of the prestige. But I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a living. I just wanted to be able to say that I studied engineering. But college, grad school, and my entire career have just “happened” to me. I’ve had no real control or direction over them. I land a job, hang on by a thread, get laid off, then take the first job I can after that, and the cycle repeats. As the cycle repeats, my sense of shame and inner pain grow.

Now, for the first time since high school, I know what I want to do for a living. I know what I enjoy and what I’m good at. Even if it turns out that I’m overestimating the opportunities for ML in medicine, I know that I’d like to work in ML. I want to take control of my future and my career.

I’ve heard about people changing or rebooting their careers. Is it too late for me to do the same? Is there any way I can sort of “reboot” my career and become an ML engineer? How can I go about getting my foot in the ML door? Would going back to school for another MS help? Are there any kinds of counselors I can talk to about this?

Personally, I’d be interested in doing an MS because that seems like the most “proper” way to do it. I’d get formal training and experience in an academic setting and I’d likely be able to get my foot in the door in industry. Additionally, I think it’d give me a chance to “make amends” for my prior failures in college and grad school. I think the reason my career has been such a train wreck is that college and grad schools were train wrecks. They were my original sin. Maybe if I get another MS and actually do it well this time, I’ll be able to have a good career afterward. The downside is that an MS would take a few years to finish.

What about citizen science? I know that there are citizens who volunteer to help out with scientific research. Could I do something like that to gain real world experience while also developing connections?

I came across a service called MentorCruise which seems promising as well. The services their mentors provide seem to line up pretty well with what I’m looking for. Does anyone have any experience with that?

I just feel lost. I want to believe that I can reboot my career and actually work in what I want to do. I know that I’m capable and that, when I actually try, I can do anything. But I have to admit, my self-esteem is through the floor and my shame and self-doubt are through the roof. I’m waking up in the morning with panic attacks. I’m afraid my parents will disown me. I’m afraid I have nowhere to go.

19:17 UTC


Trouble finding work

So to make a long story short, I am a recent graduate (AS in CS) and I've been applying like crazy to all different paths. I would like to find something in frontend/web development but I'm open to anything. I know there is a ridiculous oversatuartion in the market currently, but realistically would there be anything available for an AS graduate or would I be better off going further and getting my Bachelor's degree?

Thanks in advanced.

19:07 UTC


My friend is asking me what field she should go to (in CS)

She doesn't know much about it How do I answer this to her? Should I tell her to explore each fields (such as web dev, flutter, software dev) Or should I tell her to see what day-to-day job looks like of different programming jobs?

18:52 UTC


Employee Misclassification - Solo intern in Ontario Canada


My GF got offered a paid internship at a bakery. She just finished school and would be the only dev at the company. It is a temporary role but the job description sounds waaaay beyond an "intern" as she will launch their website and perform search engine optimization. Sounds like good experience for a jr full stack dev I guess but I am worried that this company is taking advantange of her by missclassifying her as an intern. She gains exp but she will be flying solo, no one to train her, no one to ask questions, no one to learn from, no sr dev oversight or guidence.

Sounds to me like the job title should be "Web Developer and SEO - Full time, Temporary".

What's sketchier still is that this is supposed to only be a 3 month "internship" but by hiring her, they are getting a 13k grant from the school and the gov as an incentive. That works out $27/h that they are getting from the gov to hire her for 3 months. So if they only pay her minimum wage, not only are they getting their site and SEO for free, they are actually pocketing the rest as profit... So I would expect that at a minimum she is paid $27/h and they basically get it for free. But if they actually paid her the minimum plus the grant, she should get like $32/h right?

I think she should take it but they need to classify her correctly and pay her appropriately given the grant. I never heard of an intern working solo at an unrelated firm. Sounds like they should hire a contractor or dev firm but they don't want to pay for it.

What do you guys think?

18:42 UTC


No response after applying for hundreds of web dev jobs.

Hello everyone, I graduated way back in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science without doing any internship and I’m having a hard time finding a web developer job. I live in Ontario, Canada and I know the market is really bad right now but I’ve applied for hundreds if not a thousand of jobs and I’m not getting any response. It’s been like that since 2020. I don’t know if it’s the market or the resume.

Here is my resume. Any help, tip, or advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!


18:40 UTC


How do you format your bullet points?

How do you format your bullet points?

Do you keep them to 1 line? 2 lines?

Do you use STAR, XYZ, APR, or something else?

Do you highlight (bold) words? If so, which words?

Generally, what is the primary content of your bullet points? Technologies you used? General achievements (built x and y)? Specific achievements (utilized union find to optimize z)?

How many bullet points per job? Per project? Does it depend on duration (at least for job)? If so, how many bullet points per 3-4 months?

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18:36 UTC


Suggestion where to go from an automotive embedded C background?

I would like to get out of automotive industry to be more flexible with my work location.
Perhaps even out of the (deeply) embedded world, because of not that many companies near to me with that.
My background is mostly embedded C, Simulink, ... on AUTOSAR Classic with all the automotive process stuff around.
I also did a lot of in-house non-embedded projects with other languages and OSes, but this was usually not my main job.
A bit server administration was also part of that.
Considering that I do not want to make a considerable step back in my career, which direction would you recommend?
The easiest would be to get more into C++ and POSIX OSes via Autosar Adaptive, but also I have an option for Java in the embedded area.
Android application level would get more tricky and I guess this is less well paid.

18:27 UTC


Getting into a CS PhD

I'd love any opinions on the matter, this is what I'm looking at:


BS Economics, GPA: 3.44 - Brigham Young University

MS Economics, GPA: 3.43 - University of Maryland

MS Computer Science, GPA 3.30 - Georgia Institute of Technology

Work Experience

Data Analyst - 1 Year

Sr. Data Analyst - 2 Years

Data Scientist - 2 Years

Machine Learning Engineer - 2 Years

Additional Info

- Grad school thesis on NLP modeling with foreign languages, foreign language acquisition, improving AI understanding of foreign languages
- A few various certificates/specs on ML, DL, Data Science, Software Eng/Dev, etc.
- Have taken Calculus, Linear Algebra, equivalent of Differential Equations, Statistics, many Econometrics courses (Econ degree) and during CS degree ML, DL, RL, NLP, ML for trading

My main questions:
- Do you think I stand a shot at getting into any PhD program in Computer Science?
- Do you think I stand a shot at getting into a higher ranked program (20-40)
- What would you do if you were in my shoes to increase my odds at getting in?
- Do you have any general advice or thoughts?

17:34 UTC


Job Market for Jobs Requiring Security Clearances (TS/SCI etc)

Does anyone have any insight on what the job market looks like for entry level developers in jobs that require a security clearance like TS/SCI? Obviously have seen some doom and gloom with the entry level developer job market in general but wanted to see about defense/government jobs that require clearances. I am a Navy officer stationed in Washington DC right now (getting out in April 2024) and plan on leveraging my clearance to try and get my foot in the door when I don't have formal job experience yet. Thanks!

17:22 UTC


Hiring Managers - How long do you like to see candidates in their previous positions?

Hiring Managers,

I’m starting to look for a new job, and am curious to see how long you prefer candidates to stay at previous jobs?

I view 3-5 years in a position as solid and stable experience on a resume, and made an effort to follow that with my resume below.

  • Graduated from college in 2016
  • First full-time job for 5 years (2016-2021)
  • Current second full-time will be 3 years next month (2021-2024)

Anxious to hear your thoughts!

17:20 UTC


Got fired last week - any advice?

I lost my job as a Junior Backend Developer in the UK. Initially, things were fine, but I ended up with too many tasks. I was given a whole project to handle on my own, along with a new project using unfamiliar technologies. I literally received close to zero support. The expectations were high, and I had to finish full-stack features within 1-3 days without much time for code review. They really thought that I can develop full-stack features with new technologies in just 1-3 days while working on another projects with the same unrealistic expectations.

I ended up working 10-13 hours a day, meeting deadlines, and fixing bugs, but the company kept piling on tasks. On top of that, the salary was very low, a retail cashier earns more than I was earning in this job. I worked there for 1.5 years, and support was minimal. Despite positive feedback before, I was suddenly terminated. It's confusing because I thought they wanted to work with me for years.

Now, I feel both relieved to be free from what felt like exploitation and sad about the uncertainty of my professional abilities. I'm not sure if this is why I was let go. They said because of performance issues and that I can't finish tasks in time...lmao!

I'm thinking about my next steps and wondering if others have been through something similar. How can I turn this setback into an advantage, especially since I've experienced job loss due to layoffs before? I heard about people getting new jobs with almost double the salary and better working conditions after getting fired but...I feel like I just need a good company, don't care about salary too much.

17:10 UTC


What should I do? I am soo confused.


context: I have 3 yoe of web dev in Ireland, but I got laid off earlier this year, so now I had no other choice but to come back to India. Now I have been presented with few options:

  1. Get a web dev job in India( I hate webdev).
  2. Get another degree in another country. It could be another master's in computer science in NZ(cross credits)
  3. Or get a management type degree in some another Non-US country like UK etc.
  4. Get a certification in either networking or IT or cybersecurity and then get a work visa to work and settle in another country. I have heard that it has better job market than web dev.

What should I do? Please who have been in same situation, what do you think?

16:43 UTC


[Advice] Long Term Part time or Internship?

Recruiters, which would you prefer?

Context: I got offered a part-time position as a web developer and I'll be working under my university computing department starting in Dec. The scope is to maintain and develop a Chatbot and subsequently deploy it on Azure. This will be a long-term project potentially spanning until mid-2025.

I'm considering leaving the part-time if I get offered an internship(I know this is a very big IF). Where I'm from students tend to go for internships (noncredit bearing) for 3 months during the semester break May-July. So should I accept the internship(leave with 0.5 years of part-time internship) or stay at my part-time until the next internship cycle(leave with 1.5 years of part-time).

Points worth mentioning: I'm a Year 1 student and in no rush to get an internship as a credit-bearing internship commences in Year 3 Sem 2.

Not a research role(more relevant to the real world?)

Working under the school - I'm worried this will put off the recruiter as my role isn't in a real company

Do recruiters value long-term positions? - Does a 1.5-year postion hold more weight compared to a 0.5

Appreciate all the help!

16:39 UTC


Should I pursue UX Design or Software Engineering?

What would be my right decision? (I'm Canadian, if that makes a difference)

I could do a community college diploma that leads into a media studies degree in the future. This would take 2 years and would give me an internship.

Or I could study Computer programming which would take 3 years (includes co-op) and it would lead to a degree in CS. But this is a very steep learning curve as I am struggling with math and I'm not sure if I will even enjoy the day to day tasks.

I am also confused about the job prospects. Would a media studies degree close many doors in the tech world? Are the salaries vastly different? Could I move into engineering after working in UX?

16:27 UTC


What's a good way to get employers' attention when looking for my first internship?

I have absolutely no experience in the CS field just yet. I'm currently a junior in college, getting my undergrad in Computer Science, BA. I've sent out countless applications with my resume and experience that I do have in my previous jobs—albeit they are in no way related to CS—and I haven't gotten a single callback. I'm starting to get really frustrated, especially after hearing other people in my classes getting internships very easily through projects they've done in the past. What should I do? How can I get their attention? Do I need to work on some kind of project to show off, and how would I go about doing that?

All input is greatly appreciated!

16:17 UTC


Questions for Springing from a non-CS/DS Background

Hi! I've been very interested in both CS/DS as someone from a non-CS/DS engineering background (Chemical Engineering) for the past couple of years.

I'm due to graduate from MIT with an MS related to chemical engineering sometime this coming year. I have 1 full semester of classes left this Spring, and I do not need to foot the bill for them, so I wanted to seek advice about what types of classes I should be looking for. I already understand that projects and the like are important, and I am working on them in my spare time. However, having the chance to take these classes could open up a path for me to take an MS in CS later, possibly over at Harvard after networking over there and cross-registering. If I can take the chance to further strengthen my application to that program (and others), I would like to take that opportunity.

So far, I've taken coursework relating to:

  • Scientific Computing (basic programming for scientific applications class covering aspects llke designing simulations in C++/Fortran/Python, performing operations on/with common data structures, and running code on clusters, in addition to coming to making statistical inferences.

  • Computing for Chemical Engineering (mostly MATLAB modeling of Chemical Engineering/physical processes as well as learning algorithms for solving these problems via finite difference method, theory behind computational complexity/scaling, and some applied statistics, including Bayesian statistics)

  • Machine Learning/Data Science for scientists: basic overview of data science approaches and design of ML-systems or adjacent techniques, such as Markov Chains)

  • Machine Learning/Data Science for Chemical/Biomedical Engineering: basically a more application-focused setup of the above. We mostly engaged in learning how to better construct models via hyperoptimization and working with chemical structures by constructing GNNs (graph neural networks), along with other applications of more simple architectures for techniques like encoding/decoding chemical structures for drug discovery and classifying materials from photos.

Additionally, my math background includes Calculus all the way through to multivariable, linear algebra (both theory and more advanced applications of it for quantum chemistry), and several statistics courses not directly related to CS/DS applications.

I was thinking of taking a discrete math class, but that's all I could figure out. I understand the course material available at both schools is excellent (despite the instructors being a little wanting at times), so I'd love to take advantage of it while I still can. And to clarify again: I already have projects that have made their way into published research or that I've published on my professional github for people to take a look at (either on there or on my resume). I'm also currently planning out some future ones.

Thanks for reading!

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How difficult is it to recover if your first job is a dud?

I graduated with a CS degree in 2020. I have spent the last 3 years since then as a “software engineer” for a non technical F500 company.

I put software engineer in quotes because I don’t consider my current role to be a software engineering position. Most of my time is spent on documentation, IT support, and company-specific work that I honestly don’t know how to describe. I have written barely an code in my time here.

I dealt with a lot of mental health issues the past few years so I haven’t started looking for a new job until recently. I have been having a very hard time with interviews. Employers see someone with 3 years of experience but I feel like I have 0 years of experience. I don’t seem to be considered for entry level roles but I also don’t feel qualified for mid level roles.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I hate my job and it feels like I will be here forever. It feels like I’m stuck and the longer I stay the more stuck I become. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Which job would you take?

My brother is a senior ML engineer currently in school getting his masters. He has two similar but different jobs for graduation. He is pretty torn so I thought I'd pose the question to reddit

The first is a more of a upper level management role. Salary is equivalent to $55 per hour plus equity (it's at a fairly established startup), involves being in charge of about 30 people. Cons are that he has to move to Baltimore (they pay for relocation) and doesn't know anyone there, and the hours (all in-person) sounds kinds of long since the job involves a different facets like operations and flying to different parts of the country to meet with clients. It is very light on the dev side

The other offer is at a well known marketing company (in its space) that wants someone to stand up its AI segment offering. He would essentially be one of the first hires. It involves a lot of experimenting and launching AI/ML products and then also meeting with clients, internal leadership as needed for implementation (occasional in-person). Pay is around $35-40 per hour salary equivalent. It is fully remote.

Curious which people would take and why. Thanks!

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Background check now putting my offer at risk

I posted this in jobs but I think this sub would give better context.

I got a great offer from FAANG after not having a stable job for 6 months, and am now going through a background check. However, I put a company that I have been doing continuous contract work for as my current position for the last 4 months. This position was not listed on my resume or company profile, but it is listed on my LinkedIn so I thought it best to add - big mistake.

Everything on my resume has been verified, but HireRight failed to reach out to this company (I'm in close contact with my boss) and flagged the employment. Now the company I have an offer from is asking for tax-forms and paystubs, but I don't have a 1099 yet since it's only been 4 months, and the "paystubs" are just hand-typed invoices with bank transfers attached to them.

I sent them anyway and I'm now waiting to hear back. I am freaking out. Is there a chance that listing this on my background check will cause my offer to vanish?

EDIT: It cleared lets go!

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Should I Remove My ML Projects When Applying For SWE Internships?

I'm a junior applying for internships, so the bulk of my resume is my projects section. I'm mostly applying for web development related positions, and I'm wondering if I should leave my computer vision projects with pytorch and numpy off my resume and replace those with web related ones. Right now I have a full stack project that uses jQuery and a school project for my DSA class, but I'm wondering if I should replace my computer vision project with another full stack project that uses react and node or any of the common web technologies like ruby, typescript, python etc.

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I think a Delta system like in the Change My View subreddit can help improve the quality of responses, any thoughts on implementing that type of system here?

Supporting info:


How I think cscareerquestions should be used:

People come to this subreddit to ask questions to further their own careers or to gain clarity on what is normal or not normal within the industry. It's a place for technical and career navigating questions.

The problems that are often brought up:

  1. Blind leading the blind ("I'm a CS student and I'm telling people to just leave a company if they introduce a RTO policy")

  2. People are speaking from other's anecdotal experiences to generalize the whole company ("My friend's uncle worked at XYZ and had no work life balance, the whole company of 10,000 people is bad")

  3. Opinions contrary to popular thoughts are downvoted, even if they're encouraging the OP to think of it in a different way ("Fully remote is good for certain types of people. It is the only way vs. Fully in office is good for other types of people because... downvoted")

How a delta system might help:

Combine this with flairs and I believe the quality of answers will be better.

  1. Someone with no experience can lie with a flair, but if their answer makes no sense or isn't useful, then they won't be rewarded with the point and their opinion/experience may hold less weight than others.

  2. Someone who has more delta points can be looked at as a more reliable advice giver. If someone who is considered reliable states that something is not an industry norm, it's worth noting IMO.

  3. Similarly, a reliable user who tells you to think of it a different way should get some consideration. If a job has some slight issues and everyone tells you to abandon ship, but a reliable user asks you to consider this as an opportunity to implement XYZ fixes - maybe it's worth considering.

How a delta system might fail:

  1. No one uses it. Many people post a question and don't return to it. I would hope that bot comments and encouragement to return to award a delta can help circumvent this.

  2. Users abuse the system to boost their own score. There should be a reporting system in place for abuse and it's also sad that someone would do that on a pointless internet forum to get their opinion score up??


Overall I hope that something like this can help the quality of responses and help those who are in this industry. It's frustrating to see someone give a reasonable response and it gets downvoted because it doesn't agree with the popular majority. It's also frustrating to see someone who has little or no experience give a very extreme response that influences other people with little experience and could lead to a difficult start to one's career.

Thanks for reading if you got this far! :)

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Does anyone else's company have devs doing more and more roles?

I'm a backend senior software engineer and I code in Java. First our company said that they were going to get rid of QA devs and we would start doing all of their responsibilities, then they said that devs are going to start deploying to beta ourselves without having to rely on SREs. Now my team has some database work that needs to be done (architecting a solution, setting up tables, migrating data, etc...), not just writing java code to interact with the DB, and no one on my team has experience with doing this but it needs to be done so now it's our responsibility too.

I'm just curious if anyone else's job is like this lately? Feels like the company trying to save money and squeeze as much as they can out of the devs they have...

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What jobs in CS has the least amount of speaking? (I have a mild stutter)

Im currently in the processing of obtaining my CS degree, and I want to make sure I have everything planned for my future. So I’ve accepted that I have a mild stutter, and it can get noticeable during periods of anxiety, on the phone, or just days where my mouth gets pretty dry. If I have to take more math/physics for that field, then ok.

Also something less likely affected by AI.

Thank you in advance

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