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This subreddit is a place for creepy and out of place things surrounding video games. A home for video game mysteries, myths, obscure games, ARG's, creepy secrets/easter eggs, creepypasta, personal stories relating to scary experiences, and general strange/creepy things surrounding games not otherwise meant to be creepy in the same way.

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This subreddit is a place for creepy and out of place things surrounding video games. A home for video game mysteries, urban legends, obscure games, ARG's, creepy secrets/easter eggs, creepypasta, personal stories relating to scary experiences, and general strange/creepy things surrounding games not otherwise meant to be creepy in the same way.

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Skinny Santa Game

Trying to find a video game I played maybe a decade ago, early 2010s -2015? It was a super skinny Santa in like a log cabin and you had to dress him. And he kept flopping over and falling and it was really hard to get him dressed. You moved him by dragging him with your finger. Can't remember if I played on an iPad or PC. Maybe it was through Steam? Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?

18:57 UTC


Anyone else remember playing this bunny surgery game and disturbed by it?

13:57 UTC


B3313 1.0 OST - Castle Depths (In-Game Version)

16:01 UTC



This flower just appeared out of nowhere on my game? I don't remember burying any kind of seed or anything. This flower has a bad smell, thus it is full of bugs flying around everywhere. One day it was just there on my town and I know it's not something reaaaally creepy to be on this server, but it was kinda unsettling to me and I would like to share.

18:56 UTC


I played through and translated Yaku: YĆ«jƍ Dangi, the creepiest looking PS1 game

I have no idea if anyone has seen this game before, but I found this game years ago when randomly trying out Japanese PS1 games. I tried playing parts of it and got nowhere as I can't read Japanese. It stuck with me though as it had some of the most creepy looking characters and odd atmosphere of any PS1 game I have tried. Fast forward to the present and I have now played through the game by using Retroarchs AI translation tools, and it is truly a bafflingly bizarre game... I decided to also record it and edit/localize the text that the AI service spat out as it was fairly broken up and garbled in places in case anyone else would find it interesting.

I have uploaded it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/qQuAGjXSNZ0

I also uploaded a non-translated version for anyone who can follow along in Japanese: https://youtu.be/rjhzSUpttz0

I'm still going through and editing in the text overlays, but hope to have episodes go up weekly.

I see the rules state no "let's play/reaction" and hope this falls within that as it's just the gameplay and no reaction or me talking over it. In fact I think this game speaks plenty for itself haha.

Also would like to thank whowasphone404 again for translation of the manual over on GameFAQs.

08:57 UTC


Creepy mario 64 DS glitch/Error

Okay so, I don't have any image or video for this, but if you take the cartridge out in the Middle of Peach's castle ( I did this on a 3DS), the image will stop but the music will just transform into one sound sometimes. I'm trying to describe it but its something like a flat, repeating, dan-an-an-an-an-an-an-an-an with no rythm. Cree[ed me out

EDIT: I'l try to find some footage for you guys.

22:46 UTC


The ending of Call of Duty: World at War, it's very bleak and rightfully so. The two bell tolls once the text (1:39) shows always made me think that symbolically, they were to represent the bombs used on Japan.

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12:59 UTC


more args like minecraft 16.05?

ye me want more args like 16.05

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09:35 UTC


Genuine question. What does this text mean at the end of Sonic.exe?

For context I did a playthrough of the game for yt and I did the secrets. And got the translated version of the other text and the secret part where you play as Sonic. But I don't think there's a way to translate this in game. Not to my knowledge anyway. I would genuinely love to know what this says.

17:32 UTC


Spectrogram from drb0sch NV arg

This is taken from the latest video "nowhere" I decided to check out that comments and saw one saying there was a spectrogram image at 3:40 and I decided to check out out. The image avoiding is what I found. I had to take 2 screenshots and edit them together to get the full picture.

I'm not sure on what this is honestly, perhaps a type of map but it could be anything.

14:47 UTC


Weird easter egg(?) that I can't find

I'll try to make this as brief as I can. Around a year ago I stumbled on a post on there about a weird easter egg in an obscure 2d game. The post had a YouTube link to a playthrough of that game, with a face of a woman just appearing in the game full screen, while the youtuber looks confused. I cannot find any mention of it anymore, not here, not on YouTube, nowhere. As if it vanished from the internet. Here's a reconstruction of that face based on my memory. Please help 🙏

23:23 UTC


new video about some of the creepier aspects of Watch Dogs 2

17:09 UTC


After eating a strange fruit in the sims 4, your sim will be Possessed

08:13 UTC


Weird game I found from an obscure website but too afraid to continue playing

Hi everybody, I like to browse old websites for nostalgia purposes and submit things to the Waybackmachine and Archive.org because I'm a sucker for archival stuff. Anyways, I was using a search engine called Wiby to discover old websites and I found this website called thisgameis.fun

First of all, the website address is weird because I have never seen a ".fun" domain before. Secondly, the website looks like it was made in the 90s but the copyright says 2006. Anyways I read through the website and it looks like it was made for a SciFi fps game and it sounded interesting so I went to the download page and downloaded the game. Now I know what you're thinking, why would I download random stuff from weird websites? This isn't the first time I've done this. Just before downloading this game, I downloaded another game from another site called zoorace.com . Yes these websites may contain viruses and other malicious things but the good thing is that these old viruses have pretty much ZERO impact on a modern PC with modern anti-virus software. I just think it's really cool to see stuff people have made from years or even decades ago. Sometimes its sad to think of all these lost pieces of software that go untouched for YEARS.

Anyways, I downloaded the game, noticed the icon for the exe looked kinda creepy, and then I opened the game. A menu appears with the classic new game, load game, and exit options. The buttons were this scifi style and the background of the menu screen looked like a 1990s 3D attempt at a scifi building. The 3D style reminded me of the cutscenes in Oddword on the PS1. I click new game and the loading screen appears with funny music.

The game starts as this FPS game that had graphics that remind me of Half Life 2. So right off the bat there is this big mix of different styles from different eras (90s looking website, 90s looking menus, and HL2 graphics). You start with an M4 gun and walk around this neighborhood setting shooting robots and cyborg characters. It actually seemed pretty well made and was actually fun to play. There are no instructions whatsoever so I had to figure out all the controls on my own. I get to the end of the first level and the second level loads. But its like a completely different game now. The level is this dark, empty, seaside town that really reminds me of the Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC. The background music is unsettling and I am getting pretty scared because I am waiting for a jump scare or something.

I am no stranger to this sub. I lurk every once in a while and I know several of the games shared here contain photos/videos of gore and stuff like that and to be honest, I really hate seeing those things. I was afraid something like that was going to happen so I quit the game. A little while later I decided to try again but the game crashed so I took that as a sign.

I am just really weirded out by this game because it comes from an obscure website, contains no story or instructions, and suddenly morphs into a completely different game. Its also very weird how the website keeps saying things like "free" and "fun". Even the folder containing the exe file and the exe itself is called "fungame". Just extremely creepy IMO.

I am too scared to continue playing. So if anyone would like to play and record your gameplay, please do and share with me so I can see what happens next. Just as a warning, the game has a lot of bugs and has crashed on me.


Here are some screenshots:






05:39 UTC


drb0sch - A creepy Fallout New Vegas ARG where the player clips out of bounds and finds many hidden secrets outside the game's map

Found this surprisingly obscure Fallout: New Vegas ARG through youtuber Lanslet's video on it.

The ARG takes place largely outside of the game's map after the player clips out of it through the Mojave Outpost. They then spend a considerable amount of time exploring out-of-bounds until they come across what seems to be an abandoned campfire, where upon picking up a lunchbox, they are given a cryptic quest that takes them through the game's insanely large OOB area.

The ARG is relatively long due to most of the videos containing huge amounts of unedited walking through the empty desert between interesting locations. Regardless, it gets progressively strange with each upload and the latest few videos on the channel have been remarkably unsettling with some impressive audio design and off-putting visuals. I recommend checking it out.

Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/@drb0sch/videos

08:15 UTC


Myst (1995) creeped me out when I was a kid

I hope some people here know this game and played it back then, so you can tell me if I was alone in this situation.

I remember me playing Myst on my mom computer when I was a kid back in the days, playing on that island for hours, trying to find out how to finish it (I've never been able to), and I remember a feeling I had playing it and I hope I wasn't the only one feeling that... But, I felt observed by someone or something all long, like I've never been alone on this island, I remember being stressed all the time I was playing this game, like at some point I would face this entity observing me.

It's not supposed to be an horror game at all and I dont even know if there's scary part in it since I've never finished it. But I dont think I've ever felt this feeling again in a video game in all my life after this experience, it was really weird and I still remember this game as a good first video game experience but also as a scary place to be. I grew up on an Island with some kind of similar architectures so I think it felt a bit like a liminal space to me, before I even knew what liminal space is.

Does anyone ever had this feeling when playing it or is it just me ?

(Sorry if my english is not perfect)

12:09 UTC


In Swat 3: Close Quarters Battle i had come across a secret passage with a big surprise that terrified me.

00:53 UTC


Game Over screen from a bootleg Aladdin II game for the NES by Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong Computer Co

13:48 UTC


Creepy scene in Endless Ocean

I remember searching about it online some time ago, but found nothing. I randomly remembered it today and stumbled upon this subreddit while searching.

When I was a child it was my favourite game on wii. I remember there was this one creepy scene that confused me and scared me. If my memory's right at seemingly random moments while you're on the boat, you get out of the cabin and suddenly you have a top down view on you, and some weird dialogue, with "..." and stuff. Creepy music too.

Maybe I misunderstood and it was part of some mission and it's been a looong time but I remember being on the boat and scared of seeing my character from the top out of nowhere.

If anyone knows anything about this scene it'd be awesome to finally know if I dreamt it or it if it's real.

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22:49 UTC


Willem DaFoe on the Spider-Man game for the Game Boy Advance

18:25 UTC


Tales of Legendia Music - Cradle of Time

14:48 UTC


The ending cutscene from POSTAL (1997)

07:32 UTC


A weird glitch in Fallout 4

19:32 UTC


[Magnus imago} cutscenes

20:24 UTC


I remember a map that was removed on Fortnite The Block because of a rope hanging above a fallen chair.

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22:18 UTC


Custom statue Scissorman from the Clock Tower game, by Me

19:47 UTC


Disturbing Roblox Studio audio glitch

this happened after i minimized and opened roblox studio multiple times, after a while i then stopped playing the audio and a static sound played


11:42 UTC

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