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    I keep coming to the conclusion of Bright winter but is my hair too light?

    Help me figure out what I am please! Thanks in advance

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    13:23 UTC


    How can i decide which season am I?

    I don't know yet if im an autumn or summer. My hair is mousy light brown or dark blonde, but i have hazel eyes that lean more towards green and the soft summer palette does not suit me that well. So i made some research and I think i must be or soft autumn or warm/true autumn, because earthy tones look very good on me. Plus i think im way more muted than bright.

    Another thing is that with blonde hair i look terribleeee, even if they are cool toned. I look way better with dark chocolate brown hair or my natural color. So my question is: is it possible for me to be a warm autumn even if i burn easily, but usually with time i can tan??

    Ps: i read online that autumns usually do not have dark under eye circles, but i think i do (mostly because i'm very pale).

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    13:06 UTC


    Got my color analysis done in Korea last week!

    Hi! I (30F/ Southeast Asian) went to a studio with my friend to get our personal color analysis done! I got a Summer Pale for my main daily color, and a Summer or Autumn Soft for makeup. I was wondering what the equivalents would be for the western style.

    Here are the 12 types!

    SUMMER (cool-tone)

    1. Summer Whitish
    2. Summer Pale
    3. Summer Soft

    WINTER (cool-tone)

    1. Winter Vivid
    2. Winter Deep
    3. Winter Dark

    SPRING (warm-tone)

    1. Spring Pale
    2. Spring Light
    3. Spring Vivid

    AUTUMN (warm-tone)

    1. Autumn Soft
    2. Autumn Dull
    3. Autumn Deep

    I’m trying to figure out which color shades are included for each type too.

    For the makeup palettes, there is an addition of JUST:

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Autumn

    And idk where these go in the mix.

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    13:05 UTC


    I posted here 1 year ago and yesterday me got my color analysis and I'm so happy 🥹

    Will get my book and personalized palette in 1 month so can share it here if you like, very pleased with the visit :)

    [📍Studio Aroma in Gothenburg]

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    11:35 UTC


    What season am I for real?

    11:18 UTC


    How to tell the difference between muted and bright skin?


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    08:11 UTC


    Eye colour- a useful indicator or throwing us off?

    I see a lot of posts (and my own experience is the same) where people who are warm toned have blue eyes which appear cooler.

    So cool shades of blue make those eyes stand out but blue eyes don’t overrule skin tone.

    How often do we think people are thrown off by blue eyes when they’re actually a spring (or summers who may have brown eyes!)?

    If I cover up my eyes my skin looks warm but my overall look isn’t obviously warm when you see my eyes. Should we look at skin alone or the overall look?

    07:14 UTC


    Help!!!! Closet is in a state of mourning!

    How do you know the best colors to wear? My mostly black closet needs some color added to it!

    04:27 UTC


    I’d love to know my type, soft autumn?

    Online test said soft autumn, does that seem right?

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    03:06 UTC


    Color analysis based on eyes

    I read somewhere that eye color and pattern can be an indicator of season. I have had a hard time figuring out my season and was hoping for some help

    02:34 UTC

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