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We're here to do something about climate change. We're not here to talk about why it's happening, how bad it is, or who to blame. We're here to brainstorm, organize, and act. Use this space to find resources, connect with others, and learn more about how you can make a difference. Join us for our sub-wide campaigns as we leverage the platform of Reddit to do some good for the climate.

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We're here to do something about climate change. We're not here to talk about why it's happening, how bad it is, or who to blame. We're here to brainstorm, organize, and act. Use this space to find resources, connect with others, and learn more about how you can make a difference. Join us for our sub-wide campaigns as we leverage the platform of Reddit to do some good for the climate.

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Personal carbon offset recommendations

I swore off flying because of the heavy carbon footprint. I made it several years but finally had to hop on a plane to go deal with a family emergency.

Most of the rest of my lifestyle is increasingly carbon neutral - I've been dialing it down for years step by step.

Carbon offsets, like Papal Indulgences of the past, have some problematic issues. Don't want to debate that here. But some outfits that offer Carbon offsets are more reputable and verifiable than others.

If I were to offset 248 kg of carbon emissions, how would you recommend going about it?

13:49 UTC


What are good climate actions for people who don't live in the USA?

I don't mind the specific actions that are being suggested on here, but I think a lot of them are very targeted at people who live in the USA. That can make those lurkers who don't, myself being one of them, feel a bit helpless.

So I thought I'd start this thread. What are some really good courses of activism that can be undertaken if you're living elsewhere than the USA?

13:10 UTC


CDR Researcher here. You can AMA if you want, but my friends are getting pessimistic by the day.

20:28 UTC


Take Action to Get Corporations to Protect the Climate

From Stand. Earth: Write Public Pension Funds at this website to vote for Climate initiatives at upcoming corporate shareholder meetings. https://act.stand.earth/page/66360/action/

17:16 UTC


"What's the Plan?" Campaign: Students Pushing for Climate Action Plans in U.S. Cities!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a student campaign that I and fellow students are leading at Cornell University – it's called the "What's the Plan?" campaign, and it's all about pushing for climate action plans in high-risk cities across the U.S.

We are seeking to promote the adoption of climate action plans in cities that are most at risk from the impacts of climate change and we are also working to raise awareness about Climate Action Plans through social media. Our focus has been on getting university students involved. But we would love support from a wider group of people who are interested in the issue.

Our campaign is using all the digital tools at our disposal to make it super easy for us to get involved. We have made pre-drafted emails to send to our elected officials, petitions to sign, and even creating and sharing our own content on social media to spread the word. We also have created data visualizations to better explain the issue.

You can find out more about the "What's the Plan?" campaign on their website here, or check them out on social media:

Website: https://blogs.cornell.edu/mpaconsultants/whats-the-plan/.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/whatstheplancampaign

Data visualizations: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/william.leahy/viz/NoCAPcampaignworkbook/Dashboard1

Instagram: u/whatstheplancampaign

TikTok: u/whatstheplancampaign

Facebook: u/whatstheplancampaign

YouTube: u/Whatstheplan-is2om

X (formerly known as Twitter): u/Whatstheplan315

Snapchat: u/whatstheplancampaign

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14:10 UTC


Educational program about climate tech angel investing

We’re running an educational program on climate tech angel investing, with instructors, speakers and mentors from Lowercarbon Capital, Climate Capital, Clean Energy Ventures, Jetstream and more: https://climateangels.vc

I wanted to put it on your radar in case you heard about it already - our next cohort starts on April 18th.

02:40 UTC


Action without thought is impulsiveness, thought without action is procrastination! Learn then teach others accurate AND honest "climate science"

The book "Miseducation" (by "Frontline" investigative reporter Katie Worth) looks at how partisans of the fossil fuel industry, duped teachers about the actual science (so the end result is students leave school clueless about what science actually has uncovered about man made climate change).



NCSE (National Center for Science Education) works with teachers, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that topics including evolution and climate change are taught accurately, honestly, and confidently.


Aspects in "Miseducation" that perhaps could have be explored further is a "snowflake" problem,... seems the vast majority are psychologically unwilling to face head on the unsettling facts science has actually uncovered.



Mention these facts for context because a reddit query in a forum (of "Science Teachers"), about the "Keeling Curve" (which is the global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration measurement) returned only two mentions (both webpages were content that I just created, based upon what I learned over three decades ago).



FYI the "Keeling Curve" was shown in a scene in Al Gore's AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (2006)


As an undergrad (decades ago) took a seminar class for PoliSci majors that was designed to teach "science literacy" and I mention this because Revelle was the professor who "inspired" Gore's interest in climate science.


The UCSD seminar class (I participated in) basically involved a handful of students meeting in a small conference room where we had informal scientific presentations by different professors about their work,... after the presentation we had the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

Point being as a double major in Physics and PoliSci, had the opportunity to ask crucial questions in one on one discussions with professors who were doing bleeding edge research, so unlike countless others I was accurately AND honestly taught "climate science"

Decades after I was accurately AND honestly taught "climate science" realize that Earth Day in the third decade of the 21st century is an opportunity to remind others that humanity very much needs to understand and face head on the inconvenient basic science in order to address the difficult issue of man made climate change.

The inconvenient truth is environmental justice warriors are caught up in a vicious cycle of ignorance because action without thought based upon "scientific understanding" is impulsiveness. Said another way to do something beneficial AND meaningful about man made climate change, people need to "get a backbone" and learn then teach others accurate AND honest "climate science"



Bottom line, checkout the two posts in the reddit "Science Teachers" forum and see for yourself if you actually understand the root cause AND complications of man made climate change.

19:55 UTC


why aren’t we using that mushroom that breaks down plastic?

maybe a dumb question and im just oblivious to something obvious, but why aren’t we utilising it.

obviously it doesn’t solve the problem, but even if everyone everywhere stopped using plastic tomorrow there’d still be so much left, why aren’t we using the mushroom?

02:30 UTC


Take Action to End Fossil Fuel Financing

Do You Want to End Financing of Fossil Fuels

Climate Defenders are planning "massive, creative, disruptive nonviolent direct actions 4/24 & 4/25 to demand an end to Wall Street's financing of the climate crisis". Sign up for their Apr 11th 7:30-9 pm est planning event for more information:

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18:43 UTC


A debate - My view is the main climate action we should do is get involved in politics. Thoughts?

I’m going to argue here that the best, most effective and most urgent climate action we can take part in is politics. This is a positive action you can take and it is something you can do daily, weekly. monthly and more. As we all have a set amount of time/money we can put into action, I’m arguing this is the best place for it.

A few caveats before I start on the why and how of my argument here.

First does not need to be the only thing you do, if you’re doing other things and they are working for you, great, I am also going to say it is work putting some time into politics. If you’ve got limited free time because of work/family etc - this is IMHO the best place to put energy.

Second, I’m assuming as the reader you’re in a political system where you can influence the outcome. The main examples I’ll use here are from Uk and the US as that is what I know about. Would always be interested to read other’s points of view.

Third, I’m not saying if you’re not doing what I’m arguing that somehow you’re bad - not at all - if you’re doing something - anything - towards climate solutions that is always better than doing nothing.

OK let’s get into it. It has been apparent that humanity has needed to act for decades on climate. Year after year passes and yet the kind of meaningful global action we need to see does not come to pass. I’m not going to spell out the worrying situation we’re in, as plenty of others do so and very well. Over that time we’ve seen a plethora of different groups, tactics, actions over a range of different countries come to pass and yet nothing meaningful has changed. This is not an implicit criticism of all of those that have gone before, indeed I’ve taken part in plenty of them. It is simply an acknowledgement that the scale of the challenge is huge and getting action done is hard. But at its core, we need governments to act.

This is both a realistic and achievable course of action; as well as the huge rise in renewables, plus the fact that most people favour climate action, there are also solutions that are popular with voters and don’t cost taxpayers money - indeed they save us money - such as removing fossil fuel subsidies.

Our issue is the gap between these solutions and where we are now and what we need in the coming years. That gap is about political will.

How do we close it?

We can help by making our up-coming climate action political. How? The theory here is pretty basic:

  1. Find the next election of note to where you vote - local, national etc.
  2. Find the politician there who has both a good chance of winning and who is better on climate issues.
  3. Back the better climate candidate to win. This is where you can take meaningful action - volunteer for the campaign, donate to the campaign, advocate for them online and so on. Make sure that they know that your support comes from them having a better climate position than the other possible victor in the race.
  4. If they win, keep the pressure up on them to enact promises of climate action by writing to them to remind them of why they had your support. Whenever a big legislative vote on an item of climate legislation is coming up, write to them to ask if they will support it. Write to them to encourage them to go further on climate issues.
  5. While that is happening. find the next election you can vote in. Repeat.
  6. When there is no upcoming election - write to your incumbent representative on climate issues, even if they are not great on it, so they know people do care.

That’s it. That’s the strategy.

So I’m based in the UK - next up for us is the local elections on May 2nd. This is for local councils and some other seats like police commissioner and some mayors. Then later in 2024 (no date as yet) will be the national elections where we vote to a Member of Parliament (MPs) and the party with the most MPs goes on to form a government.

Some notes on it.

This is not some silver bullet for climate action, I know. It is more like the Atomic Habits version where we’re focused on small but meaningful gains that over time, however they do become bigger and more potent the more we win.

It also means compromises. A lot of it. Politics is about compromise and all too often, picking the lesser of two evils. It is sad but real. It means there will be other issues in the campaign that perhaps you don’t agree with, yes not great, but getting climate solutions enacted is about being pragmatic at this stage.

On what candidates/party? Again, its about being pragmatic. For example, what if there are other candidates/parties who are really good on climate but don’t really have a chance of winning? Sadly I don’t think that is the best place for our energy. We need climate policies enacted now and we need governments who will respond to the inevitable climate disasters by going further on climate action. Which means you need to get people elected first.

What if there are no candidates talking about climate issues at all? You can go to political town halls and hustings and ask them. Contact the campaigns to ask? Put our climate on the agenda. Still not happening for you? Possibly even join the better climate policy party in your area which has a chance of victory and stand for election, running on climate as the issue for you.

What about the sense that all politicians are the same and the system seems broken. Totally agree with that sentiment, however there is a huge difference, in climate terms, between a party that will do something and a party that not only denies that the issue exists but will actively aim to make things worse. I’d rather have big ambitious gains on climate policy, but if the alternative is between small gains and denial, I’ll take the small gains.

Ideally if you can find others in the area with the same concerns and act as a group of voters, the better! Plus there are always things you can do in a political campaign from online advocacy to campaign volunteering. One of the best things to offset feeling scared for the future, is to act for a better future - to borrow a slogan; Do More, Worry Less.

(Again, please don’t mean me saying not to worry as much as saying I don’t worry at all - I do - it's just that beyond the point of motivation for action worry can just sap energy and morale.)

Let me know your thoughts? (Note I'm using this to develop a version with links for here)

15:01 UTC


What if we thought outside of capitalist expectations?

Instead of fighting the worst offenders, maybe we should be simply setting a better example. Something along the lines of...workers cooperatives. Cooperatives are how we reclaim our collective wealth. Put $ back with the people.

10:50 UTC


Latest right wing spin

In about the last week there have been articles in right wing media about a solar farm in Texas destroyed by hail, and a wind farm in Victoria, Australia destroyed by hail. Since I can't find any mention of it in more mainstream media I assume it is BS. Anyone know the actual facts about these events? Thanks

19:44 UTC


Tell Your Governor to Support Rooftop Solar

Distributed solar energy, the kind on rooftops and in community solar, benefits everyone. Join me in telling your governor that distributed solar lowers costs and makes our electric grid more reliable at this website:


19:09 UTC


Union of Concerned Scientists Planned Discussion on Gas Power Plants

Join u/UCSUSA for a virtual discussion on the risks of over-reliance on gas power plants and what it means for a just transition to clean energy: Friday April 19, 4pm ET.


03:26 UTC


US House of Representatives votes to reject carbon tax as a solution

Last week the House voted to approve a resolution condemning a tax on carbon (House Resolution 86). Nearly all the points in the resolution are factually incorrect.

For example, other countries have already implemented versions of a carbon tax, which make it more expensive for us to sell our product in their country. Without an equivalent tax here, it is cheaper for other countries to export and sell their high carbon products in the US. This imbalance can ruin our economy, and allow countries like China to create all of the GHG that they want.

More importantly most scientists and policy makers agree that we need a carbon tax to use our market forces to shift demand to products that are lower in carbon content. Without it we are literally doomed, there is no way to get to net zero.

Here is the list of representatives and how they voted: Role Call: House Bill Number 86

CALL TO ACTION: Harass these mother-fkrs! Follow Trump’s lead and harass their children. Warn their grandchildren! Tell them to get serious about dealing with climate change, or get out of the way.

To be clear, I am not calling for abuse or physical harm. I am asking for a flood of emails and phone calls to the people standing in the way of action on climate. I’m asking for protests at their local office. I’m asking for news coverage. I’m asking that their ignorance and role in dooming the planet does not go unnoticed.

We only need to convince 20 people to change their vote. 20 people to take a step that may save the planet. Dammit. We can do this.

Please add your updates to this post to help motivate everyone.

11:53 UTC


Increase earth's albedo

Okay, so first off, I am no college educated scientist however I had an idea recently that I wanted to discuss and see if it may be feasible. My idea is to artificially increase the earth's albedo, that is, how reflective the earth's surface is. I did some searching and found that there were attempts to do so by putting more chemicals into the air but I don't know how I feel about this.

So my idea is to cover 16,000 square miles of the earth's surface in white cotton with reflective biodegradable/edible sequins sewn into every inch of it. As for where to put this behemoth of a piece of cotton, over the pacific ocean, as oceans don't have a high albedo. I feel like cotton would be the safest and if you put it about 10 feet over the surface with buoys. This would quickly alter the albedo of the planet which would help combat the climate crisis though it may not stop it, it might buy us some time. It could be made larger if desired too and replaced if needed.

Please what are your thoughts on this idea, could this help, do you have any suggestions to improve the idea and would it even be feasible? Also... sorry if I used the wrong flair/posted in the wrong area.

06:05 UTC


4/23 Primary in PA: If you live there, please plan to vote for the Climate

There is a critical primary in PA coming up on April 23rd. If you want to mail you mail-in ballot, please send it out no later than 4/15. If you want to vote pro-climate Democratic candidates, you can find ALL candidates down to county levels on your ballot with endorsements by climate groups. Please check out this website to assist you in making your voting choices: www.bluevoterguide.orgIf you find Blue Voter Guide useful, please pass it on to family and friends. Blue Voter Guide is available in all 50 states this election cycle.

17:02 UTC

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