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Expert advice for Veiled, Panther and Jacksons species

Asking Questions? WE need to have your species & part of the world you live in listed so that we can best answer your question! Not all Chameleons are alike, all have different needs & requirements that have to be taken into consideration by the owner before purchase.

Madagascar's Chameleons Good overview

Nat Geo Quick Video Some Chameleon facts [funny]

Useful Links for first time owners

Our Official ChameleonsFAQ

Our Official Chameleons Chat room

You just got a new "tiny" chameleon... and don't know what to do?

Here's a proper young subadult temporary environment to get you started. (Keep them in here until they're ready for a adult cage)

A word on heat sources, burns & treatment. A must read before setting up your cage environment.

A source for tungsten lights (used for light and heating -) Recommended from above

Supplements.. which one is right? UPDATED 1.23.21

Drinking Glass method developed by Flip69

Why a drinking glass vs a misting system?

POKAL IKEA Drinking Glass - works great!

What is the best chameleon for first time owners? (answer: Veiled)

I've heard that veiled chameleons are aggressive, is that true? (not with proper handling)

How to handle them & get them used to you

Male or Female? Updated Graphic* It's easy to Sex ID common species from a young age.

Feeder Insect Nutritional Chart (Dubia Win).

Expanded Feeder insect chart

Special Needs Chameleons

Video of Tong / Hand Feeding for blind animals or those that can't target food well

Natural Habitat by species::

Veiled chameleon's natural habitat (includes pictures and weather data) Video of wild setting and a second adult male this is what a keeper should try to replicate.

Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) weather data by locality.

Here's More weather data, Antalaha (North east Coast City), Hall Ville North West coast close to the Nosy Be and Ambilobe localities

• The issue of "Localities" for the different panther chameleon types. Answer is that there's about 11 different sub species that aren't yet recognized officially.

• Color changing is very different than from octopi and squids. Chameleons actually use crystals in their skin to mirror and change wavelengths of reflected light - not colored pigment as some out of date books suggest.

Diseases & Health Issues:

What is MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) I keep hearing about?

Symptoms of a Lung Infection (w/ video) [UPDATED]

Papilloma Virus in chameleons

Dosages for common diseases & medications for reptiles

and discussion regarding medication dosage

Eye Infections: antibiotic eye ointment something that every cham owner should have on hand. another source

Mouth Rot & Cleaning a mouth or lip that's infected at home)

Drug sources:
This requires math and a little bit of responsibility to use these drugs... but it's always a good idea to have some basic tools in your med kit so you can treat a problem quickly or where a vet is unavailable/ far away. Taxonyx supplies:

Baytril™ (Enrofloxacin 10% Liquid) - Lung infections.

Antibiotic Eye Ointment (Terramycin based Ophthalmic)

Toltrazuril works like Ponazuril for treating Coccidia infections in the gut. It can be purchased here or as a easy pre measured liquid + dosing chart here

These should be kept available in advance (just in case they're needed) by all cham keepers.

Known Toxic Drugs to Chameleons that vets sometimes prescribe:

Albon (Sulfadimethoxine) Should be considered to be toxic and can result in death of a sick animal. It's one of the common "go to" drugs for vets treating coccidia we need to watch out for.

Orally Medicating a cham w/ lockjaw (video)

US State by State listings of Reptile Veterinarians

• Reptiles Magazine listing of reptile vets (Likely derived from their classified advertising list)

• ARAV - Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians US State by State listing

Canada: Toronto/the Greater Toronto Area, Links Road Animal Clinic Users recommendation: Evan Mavromatis

Tip: Check to see if you have a reptile society/club in town - They'll have a list of reptile specific vets in your area. Be aware that most vets aren't as experienced in the health of reptiles as experienced hobbyists are - this especially applies to chameleons


The power/home heat went out!!! or

I need to transport my animal in sub zero temps?.. What to do.


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My updated enclosure

So I had a lot of people giving me great advice on enclosures, so I ended up upgrading my baby’s enclosure :) I ended up finding another reptile that was suitable for her old enclosure and they both look so much happier. The other reptile was a Cuban false chameleon and my local pet store had it on sale for half off. I happen to also work for that same chain patch store so they added another 15% off. And I got to take her home for very cheap. She loves her new place as well 🥰🥰🥰 I also have the T5 bulb that everyone was telling me about. Thank you for the advice. Everybody my baby will be very happy when she wakes up tomorrow 🥰. I will be updating her enclosure with real plants in the coming months but I can’t afford it at the moment. The light I bought went out and I will be replacing it when I go to work tomorrow, the dome light is only a few hours and very temporary :)

02:21 UTC


Splat in her pajamas

Getting chunky, might be laying time again soon. Anybody know how often they're supposed to lay? This is her spying branch that sticks out the furthest in her enclosure so she can try to see what's going on in the rest of her world. Most nights I can find her here.

01:04 UTC



Currently setting up calcifurs new cage, I have two more plants I'll add at the top.

I got these bamboo sticks from home depots but I'm stumped, I can't get them to stay in place and when he's using them they will roll around. Any tips to make them stay in place? Planning to add more bamboo sticks

00:13 UTC


stuck shed on his tummy ? or just his colors

22:58 UTC


Help with defensive/aggressive veiled chameleon

I'll try keep this short. Had my chameleon over a year, she absolutely loves coming out of her viv, I've set up some branches and vines around a curtain pole in my office so I can open her enclosure door and she can climb out and roam a bit, but when it comes time to put her away she is an absolute nightmare, puffing up, trying to bite and hissing. In the past I have used a branch to coax her onto my arm to put her away, but recently she's started biting the branch and being really aggressive, (I know it's also defensive)

It's gotten really hard to let her out, and she goes mad scratching the mesh to be let out.

Shes kept in an XL Repti Breeze.

I like that she has a roam and don't want her to be confined to her viv but it's getting to the point where it's stressing her trying to put her away.

Is there a chance that she will return to the tank of her own accord? Or am I expecting too much?

Also, any tips for the best way to convince her to be OK with going back home?

Sorry, I didn't keep that short!

15:38 UTC


My cham is always dark.

I do not know why my chameleon is like always dark. He lives with me for 10 months. He is 5 months old but does not show it. What is the reason that he is not bright. He does not seem stressful and i feed him every 2 days. He has a nice terrarium and everything. I really dont know where I failed

14:32 UTC


Chameleon or Monkey?

Is Pandora a Chameleon or a Monkey?

13:28 UTC


Need help!

Is that healthy chameleons poop?

11:07 UTC


My boy Al Capone has been trucking along for a long time now, is about 8! Who has the oldest Cham here?

02:31 UTC


My boys hanging out together

00:02 UTC


Why I came here to this reddit.

I used to be a chameleon owner but mine has recently died. His name was rango. I cane here to help other people with their veiled chameleons and to see other people's chameleons!

22:16 UTC


Are these Chameleon eggs?

I found these in my cham's enclosure (I thought I had a male 😅) I only found these two and she (?) Isn't acting any different than usual. This is my first cham so any advice would be appreciated

18:37 UTC


Help neglected cham

05:45 UTC


Solín getting his grub on!

Second try is always a charm .

02:51 UTC


Tarzan Changes Color💚

One of my Fav Videos of my Beloved🪽 Tarzan💚

01:18 UTC


My baby just let me record her eating for the first time 🥰🥰

23:45 UTC


Don’t look at me, ma. I’m about to be nekkid over here.

For real, though… this is Mr. Bojangles’s first shed. Is it normal for them to just pop out of their skin like that? lol

22:46 UTC


Ficus Altissima?

Hello! I found a plant store with ficus benjamina, however they were LARGE. I found a ficus altissima that was a more appropriate size. Are they safe? Thanks!

18:03 UTC


“New skin, who dis?”

Baby Sherlock’s feeling more blue after his last shed!

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