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Deciduous Jin

I saw this (Ash) and thought it might give people some ideas for jin on their deciduous tree.

19:22 UTC


What is my willow doing?

New willow Iam trying to make a porch tree out of, seems very happy, but just noticed the top of the original cutting today, are those roots?

18:37 UTC


My current collection

From left to right: Judas trees (back), Flame Trees (front), Eucalyptus, Jacaranda and Silk Mimosa. All grown from seed!

17:13 UTC


Just finished potting this Kishu

Long story short, I was gonna slip-pot into a slightly larger nursery pot… then I looked over to my bonsai pots and couldn’t stop the urge to officially pot it up in a clay pot with its inorganic soil… I got impatient😅

Gonna wire it around autumn.

17:00 UTC


Video walkthrough of the Austin Bonsai Society 53rd Annual Show & Sale.

This video has many trees I wasn't able to show in my earlier post about the show.


16:56 UTC


Okay. Last update on this Parsoni for a while! I kind of curated everyone’s advice and made some changes on it. Here’s the final result. Instead of removing a branch to avoid reverse taper, I just jinned the middle branch and changed the direction of the crossing branch. Thoughts?

I’m actually super super proud of this result. Gonna let it just grow out for a bit. Maybe look at establishing better pads in mid summer. Thank you all for your help making this go from good to great! ❤️

16:13 UTC


Check this maple leaf out.

3 of these seedlings right beside each other behind my ac unit. My guess is the low light conditions slowed photosynthesis down making them lose a lot of pigment.

Anyone have a better idea?

15:32 UTC


Someone in NY? Maybe you can get a couple of bonsai books.

Long story short. I bought a couple of bonsai books (bonsai heresy and principles of bonsai design) that took too long to arrive to a friend room in NY and now are in limbo. If someone has the time to call the hotel and ask if they still have them and can pick them up, they are yours. DM me so I can give more information. I've tried to contact the shop or the hotel by mail or in social media, but no answer so I'm considering them lost at this time.

13:33 UTC


Off topic, but do any of you plant nerds know how to shape or style a cactus?

I saw this cactus in Lima and it looks so intentional, as if it were styled as it grew. Does anyone know if there is a way to encourage cactus growth in specific ways, or do you just have to get lucky? Like I can't imagine that this beauty just turned out this way incidentally.

Mods feel free to delete if I'm too off topic.

08:20 UTC


I've found lots of wild bonsai materials. Please let me know what to do next

I've found those trees in a small path. I believe they're all Sidaguri trees (I don't know its name in English) . There are about 40 trees like this and they're very potential to my eyes.

So I've come up with 3 options:

  1. Pot them and raise them separately. But I'm not sure weather to use small pots or large pots for all. obviously with large pots they will grow much faster but I just want to preserve the lumps on those plants.(I do really want to know how to get out of this dilemma as well)
  2. Combines several trees so that I can style them immediately and have a big trunk.
  3. Leave them there for several months or years then go back and harvest them later. in this case I just concern that they will soon die because of drought or someone will remove them.

I'm fairly new to Bosai and right now I'm extremely confusing. Please help

Edit: Thank you all for your advice. Finally I do think that it's not worth the effort. I'll leave them there until next year or so.






04:54 UTC


First Bonsai :) - Amur Honeysuckle

Made my first bonsai today! Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera Maackii) is invasive around here and shade tolerant, I hope to have it survive indoors (hopefully ?)🙏. Maybe a bit too small of trunk?

23:44 UTC



I came out to check my acacia pre bonsai (it’s pretty warm here today) and I found some additions my 4 year old made. When asked about it he said “my put rocks in, make baby tree happy” he was so proud of himself I just left them there.

22:15 UTC


This is a green velvet boxwood from nursery stock. Any tips?

I know my wiring isn’t the best, I’ve had a few bonsai but have mainly focused on pruning. I already love him but any constructive criticism is appreciated!!!

21:02 UTC


Is there a secret trick to get such beautiful blooms on azaleas where they are covered with flowers? What are your favourite fertilisers for azaleas? Everyone has different opinions on this and I just want to gather as much information as possible.

Hello everyone, as the title says I am just curious how some trees are just covered in flowers and you can barely see leaves. Is there a specific fertiliser such as miracid that would help with this? Does anyone have any experience with this?

17:28 UTC


Easy repot, hard to decide the shape…

Pot picked up at green side nursery do 4.99 in Fayetteville NC. The larger pot underneath was 24.99… support your local nurseries.

16:34 UTC


New "tree" and bonsai update!

On my post where I showed my initial nursery stock material, some of you nice people asked that I share my progress, but first, I have a newcomer! It is not really a classical tree-tree I guess, but I saw that people have turned them into bonsai and I liked the trunk, so...


This is my new Wisteria! As you can see, I started wiring it today. I didn't cut any of the leaves since I figured it will need a lot of energy to grow into a nice, thick trunk.


Here, you can see the trunks and the wiring a bit better. I've watched tutorials, but I am still super new to this. Please let me know if I have done something wrong with the wiring, that would be much appreciated.


Next up is my false cypress. As you can see, it was a bit thinned out since the last time you saw it and I started wiring it. I want to take it very slow, though. Whenever I see it is making lots of new shoots (which it does a lot. Maybe I went a bit heavy on the fertilizer...) I take off a tiny bit somewhere, shape a bit more... I never take off more than what fits into the palm of my hand, every other weekend. My thought was to let it recover in between, but I don't know if this is the right approach. It seems to be doing well as far as I can tell?


Here, you can see the trunk a bit better. I will also stop taking off any foliage once it gets even warmer here, as to not stress the tree.


This is my first try at wiring a smaller branch. Again, I am super happy about any input on how I can improve!


Next up is the ugly duckling, aka the juniper I don't know exactly what to do with yet. It's got so many branches in all directions, I am just not sure what to do with them all yet.


Maybe something like this? Rn I am thinking I style the branch that is pointing downward in the picture towards a semi-cascade, get the left one a bit up and then left with 1-2 pads to provide some optical balance of sorts, similar with the one that is up but more to the right and jin the bushy thing on the right. Not really sure yet, but it needs to grow a lot more anyways, so I am just leaving them be for now so they can provide the tree with energy ~~and also because my juniper is pointy and wants to see me hurt for every bit I take~~.

So yeah, that's the update! :)

14:29 UTC


2 weeks of sweating on a nearly-rootless yamadori produced incredible results after 2 months of nothing on its own.

This is a turkey oak and they have really cool leaves. That’s about the only reason I grabbed this thing. But I did a terrible job collecting it and it had literally just 2-3 fine roots when it came out of the ground. I let it be for a while and then decided to try the hot black bag sweating method and I’m amazed at the result. Now I have it out of the bag and in shade for a couple weeks while it acclimates.

14:21 UTC


Made some Deadwood on my large Cryptomeria

What do you guys think? Complaining on extending the Deadwood a little bit farther down than where it is now, but the branches are currently wired and are blocking my access to the trunk. I will do it another day.

14:09 UTC

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