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Don’t you just hate when you get the aux cord and play a song after a really bopping song and then you play a song and everyone is silent and just sitting there

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Rewatching awkward

I feel like Jenna started off great but as the show has progressed she struggles way too hard with telling people how she feels and that makes me dislike her character. I love Tamara and Val.

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Reaction of a Reaction of a Reaction of a Reaction of a Reaction

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YUNG $HADE - Trash (Novatore Diss for Tom MacDonald)

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I miss this show. It was one of a kind.

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Jenna is the absolute worst!!!

She is so selfish. Treats EVERYONE like crap. She deserved way more than a carefrontation letter. She so woe is me when she is literally the cause of all of her problems. Marty deserves so much better.

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i've been crushing on a girl for half a year and i still don't know her name (ngl i do know her name, but i swiped on her and she hasn't swiped back and it's been two months)

for the last half year i have seen this girl semi-regularly at [establishment she works at], where during checkout we've exchanged cursory attempts at conversation, snippets of my day-to-day (wherein i laid the egg of where i work (so come and see me please!)), etc. always a pleasant exchange, and i felt chemistry to the extent that, knowing she was single having seen her on [dating app], i could ask her out.


but i haven't.

a few days ago she did visit my establishment. i saw her, but pretended not to, because she was with another man.

HEY! IT BE THE ANXEITY DEMON AGAIN! (could have been her brother, friend, etc.)

the next day(!) i am leaving work and i see her on the sidewalk going in the same direction as i am. i'm willing to ignore her but she notices me and strikes up a small conversation.


she said it was nice to chat with me outside [establishment she works at], and i agree, and we part ways. she then yells from across the street that "hey, i guess this means we can be friends in the real world."

my tail between my legs, i shout back "cool!"

i still don't 'know' her name, nor she mine.

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This was some extremely embarrasing stuff -_-

Not for the weak.


Cringe fest is here.

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Just had my first phone call with my internet friend.

We said like hi! And How are you? Stuff like that, but then we stayed almost silent for 10 MINUTES. It was awkward......

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Awkward edaters meet for the first time

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I showed up to a random persons house with a bucket of chicken...

This happened about a year ago. I was young. Me and my friend were just talking about this and I though like I should post it in reddit so here goes..

My friend had texted me and asked if I wanted to come over and of course I said yes. They moved into a new house recently so I had no idea where it was. He sent me the address and I saw we still had some left over KFC so I decided to grab that and my mom drive me over to that address. I got out of the car, grabbed the bucket of KFC chicken and went up to the porch. I knocked on the door and waited. Someone answered and it didn’t look like his mom or dad or even him. I awkwardly asked “Uhh is Daniel here?” he just looked at my bucket of chicken and said “Uhm no?” I said “oh okay sorry, thank you” and I walked back to the car, got in and I thought about what was going through that guys head as I was just holding that bucket of KFC. Anyway we got to my friends house and I gave him the chicken. I told him the story and we had a laugh laugh about it.

10/10 would do again

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I’m confused about this sub....

I came here looking for a place to discuss the TV show Awkward, so I was excited to find this sub and read the description, “a place to discuss the tv show Awkward”, however it seems that it’s a place to discuss anything that is awkward. I’m confused. Why not just change the description of the sub? Does anyone here even watch the show lol?

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The way Michael Bloomberg interacts with this dog...

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I can't keep conversations going for SHIT

I'm very awkward and I hate it. When someone comes to me and expresses something that made them feel happy or exited I never know what to say back and the only thing I can do is smile or say something cliche like "ohhhh" "wow" "ayeee" and I fucking hate that. Then there's awkward silence and it drives me crazy Bec I start over thinking about what the other person might be thinking. Maybe they think I'm rude, or that I don't care at all and I don't want them to feel like that. Help.

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Why do I act this way?

Everytime I try to talk I can’t think of anything to say, I feel so stupid sometimes I try to say shit but can’t keep flowing the conversation/awkward gesture and tone... I always think bad about myself in literally every aspect of my life I have this fear on people judging me and hurts me all the time..

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An awkward tension between cousins

So this is a bit of a story from a while back. When I was younger I met a girl whose mom was a friend of my mom. We started talking and hanging out. We got closer and we both became very flirty with one another. And then her mom married my uncle. We had to cut off what we were doing because we became cousins. Now it's kind of awkward and tense between us.

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I walk in on wrong room and hated myself for it

So when I was about nine I was at a stay away summer camp. This was the first time I was at a summer camp so I had no idea what to do. This was about a day in and I saw this person and I wanted to be friends with them. So I tried to strike convo but it was loud and I was never heard. I gave up and went back to my cabin (the male and female cabins are separated and the person was female so we weren’t on the same cabin). The next day me and my friends were eating breakfast and I forgot a spoon for my front loops so I go up and get a spoon. I go to walk back to my table and i need to walk past the person (whom I shall now cal g1) table. It was a small room so I squished my way through but end up hitting her chair and I fall on the dirty ground. I apologized and walked off. I was freakin SCREAMING inside my head. This was only the like third encounter with g1. Skip another two days and me and my cabin we’re cleaning ( when we finish cleaning we need to go to the nurse even if we don’t need pills just for a check up or whatever) . So we go to the room with the nurse and get looked at and all that. But what I didn’t add was that the nurses cabin was part of g1s cabin and they are in the same hall. (You can see were this is going) I walk in g1s cabin and it was no big deal I just look around realize I’m in the wrong room and leave and go to the right room no one noticed and I told no one well.. until now. It is now the last day and they have a dance ( and yes 10 year old were rejected) a few people were asked out and a load of which were rejected ( I asked no one out) me and my friends just hung out. We had a talent show after I did a comedy act and no one laughed :( g1 and her friends sung a song about sponge bob and it was pretty good if I’m being honest. My dad picked me up and I told him none of this. I went home and played Jenga ( random I know)

That was my story hope u enjoyed even tho it was weird at times lol

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Was watching YouTube when I remembered this and thought I'd share

I think I was is year 7 or 8 when this happened (13 or 14 I think) when our class went on a school trip. As most school trips there was a talent show which I entered as I was a drama kid. I was entered twice in the contest. Once for singing and the second for magic with my friend. Magic was first. It was an X factor style thing and on my first trick (the invisible deck if anyone was wondering) and we were buzzed out. I think it was because we were taking too long but when asked one 'judge' said it was because the audience was too slow or something similar. When a contestant finishes they are asked questions and I didn't want to be one of them awkward people who just stood there and said nothing so when he asked what our thoughts were I said that it wasn't fair. Then when he asked why I just said 'because it was the audiences fault, not ours.' After I said it I realised what I had actually said. The final nail in the coffin was that I was going on again afterwards and was booed as I walked on the stage.

This is my first post on reddit but I just really wanted to share.

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Have you ever had someone try and give you a high five and you think they are waving at you? Or vice versa? I can’t remember the last time I got it right:/

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Hey shorty it's Kevin I know you may not want to hear from me but I had to ask how's things going your way? I deactivated my instagram account thinking I could go without texting with failure. Hope you get this soon.

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