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The number one resource on Reddit for Apple ][, Apple II, or even Apple 2... however you spell it. This subreddit is discussion and tech support of Apple II hardware, software, and emulators.





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This subreddit is discussion and tech support of Apple II hardware, software, and emulators.

Please restrict submissions only the Apple II computers (plus, IIe, IIgs, IIc).

Also allowed for submission are the Original Apple I, Apple III, or the Apple Lisa and related tech & support information.

eBay auction submissions are allowed.

Have Fun!

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Trying to remember the name of a game

I don't think this was original to the Apple II and there were both a port and a clone of the game:

You control a spaceship going around a space station. The station has multiple layers of shields rotating in different directions, and your shots create holes in the shields (that also rotate).

23:22 UTC


CiderPress II v1.0.2 released

A new version of CiderPress II (v1.0.2) has been released. New features:

  • Merlin assembler source file import.
  • Apple IIgs bitmap font viewer. See a sample string or a full glyph grid.
  • Apple IIgs Finder icon viewer. Shows big/small icons and masks.
  • Applesoft shape table viewer.

Plus some other minor features and fixes.




22:32 UTC


Crystal Quest .sh file

I'm trying to emulate my copy of Crystal Quest. There's a .2mg file and some other files. Is it possible to convert it to .sh to play on an emulator?

15:52 UTC


How much does it usually cost to have a IIc serviced? Are there any places online that will service it for me?

My IIc has had issues with its extended ram for a long time, so I've mostly been playing older software that runs in 40 column mode. Lately however it has progressed and now frequently crashes and won't load certain programs properly (prodos freaks out whenever I try to tab over to my external floppy for example).

I have done some light soldering on similarly aged hardware, namely the original GameBoy, but opening up the IIc properly looks pretty complicated and I have a young and very curious cat now that makes me hesitant to crack it open.

Does anyone know of an online shop where I might be able to have it serviced? I'm probably going to use it as a display piece and turn one of my powermacs into my daily driver until then

14:50 UTC


Unknown diy card

Had this card in an Apple II clone - was in slot 1, the Apple only booted with the card removed. Any idea what it could be? My guess is some kind of printer interface.

13:23 UTC


weird drive issue

I have a IIgs, an Apple 5.25 Floppy Drive, and a Floppy Emu.

The Floppy Emu suffices for most things. But then there's games like Infocom's Journey. It requires two drives. As a kid I couldn't play it because I didn't have a second drive. Now I technically do, so recently I bought a physical copy of the game. (Still had the Infocom ads and the maps etc!) But...

One issue is I have disk images of it too, and was going to use those via Floppy Emu (drive 1) and the real drive. Problem is, there are 3 double-sided disks in the physical Journey box. That would be 6 disk images. How many images are in the set I have? 5. So something is off.

Here's where my problem comes in. I wanted to just back up my real disks to images. I've used Copy II Plus to some success in the reverse direction, copying images from Floppy Emu to real disks.

However, being a weirdo I wanted to check my drive to be safe before backing up my disks. I ran the drive speed util. Uh-oh. Weird results.

Copy II Plus says the drive speed should be between 198 and 202 ms. I couldn't read my drive speed. It changed too fast. Also, from what I could tell it was much more often 2 digits rather than 3, and at worst it was around 102.

Is this a drive issue? I've used the drive for plenty of other things. Disks are bad quite often but when they're not they work fine.

Where do I go from here? I'm not sure what to troubleshoot next. Would I be safe trying to copy over disk images from my disks given my drive speed results?

02:32 UTC


Running binaries from disk - what am I missing?

Hello everyone!!

I have an Apple ][c and I am endeavouring to learn 6502 assembly to do some more advanced software dev, and I wrote a simple Hello, World! program just for testing. I verified the binary is valid by typing it into the monitor by hand, but despite my best efforts, I cannot get the assembled binary to load from disk. I've tried both AppleCommander and CiderPress, I've set it as a bin file, and I've given a starting address. It does seem to try to execute at the correct address, but when I look in memory, the code is not loaded.

I have tried to load it both at $300 and $2000, where supposedly, from what little documentation I could find, you can load small assembly programs. I have tried both DOS 3.3 and ProDOS.

I found some limited evidence that at least one of these OSes has a lockout to prevent loading to certain areas of memory, and some mention bypassing it, but I couldn't find anything on how to do this or what regions are still free. If it's possible, Id like to know how the unlock of these portions works because I'm writing a program that would benefit from as much RAM as possible.

14:03 UTC


🍎//e software on a //c

When I run a disk for the //e on my //c it makes a very loud clicking noise above and beyond the normal noises it makes with other diskettes. Is it normal?

23:04 UTC


apple 2E monitor port

13:45 UTC


Apple 2E monitor to computer terminals cable info request...

Hi Folks, Im trying to get my old Apple 2E computer into working order again... over time... many disks and now I find cables gone missing.

Chat GPT told me to buy a 3.5mm RCA cable to connect the green display monitor to the computer, but the jack is to big for the monitor ( but fits the computer terminal perfectly,

Then I brought a 2.5mm jack but this jack is to thin for the monitor terminal... SO.. Im stuck... I need advice.... Can you tell me what type and or where do I buy, the correct jack for an Apple 2E monitor?

Rgds, ZACH

11:21 UTC


Apple //e crystal question

The crystal in my Apple //e is secured to the PCB with what appears to be silcone. The coating on the board is present so I do not believe it is conductive. Would a standard, non-conductive, electronics-grade, silicone adhesive be suitable?

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06:52 UTC


getting a physical joystick connected to applewin emulator

apple //e owner since 1982. still love a lot of the games i had back then.
been using applewin emulator since the late 90's. most of the games i play through the emulator were keyboard based, but i've found DSK files of games (thanks MyAbandonWare) that rely heavily on the apple joystick (choplifter, marauder, sundog, etc) and i'd really love to see if there's a windows based joystick that the applewin emulator can recognize and use with apple joystick games, so i don't have to use the keyboard for joystick actions.

thanks in advance

04:54 UTC


Apple II+ troubleshooting help

Just got this apple II+, and I'm getting no activity out of it. Video seems to be working well, as characters are well formed, and I tested the 6502 in my commodore 1541 disk drive and it works. System is resetting properly. Currently I'm without an oscilloscope (though I expect that to change in about a day)

I've seen conflicting information as to what could be going wrong with this machine, and would like some guidance on where to start.

01:56 UTC


Game with Paul Revere's Ride?

I played this game as a kid and can't remember the title or find it on Google.

I remember there were parts where you could write messages in invisible ink and at one point you had to decide whether to hang one lantern or two in the bell tower depending on if the British were coming by land or sea.

Does anyone remember the name? Thanks!

19:43 UTC


Educational game identification

Back in the late 80s early 90s I had a computer lab in school filled with Apple2s. We had an educational game that involved moving tiles to track down an imaganry animal/monster. It was structured similar to Number Munchers from a looks perspective but on a a black screen. At first I thought it was Hunt the Wumpus but I don't think that is it. Additionally, I recall have a start screen with three modes (though I am uncertain if that was the same game).

Any help is apprecated.

01:40 UTC


Help identifying game

Trying to find the title of a game I played when I was in school. It was a quest style game where you explored and had to answer riddles to progress through certain checkpoints. One of them might have been a troll on a bridge. I distinctly remember one of the answers to the riddles being "manure" but as a kid I struggled with the spelling and could never progress to finish the game. Any help would be appreciated!

11:56 UTC


"can't find Z80 card" with GGLABS GZ/80S Apple II/IIgs 20MHz 512KB scheda PCPI CP/M - Zilog Z80

Hi all,

I have a GGLABS GZ/80S Apple II/IIgs 20MHz 512KB scheda PCPI CP/M - Zilog Z80 in slot #4 (Apple 2e), but I am getting the follor error: "can't find Z80 card"


is there anyone who can help me?




20:53 UTC


Haunted House (the original): Unpublished Game

As a teenager, I wrote a number of Apple ][ games -- never published any of them, they weren't very good (though some had some interesting scrolling to them back in the day.). A number of years ago one of them, Haunted House, made it into the Apple Archives (with a really dumb overflow bug that I can't believe I never fixed.)

It was the bunny with a gun in a haunted house and lots of different "boss" monsters:

Haunted House \"2\"

... so I just released the game Atomite on steam, and that has gotten me back into game development (I had some success back in the early days of the Mac with the Scruffy games.)

Atomite on Steam

And for my second game (on steam) I was going to redo all my old Apple ][ games ... and I made quite a few. Many I can't get to work (they were abandoned some where into development and I have no idea what missing files I need to load and teenager me didn't take notes) ... but some do work.

These are not great games. Hard to play, buggy, etc, and I'll certainly be updating some of them a whole lot (including haunted house above.)

But one is probably worth it if people are looking for something unpublished. It's hard to play, it's ALSO named Haunted House (again: teenager) ...

Board 1

Board 2

Board 3

So .... would anybody be interested in the Apple ][ emulator disk? Reiterate: It's not a good game!

Atomite (game I released on steam) is weird enough that I think my next game should be something that can have more impact therefore really, really retro gaming!

19:08 UTC


Apple 2 gs not turning on no power lite

I bought it at a antique store it worked there I bought it home it doesn't turn on

12:47 UTC


Booti won't allow me to change what's mounted?

I picked up a Booti from a reseller for my IIgs. It came with a USB drive loaded with TotalReplay and an Action games pack, premounted in smartport mode as 1 and 2. No matter what I can do, even using a different usb drive, it will not mount any of the other images on the drive which it is perfectly capable of seeing as available. Navigating the config utility seems to work fine except its utterly unable to unmount the existing two discs or mount a new one using the number keys.

If I change the image I want to have the same filename as one of the two, it works fine.

Any ideas?

20:14 UTC


Some example images for new set of 8-bit Apple II colors

A while ago I posted a set of colors for 8-bit Apples which aim to be more like what a standard NTSC monitor would show when fed with an Apple-Type video signal and then adjusted to be as close as possible to the colors shown by a IIgs on an analog RGB monitor.

Since a picture says more than a thousand words. Here are some images I created with a bit of bash, Perl and ImageMagick from black-and-white AppleWin screenshots to demonstrate the look. The stuff in here is at 4x size, i.e. four lines of pixels per Apple scan line. The images use the Apple pixel aspect ratio of 65:76 (rescaled to square pixels for easy display on a modern PC), but I've trimmed them a bit to the NTSC "action safe area" of 225 scan lines per field, since showing all 240 scan lines makes the black border a bit thick.

Let's hope the images linked in work. Their size is supposed to be 1200x900, if you see smaller images just click on them until you see them in full size.

EDIT: reduced the wordiness.

Legacy of the Ancients

Legacy of the Ancients

The Bard's Tale

Ultima III

The Legend of Blacksilver

Ultima II

Apple Logo II

Alternate Reality: The City



Ultima III

16:53 UTC


Looking for a good, all in one, intro and tutorial to Apple2, for a teen


I have an Apple //e enhanced languishing on my shelf, I plan to loan it to a teenage relative. They love all things old and all things Apple, I know they'll be more than thrilled to use this thing for the summer.

My particular //e has a ramworks-2 80 col and ram card, Taxan rgb card and matching color monitor, and a non-Apple serial / printer interface card. (And a Hayes modem and broken RTC card, I'll keep those)

They live far from me, so other than a brief intro when I drop it off, I won't be able to teach them how to use it.

Do any of you know a good, current getting started guide? Given their personality I don't think they'll have a lot of success digging through 40 year old manuals like I do, so I'm looking for more "hip" resources I can point them toward.

Guides on modern storage and networking devices would be useful too, I'm only going to give a box of floppies and an audio cable so they can use the online disk server, but they may want to throw some allowance money at it themselves.

I'm not very familiar with the whole Apple2 scene, so any pointers (biggest YouTubers, best forum, best modern peripherals, popular Discord servers, etc) would be appreciated.

00:10 UTC


3RIC - 6502 homebrew computer - playtime with Apple II disk emulation

22:03 UTC


Imaging PC Floppies with an Apple IIc drive?

Hello, everyone!!

I recently acquired an Apple IIc and I bought some disks for it on eBay because I didn't have any on hand. Just random disks, as I was gonna make my own disks with ADTPro. However, when they came in, I realized they weren't blank. They seem to have some interesting stuff on them. The thing is, I don't have any other computers with a 5.25 inch floppy drive. Is there any possibility, given that these are double-sided, double-density disks, that I could create a disk image using software running on the Apple II and send it over serial to my main PC? Or is this a pipe dream too far?

Id love to hear your thoughts on this. I can't wait to dive into the wonderful world of vintage Apple, and I suspect I'll be seeing you again soon!! Thanks in advance!!

16:06 UTC


Restart message when trying to activate Imagewriter II on Apple IIe

I got this message on screen after typing PR#2 to activate my Imagewriter II on an Apple IIe. I'm using an Apple Super Serial card in Slot #2 and triple-checked the DIP switches and jumper settings to make sure they're right. The card is working fine as I just recently used it to transfer some files over ADTPro. The printer self-test prints just fine on its own. When I type PR#2 and RETURN, the printer head activates and moves to the start position. Then this message shows up on screen and the Apple IIe locks up until I restart. Can't find this error message in either the printer or computer manuals, or online. Anyone run into this before? Not sure if it's a printer issue or a glitch in the Apple...


19:46 UTC


Hi! First time Apple II owner needs help!


I grew up on 8 and 16 bit Commodores. I used an Apple II once in middle school, but never owned one. I've had access to Macintosh machines from the original through the Mac IIc. I did have the privilege of helping an old GF learn how to use her bosses Apple Lisa, in the photo shop she worked at.

I recently got the 8 bit bug and picked up an amazingly clean IIe Platinum w/matching monitor and two matching floppies. I do not have any DOS floppies yet, so I tried jumping into the basic prompt with Control+Reset. But I can't tell if this is the wrong combination or if the keyboard is not functioning. Is it possible to get to something usable without a floppy, so I can verify the rest of the machine is working correctly. Right now all I get is the Apple //e logo and nothing else.

Also what are good online resources for maintaining and fixing an Apple II, so that I can keep my machine running for years to come?

Also what are good Apple II specific online shops?

Thanks in advance for the advice and it's nice to have a piece of history I always wanted.


  • I removed the disk control and it did drop into basic and I was able to type in a simple program.
  • Ctrl+Reset nor Ctrl + Open Apple + Reset do not do anything, I do not see a Closed Apple on this keyboard
  • The ~ , or the key pad / key do not register
  • The # key sometimes registers more than once, as if it is not de-bouncing correctly, but I can't get the 3, on the same key, to do the same
  • All other keys seem to be working
  • Every once in a while the screen glitches as if the monitor is loosing power, then it corrects itself


  • I broke out the multi-meter to check for continuity and other working keys register as having continuity, but not the reset or, ~ or keypad /. It looks like I have some key switches to clean or worst case scenario replace.
  • The screen glitching might have something to do with the RCA cable I am using, it is deeper than the female connector on the computer.
  • Thanks for all the advice
09:59 UTC

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