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TIFU By Having a Drink of Water

Back story: I love running water but mommy won't get me a personal fountain. They take repeated water fillings, maintenance and sometimes replacement filters.

So lovely Grandma blessed me by turning on her bathroom tap "just a light trickle" for me to enjoy and yummy! I really got into that water and a bit splashed on my face and I must have shook more than my head because it appeared that my foot slipped, pushing down the sink stopper. I continued to drink as the water rouse and that clear delight "proved that the overflow doesn't work" and alerted the downstairs neighbours to the flood bringing them upstairs to the front door where Mommy and Grandma hadn't a clue how much I'd had to drink. My long gorgeous fur was soaked from halfway down from all the fun I enjoyed!

19:39 UTC

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