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Solar powered irrigation systems?

I am going to buy a solar powered irrigation system to water my greenhouse plants while I am on holiday. Water will be supplied via a water butt.

The reviews on YouTube are all clearly sponsored so I can't trust any of them. I am sure they will all work initially, but I am more concerned about reliability after a year.

Do you have any experience with these solar powered pumps?

13:36 UTC


Best late-season planting

Hi all,

I'll be getting my first allotment tomorrow - it's pretty overgrown so most of the rest of 2024 will be getting it tamed and ready for next year, but I'd love to get a couple of things in the ground ideally to eat this year, just to have something to show for the work!

Any recommendations of veg I could plant and eat this year in northern England?

12:10 UTC



We have 3 or 4 spots on our plot that have ants nests. They're in very different areas but I guess could be connected under the soil.

Any ideas of a safe way to get rid?

All the standard stuff says to keep away from food and we'd prefer a natural approach if possible. The other half is a complete antophobe unfortunately so do need to shift them. I've been dumping loads of water where they are, which I think has helped, but all recommendations welcome!

10:26 UTC


Neglected allotment covered in couch grass and compacted soil — HELP!

We took on a neglected allotment that is covered in couch grass. We tried digging it out, but the soil is so compacted that it makes it backbreaking work and progress is terribly slow.

What can we use in terms of machinery to remove the couch grass? I was thinking about maybe cutting it down and using a rotavator, and manually removing the roots from the churned-up soil, but I'm not sure if we can use a rotavator on short grass? Another option I thought about is using a turf remover and then going over it with the rotavator.

I'd appreciate any advice!! Doing it manually is just not an option at the moment, because of time and physical constraints. We're new tenants at the plot and we need to show that we're working it, so covering it up for this season is not an option either.

08:31 UTC


Poll: What is your age range as an allotment holder?

I am the secretary of our local allotment association and our waiting list has quite a large number of young people on it. Growing up, I always saw allotments as something only elderly people had. Would be interesting to know what the average age group is. Thanks.

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08:19 UTC


How to deal with people putting stuff on your plot

Hello everyone, just need some advice. I have just got a quarter plot. Which is fine for me as I am a beginner for allotments. My plot has been empty for a bit and another older plot holder has put compost bins and now tyres and pallets on my plot. Went around with the chair of the plot who asked "X are these your compost bins?" To which he replied "yes" and walked off. I said the two (very small) compost bins don't really bother me. But should I say something to X to nip this in the bud. As their plot although planted looks like a shit show of dumped pallets and tyres.

Thanks in advance

14:35 UTC


extremely poor string bean germination

Past years I've grown string beans. This year anything sown in the ground refused to sprout. So I've used the trusty windowsill propagator.

first batch of 18 beans, 1 plant. New variety, same result. These are fresh enough, I've soaked them overnight and planted them in good quality pottting soil.

What am I doing wrong?

12:58 UTC


Going to view some plots today. What should I look out for?

Total newbie here, and as the title says I am off to view some plots.

What’s the major things I should be looking it for? I’ve been told most of them are very overgrown.

This sub has been super helpful so far.


07:10 UTC


Do you know of any good App?

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your time in your allotments! I’ve been managing my allotment for a while now, and I’m looking to take things to the next level with some technology.

Does anyone know of a good app to manage allotments? Ideally, I’m looking for something that can integrate with sensors so I can remotely monitor conditions like soil moisture, temperature, and humidity. It would be great to get real-time updates on what’s going on with my plants, even when I’m not physically there.

I’ve heard there are some advanced solutions out there that can help with everything from planning and planting to tracking growth and managing irrigation systems. If anyone has experience with such a service or can recommend an app that fits the bill, I would really appreciate it!

Looking forward to your suggestions and experiences.

19:59 UTC


Polytunnel advice

So work on my new plot is going well however I am very aware that in the north of England summer is approximately 30 minutes long so I have been considering getting a polytunnel. Anyone know a good place or model? Preferably cheap I was quite surprised at the prices of then definitely more than I was anticipating. Seen ones on amazon for like £60 but reviews are very mixed and they aren't fully see-through they have a grid like reinforcement which seems counter intuitive.

Bonus points for my wife being delighted she found a cheap one till she read it fully and it was just a door.

18:28 UTC


Polytunnel - can I leave the doors closed on a weekend?

We've got a polytunnel at the school I teach at. I've been opening and closing the doors every day, during weekends and holidays, but I'm wondering at least whether the doors staying closed for the 2 days of the weekend will cause much harm for the plants. We're sorting our automatic irrigation soon so I won't need to come in as much for watering either.


15:50 UTC


Potato planting - why do we do it like this?

I’m noticing yet again how well my ‘volunteer’ potato plants are doing, ones I missed from last years harvest

So why don’t we just plant the potatoes (where we want them to be next year) at potato harvest time? And let them chill in the ground all winter? Why bother waiting till next spring, chitting, etc ?

10:43 UTC

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