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Xbox live down?

Trying to play FIFA and it’s not working… anyone else Xbox live multiplayer down?

05:02 UTC



Getting Xbox live core service error and can’t sign in even though others are…. Wtf if going on

04:10 UTC


Free 1 month maybe

Found an old card for 1 month free of Xbox live gold. I don’t play anymore and I’m not sure if gold is even a thing anymore. If it is any anyone wants to try the code let me know

01:20 UTC


Can I use Bose Quiet Comfort as a mic and headseat on Xbox live? Mic not working

Title says it all.

21:29 UTC


Will this war ever end? – Half-Minute Hero

A spell that will lead the entire world to doom in 30 seconds? Will our apprentice Hero save the world from inevitable doom in this “pocket super high-speed JRPG”, or is there no time left?

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22:07 UTC


Rise of Nations EE problem


Under Game Pass installed RoN EE, when launching stuck on this:

Please sign into Xbox Live to continue. Ok/Exit

Pressing Ok immediately pops same window, Exit is exit.

Same thing if I launch it from MS Store or Xbox app, signed on or not. WSRESET, reinstall does not help. No direct answer on Google.

If anyone had this and managed to solve, please share.

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09:29 UTC


xbox live not allowing me to login on PC

I have had live Ultimate for 2 years now no issues. It currently works on my Xbox Series X with no issues, I can login with my phone app, but when I go to play a game on my PC (which has worked perfectly fine up until now), it says I need to login. I open the xbox app, click on login, it has my player icon and email and says "Welcome Back" I click on the "lets go" button, the box dissapears and I am still not logged in. I am losing my mind as I have already tried:

  1. Updating the app and the Windows 11 OS to the latest.
  2. Running the fix app for Xbox.
  3. Remove the XBOX app all together and reinstalling
  4. Calling XBOX help which told me to do all of the above and then said "oh well the next step is to do a factory reset!" I was like NO!!!!!
  5. Uninstalled the XBOX app, removed all of the xbox entries I could find in the registry, rebooted, reinstalled.
  6. Turned off the Windows Defender firewall.
  7. Tried logging in as "other" in the app to manually type in my email and password again.
  8. Made sure that the xbox accessory manager, xbox live auth manager, xbox live game save, and xbox live networking service are all running.

I am running out of ideas. Anybody have any ideas? This is crazy!

20:37 UTC


How can i check if the Xbox Gamertag i want to chose is unique and will not get any numbers added to it at the end of the name?

question in Title. Ive changed my Gamertag for free once before and it said it was available when i changed it, then it just added 4 Random Numbers to the end of my Name. Since theres only one Change for free and i have to pay for it now i want to make extra sure that the new one wont have any numbers added to it.

thanks for the help

09:36 UTC


GamerTag is linked to a random suspended EA account.

I have a XBox Account and I have a EA account that Ive always used on PC since around 2011 (Orgin, Star Wars: The Old Republic).

When I first got a Xbox One Battlefield 1 Edition in like 2016 I do not believe I ever used my account to sign in. It might have been a guest account or something. No issues playing for years.

But now whenever I open Battlefield 1 on Xbox One it says your credentials are outdated please reset your account ***@eaboy03.lol (obviously not my account)

But when I try to download EA games on PC same thing and I can quasi sign in to that EA account however I really can’t do anything like unlink it unless I actually knew the email to reset the password.

TL:DR. My gamertag is linked to a EA account that isn’t mine. How do I unlink it without EA. I sent a help request through EA but basically they said they can’t see an issue because MY EA account is fine.

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18:27 UTC


I'm just trying to find out the storage limit for Xbox Network. Mine is at 91% and before I hit "Download All" I'd kinda like to know how may gb it will be. Can't find this info anywhere, THANKS!!! : )

Welp, I went ahead and downloaded it all to my OneDrive account and it brought it up to almost 30gb, unfortunately I can not recall what I was at before I did the download lol I think I was somewhere between 5 and 10gb, so best guess is 20gb of storage allowed... doesnt really matter now I guess. Got 100gb of storage on OneDrive. Just wanted to get everything saved before they started deleting stuff on the 9th : )

00:16 UTC


Family Account and Game Sharing

I game share with my brother. I buy the games usually and he then has access to them but I want to add my son to my account.

If I create a family account will it have any effect on the game sharing? I couldn’t find anything current online. I’ve got two Xboxs in different parts of the house. Sometimes my son likes to play games I’ve bought for him with his mother. I’d like to be able to go to my other Xbox and play something else but currently when I do it kicks them off or vice versa.

In theory adding a family account would work I think but I don’t want to mess up the game sharing if I don’t have to either. Appreciate any help

13:56 UTC


Anyone having issues connecting to Xboxlive once in game?

02:46 UTC


XBOX Live - Won't show and cannot find video captures from PC

Hi guys,

I've used Xbox live to screen record videos of my daughter playing one of her favorite PC games.

But today, the app is no longer showing my captures (it says there is an error and to try later, but it doesn't change no matter how long I wait/try).

I tried searching my PC through File Explorer, but I can't find any videos that were created today.

Do you know where the default folder it generates the captures on PC? It doesn't appear to be just under Videos.

I'm wondering if I accidentally moved/deleted this folder and now it's not saving them.

Anyone else have this problem?


16:03 UTC


Xbox flaky network connection

My xbox recently started getting disconnected from wireless wifi a lot. I tried almost everything to troubleshoot the wireless connection. Basic steps like restarting router, xbox, modem.Tried putting modem into bridge mode. Connected directly to modem and bypassing router. Changed port number to manual. QoS tagging settings- dscp, wmm. Nothing helped This issue has really started. 1-2 weeks back. Xbox status says purchase and content usage having issues, but that does not sounds like network issue. Changes DNS settings to free public DNS.

Sometimes it gives msg that your network is good but here are some Xbox related issues

Wondering if anyone else also having same issues and if it could be something wrong on Xbox side like some network related outage and if it's gonna get resolved on its own.

09:02 UTC


Xbox live specific 360 game issue HELP

Idk why but saints row 2 is the only 360 game on my series x that wont let me join or invite to a game. I have game pass and my friend can invite me to a game but if i try to join it says my account doesnt have gold? We even tried saints row 1 for 360 and multiplayer worked. We also tried another 360 game and that also didnt give us any problems. It is ONLY me that it says this to and ONLY with saints row 2. It makes zero sense.

I have tried uninstalling the game, resetting console, cycling the series x power, and everything. Also ive triedthe coop and multiplayer option from the main menu as well and it gives me a warning saying my profile is unable to play on xbox live. Again only with this game.

06:38 UTC


What happens if I redeem a bundle code for 2 games, but I already own 1?

I'd like to get Forza Horizon 3 ultimate edition, but the only bundle I found on a keysite that seems available is both Forza Horizon 3 ultimate edition, and Horizon 4 ultimate edition.

I already own Horizon 4, will it recognise if I activate the code or can it mess up something?

19:46 UTC


Is there an Xbox Live support number?

Having a serious problem with logins, need actual support not a chat buddy

12:56 UTC


Multiple accounts on one console question.

I have Xbox live on my account, but I’ve gotten a room mate recently who wants to game under his own account. If he makes an account and logs in on my console, will he be able to play games that require live, or will he have to get his own subscription?

20:39 UTC



Can y’all prorate my live subscription when your shit goes down? I don’t expect much from you but I pay a fee to use your servers. I do the 3 months at a time plan which is pure profit for you. Is it too much to ask to pay a nerd some over time to make sure the only thing you offer actually works. I mean goddamn you provide a link to an abstract concept of a product. Make it work or kill yourself. If I paid a fast food franchise and they said “tough shit try again later” blah blah blah, incriminating statement blah blah blah, I’d throw a Molotov into their grease trap. Fuck, give me what I’m paying for or stop offering your subpar services. You don’t deserve to get rich off this product. I work hard to earn my measly-ass peasant wage and I’m so let down by you didn’t even create the service you so poorly manage. You know what never mind. I’m obviously blowing smoke at corporate bitches who can’t wipe their own ass anyways. Fuck all of you I hope your kids never learn how to read and if they do know how to read I hope they get dementia at puberty so they forget how to read, and then something else aweful. Fuck you.

06:12 UTC


Can I still buy an xbox live gold 12 mlrnh subscription

So xbox core just came out, yet I don't see a year subscription for it. Can i still buy the 12 month xbox live gold card and it still work even though it is switched to care already? (It says online that people already with gold automatically get core, but my subscription just ran out today) please let me know if you figure anything out!

03:14 UTC


Ex is still using my Visa Debit for XBL, Microsoft can't help??

I broke up with an ex a few years ago. My (visa debit) card was linked to their account. I've changed my card, but Visa just automatically updates the card on the Microsoft account to the new card. I've disputed the transactions but my bank says there is no fraud taking place. I've spoken to Microsoft support and they say there is nothing I can do. I'm sick of paying for my exes shit. Has anyone else run into this? I can't be the only one.

Short of changing banks, what can I do to get out of this??

17:26 UTC


xbox social

Is there a way to disable the friends/xbox social tab on the bottom right..? and to stop it loading like you can in steam..?

20:22 UTC


Beta testers with continuous memberships should be rewarded.

I have been on Xbox Live since the beta test. I never let my account lapse. Now that Xbox Live will no longer be a thing, there should be some recognition for us OG members.

00:17 UTC


Will this war ever end? - Half Minute Hero

A spell that will lead the entire world to doom in 30 seconds? Will our apprentice Hero save the world from inevitable doom in this “pocket super high-speed JRPG”, or is there no time left?

Disponibile anche in italiano 🇮🇹

Read it here!

14:31 UTC


Can’t link Xbox account & Steam account?

Remove if this isn’t the right sub, but wasn’t sure where to post and haven’t had any luck with google. I play on PC mostly and had to make an Xbox live account today to play State of Decay 2. I did so, and tried linking my steam account as prompted to play with my friends, and I keep recieving the same error message saying “Uh oh, we encountered a problem. Please try again later.”

I reinstalled steam and State of Decay. Ive tried on PC and on mobile, getting error messages on both. I messaged Xbox support and got nothing (tbf it is a Sunday), so I’m trying here. Am I missing something? Should I make another Xbox account with the same email as my steam account (I made a new Microsoft email for the Xbox account)? Any advice appreciated!

Edit** I found a work around but will leave this up unless removed in case any one else encounters this issue. I added my friend on Xbox through their website, and was able to invite them once in a loaded game. I’m still unable to access my Steam friends list, but will use this method if I need to add anyone else.

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20:58 UTC


Couldn't post to halo subreddit, so posting here as it's about xbox live and the sign in loop freeze

I tried so many different solutions except reinstalling the game and windows.


This one fucking worked. And it's so old i can't upvote or comment on it. So i'm posting here, in case someone else was in the same situation.

18:43 UTC


Looking for headphones recommendations

I had a set of Turtle Beach headphones that had a connection to my TV and Xbone controller. They were super nice in that I could watch a movie on the TV and not have to plug into the controller to hear it but could also use them for online gaming.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a new headset that has both connections to the TV and controller?

02:23 UTC


Looking for people to join my party and play Shredders Revenge

On episode 11 so far by myself but I want to play multiplayer and have no friends.

Come join my party! I got a headset if anyone wants to actually talk. Playing on Xbox but cross play is totally fine by me!

Party Code: CUSPS

14:29 UTC


Streaming services aren't streaming

So last night, mid show, my stream locked up on HBO Max. I switched over to Netflix, and still no stream. I checked every service I have, nada. I have access to the dashboards of each, I can see every title, no problem. I hit watch, and nothing. I've turned the router off and back on.
I've switched the connection (I have a 2.4 Ghz and a 5 Ghz connection). When I check, Xbox says I have 100% performance on both.
I've logged all devices off the services and logged back in.
I unplugged the Xbox, which updated as soon as I turned it back on.
These services work fine on my phone, but not my Xbox.
What else am I missing here?

00:11 UTC


Microsoft Hear My Plea - Upping Support for Below-S-Tier Events, Emerging Casters/Creators & More, Across the Entire Age of Empires Series!

I think that if we really want the grass roots of the games to grow and succeed there needs to be more support for the lower end of the TO (tournament official) and caster community. While yes, we could talk about MS or corporate esports partners actually hiring or sponsoring more TO and casters, especially those that have already taken steps to be casters/TO’s voluntarily and/or put their own money into tournaments. I think a good start that isn’t going to cost much or potentially anything is allowing for more promotion of non official/non-ms-sponored tournaments and broadcasters over the official MS channels (forums, website articles, official AoE discord posts). Especially for regional events. I would also like to know if it is a possibility for MS to look at the project Celeste Aoeo server as an investment in the series and genre and a way to reap company goodwill by also allowing for promotion of Aoeo on the official MS channels once again.

It’s not a secret that there have been half a dozen top 50 aoe4 players coming from the AoE title that lives in the most obscurity and has the smallest playerbase, and that the pre-public-release tournaments were dominated by them too.

While I do not wish to insult the “success stories” of aoe commentary such as T90 or Aussiedrongo, I do believe that their prominence actually hurts the social media reach of new generation casters both in their original titles and in aoe4. And I wonder if there could be more done to support creators such as Harrison, Widgie and Lionheart for aoe3 supremacy for instance, or say for the aoe2 and 3 Deathmatch communities, aom TOs and casters in either supremacy or DM (like Meta Plays, Boit and IronMaiden). Rising Empires in aoeIV, or even Project Celeste affiliated creators.

It’s nice to see support for the Deathmatch world cup in aoe2 from the top end, but what about Deathmatch in aoe2 the rest of the year round, or in other titles? Especially in AoM, which used to see events several times a year thanks to Nakamura and Meta Plays. Yet that’s all on hold until AoM retold, or an act of God encourages new growth in the format and community. They have also had to put their aoe4 presence on hold due to a lack of viewership and again I think whether or not MS gets financially involved, these implosions may have been prevented with better social media coverage from MS official channels or from the most established creators in the series.

I would like to know if it would be okay for people affiliated with Aoeo to try reach out to esports teams and tech companies for corporate sponsorship without concern that it’s going to cause a legal shitstorm with MS

I know I’m probably the biggest loudmouth to have any form of competitive or broadcasting profile in the series, but I do believe my concerns are valid and a way to encourage growth across every game and every format in the series.

Sean “Ardeshir” Christensen

14:47 UTC

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