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Why won’t my Xbox connect to my controller

Whenever I turn on my Xbox controller it never connects and it infuriates me, I Kon it may not sound like it but I don’t want to come off in any way. I’ve tried everything, connecting a charger to my Xbox, turning on my Xbox completely before turning on my controller, turning on my controller but holding the sync button. PLEASE help me I’m begging I hate this so much

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07:05 UTC


YouTube App Is Randomly Freezing

App starts fine but randomly freezes causing me to close the app and start it again. Is this happening for anyone else?

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06:47 UTC


Download speed with new modem is 1/10 original speed.

Long story short, I recently upgraded my internet but in the process received a new modem. My old internet speed was 500mbps and my Xbox One downloaded at 150-200mbps, my new speed is 1000mbps and I’m downloading at 20-30mbps. I have tested it and I’m getting 1115mpbs, and my iPhone downloads at 160mbps. It might be another issue but ever since I got the new modem my Xbox won’t download a game faster than 20mbps. So far I tried port forwarding (no change in speed) and was able to set up a DMZ for the Xbox (went from 20mbps-30mbps) but still feel the connection is being throttled. I also activated WMM is QoS settings on Xbox. I called my provider and was able to login to modem settings but it does not have QoS setting on the modem so idk if WMM (or the DSCP) tags would actually improve anything. At this point idk what to do or if I should ask my internet provider for a new modem? I’ve also tried disconnecting every other device from internet but no change happens. Modem and Xbox are in the same location as when I used to download at 200mbps with the old modem…. Could it be the firewall and security settings on the new modem? If Im paying for 1000mbps I don’t think it should take 4 hrs to download rocket league lmao.

05:26 UTC


I’m sure there’s a bunch of posts like this but I need help with my refresh rate settings

Tv says it allow 4k 60hz gaming, but Xbox won’t Allow me to turn on the 50hz tab in display settings

03:24 UTC


Is there a known issue with 8TB SSD USB 3 drives for Series X?

I bought a legit Samsung 8TB 870 QVO USB drive. After I format it in Windows then attach it to my Series X, it is recognized and option given to install games there etc, etc. Setup and initial game copy seems to work as normal.

However, after a while, I'll notice anything on the 8TB is flagged as "corrupt" when trying to launch the game or app.

Eventually the console will not show the drive as attached at all. Even after reboots and USB to SATA cable swaps.

So wondering if 8TB is officially not supported or there is something wrong with this drive? It seems to work fine on windows.

21:46 UTC


Audio Loss Issue in XBOX Series S (RE7: Biohazard Game)

I was playing RE7: Biohazard Gold Edition on my Xbox series S and there is a cutscene in the old house where Lucas grabs Mia from the neck and says some dialog.

I was using headphones on the controllers but, somehow that particular audio got lost. I can see the dialogs in the subtitle but can't hear a thing.

I also tried remote play on my smartphone with bluetooth headset but, faced the same thing.

I am not sure where is the issues? Do I need to fix any settings ? I am clueless.. please help..


09:10 UTC


Controller randomly shutting off / disconnecting

Whenever i get on a game (it picks and chooses) the headset will buzz and my controller will blink before disconnecting, it does it continuously until i unplug my mic, does anyone know the problem to this or have had the same or similar problems?

00:41 UTC


game bar not working when not open

my xbox game bar dosent work when not open i can hear my friends but they cant hear me i open the gamebar they hear me when i click somewhere else in my screen to close it it closes but my friends cant hear me

22:08 UTC


Xbox Requests: Week of December 8th, 2023

Xbox Requests: capturing all your ideas across Xbox, including PC, console, Xbox Live, and more every week!

Give us your thoughts, post your ideas, and share your voice! If you have an idea or feature request that you want to share with Team Xbox, then post your comment below, upvote your favorites, discuss, and help refine the ideas of others. Xbox Requests are recapped every week, and the top three ideas of the week are shared in the Xbox Requests Recap page here on the site.

Note: If you have multiple suggestions, make sure you are posting them individually and not grouping them all into a single post. Also, users requesting additions to backwards compatible titles will be removed as the program has ended per the announcement here. Please remember to keep the discussion civil and on topic! If you need a refresher, check the Subreddit Rules.

PMs, engineers, and feature teams across Xbox comb through your suggestions to understand what is most important to you and your gaming experience. So go post, go upvote, and let us hear your Xbox Request.

Be sure to check out the Xbox Insider Program Community Update November 2023 to learn more about what we're up to and what the future might look like! Last week's top Xbox Requests:

18:32 UTC


Beta Ring, 2 days in a row getting mandatory SO Updates and 2 days in a row dealing with error 0x80072ee2

Don’t know what to do at this point, 2 days in a row getting the same error while trying to install mandatory updates. My router is next to my SX and also wired, I’ve tried different methods like changing DNS, 10 second power button, unplugging EHD or wired controllers, etc.

This is not the first time I’ve dealing with this error, probably in 10 of the last 15 updates I’ve experienced that.

Is it my internet connection despite being wired and 300 mbs?

20:41 UTC


Black Screen Issue - HDR bug or console problem?

Hello everyone, can someone help me with this? I was calmly playing Forza Motorsport with my Series s that I bought a month ago, everything was fine but when I press the home button to return to the main screen of the console, when I exit the HDR of the game to the normal image, the image goes away and The screen goes black, the audio was still normal, but there was no image, I restarted the Xbox and no image, but with normal audio, I disconnected the HDMI and restarted, and the same thing happens, no image but normal audio, I pressed some buttons at random and the image returns when loading content from the store, it seemed very strange to me, do you know what it was? the HDMI? an HDR failure on the TV?

10:46 UTC


Anyone else noticing that Achievements are not showing on some games?

When I hit the Xbox button on my controller and go to the Achievements tab, my games have been saying “Achievements aren’t supported” and when I click on that it’ll say “This game doesn’t have achievements”.

I’ve already reported this but wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.

09:22 UTC


Gamebar requiring reset to use party audio input

So my gamebar has been having issues for a couple of weeks and it is starting to get frustrating.

When I open gamebar and get the pop-up, the people in my party can hear me and I can hear them. Once the widget is closed, I lose audio input. I checked both xbox and windows settings and they are all turned on for the correct input and have the correct permissions. The weirdest thing is that the output works 100% of the time and if I press WINDOWS + G and open the widget the input works again...

When I go into the gamebar settings, I can reset the gamebar and after that I am able to use the party audio with the widget closed.

Has anyone run into a similar issue of the gamebar not detecting audio when the widget is minimized / closed???

01:29 UTC


Xbox party chat wont work unless game bar overlay is actively open

need a fix asap, tryna play games and party wont work, ive tried everything i can find and nothing has worked. i just need a simple fix for windows 11 home version, i cannot access background apps however the problem arose mid convo with a friend, if theres any fix then please let me know

23:49 UTC


xbox insider no advanced features section

Hello, I was going to install a Turkish patch for Shadow of War, but we need to open a setting to be able to install patches on Xbox Game Pass. The setting is "advanced installation and management features" and this feature is done through Xbox Insider Hub, I participated in the Windows Gaming preview to turn on that feature, but even though I participated in that preview, that feature was not turned on. I restarted the computer and that did not work either. Does anyone have information about this problem?

16:41 UTC


Xbox party chat on PC problems, game chat only?

New to PC so I apologize if it’s a dumb question. The last few days when I join an Xbox party through the Xbox app on my PC, I can hear everyone talking but they can’t hear me. The ONLY time they can hear my voice is if I have game bar (WIN + G) open. Once I click anything to make game bar close, the party can’t hear me talk anymore. I’ve updated all drivers, windows, xbox app, and everything else that has said needs updating. Microphone permissions are turned on and I’m stumped right now. I can talk to people just fine in game chat but just not party chat. I’m currently using ASTRO A40 headset. Anyone else experiencing this problem, had this happen before, or know how to fix it? Thank you for any help!

17:45 UTC


YouTube app keeps freezing, now I can’t sign back in.

Alpha ring. Series X YouTube app keeps freezing in the menu, so I deleted app and redownloaded, now it won’t allow me to sign in. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, found a fix?

UPDATE…I was able to sign back in, though not in the usual way, I couldn’t do it through the console, I had to go into the YouTube app and sign it out on there, then I had to sign it back in through the YouTube settings.

23:11 UTC


Series X - No storage available message (0x80830003)

“We can’t save more data for this game or app

Your Xbox is out of space for saved data. To make room, select a game or app from My games & apps, press the menu button on your controller, and then select Manage game and add-ons. (0x80830003)”

I have over 185GB of free storage space on my internal drive, 2.1TB of free space on my external drive. Every time I manual save, auto-save or try to load a game save this message pops up.

I’m in the Beta ring for the Insider program. I have the most resent update. I’ve tried all the go-to fixes (reset system; manual power down; hold power button for 10 seconds, unplug from power source, wait 10 minutes), but this keeps happening. Any suggestions, info, or advice?

15:07 UTC

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